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Interesting Cases of Casino Robbery!

Hey High Rollers, it’s been a great week for us; we’ve had interviews with Blackjack Hall of Famer Richard W. Munchkin & renowned poker reporter Jessica Welman, who outlines for us some things to watch out for at this year’s World Series of Poker. Today, can you say ‘casino robbery?’

Major Heist at the Crown Melbourne

Major Heist at the Crown Melbourne

Interesting Cases of Casino Robbery

Modern cinematograph offers its viewers a copious amount of movies, which tell magnifcent stories about elaborate casino heists. After watching these movies, viewers tend to want to hit the jackpot and live with no regrets for the rest of their lives. Nowadays, you do not need to go to brick and mortar, land-based casinos to turn that dream into reality – the dream of finding a reliable internet casino where you can do your best to keep Lady Luck on your side. By the way, you can play at online casinos with no investments by claiming free spins after registration

But let’s get back to reality and discuss some real life cases of casino robberies and see how these stories ended.

The largest jackpot, defrauded by robbers, was the in staggering amount of $32 million. It happened in Australia where a team of people called “Ocean’s 11” were able to rob the local casino of this fantastic amount. How’d they do it? Well, the fraudsters managed to seize such a large amount by using the newest, high-tech devices, which gave them an opportunity to seamlessly connect to the casino’s closed circuit TV. This provided them with opportunity to transmit the information to one of the team’s associates sitting at one of the casino’s  gaming tables.

As security cameras were in VIP section of the casino, the criminals were able to see the cards of players thereby maximizing their winnings and minimizing their losses. These facts were brought to light by the Australian police, which zealously took up the investigation of this incident. The fraudsters left the territory of Australia a long time ago and did so with impunity. Naturally, such cases leave marks in history as criminals rarely ever get away with an amount this large, again a whopping $32 million.

Talking about the most interesting casino robberies? The one we just told you about is the most notable, considering the rest of the casino robberires involved armed assaults where criminals used guns.  The bright example of a simple-minded criminal is Anthony Carleo. This man robbed the Bellagio few years ago. The attacker tried to get away with about $1.5 million but, what’s the saying, ‘Loose lips sink ship?’ This criminal’s bragging let him down.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio

Carleo started to boast about his deeds in an online environment and was, almost immediately, arrested by the police. This is not the end of the story, though. According to the police data, the robber turned out to be the son of a Las Vegas judge and, in addition to all that, he tried to sell chips for $25,000 inside the casino and was caught on security cameras. According to the words of the arrested, he started to consider and plan the robbery after hearing one of the croupier’s suggest that, to win big at the casino, all one has to do is wear a black mask and carry a gun instead of spending hours at the playing table.

We want you to feel the contrast between the actions of the criminals. In the first case even police didn’t manage to study all the details of the robbery due to the well thought out and diligently planned heist. It was executed perfectly. In the second case, the criminal was as stupid and thoughtless as one could be. It was only a matter of time before he was caught. We want to put an emphasis on some everyday real life aspects of casino work. Probably, these examples will halt the ease one feels with robbing a casino.

Casinos are organizations aiming to win.Therefore, even if you’re a mastermind and planning on genius robbery, you won’t get to the real money as the cashier is under serious protection.

Don’t think events on TV screens can be repeated in real life. Just think that should you see this movie, the management and owners could very much have seen it as well so they’ve already taken care of securing their facility from fraudsters activities in ways it was shown on the TV screen.

Don’t brag about your plans online as all the information of this kind is thoroughly followed there and the person who spreads it gets a lot of attention from the corresponding organs.

If you really want to rob the casino, use books and theories instead of guns and masks, as they are much more useful!

Have Fun at the Tables!

Are you taking advantage of dealer mistakes at the blackjack table? You should be! 

Justin Oliver Interview @JuiceyPokerJO “Gold Runs in the Family!”

Hey High Rollers, did you watch that Super Bowl? Wow. Down 28-3, the New England Patriots find a way to comeback and steal the title n overtime. Tom Brady is unbelievable. Sports betting notes; Steve Rich of the Tony George Show, one of the best handicapprs in the business, called it correctly.  He was with the public wagering on the Pats to cover…they did. The over of 58-59, depending on where you were betting, came in as well.

Busy day yesterday, we transcribed pur 2013 interview with WSOP bracelet winner Justin Oliver.

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WSOP Bracelet Winner (2012 $2,500 4-Max)

WSOP Bracelet Winner (2012 $2,500 4-Max)

Justin Oliver Interview 

Champion, 2012 WSOP $2,500 Buy-In 4-Max

Q: Your father is Russell Oliver, for those who don’t know, one of the most famous jewellers in Toronto and  Canada. He’s the ‘Cash Man.’
JO: I will correct Derrick because if my father were here right now he’d say, ‘No Derrick, not the most famous in Toronto, not in Canada, but in the world.’ People come in from all over the world to see him. Whenever we travel, the strangest places, could be an island in the Caribbean, when they find who he is they say, ‘I see your commercials down here.’ For some reason those commercials travel everywhere. 

Where ever we go people know us. My Dad would definitely ant me to correct you on that one.

'The Cash Man'

‘The Cash Man’

Q: Is he the most famous jeweller in the world?
JO: Definitely! I don’t know who else would be more famous. You look at some of the big companies like Tiffany’s or Cartier, they’re companies, but there’s no one particular person who represents that company whereas my father is a one man machine. He’s known everywhere. He definitely has the most known store and makes the most money per square foot of anyone in the world because he only has two locations in Toronto. These other big companies have thousands of locations. 
Q: He’s quite a businessman, those commercials are great. It’s a family business, I see commercials now with your father and your brother?
JO: Yes and if you go to youtube you’ll see that I’m on some of the earlier commercials as well. I grew up in the business. I worked in the store since I was a little kid up until just avfew years ago when the poker thing started to really take off. I’m not in the business anymore but I have three younger brothers who are.
Q: Are there any similarities between the jewellery business and poker? Any lessons that apply to both fields?
JO: One hundred per cent! Growing up in the business, my job as a kid was to greet the customers when they came in. I had to evaluate their jewellery and my biggest job was negotiate with the clients that were selling the jewellery. I had to work with them, get a feel for them and learn what it was going to take to get a deal done. A lot of that is body language and reading people and that’s definitely one of my stronger traits in poker that’s helped lead to my success.
Q: You tweeted out a picture of your dad wearing the bracelet. That must have been a special moment for you?
JO: It was interesting the way that happened actually. I won the bracelet last year and just threw it in my safety deposit box. I didn’t really do anything with it. This year, I was running deep in a $2,500 event and I made the final table and the final table was on father’s day. I talked to my dad that day before I played and and said, ‘Dad, I’m going to win you this bracelet. I’m gonna win it and I’m gonna give it to you.’ So, I ended up finishing second, came close but I don’t win the bracelet. Later that week, I was surfing the net looking on, looking at some player information, and I saw myself on there. They had a little not on there saying I had won a bracelet and given to my father for Father’s Day. I was going to do that but I didn’t actually do it. So, rather than correcting them and telling them they had to change it, I just decided to give him the oe from last year. It’s the best thing to give him for a belated Father’s Day gift anyway. I mean, what do you give a guy who has everything? This was the only thing I could give him he couldn’t get himself.
Q: I take it he might be a bit a poker player too? Did you guys have some him games growing up?
JO: We actually never really played poker growing up but I used to love playing Monopoly when I was a kid. It was kind of our family game. I used to play against my dad and, when I was younger, he used to always kick my ass. He taught me strategy and, although I didn’t learn poker from my father, he definitely taught me how to be analytical and how to read people and their body language. My father gave me a lot of tactical skills.
Q: I understand you have an interesting story on how you got into poker. You’re 38 and you’ve only been playing for four or five years now but your success has been incredible. 
JO: I’m blessed and feel fortunate to have the success I’ve had. I’m five years in, won the bracelet 4 years in and that’s incredible. In this day and age it;’s not that uncommon anymore because when you’re in Canada and you can play on the internet, you can play on sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt, the competition level really improves your game. Plus, the number of hands you can bang out early in your career is incredible. You know I  played a million hands online before I even played tournaments live. So you gain the experience so much faster. I’ve said this before, I’ve played more hands in my life than Doyle Brunson has. You just get that experience so much faster than years ago.
Q: How did you get into poker?
JO: It’s funny because I used to go to Las Vegas for vacation a couple times a year. I would just gamble blackjack, slots or roulette, whatever we were doing, just for fun. One year I was with my brother Jonas, who works in the family business now, and he said, ‘Why don’t you try poker?’ He said, ‘Just go in, relax, have fun, have a few and your money will last longer than those other games, and I’ll teach you some basic strategies.’ He basically taught me the rules of no-limit Texas Hold’em. We were out at the Cabana at the Bellagio and he taught me the rules. WE took out a deck of cards and he said, ‘Just fold everything unless you get a pair or high cards and then just raise. After the flop,’ he said, ‘just make a continuation bet.’ That’s all he taught me. I went to the Bellagio poker room that day and I won! I won $600 playing $2/$5 my first day. So, when you win you get a pretty good taste for it and it started from there.
Q: Great start. You walk into a casino pier room, not knowing anything about the game, and win $600? You’re hooked, right?
JO: I was embarrassed. I didn’t even understand when it was my turn and I could tell people were snickering at me. I was at such a disadvantage at the game because I didn’t understand the math that, at one point, I said to myself, ‘I’m just gonna play without looking at my cards.’ I just decided to play it blind, just try to read them and it worked out pretty well on that first shot. I ended up winning.
Q: Seven cashes at the WSOP, two final tables, the 2nd this year for $300,000 and, of course, the bracelet last year. Early days for you but how would you describe your tenure at the World Series of Poker so far?
JO: I came t that first final table near the bottom of the pack. When it got to heads-up he had a six or seven to one chip lead on me and people always ask me how I kept myself composed? I was never nervous for one second at these final tables because I had visualized it for years already. It was my goal to win bracelets. It was my goal to be at final tables and I had visualized it over and over again. When I was there it was like I had already done it. So when I won it wash’t any surprise because I had already seen it in my mind. 
Q: I know you gave the bracket to your dad but it;’s got to be something special, something nobody can ever take away from you?
JO: It is. In poker there are lots of ups and downs, so sometimes you’re in a downswing and feel down on yourself. When I’m in a downswing, I try to remember that I’ve won this bracelet and it makes me feel good. I plan on doing great stuff in my career. I’m gonna do my best and hopefully I am fortunate enough to have more titles, but if I don’t I can still say my poker career is a success. I’ve won a bracelet, come close a second time, and I’ve had a big win online, my first big score in 2012. I came 2nd in a WCOOP event online. So when you have these wins under your belt it gives you the confidence when you’re in downswings. You know, you’ve done it before and you can do it again.
Q: You were 7th out 8th when you started that final table. You had the likes of David ‘The Dragon’ Pham, John Juanda and Jarred Jaffe staring across the table at you. Did you have your sights on moving up a spot or were gunning for first all the way?
JO: I play every tournament to win. I don’t even look at the prizes. When I’m at these final tables I have no idea what the prizes are. I refuse to look at it. I refused to look at the bracelet when they brought it out. All I do is focus and try and win the tournament. This year, when I came second, I was upset when I busted. I went over to my rail, I had a fantastic rail led by my fiancé Stephanie, and I asked, ‘Well, how much did I win?’ She said, “332-thousand-198 dollars.’ She had it down to the penny. When she said that I wasn’t so upset anymore because I had no idea second was that much money. I just don’t look at the numbers. I try and win the tournament. I’m there for the gold, there to take top prize, there to compete and that’s all I set my mind too.
Q: Pham, Juanda or Jaffe? Which one is more fearsome at the poker table?
JO: That’s an easy, easy question, David Pham! I don’t know how old he is, he’s gotta be in his fifties, but he plays like a 21 year old internet player. He will six-bet bluff you and fold. I watched one hand last year in the 4-max where he six-bet and the guy jammed and he folded claiming to have Ace-King. I said, ‘Now I know why they call you David ‘The Dragon’ Pham because you breathe bullshit out of your mouth.’ He plays phenomenally well, especially if you don’t he is. When you go into to play poker, you don’t expect someone in that age group to be six-betting light. When an older guy six-bets it’s usually Aces and not even Kings. Do, when he six-bets you and folds to a jam, you know that this guy’s here to play. He is definitely one of the toughest competitors I’ve ever played against.
Q: You are good at table talk. You’re able to converse with your opponents at the poker table. Is that t alleviate boredom or to pick up information?
JO: I a definitely always picking up information. As soon as I sit down at the table, I formulate reads on the players instantaneously. I look around at everyone at the table and before they even say a word I get reads. As soon as they talk I get more reads and the more they say the better read I get. So definitely I talk to get reads. I also like to he fun because poker is supposed to be fun. You know, when I was heads-up with Nick Schwarmann for the bracelet last year I didn’t want it to end. I was having the time of my life. You can’t hear it on the broadcast but that’s what I was saying. I said to Nick, ‘I don’t want this to end. I’ll play heads-up with you for the next three days. There’s nothing better than this, I just want to die at this table. I will stay here forever.’ 
Q: You’re in tat special club, the bracelet club, and that’s gotta be special to you?
JO: It really is. There is nothing quite like it. Winning a bracelet is something they can never take way from you. Nobody can ever say otherwise, nobody how bad I play the rest of my career.
Q: The importance of coaching?
JO: If you want to be good in poker, and you’re just starting out, beginner, intermediate or expert, yes everyone should have a poker coach they can discuss hands with. My success is definitely attributed to Bill Hubbard. When I first started I probably read a dozen books and played for about a year before I met Bill and my ams when from a zero out of ten to about a two out of ten. Then I met Bill, worked with him for a few years and got my game up to a nine out of ten. He basically taught me everything there is to know about poker. There’s nothing I could ever do to thank him enough. I definitely attribute my success to him. He was watching me play one day at Aria and I had a Rolex on. Bill liked the watch. So I told him, ‘You know what coach? When I win my first bracelet I’m going to give you this watch.’ So last year I won the bracelet, coach presented me with my gold bracelet on stage at the Rio and I presented him with the Rolex. I would not have been ale to do it without him. What he taught me was incredible. 
Q: The November Nine is fast approaching. If you were at the final table of the main event how would you handle the three month lay-off?
JO: If I was at the final table of the main event, which I hope to be someday, Iit would be a dream come true. I need to get visualizing on that one. My life would be poker for those three months. I’d eat, drink and sleep poker. I don;t think I’d drink alcohol, I think I’d cut out alcohol for that entire period. I’d be exercising everyday to get my body fit. I would be exercising my mind. I would be playing poker a few times a week at least. I’d be travelling for tournaments, trying to get in shape for tournaments, and I would get a team of coaches. I’d probably get a team of tournament coaches sot run scenarios. You know, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so to not be as absolutely prepared for it as you could be would be a sin. You have to maximize your chances of being world champion. I would research refry singe player at that final table. I would track them down, find them on youtube, and data mine them. I’d want to know every piece of information on them.
I do like the three or four month layoff and the reason I like it is because no other tournament has it and that should be the case with the main event. The main event should be special. It should be promoted, the final table should be promoted, and there should be a to of tension leading up to it. The event should stand on its own.
Justin Oliver Thank-you!

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How to Win Those Elusive Online Progressive Jackpots

How to Win those Elusive Online Progressive Jackpots

There are many people wanting to win that big jackpot.
Every time you hear a player win £10,000, you expect to win just as much in the next game you play. But what are the chances? Well, online bingo sites gives out plenty of jackpots in their various games, everyday!

Play Bingo Online and Try to Win Those Progressive Jackpots!

Play Bingo Online and Try to Win Those Progressive Jackpots!

Anyone who has played online bingo will know that are many prizes that can be won other than the jackpot as well. Bonuses are among the easiest perks as players get rewarded with bonuses of their choice on every deposit they make. Another perk of playing online bingo is that you can play no deposit free bingo.

Here, players can access free bingo games and win real cash prizes. One of the sites where you can expect to win prizes of up to £1,500 for FREE each month is GameVillage Bingo. This site has 2 free bingo rooms- Chip Van Bingo and Unplugged.

The player who makes a full house win within a specified number of calls, wins the jackpot amount which is displayed. Each room will have a different jackpot and once the jackpot has been won, players will have a new jackpot to look forward to which will be comparatively lesser but grows as the games progresses.

Another interesting type of jackpot that online bingo sites offer is a community jackpot where a percentage of the overall prize is rewarded to the full house winner and the rest of it is distributed among the rest of the participating players.

Jackpots add a lot of excitement to the game other than the game prizes that are already allotted. So, wherever you choose to play, look out for the jackpots and make your bets. After all, everyone deserves to win a jackpot someday!

Be a High Roller by Checking Out Game Village Baby!

Be a High Roller by Checking Out Game Village Baby!

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Did you know? 
It’s widely Bingo originated with the French game ‘Le Lotto,’ which was brought to United States and standardized at carnivals in the 1920’s.

Nice Bet!
Stable boy turned millionaire.  In March 2012, 29-year-old Irishman Conor Murphy placed the luckiest bet of his life at Cheltenham.  He wagered $75 on all five of his boss’s horses to win and, guess what, they did.  Murphy scooped a stunning pot of $1.5 million in the accumulator.

Gambling Joke
Two bored dealers are waiting around for someone to walk up and try their luck at the craps table. A very attractive lady comes in and wants to bet twenty-thousand dollars on a single roll of the dice. The dealers agree. She says, “I hope you don’t mind, but I feel much luckier when I’m half naked.” With that she strips naked from the waist down, and rolls the dice while yelling, “Momma needs a new pair of pants!” She then begins jumping up and down and hugging each of the dealers.
“YES! I WIN! I WIN!” With that she picks up her money and clothes and quickly leaves.The dealers just stare at each other dumbfounded. Finally one of them asks, “What did she roll anyway?” The other answers, “I don’t know. I thought YOU were watching the dice!”

Slot Machine History & Betting Tips

Slot Machine History

     Since their invention in 1899 by Charles Fey, slot machines have been a source of excitement and entertainment for gamblers worldwide. They come in all shapes and forms and occupy most of the space at brick and mortar casinos. The bells and whistles are highly attractive and a proven source of fun for patrons of all kinds.
     In 1964, the slot machine industry was changed forever when electronic processors were added to the mix, a function to determine the outcome of games. This made machines more secure and, because it allowed the reels to stop reliably where they were supposed to, it also meant operators could offer larger prizes and jackpots.
     The next logical step unfolded in the mid 1970’s when Walt Freely introduced the first video-based slot machine called the “Fortune Coin,” which consisted only of the computer unit, the coin hopper and a TV screen. Things were simplified greatly, but despite the benefits for the casinos and better odds, highly controlled payout’s and jackpots, players were at first slow to trust the new technology. Then, video poker came along and, although the two games have few similarities, when players realized video poker games were fair the public perception slowly started to change with respect to video slot games as well. From there things exploded as the three-reeled machine grew to five, seven and nine reel games, massive symbol variations, pay lines, bet sizes, side games and jackpot amounts. Slot machines were added to the roster of online casino offerings. Click here to visit Netbet.  Think about it – 100 years of research has been crafted into each and every slot machine you’ll play at either a brick and mortar casino or online casino.

Tips for Slot Machine Play
     Be sure to check and read any information relating to your online casino or individual slot machine you’d like to play. Look for things like payout information, percentages, and if you can’t afford the maximum bet on any one machine switch to one with fewer reels or lower denominations to ensure yourself in the mix for jackpots.
     Be sure to set your limits with the ultimate goal of managing your bankroll in a bid to keep play entertaining, exciting and affordable. Think about it like an evening of fun and always consider playing with a set, comfortable amount.
     When you play consider which machines offer the highest progressive jackpots, a signal they haven’t been ‘hit’ in a while.  Look for machines and online casinos that offer the best bonuses and highest player rewards. Also, consider playing machines that offer higher prizes than one that pays out more often but also pays out less.
     Most importantly, if your machine is hot and hitting stay there until the luck turns. Sometimes swapping machines and games can pay-off. And, always remember slot machine pay-out’s are still random. Sometimes it’s just not your night. Take a break and you’ll have better luck next time.


Did you know?
In 1899, Charles Fey produced the first ever slot machine, one resembling the machines we know today. It was called “The Liberty Bell” and featured three reels with various symbols, the major one being a cracked Liberty Bell. It had a coin acceptor, a payout table and a large handle on the side. Fey placed it in a San Francisco saloon to see how the public would react and it became such a hit he quit his job to focus on this new technology. He monopolized the market and became very successful.

Lucky Twins online slot machines at Netbet!

Lucky Twins online slot machines

Online Casino Guide

Bonuses, articles and online dynamite online gaming at

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WSOP Legend Doyle Brunson – ‘Texas Dolly’

Hey High Rollers, Conor McGregor comes up big at UFC 194, a stunning one-punch knock-out of Jose Aldo. Wow! He is the UFC’s money man now as the age pulled in a whopping $10.1 million. Irish eyes are smiling.

This week, we profile Doyle Brunson, two-time world champion and 10-time WSOP bracelet winner. He is a member of the poker Hall of Fame and the author of Poker’s Bible Super System (1 and 2). He won both his world championships with the starting hand 10, deuce, which has forever become known as ‘The Brunson.’

Super System, poker's Bible

Super System, poker’s Bible

What was the original name of the book Super System? Answer HERE

The sections of the book dedicated to strategy were divided as follows:

  • Draw poker written by Mike Caro. Among other things, Caro writes in detail about poker tells, how to gain information about an opponent’s hand based on how they act. He is regarded as an expert on poker psychology and behavior and would later go on to write his own seminal book on tells. He is also known as the ‘Mad Genius of Poker.’
  • Seven-card stud written by Chip Reese.
  • Lowball written by Joey Hawthorne and Doyle Brunson.
  • Seven-card stud high-low split (with no qualifier for low) by David Sklansky.
  • Limit Texas Hold’em by Bobby Baldwin.
  • No-limit Texas hold ’em by Doyle Brunson.

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Odds & Ends
“I love gambling and that’s another bad financial decision I’ve made; to play cards for money.”
– Macy Gray, Singer

Omaha Hi Low
Remember the 3 Bandits; If you’re holding a 7, 8 or 9, keep in mind they create lower hand expectations. Think fold!
And, who invented Omaha? Answer HERE

Strip Poker Anyone?
Strip poker is a party game, a variation of traditional poker, where players remove clothing when they lose. Any form of poker can be adapted to the strip form, but it is usually played with simple variants like 5-Card Draw or Texas Hold’em. Played by mixed groups in social situations to generate an atmosphere of fun, strip poker can heighten the sexual atmosphere. Like other adult party games, activities besides removing clothing and playing cards might be involved, like Truth or Dare.

It’s been suggested that strip poker originated in New Orleans in the 19th century, around the same time as original poker. It was played in brothels. The term ‘Strip Poker’ has only been confirmed since 1916. What began as a pranl among boys, the current co-ed version was called”mixed strip poker” in England to differentiate it from the all-male, non-sexual variety.

Did you know?  
After winning his bracelet in 2010, Canadian Pascal LeFrancois posed for the winner’s photo topless. It was the result of a dare from friends and he kept his word and removed his shirt for the bracelet photo, what had to be a WSOP first!
A Woman’s Game?
In 1941, the Young Women’s Republican Club of Milford, CT held a night like no other; they indulged in traditionally male pastimes like cigar smoking, poker playing, and wrestling. The night confused the majority of Milford’s male population but made quite a splash none-the-less.


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UFC 194 Break Down, Andy’s Bloch-Buster Home & Poker Fun Facts

Hey High Rollers, just a few nights until the ‘Fight of the Century‘ in the UFC, as Conor McGregor, the brash talking Irishman, takes on Jose Aldo, a guy who hasn’t lost in 11 years and a true legend of the sport. Will you be watching? Who will you be taking? Plus, Chris Weidman tries to defend his title against Luke Rockhold. It’s a stacked card at UFC 194, should be MMA at its finest.

Conor McGregor faces Jose Aldo at UFC 194. Can his walk match his talk?

Conor McGregor faces Jose Aldo at UFC 194. Can his walk match his talk?

High Roller Radio’s UFC, MMA and Boxing analyst Chris de Beer, the ‘Don’ of sports betting recently appeared n the show…he dissects the card, the big fights and also breaks down the Ronda Rousey loss to Holly Holm. 


Poker Superstar puts his Las Vegas home on the Bloch!

Poker Superstar puts his Las Vegas home on the Bloch!

A Bloch-Buster Deal!

The home of poker pro Andy Bloch is up for sale, a 10,591 square-foot mansion that comes with a hefty price tag – $8,999,000. The custom-built three-story home has six bedrooms, along with six full bathrooms and four half-bathrooms. Bloch has $5.2 million in career tournament earnings and was once an investor in the Full Tilt Poker site. Beautiful games too, this home is about 30 minutes from the Strip and has an unobstructed view of it.

A Chip off the Old Bloch
Andy Bloch, a WSOP bracelet winner and former member of the M-I-T Blackjack Team, is a collector of old and rare poker books. He was featured in the blackjack documentary ‘The Hot Shoe’, has starred in his own DVD, ‘Beating Blackjack’ and was a leading man in the book, Bringing Down the House. Bloch, who holds two electrical engineering degrees from MIT and a JD from Harvard Law School, once pocketed $100,000 in one blackjack session.

Are you a Donkey? is a poker skill test, the first of its kind, which features a unique scoring system to measure your overall poker skill level and assess your play in 13 sub categories. The website reveals your strengths and, perhaps more importantly, your weaknesses. was developed by a group of professional poker players and is essentially a poker IQ test.

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New Song:
‘Poker Man’ by Canadian Dean Shaw;

Did you know?  
The sequel to Super System, appropriately titled Super System 2, was published in October 2004. Like the first, the second book is broken up into several sections, each covering a different variant of poker, and written by different experts on those games. Daniel Negreanu, Lyle Berman, founder of the World Poker Tour; Bobby Baldwin; Johnny Chan; Mike Caro; Jennifer Harman; Todd Brunson; Steve Zolotow; and Crandell Addington are among the contributors.

“Poker is an art form, of course, but sometimes you have to sacrifice art in favour of making a profit.”

– Mike Caro


Fun Facts

  • Romania has the majority of poker rooms in Europe, Bucharest boasts 12 official casinos. Monte Carlo has just four.
  • Even though Daniel Negreanu, one of the best players to ever be dealt cards, is from Toronto, Canada, his parents immigrated from Romania, in 1974. The 6-time WSOP bracelet winner and 2-time World Poker Tour champion is very proud os his Romanian heritage.

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WSOP Main Event Final Table – Tonight! Betting Odds.

Hey High Rollers, biggest night in poker as the November Nine resumes, fans will be watching with bated breath, one of the biggest spectacles and richest prizes in sport. Is poker a sport? We’ll save that for another day, but it is the World Series Of Poker final table, nine players vying for the world championship – and the money doesn’t lie, a whopping $7.7 million to the winner.

Nine players left for the world championship and $7.7 million

Nine players left for the world championship and $7.7 million

These nine have outlasted more than 6400 others, each have already been paid ninth place money, more than a million dollars. The cards fly in just a few hours, 8pm at the Penn and Teller theatre at the RIO in Las Vegas. And yes, you can wager on it! Chip leader Joseph McKeehan is the overwhelming 7-5 favourite, massive chip lead with  more than 63 million to play with. His chip count, more than double that of 2nd place Zvi Stern, from isreal, who’s listed at 7-2. McKeehen, by the way, a native of North Wales, Pa, is a two-time WSOP circuit winner, he almost captured a bracelet last year finishing runner-up in the inaugural Monster Stack event. Tidbit: McKeehan won the world Risk championship in 2010. Third in chips, is San Fransisco’s Neil Blumenfield, 61, who has 22 million chips and is pegged at 6-to-1. Same odds for the oldest player left, 72 year old Belgian Pierre Neuville and what a story that would be. Neuville will unbag 21 million chips in 4th Place. And then there’s Max Steinberg, a little more than 20 million, listed at 7-to-1, and this is our betting favourite. Great story too; he won his $10,000 seat into the main event through an NBA satellite on DraftKings. Yes, this guy used to play poker for a living, he owns a WSOP bracelet already, and what a parlay! He tturned that $27 satellite, into a $10,000 entry fee, now has a $1 million and a chance at the whole enchilada. This guy’s good, he’s underrated and you know he’s riding high, so watch out – Max J Steinberg at 7-to-1…that’s where our money’s going. The remaining 4 players, all between the tender ages of 23 and 25, are long shots. Young gun’s Thomas Cannuli and Joshua Beckley, both from New Jersey, and both listed at (12/1).  Brooklyn’s Patrick Chan and Italy’s Federico Butteroni are (25/1) dogs. Chan and Butteroni have less than 1/10 the amount of chips as McKeehen, the leader. Watch for it folks, live ESPN tonight, when they’ll play down from 9 players to 4, then tomorrow November 9th, from four players down to 2, and poker’s world champ will be crowned Tuesday November 10th.

MMA Betting
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Did you know? The $7.7 million first place prize money is more than Wimbledon, The Masters, and the Indianapolis 500 awards to its winners – combined! The largest ever prize at the WSOP ME was 2006 when Jamie Gold collected $12 million for winning the main event. The richest first place prize in poker history was the Big One for One Drop – $18 million – won by Antonio Esfandiari.

Have fun watching tonight…good luck to all…let’s hope for drama folks.


Video Slots & Free Spins – How Online Casinos Attract Your Business and What to Look Out For?

Where do you play?

Where do you play?

Video Slot Machine Games with Free Spins

Online casinos want your business, they fall over themselves to attract your custom and use various headlines to attract your trade. Invariably that headline involves the term ‘cash bonus’ but the truth is its little known cousin, ‘free spins’, is actually where the best value lay for real money players. Normally free sportsbook bets do not return their stakes, if and when you back a winner, but play online slot games offering free spins with no deposit and what you win is yours.

There are two routes to free-spins, maybe three if you include the video slots with no deposit required but, for the big bucks, enter a Guts casino promo code and take free spins as part of your welcome package which can see you win real money on casino slot games.  No matter how you slice it, spins cost money and so free spins are as good as cash in your pocket. Free spins are a great way to accustom yourself with the slots, and their features, your chosen online casino has to offer. 

Alternatively you can simply play casino slot machine games online which offer free spins as part of their winning pay-lines.  I repeat: Spins cost money and so free spins are as good as cash in your account. 
But what is best to play, a video slot which offers cash prizes only or a mix of free ‘bonus spins’ and cash prizes? Is it simply a matter of how much you like playing and what your ultimate goal is?  Winning free spins obviously gives you more play and more play means more chances of winning cash prizes, right? Not necessarily, let us not forget the percentage cash return to players is clearly advertised and it is an unchangeable the amount.  

Therein there appears to be no obvious advantage in receiving free spins as the amount of money ultimately returned to winning players is no greater (or less) than it normally would be. This explains why ‘free spins’ is a bonus feature and not a cash prize and treat as such by the slot.  In short playing slots which offers free spins do not ultimately give you a better chance of winning but they do give you more play and most people play online slots because of the fun and entertainment they provide.

Something for free?  Spin away!

Yes, we are all trying to win money, but we tend to take the slot machine route ahead of traditional casino games, such as Blackjack and Roulette, because we find them more fun and entertaining.

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Online Poker in The USA – Where are you playing?

Online Poker in the United States
Where are you Playing?

If you live in the United States, where with unregulated offshore sites and an unsure market, playing online poker can be a bit gloomy these days. Let’s take a look at some of the guidelines you should be watching out for on how and where to play online.

In a Regulated Market, Play at Legalize Sites

There are only three states in the USA where the operation of online poker sites is legal and licensed; New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. Soon Delaware and Nevada will be introducing a players’ pool – which would regulate traffic in both states. Playing Poker at these sites is completely safe. While in Washington State – where playing poker is illegal, it is considered as crime. If you are living there, you shouldn’t be playing poker online. Well, for the other 46 states in the union, be sure to go through these points.

Know the Ambiance

One should always try to find out correct ambience of the state in which you are living. While playing online poker in United States, you will come across some legal barriers because of two things 1) the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 and 2) ‘Black Friday,’ the day in 2011. As a result, American Players were stopped from playing on many online sites.

Where are you playing your online poker?

Where are you playing your online poker?

Keep Track of the News
There are times when you find something about online sites you don’t support, like corruption and dishonesty by the operators through various media outlets, including the poker media. Be sure to stay involved, by going through the news and reviews about the site before playing and find out about the repute and character of the online poker site.

Play at Sites Around for a Prolonged Time

If you want to play safe, it is always better to play at leading poker site for USA with a solid, reputable history. If the site has been around for a long time, it’s a better place to play and feel secure you’re your money.

Safety of Funds Should be Kept at Priority – Play at those Sites

Play with sites that go an extra mile to make you feel safe and secure about your money. The priority should be safety of funds because there are some sites which do not deal in security of players funds. Players should think carefully before playing at those sites. Government focus is on the sites which are not licensed to operate in the United States. Be sure to choose a site that goes that extra length in providing player safety.

Maintain Balance by Managing Balances

Play at sites licensed to carry their operations in the United States, and that means sites ready to serve American players.

Maintain and manage your balances – Always keep your balance light and deposit only the amount you want to keep for playing. Do not deposit large amounts on untrustworthy sites.

Cash out on a regular basis – Don’t let your money sit there for a long time. Find out the average time for cash outs for online poker sites .Checkout the timeframes provided by those online poker sites. The quicker the cash out, the better the site is. It is always a good idea to keep your balances low thus opt for playing safe.

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Football Betting Basics – Harry Redknapp & Sunderland

Football Betting Basics: 

The Sunderland Case Study

Footballers are used to taking a few shots to the shins on the pitch during their careers, but earlier this season the players at Sunderland received a swift kick in the teeth courtesy of the world’s bookmakers. In fact the team has been ranked among the contenders for the drop this season.

As we all know, survival in the Premier League is never easy for any team, but when the bookies are turning against you before the season is even 25% complete there is cause for concern. Of course, the odds makers don’t always get it right and their predictions don’t constitute fact, however, all the early signs would suggest that the Wearside outfit will be heading back down the Championship come the summer.

Naturally, we’re not going to sail Sunderland down the river without a fair trial, so we’ve outlined some of the
reasons why the club might go down and some reasons why the players may avoid the drop.

If you know anything about the world of football, you’ll know that bookmakers often have their fingers on the proverbial pulse. Indeed, many odds makers at the time of writing have Sunderland odds on for the drop. With this in mind, we decided to dive into betfair’s Sunderland hub, read the prominent headlines and use this information to weigh up the club’s pluses and minuses.

A Losing Start

The bookmakers probably didn’t have much faith in Sunderland before the start of the season and that confidence certainty wasn’t helped by a two-game losing streak. Although the team has since rallied and earned draws at Aston Villa and Swansea City, the early signs aren’t good for the Black Cats.

Indeed, a 3-1 drubbing by Norwich City, a team that could be among the bottom clubs this season, is a marker as to Sunderland’s current form. While no one expected the club to suddenly transform into a top-table outfit overnight, recent performances suggest that they aren’t beyond the level of those around them. Not being able to overcome the likes of Norwich certainly isn’t a disaster, but it’s clear the team isn’t particularly strong and as the season wears on that could really start to tell.

Harry Redknapp

Redknapp Says

He might not know it all, but Jamie Redknapp has watched a lot of football over the last few years and his insight into the game is often spot on. Having been a player himself he knows the pressures of the Premier League and when he says he’s not confident in a club then it’s rarely a good sign.

During a pre-season interview the son of manager Harry Redknapp suggested that Bournemouth could be the surprise package to avoid the drop this season, while Sunderland could struggle to reverse last season’s fortunes. The main reason for Redknapp’s reluctance to back Sunderland is the lack of change in the dressing room.

Although Dick Advocaat decided to stay for another season and managed to bring in some fresh blood, the few changes he has made don’t seem to be enough to convince the critics. In fact, Redknapp believes the lack of “significant changes” will hamper Sunderland throughout the season and cause the club to suffer as the pressure begins to mount.


Hindsight is 20/20

Experience counts for a lot in the football world and there’s no doubt last season’s exploits will stand Sunderland in good stead this campaign. The players are already expecting a struggle and that probably won’t be good for morale. However, the remaining players obviously have the inner-strength to overcome adversity.

Despite facing an uphill task against Arsenal with two games left to play, Sunderland managed to hold the Gunners to a draw and secure themselves another season of top-flight football. This experience may be a distant memory for those not directly linked to the club, but that experience will stay in the memory banks of those involved and could prove invaluable at the close of the coming season.

Dick Knows the Score

After being drafted into the club with just eight games to go last season, Advocaat produced a minor miracle to keep the club in the Premier League. However, after winning the hearts of the players and fans, the veteran manager announced that he was retiring from the game. Fortunately, however, he made an unexpected U-turn before the start of the 2015/2016 season and signed a one-year deal with Sunderland.

That deal prompted Advocaat to draft in the likes of Adam Matthews, Younes Kaboul and Sebastian Coates to help bolster the squad. Although many feel these signings won’t be enough to save Sunderland, the manager clearly knows how to inspire greatness in his team. Yes, it was too close for comfort last season, but staying up is staying up and Advocaat clearly has the ability to repeat this feat once again.

Getting Ahead in the Betting World

Betting on football is never easy. The margins between victory and defeat in the English Premier League are extremely thin and that makes predicting winners and losers is tough. Much like a high stakes poker players looking for small edges, the route to victory in the Premier League is a matter of inches and not miles and Sunderland may be able to find a way to survive. However, if they do, then it won’t be by much.

The bookmakers may have it wrong when it comes to Sunderland’s chances of survival, but the fact remains that you should always do your research before you agree or disagree with them. Regardless of the price, taking some time to review the news feeds linked to Sunderland and the Premier League as a whole is a must for any sports bettor.

Indeed, you wouldn’t start throwing out three-bets at the poker table without a read on your opponents, so you shouldn’t start wagering money on Sunderland to go down just because the odds makers think they will. Betting, whether it’s at the poker table or in the sporting arena, requires careful analysis of the facts and that’s only possible if you’ve soaked up as much information as possible.

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