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Hey High Rollers, final four today, who do you like?  Florida is 1/1 favourite to win the National Title.  Kentucky and the freshman are listed at 2/1, Wisconsin 3/1 and UCONN at 7/1.  Should be exciting regardless of who wins.  Today, some poker/gambling tidbits and quotes from our site  Enjoy.

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Famous Quotes by Amarillo Slim

 • “II never go looking for a sucker.  I look for a champion and make a sucker out of him.”

•  “If you look around the table and don’t see a sucker, get up, because you’re the sucker.”  

•  ”You can shear a sheep a hundred times but you can only skin it once.”


“Someone once asked me why women don’t gamble as much as men do and I gave the commonsensical reply that we don’t have as much money. That was a true but incomplete answer. In fact, women’s total instinct for gambling is satisfied by marriage.”
Gloria Steinem

“If you’re committed to being a professional gambler, and you want to be the best you can be, you spend every waking moment trying to figure out a way to beat the game.”
- Billy Walters
Legendary Gambler
(from Richard Munchkin’s book, Gambling Wizards)

“Never call; either raise or put it down.”
Ernest Hemingway

‘The Scholars’ 

Roulette Wizard
A not-so-successful record producer, Spaniard Garcia-Pelayo decided instead to devote his energies to his favourite passion, roulette.  In the 1990′s he became the first person to exploit wheel bias and retired with more than $1.5 million in the bank.
You like CRAPS?
We spoke to an expert on the issue
Aaron Hightower
Classic Cheat
Isa Summers was very attractive and not your everyday casino cheat.  In the 1960′s and 70′s she reeled in tens of thousands of dollars using shiftiness and smarts; her specialities were ‘hand mucking’ and switching in ‘coolers’ at the blackjack table.
Fascinated by CHEATS?
We spoke to an expert on the issue; author 
Johnny Hughes

Hey, Freddie Boy!
Yes, Fred Flinstone was an avid gambler and, sometimes, liked to give Wilma the slip and play some poker with the boys:  In this episode he won $200 while he was supposed to be looking after his son.


Where does Jennifer Tilly Rank on our Top Ten List of 
Hold’em Hotties?

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Gambling Joke
Two bored dealers are waiting around for someone to walk up and try their luck at the craps table. A very attractive lady comes in and wants to bet twenty-thousand dollars on a single roll of the dice. The dealers agree. She says, “I hope you don’t mind, but I feel much luckier when I’m half naked.” With that she strips naked from the waist down, and rolls the dice while yelling, “Momma needs a new pair of pants!” She then begins jumping up and down and hugging each of the dealers.
“YES! I WIN! I WIN!” With that she picks up her money and clothes and quickly leaves.The dealers just stare at each other dumbfounded. Finally one of them asks, “What did she roll anyway?” The other answers, “I don’t know. I thought YOU were watching the dice!”

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Poker and Gambling Quotes on High Roller Radio

Hey High Rollers, working on a new page of Poker Quotes and have provided a few below.  Enjoy, and please be sure to check out the site


“Well, it gives me a bit of table presence that others don’t have.  And it helps, because wearing a coat and tie reminds me to stay disciplined.”
Crandall Addigton, on his wearing a Stetson at the poker table.

“Well, I could have won.  We played back and forth for a long time and finlly a hand came up where, if I had won this hand, I would have broke Johnny.  I had a big lead on him in chips anyway.  I flopped three sevens and he slow played two aces.  He checked the flop and the turn and, even there was an ace on the river, I was convinced I had him.  That was a hand I’ll never forget.  Then we played and played and finally I tried to win with a pair, but he had turned a set of threes on me and that was the end of the game.”
Crandall Addington, on finishing second to Johnny Moss at the 1974 World Series of Poker main event.

“He returned to Dallas (in 1945) to find one nice surprise…most of his cronies had added a new game to their repertoire – hold’em.  The high action game had spread quickly across the south.  Johnny never let on that hold’em was one of the first games he ever learnt.  He simply asked them how it was played and had a picnic as people across the south tried to teach him.”
Don Jenkins, from his book on Johnny Moss.

“Ill be damned – this is funny.”
- Believed to be the last words of Doc Holliday, legendary Faro and poker player, who died in 1887 of ill health.  Seems he was surprised his death was not the result of bullets.  (From the outstanding book, Ghosts at the Table by Des Wilson.)

A Gambler’s Word
“They are not brace enough to take the name, but they are always ready for part of the game.  A gambler’s word is as good as his bond, and that is more than I can say of many businessmen who stand very high in the community.  I would rather take a true gambler’s word than the bond of many businessmen who are today counted worth thousands.  The gambler will pay when he has money, which many good church members will to.”
George Devol, legendary riverboat gambler who had a knack for chesting cheaters, from his autobiography.

“To be a Road Gambler you had to do four things:
1) Find the game
2) Beat the game
3) Not get arrested
4) Not get robbed”
Amarillo Slim Preston

Poker Quotes
“I’ve never seen anyone grow humpbacked carrying away the money they won from me.”
‘Poker Alice’ Tubbs 

“Oh Grace, don’t you know, the Queens always beat the Straights in this house.”
Will, from the show Will & Grace following a ‘Home Game’

“Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing.”
— Bruce Dern 

(Note: We thank Des Wilson and his wonderful book Ghosts at the Table for the source of some of these quotes.  Highly recommended book.)

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Poker Alice Quote – Pot & Poker – Sports Betting Glossary

Hey High Rollers, reading a dynamite book, Christmas gift, called Ghosts at the Table by a guy named Des Wilson….Fantastic!  He investiagtes various poker myths like Wild Bill and ‘the Dead Man’s Hand’ – what was that fifth card?  High Recommended.  Came across a terrific quote from ‘Poker Alice’ Tubbs…in Wilson’s book.  Enjoy.  Plus; a ton of poker/gambling tidbits you’re sure to  enjoy.  Also, scroll down for a Glossary of sports betting terms.


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Poker Quotes
“I’ve never seen anyone grow humpbacked carrying away the money they won from me.”
‘Poker Alice’ Tubbs

Gambling Golfers
The story of John Daly and Phil Mickelson, a pair of major tournament winners who like to hit the casino.

Eric Bruskotter
Actor/poker player and star of the big screen hits Major League 2 and 3.  He is an avid poker player and a regular at the legendary Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.
Full Interview

Ever Heard of ‘Casino’ Jimmy?
To earn a nickname like ‘Casino Jimmy’ you have to have paid your dues inside a gambling hall, spent some time there, you know?

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Pot in Poker
How does marijuana affect your game and, more importantly, your bankroll?  Be sure to check out High Roller Radio’s R. Scott Dinsmore in a new segment we call 

Sportsbetting Glossary

Circled Game: A game where the maximum bet is restricted, often due to injuries.

Futures: Bets placed on the outcome of a future event, for example betting during the NHL season on the Stanley Cup champion.

Lines: Another word for odds.

Money Line: The amount you must bet to win $100, or the amount you win if you bet $100.

Over/Under: A bet on whether the total points/goals scored by the two teams will exceed or be less than a specified number.

Parlay: A bet on 2 or more games. All selections must be correct for the parlay to win.

Pick: A game where no team or betting option is favored, the teams are evenly matched.

Point spread: The handicap that the favorite gives to the underdog to make the bet fair.

Push: A game that is tied when the point spread is factored in.

Single: A bet on a single game or event.

Spread: Another way to say point spread.

Teaser: A bet on 2 or more teams where the bettor can add or subtract points from the spread to make their bets stronger. All selections must be correct for the teaser to win.

Total: The combined number of points or goals scored by the two teams.

Sports Betting Tips

#1) Pick your sport and know it!
Sports betting is the ultimate money game for the sports fan. If you know your favorite sport inside and out, you can overcome “the juice” or “the vig” , beat the oddsmakers.  Also, placing a sports bet makes the outcome of the game more meaningful and the game itself more thrilling.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

2) Select an Online Sportsbook
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Again, We suggest BetOnline as a good sportsbook to start.  Keep in mind, the sportsbook is not the same as ahe oddsmaker. The sportsbook simply accepts sports bets. An oddsmaker is a person who sets the betting odds. Most major sportsbooks use odds set by Las Vegas oddsmakers. These oddsmakers typically work for major hotel sportsbooks. 

3) Place your Bets

There are all kinds of different bets you can make and this is what intimidates beginning sports bettors.  Stay Calm.  You can place a number of different bets including straight bets, parlays, teasers and over/unders. 

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1998 Main Event – Year of Dreams

Susie Isaacs – Ladies Legend

The 1998 WSOP – The Year of Dreams

By: Derrick Oliver-Dewan

The World Series of Poker has produced a number of remarkable stories of fate over the years and two of the best ever come from the 1998 main event.   Perhaps, the most famous anecdote comes from Mike Matusow and his book Checkraising the Devil, when he opted not to play the world championship that year because he had a dream ‘The Prince of Poker’ Scotty Nguyen would win the event and the $1 million that went with it.  Confident his vision was accurate, Matusow gave half his buy-in, $5000, to Nguyen so that he could play instead.  His friends and family thought he was ‘Nuts’ but ‘The Mouth’ was confident, maintaining to this day he never doubted his decision for a second, not once, because he had a dream and saw the outcome vividly.   The rest, as they say, is history; Nguyen defeated Florida’s Kevin McBride heads-up to win, uttering one of the most famous quotes in poker in the process, “You call, it’s gonna be all over baby.”  McBride did call and it was over and Matusow collected $333,333, his agreed to share for helping Nguyen enter the tournament.

Well, 1998 produced another phenomenal story involving one of the most recognizable names in women’s poker, ladies legend Susie Isaacs.  Isaacs, from Nashville, Tennessee, started battling the boys at the World Series of Poker in 1986 and has certainly left her mark; 15 money finishes including back-to-back Ladies Champinships in 1996 and 1997.  A year later, she would come oh so close to joining Poker Hall of Famer Barbara Enright as the only woman to ever reach the main event final table.  Enright finished 5th three years earlier and might have won the thing if her pocket 8′s weren’t outdrawn by an opponent’s 6,3 offsuit.  Isaacs bubbled the final table in ’98 finishing 10th but she wasn’t even supposed to be playing, as she told us on High Roller Radio:

“I had been studying No Limit Hold’em for a number of years and felt like I was ready for the main event.  Back in those days, they had a number of super satellites where a number of players would qualify for the tournament.  I had been struggling to qualify and I had just enough money left for a single-table satellite and I had to win that just to get into the super satellite.  Well, I came up against this yahoo fella who was riding a rush and on a winning streak.  You can avoid guys like that but not when you’re heads-up against them and sure enough he ran an under quality hand against my Ace Queen and busted me.

“So, I was headed to the parking lot, resigned to the fact I wouldn’t be playing the main event, when out of nowhere I heard my name being called.  Low and behold it was the guy who just busted me and I was a bit annoyed because he just took my last buy-in.  His name was Bill Story and he asked me if I was playng that night’s super-satellite.  I, of course, said ‘No’ and pointed out that he had ruined my chances.  Then he says, ‘I had a dream last week that you made the money n the main event and I want to put you into tonight’s super and give you another bullet as well.’  Sure enough I won the seat!  Mr. Story said he wasn’t surprised and, in fact, he and his wife flew in from Oklahoma to cheer me on the final day of the world championship in 1998.”

An incredible story from an incredible player.  ”I am a student of the game and I try to never stop learning ,” says Isaacs, who admits things have changed drastically from her heyday.   “Compared to today, poker was minute back then.  When I finished 10th there were just 376 entries.”

Regarding her back-to-back WSOP Ladies titles, she shrugs off any comaprisons to Johnny Moss, Stu Ungar or Doyle Brunson, who all captured world championships back-to-back.  “I have made it in the poker world, however your comparison is way off base;  my two bracelets are in the Ladies event and, much like the seniors event, that doesn’t really factor into the bracelet race because not everyone can play them.”

Isaacs is still a regular at the RIO come June and July and still plays at a high calibre.  She’s  cashed a few times in recent years but admits the older she gets the tougher it gets.  ”The events nowadays are three or four days long and on Day 1 and Day 2 I fare well.  I am very tired by Day 3.”

Watch out for Susie Isaacs in 2014!

Here is the article as it appeared in Poker Player Newspaper





Did you Know? Amarillo Slim’s Top Prop Bets, PLUS: WSOP 1st

Hey High Rollers, back with some more Did you know?’s from our website,, the best damn poker site going! Well, we may not be the best or most highly rated webste yet but we are growing rapidly.  PLUS:  Amarillo Slim’s greatest prop bets.  How did he out smart Evel Knievel?

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Did you know?

WSOP Trophy?

Bracelets have not always been awarded for winning events. In 1970, the first WSOP Champion received nothing but a silver cup and whatever cash he won during the event. From 1971–1974, the winner received an undescribed “corny trophy”. In 1975, the winners received a sterling plate. The following year, 1976, the WSOP started the tradition of issuing bracelets to the event winners.

Topless Photo a WSOP 1st
Pascal LeFrancois is a super likeable guy.  He’s young, polite and Canadian.  A typical Frenchman, who likes to root for his beloved Montreal Canadiens’, one of the National Hockey League’s original six teams, LeFranscois proudly, dawns his ‘Habs’ jersey wherever and whenever he can.  In fact, often times you’ll see him sporting his team’s colors at the poker table.   In 2010, Le Franscois had a break-out year!  At the World Series of Poker, he managed to win Event #8, a $1500 buy-in with a ruthlessly large and talented field and collect more than half-a-million dollars.  Then, at the main event, LeFrancois finished 11th for more than $600,000.  A couple of weeks work and more than $1.1 million to show for it!  Pretty good gig if you can get it. To follow that success, and prove in the process he wasn’t a one-trick pony, LeFrancois finished second in Montreal, at the 2012 World Poker Tour main event for close to $500,000.  This guy is good.

Full Interview

Definition of HIGH ROLLER
1: a person who spends freely in luxurious living
2: a person who gambles recklessly or for high stakes
— high–rolling
- A high roller known for his lavish parties.
- The casino offers special deals to attract high rollers

High Roller Radio has interviewed a number of poker’s top women; including Ladies Legend Susie Isaacs

Jan Fisher
Member of the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame

Barbara Enright
Only woman to ever reach main event final table

Kathy Liebert
$6 million plus in lifetime earnings

AmarilloSlim Preston, Poker Hall of Fame
Amarillo Slim
Amarillo Slims’ Greatest Bets
• Playing Minnesota Fats in one-pocket with a broom.
•  Taking 211/2 points on the Jets and winning a big bet on Broadway Joe in Super Bowl III.
• Hitting a golf ball a mile on a frozen lake—inspired by Titanic Thompson.
• Wagering that a cat could pick up a Coke bottle.
• Betting on which sugar cube a fly would land on in an Arkansas jail. • Outrunning a horse for a hundred yards (no one ever said anything about the race being  a straight-away.  Horse had to stop and turn around.  Too much momentum.  Too late.)
• Holding a horse’s tail for a quarter of a mile in San Angelo, Texas.
• Broad jumping farther than a superior athlete at Rogers Municipal Golf Course.
• Winning the World Series of Poker at Binion’s Horseshoe in 1972.
• Rafting down the River of No Return in winter in a wetsuit made by Jacques Cousteau–a bet that earned me $31,000 from Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder.
• Beating Evel Knievel in golf with a carpenter’s hammer and betting that two out of thirty cab drivers in Dallas would have the same birthday.
• Shooting free throws with a football against a Hall-of-Fame basketball coach.
• Beating Bobby Riggs playing Ping-Pong with a skillet.
• Beating a world champion Ping-Pong player with a Coca-Cola bottle.
• Betting that a champion bowler couldn’t bowl seventy blindfolded (and that a driver with a little physical impairment could).
• Finding (a) person who could eat a quail a day for thirty days.
• Beating Willie Nelson out of $300,000 playing dominoes in Las Vegas.
• Riding a camel through Casino El Mamounia in Marrakesh, Morrocco. • Pitching coins with Bob Stupak for $65,000 at the Orleans in Las Vegas.
• Playing Larry Flynt heads-up poker at the Fips Club in Los Angeles.
• Betting a prominent politician that George W. Bush would win the 2000 Presidential election.

Did you know? Poker & Gambling Anecdotes

Hey High Rollers, watching the NCAA intently and t’s been extremely exciting; how about the Mercer Bears?  Wow….big match-up with Tennessee on Sunday.  Warren Buffet’s Billin Dollar bracket is DONE….no winners…everyone’s busted on just the 2nd day.  9.5 quintillin to one or something like that….you gotta believe if someone’s offering that kind of money they had to be SURE no one would claim the prize.  Great marketing!  It got a ton of play, heck even the President filled oput some picks.

Today, we’ve got more Did you know?’s for you poker junkies and degenerates….be sure to check out our site

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Did you know?

Did you know?  At first, WSOP bracelets did not have much prestige. Ten-time bracelet winner Doyle Brunson said that his first bracelet “didn’t mean anything” to him and that he did not even pick up two of them.

Bracelets have not always been awarded for winning events.  In 1970, the first WSOP Champion received nothing but a silver cup and whatever cash he won during the event. From 1971–1974, the winner received a somewhat ”corny trophy”.  In 1975, the winners received a sterling plate.  The following year, 1976, the WSOP started the tradition of issuing bracelets to the event winners.

Cigars, Women & Poker
Paul “Cigar” McKinney is an American poker player who won a World Series of Poker bracelet at the age of 80.  McKinney won the 2005 World Series of Poker Seniors World Poker Championship No Limit Hold’em became the oldest person to win a WSOP event at the age of 80.  On his bio sheet for the World Series of Poker he listed his hobbies as “moonshine, cigars and young women.”

‘Poker Alice’
Alice Ivers Tubbs; aka: Poker Alice (1851-1930)  was perhaps the best known female poker player in the Old West.  At the age of 79 she underwent a gall bladder operation in Rapid City, but died of complications on February 27, 1930.   In her later years, Alice claimed to have won more than $250,000 at the gaming tables and never once cheated. In fact, one of her favorite sayings was: “Praise the Lord and place your bets. I’ll take your money with no regrets.” 

Greatest Trick of them All!
Antonio Esfandiari pocketed a whopping $18,346,673 after claiming the largest buy-in tournament in poker history. In total, 48 players ponied up the astounding $1 million buy-in to play in the The Big One for One Drop, at the 2012 World Series of Poker. It was largest prize ever awards in sports history.

Can you say Ganjifa?
Archaeology Ganjifa Playing Cards come from Iran.  Ganjifa and Aas-Naas are traditional Iranian card games whose history goes back to the 15th century Safavid period. Apparently Ganjifa was similar to Hokm and Aas-Naas to Poker. These hand-painted playing cards are all from the late Qajar period and are made of lacquered papier-mâché.

Playing like the Boys
In 1941, the Young Women’s Republican Club of Milford, CT held a night like no other; they indulged in traditionally male pastimes like cigar smoking, poker playing, and wrestling. The night confused the majority of Milford’s male population but made quite a splash none-the-less.

The Ace of Clubs House Museum

What a great historical landmark in Texarkana, TX. (1885) This 22- sided house is built in the shape of a “Club” playing card. The local legend is that entrepreneur James H. Draughon built the house with the winnings from a poker game. The winning card was the Ace of Clubs. Each room represents a specific period in the history of the house. The house is located at 420 Pine Street and is part of The Texarkana Museums System.

“It’s impossible to overstate the value of a World Series of Poker gold bracelet to anyone who takes the game seriously. It is the equivalent of winning the Stanley Cup in hockey or the Lombardi Trophy in football.”
- Jeffrey Pollack
2006 WSOP bracelet ceremony

Legend has it, the longest poker game in history was played in this town, Thurmond, WV, circa 1915.

Poker Tips for Beginners
Pai Gow Poker
Anime Blackjack 

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Did you know? Poker/Gambling Anecdotes.


Hey High Rollers, we love to bring you little gems of gaming goodness so, with that in mind, here are a number of Did you know?’s…poker/gambling tidbits from the site

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Did you know?

- Joe Hachem, an Australian, was the last player to win the title at its original home, Binion’s.

- Tom McEvoy defeated Rodney Pete heads-up in one of the longest heads-up battles in World Series of Poker history (roughly 8 hours).  He’s co-authored more than a dozen poker books and was elected into the Poker Hall of Fame in the Class of 2013, alongside Scotty Nguyen.

- A name synonymous with poker, gambling and extravagant prop bets.  One of the greatest gamblers of all-times, Amarillo Slim was one of the first ‘known’ players to try and take the game mainstream; from underground, and sometimes shady, card rooms to the masses.  After winning the 1972 World Championship, he appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He also guested on other television shows, like 60 MinutesGood Morning America, the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder and he was in the movie California Split, which was directed by Robert Altman and starred George Segal and Elliot Gould.

Howard Schwartz of the world-renowned Gamblers Book Club, a Las Vegas institution, was a guest on High Roller Radio and told us about the making of California Split:  “Slim wouldn’t take any direction from the director and demanded to use his own lines in the movie.  They left all of it in!  It was more genuine poker lingo than the script.” 

World Series of Poker bracelets owned by Amarillo Slim
• 1972.  $10,000 No Limit Hold’em World Championship (prize money -$60,000)
• 1974.  $1,000 No Limit Hold’em (prize money – $11,100)
• 1985.  $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha (prize money – $85,000)
• 1990. $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha (prize money – $142,000)

Doyle Brunson’sSuper/System had a different title when it was first published in 1978.  It was called, How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker.

Fun Facts
The famous Gamblers Book Club received a credit in the movie Rounders, starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Jonothan Turturo and featuring a cameo by 2-time WSOP Main Event Champion Johnny Chan.

Poker Quotes
“Poker is like sex.  Everyone thinks they’re great at it but most don’t have a clue!”
- Dutch Boyd

“If there wasn’t any action around he’d play Solitaire – and bet against himself.”
- Groucho Marx (…about his brother Chico)

What’s in a Name? 
Moneymaker’s ancestors made silver and gold coins for a living and chose the name “Moneymaker” as a modification of their German last name, “Nurmacher”

Moneymaker:  How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker

“Not too many players try to bluff me.  If there’s going to be bluffing or stealing going on, I’m  going to be the one doing to it.”
- Johnny Chan

‘Titanic’ Thompson
Amarillo Slim is widely known to have learned many of his proposition bet schemes from Alvin Clarence Thomas, a gambler and hustler, known as ‘Titanic Thompson.’  His reputation as a golfer, card player, marksman and pool shark is legendary, his skills often compared to Merlin himself.  ‘Titanic Thompson’ travelled the USA wagering at cards, dice games, even horseshoes and he’d make enormous prop bets when he had the obvious edge.

A roving gambler in an age when gamblers carried guns for protection, it’s believed Thomas killed five men in his life; shot four of them shot in self-defence when they tried to rob him of his winnings one night.  He was also involved in a high-stakes poker game that escalated into, what was then called, the
 ‘Crime of the Century’.

Tidbit: In the wee hours, on November 4th, 1928, crime boss Arnold Rothstein lost $500,000 but welched on the payment because he believed the poker game was rigged.  And it was, by ‘Titanic Thompson!  Rothstein was murdered (not by Thompson) in what was then the ‘Crime of the Century.’ 

Fun Fact: After taking 500 bucks off a rival in a pool game one night, a spectator asked, “what’s his name?” The opponent replied, “It must be Titanic; cause he sinks everybody.”

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Did you know?

- Open-faced Chinese Poker is being offered at the 2013 WSOP, as part of the Carnivale of Poker. It’s a WSOP first and the event is expected to attract many big name pros.

- Johnny Moss, with a win at the 1971 WSOP, became the first person to have won multiple lifetime WSOP “bracelets.”  The first actual bracelet was given in 1976.  Moss was also the first person to win five lifetime bracelets, with a win at the 1975 WSOP.

- Johnny Chan, with a win in Event No. 25 at the 2005 WSOP, became the first person to win 10 lifetime WSOP bracelets, just a few days before Doyle Brunson won his 10th bracelet in Event No. 31 of that same WSOP.  Phil Hellmuth is the overall bracelet leader with 13.

- The first person to win two bracelets in the same WSOP was Johnny Moss in 1971.

- The first person to win three bracelets in the same WSOP was Walter “Puggy” Pearson, in 1973. As of the start of the 2013 WSOP, only four other players have won three bracelets in a single WSOP.


Puff Puff Fold – How will marijuana affect your bankroll?

Hey High Rollers, sorry it’s been a while, extremely busy at the moment…a few things on the go which is good, right?  R Scott Dinsmore has joined Team High Roller and he’s probided three excellent pieces so far…his latest deals with marijuana in poker…Puff Puff Fold, how weed will affect your bankroll.


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Puff, Puff, Fold – Marijuana and Poker

As marijuana becomes front page news across the country, lets take a look at how this too can effect your bankroll.

I will start by saying that I am pro “responsible” use of marijuana. And as I am sure we can argue for days factually about both sides of this issue, in the interest of this article we will make a few “assumptions”:

1. The player legally possesses marijuana.

2. The player is legally using marijuana.

Ok now that we have that straight, lets look at why we are here to play poker:

1. Have fun, blow off steam (not tilt), hang out with friends. Well then, have fun! There are numerous occassions people include things that are intoxicating. And most of them impair thinking and judgement. At this point, we are getting into personal choice and it is not my job to tell you what you can and can’t do. That is what our government is for :-)

2. Now lets look at the professional side of this coin. If you are playing poker and your purpose is to make money, the most powerful weapon you have is your brain.

“Anything you do to limit your ability to make wise, judicious decisions is counter productive”. Drugs, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, etc.

“Anything you do to limit your ability to make wise, judicious decisions is counter productive” to you and your bankroll.

No I am not high. Yes, I know I said that twice. It is important, remember it!

Do what you want on your own time, but THIS time belongs to your business. Why would you not give your best everytime your businesses finances are at risk?

I will not argue the legality, morality, effects, or ethics of mairjuana. What I will argue is that if you want to be a profitable poker player, you must conduct yourself and your thought process as a professional business person. You are putting your businesses finances at risk and as with any business if you do that poorly, too often you will go broke.

Lucky Flops & Safe Rivers My Friends,
Scott Dinsmore

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Did you know?

Carmen Electra hosted one of the best Sit N Show’s ever, the Strip Poker Invitational! Six ladies vied to be crowned champion and pocket the $50,000 first place prize (if they’ve still got clothes on).

Where does Jennifer Tilly rank on our list of Hold’em Hotties?  Check it out now:

Did you know? In electronic poker, a game that features ‘live’ players but no chips or dealers, players are given 45 seconds to act.  Like online poker, stack sizes, fold, call or bet features, and your opponents stats are all displayed on a little computer monitor in front of you.  It’s like playing online poker but you can see your opponents.

Did you know? In a bid to prevent men from playing in the WSOP Ladies Championship, and every year a number of men do on principle, suggesting its unfair women have their own bracelet event, organizers will charge men $10,000 to play while women will only have to pony up $1,000.

Did you know?  Actor Eric Bruskotter, star of the movies Major League 2 & 3 and Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, is an avid poker player and a regular at the Commerce Casino in Las Vegas.  Bruskotter doesn’t play in any Hollywood home games because he thinks they’re “lame”.

Did you know?  The Dogs Playing Poker painting series by Cassius Mracellus Coolidge, in the late 1800′s, consists of 16 different paintings (check out cover photo) They were painted as an advertising tool to sell cigars. In 2007, 2 of the original paintings sold for for $590,000. WOW.

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Is Sigmund Freud the Father of Tilt?

The Psychodynamics of Tilt

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Is Sigmund Freud the Father of Tilt?  He’s certainly considered the father of Pschodynamics and the Theory of Gambling Tilt.  What is psychodynamics?  Well, dynamic psychology studies the psychological forces that underline human behaviour, especially the relationship between conscious and unconscious motivation.  Check this out: according to Freud, the entire field focusses on emotional states in the id, ego and superego, all of which have to do with your early childhood psycho-development.  Ego, or for simplicity sake, your personality, is the core and it has to be at war with three forces; id, or instinct, superego, or belief system, and the outside world.  Freud says the outside world can include family, friends, work colleaues, and the casino.  
     So, how does that relate to gambling…or tilt?  Well, stay with me…first some history for you:
Psychodynamics was further developed by Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and Melanie Klein…then in the 1950′s an American psychiatrist built on Freud’s model to develop something called ‘transactional analysis.’  Now, physician James R. Allen says ‘cognitive behaviour therapy’,  the bread and butter of psychiatrists today, is actually derived from transactional analysis, a theory popularized in the 1964 book, Games People Play, that sold a whopping 5 million copies.  Cognitive behaiour therapy is used extensively to treat and rehabilitate compulsive gamblers throughout the world.  Gamblers of healthy mind, their ego always moves in the direction of psychic wholeness…compulsive gamblers, those who canm’t handle their emotions, see their ego go the other way….to that unhealthy state.  That’s when tilt happens. 

Let me ask you a question:  Did you have a happy childhood?  A healthy mind will always say ‘yes’ because it filters off the unhappy experiences.  Conversly, if a patient says his childhood was unhappy, that ego has failed to move towards wholeness.   It’s a concept with important implications in gambling tilt.   By nature, the human mind cannot handle negative emotion.  An unhappy childhood leads to a distorted psyche.  Gambling losses lead to gambling tilt and, even worse, chasing the losses.
     Good news, once you recognize you’re on tilt you should be able to take precautions to survive it.  Tilt comes at a cost right?  So be careful; problem and compulsive gambling is recognized as a disorder that affects about 1% of the population.   Why do gamblers, in particular problem gamblers, continue to play when they are likely to lose money?  We all know what the ‘House Edge’ is.  The casino never loses!  Well, a study at the University of Cambridge looking at gamblers’ belief systems suggests problem gambllers always fnd a way to increase their chances of winning.  They are affected differently by ‘near misses’ and their belief system promotes an ‘illusion of control.’   These near-misses cause them to play longer and bet higher and, over time, chase their losses.

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Poker/Gambling Quotes on High Roller Radio

Hey High Rollers, just tidying up our poker & gambling quotes pages on the site and man oh man do we have a wide variety for you….it’s exciting too, because the site is growing.  I am now a regular contributor to Poker Player Newspaper, which is a terrific publication and it should give us some added-value exposure.  You can check out the first article on my mate Padraig Parkinson, an Irish legend, here

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Jeopardy Champ a Student of Game Theory

Jeopardy/Game Theory Expert
Arthur Chu, a 30-year-old voice actor, won more than $100,000 in four appearances on the CBS game show Jeopardy.  Chu actively sought out Daily Double’s and abandoned conventional play by starting with the larger dollar values and working his way ‘up’ the board instead of the lowly $100 categories.  Some fans of the show were offended by his style while others praised his apparent understanding of Game Theory and concepts often employed in poker.  Here’s what this trivia whiz had to say about his approach:

“Back ion the day everybody kept their money.  It was like a cash game in poker. Once you’ve gotten enough money, why risk more money? Why make a big bet? If I know I’ve got $18,000 in the bank and someone’s like, “Hey, want to bet $8,000 that you know the answer to this question?” No. Why would I do that? Am I a gambling addict? Am I stupid?  In order to encourage big bets, Jeopardy! is now winner-take-all. Only the person in first place keeps their total at the end of the game. Everyone else gets the consolation prize. If you have $20,000 and someone else has $20,001, you get second prize, which is $2,000. If you are in third place and the two other players have $5 more than you, no matter how much money you have, you take home $1,000. There’s a very powerful incentive to be aggressive. You really do need to make sure you win the game. The most important thing isn’t the absolute number of dollars you have on the board. It’s how strongly you’re beating the other players. How far ahead are you? What’s the spread?”

“Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing.”
— Bruce Dern

Philip Gruissem
Young German Pro won $4.5 million in 2013 and here he talks about one of his main motivations of late – CHARITY:

“After I had player poker nonstop for four or five years I got the point where my motivation got lost and it got boring. I thought, ‘Why am I doing this? I have a little bit of money in the bank, but why else am I doing this?’ That sucks. So I was thinking about what to do and I decided that I should try to be an effective altruist, somebody who thinks how he can help other people most effectively. I came to the conclusion that the thing I could do best right now is playing poker, that’s my skill. So if I give a 10 percent piece of my earnings to charity, the better I play the more money I can make and the more impact I can have. So that is a big motivation for me, when playing poker isn’t always fun, I get back on track and stay motivated through that.”
- Q&A w/ Card Player magazine

“The one who bets the most wins. Cards just break ties.”
- Sammy Farha

“If an opponent won’t watch you bet, then you probably shouldn’t.”
- Mike Caro
The Mad Genius of Poker

“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.”
- Ray Kroc

“A funny thing happens when you shoot for the moon, you get there!”
- Cadillac, new commercial.

“In the game of life, the house edge is called time. In whatever we do, nature charges us for doing it in the currency of time. So we must take advantage of every moment. Every moment in life is so very precious.  You only get a fling at life for a while, then the house collects. We must get all our thrills and all our experiences while we have the opportunity. We have to go for it now! And only by taking advantage of time in this way can we get the best of it – win or lose.”
- Bob Stupak
From the forward to his book, Yes You Can WIN!

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