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Giving the Word FLUSH New Meaning

Hey High Rollers, have the patio door open enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather, and woking on the website.  Good news, two new sponsors have joined the fold and the NATION is growing, with 4 new members.  Found this interesting story on CNN this morning…a new meaning to the word – FLUSH!

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Talk about a FLUSH!

We’ve all heard the saying, “Throwing money down the drain,” One poker player gave new meaning to the saying “throwing money down the drain.” something I secretly say ager each crying call.  You been there?

Well,  Christian Lusardi, 42, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, flushed…literally flushed,  $2.7 million down the drain…2.7 million in counterfeit chips he was apparently using during the Borgata’s Winter Poker Open Big Stack No Limit Hold’em event.  Tournament officials became suspicious and found 160 fake poker chips, each worth $5000, for a stack of $800 grand…Lusardi flushed the chips down the toilet in a room at Harrah’s in Atlantic City.  Cops found them in clogged sewer pipes…the 42 year old was arrested…the tournament was suspended for 24 hours and eventually cancelled.

“A very unusual occurrence,” says Joe Lupo, senior VP of Operation at Borgata, “The first time in Borgata’s 10 years, anything like this has happened.” he adds.

Strange indeed, proving again, you just never know what you’re gonna find in the world of Gambling.

Listen to the report at

NEW: ‘Flashback’ with “The Irishmen”Padraig Parkinson, who finished 3rd at the 1999 main event, and John O’Shea, who was featured in the documentary The Gambler and who is known to bet upwards of $5 million a year (poker, sports, you name it)

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Growing the NATION

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“How a man plays a game shows something of his character, how he loses shows all of it.”
– Anonymous

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Striker’s the BEST!

Attention: Special thanks to Danielle Striker, author of Poker Samadhi, for offering up her fantastic new book as part of our most recent draw at High Roller Radio. The winner is Robert Wallace, a loyal member of High Roller NATION…..Thank you Robert, and thanks to Danielle…her excellent Q&A can be heard at

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NFL Week #11, Actor Eric Bruskotter, UFC 167 and more…

Hey High Rollers, good news on the football front today as Tony K, our main man, from goes 2-0-and-1, with one game a wash…the spread was three and the difference was the…draw. We had the Bills beating the Jets in a pick’em for $50 and the Under on the Skins Eagles game for $100…yes baby.  America’s #1 handicappers do it again!   Want to bet with us at Bet Online, click the banner below and you’ll be wagering on your favorite team tonight.  Be sure to tune in next weekend as Tony K picks more FREE winners for the ‘NATION’


Did you know?  Sam O’Connor, AKA ‘Silver Dollar Sam’, dealt the first ever game of Hold’em played in Las Vegas. True story, happened back in 1960, O’Connor was a dealer at the Golden Nugget.  O’Connor has written a couple of books, Tales of Old Las Vegas and How to Dominate $1 and $2 No Limit Hold’em.

Did you know?  Actor Eric Bruskotter, star of the movies Major League 2 & 3 and Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, is an avid poker player and a regular at the Commerce Casino in Las Vegas.  Bruskotter doesn’t play in any Hollywood home games because he thinks they’re “lame”.

Did you know?  The Dogs Playing Poker painting series by Cassius Mracellus Coolidge, in the late 1800’s, consists of 16 different paintings (check out cover photo). They were painted as an advertising tool to sell cigars. In 2007, 2 of the original paintings sold for $590,000. WOW. In Poker Parlance, I would be the Call-eee, lol.

Did you know?  Dominic ‘The Dominator” LoRiggio teamed up with Frank Scoblete, another professional craps shooter whose authored several books on the subject, including Golden Touch Craps, and over the years the pair made hundreds of thousands of dollars together.  While Scoblete is one of the world’s leading authorities on dice throwing, he admits it was LoRiggio who had the golden arm and The Golden Touch.  Think about this; the odds of rolling a seven are 1 in 6.  LoRiggio once went on a 53 minute roll without crapping out, earning him $27,000 in the process.

Check out our Dominic LoRiggio feature under FEATURES tab at also under INTERVIEWS tab for Eric Bruskotter, of Major League 2 & 3 fame….great Q&A’s.

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Sarge Ferris feature, the GREATEST Craps roll in history, craps guru Aaron Hightower, Jay Farber, Lon McEachern, and MUCH more…love this page.  Roll the dice and listen now.


Good luck to Allen ‘Chainsaw’ Kessler today…has chips in star-studded field…final table tomorrow…would love for him to be there because he is CONFIRMED to return to the show for another Q&A on Monday or Tuesday.  Yes.  The NATION loves the ‘Chainsaw’!
Photo: Good luck to Allen 'Chainsaw' Kessler today...has chips in star-studded table tomorrow...would love for him to be there because he is CONFIRMED to return to the show for another Q&A on Monday or Tuesday.  Yes.  The NATION loves the 'Chainsaw'!
UFC 167 – Controversial
CRAZY night of fights at UFC 167, the 20th anniversary show…George St. Pierre wins split decision but it was controversial to say the least…Johny Hendricks, not a mark on him, says “were they watching the same fight I was just in?”  St. Pierre then announced he ‘had to go away for a little while,” and it sounds like he’s retiring.  Wow.  Evans beats Sonnen, which lost us some money, and Lawlor topples MacDonald.


Chris de Beer, the ‘DON’ of sports betting, has your FREE winners in the UFC….listen at

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Daniel Negreanu Controversy

Daniel Negreanu Controversy

What do you think?  Should Daniel Negreanu‘s hand have been ruled dead?  He was so mad he quit the tourney.  Wow, imagine being able to just quit a 10k tourney in protest…he has won more than $17 million lifetime.

Essentially, Negreanu, as he often is, was away from his seat as the dealer began to deal the cards and because of a new Tournament Directors Association rule, the fist card off the deck rule, Kid Poker’s hand was declared instantly dead by the dealer.  And it was upheld by the TD!  Daniel was so upset he went all-in blind the very next hand and was eliminated.  He says its bad for the player on a customer service level, I mean, after all, he did pay 10k to play.  He was probably over talking to the crowd or something, signing an autograph maybe…important to note…Daniel was back to his seat by the time his second card arrive, in the small blind…he wasn’t far from his seat, he just wasn’t in it.  Wow.  I agree with Daniel…you?

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Did you know?  IN Russia, there are 4 legal casino zones in the country. A nationwide embargo on casinos was imposed in 2009.  Now, NagaCorp, a casino operator in Cambodia, says it will spend $350 million for its new Russia casino, an attractive location because of its close proximity to China.  Chinese gamblers have fueled Macau’s rise to the top gambling market in the world. The former Portuguese colony is going to reap more than $40 billion in gaming revenue this year. For comparison, Nevada should bring in around $11 billion this year

Did you know?  Live poker in Nevada brought in $123,253,000 in 2012, which was a 6.54-percent decline from 2011.  It was the smallest amount since 2004, according to research from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  Nevada Poker revenues have been declining since 2008.  Other poker room closings in recent years include the Gold Coast, Tuscany and Fitzgerald’s (re-branded as “The D”).


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NEW COVER: The Broadcasters!  Tony Dunst, poker pro, broadcaster with the WPT and star of new documentary Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker & David Tuchman, the workhorse who does play-by-play for all WSOP final tables live streamed… to the world.  Great archived line-up!
Did you know?  Tony Dunst had $27,000 in his account when the Justice Department swung the axe at online poker.  Ouch.  He was “pissed” to say the least.

One from the archives…but a good one:  David Tuchman, play-by-play man for all the LIVE streamed final tables at the WSOP and a guy who made a very deep run in the main event.
Did you know?  Tuchman has also commentated on Nascar and sideline reported for College Football on Fox.





Jamie Gold’s ‘GOLD’ Fetches Big Bucks

Main Event Jewelry Fetches Big


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World Champ and all the money!

World Champ and all the money!

WOW!!!  Jamie Gold’s main event bracelet from his 2006 World Series of Poker championship has sold for a whopping $65,725 in an online auction.  It’s a stunning piece of jewelry containing more than seven carats of diamonds and 120 grams of white and yellow gold. Why would sell such a momento?  “It’s a legal issue that I can’t talk about, but what I can say is that I am not selling it,” he… said. “I would never do that. It’s really unfortunate what has been happening. It is out of my hands, but it’s not something I wish was happening. I’m not purposefully selling; I’m not involved in the auction and will not be making $1 if it does end up being sold,” the world champion told Card Player magazine when the bracelet went up for auction. Gold won the bracelet after defeating a field of 8,773 in the 2006 main event. He cashed for $12 million in that tournament, but has cashed for less than $150,000 in live tournaments since. Other poker players who have sold their bracelets include Brad Daugherty, Eskimo Clark, T.J. Cloutier and 2008 main event champ Peter Eastgate.   Eastgate’s was sold for charity, however.

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Of course, Jamie Gold is one of the most enigmatic characters in the world of poker.  He absolutely dominated, I mean DOMINATED, the 2006 main event, holding the chip lead since, I believe, Day 3.  He told the truth and they just didn’t believe him…it was amazing really.  He won $12 million for the feat but, because of a legal dispute with a former buddy, had to forfeit half the total.  The story goes he was contracted by Bodog to entice some celebrities to wear Bodog gear and in return the online site would pay his entry into the main event.  Gold is a talent agent in Hollywood remember, in fact some people think the character Ari Gold in the series Entourage is loosely based on him, and the job seemed simple enough.  Problem was, Gold couldn’t be bothered so he asked a friend of his, one of his helpers, to do the job and in return he’d get half of Gold’s winnings.  I can see it.  I mean, the main event attracted more than 7,000 runners that year so the odds of winning it were minute.  As the tourney wore on, and Gold continued to hold the chip lead, his friend became anxious and bothered Gold, “Don’t forget our deal,” and so on.  Gold finally called him, during his fantastic run, and left a message saying, to the effect, “Don’t worry bud, our deal is good, just let me focus on playing poker right now.”  It is now known as the $6 million voicemail.  After his win Harrah’s held 1/2 the first prize in its vault until the legal dispute was resolved.  No word on the exact amount Gold’s buddy eventually received but it’s believed to be half the first place prize.

Million Dollar Mistake

August 14, 2013:  Wow, talk about a blunder!  A million dollar mistake at the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati has left officials scrambling, seems they accidentally awarded the wrong man a million dollar pay-out as part of the casino’s loyalty program.

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“There were a lot of similarities between the two gentlemen that led to confusion on our end,” casino spokeswoman Jennifer Kulczycki told  “It was human error.”

The problem?  Both gentlemen in question; the real winner and the guy who officials gave the prize too, are both named Kevin Lewis.  They also share same age, location and other pertinent personal information.

Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati will reportedly allow the wrong Lewis to keep the money and will award the true winner his prize as well.  Ohio gambling regulators are reportedly looking into the matter to see what went wrong.

(makes you wonder doesn’t it…any good stories about poker blunders made by the house, the dealer or the player???  send it to us at and you may win a prize.  I once saw a guy call an all-in bet in Omaha with four spades out there and just the ace of spades In his hand.  Wow…didn’t know you had to use two cards, lol)



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Tough Table

We’re hard-pressed to think of any feature table line-up as tough as this week’s: Phil Ivey, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, One Drop High Roller Champ Anthony Gregg, and bracelet winner Max Steinberg! Can you guys think of any table from years past better than this?

By the way…our friend and three-time former guest Chad Holloway was featured the most recent ESPN Broadcast for WSOP, in Winners Circle…Lon and Norman even talked about him…kudo’s Chad.  Check out his interviews on site, senior writer with Poker News and now bracelet winner CHAD HOLLOWAY!

HRR in Twitterverse

High Roller Radio

2 terrific Q&A’s – Eric Bruskotter from movies Major League 2 & 3 and America’s #1 gaming author Frank Scoblete

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  •  Former guest Chad Holloway making the ESPN broadcast for the WSOP last night…cheers to you Chad – High Roller…
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    Programming NOTE:
    Enjoying some time at my sister’s in Southern California, thank-you to them, playing some cards at Commerce, thank you to my opponents 🙂 The Commerce Casino features the largest card room in the world and the atmosphere is electric!  If yo…u ever get the chance, make it a visit….since I’m here, thought we’d post a blast from the past, my buddy Eric Bruskotter, actor and star of the movies Major League 2 and 3…..and Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story….he’s a regular at the Commerce….it was a terrific interview.  PLUS – great Q&A w/ Frank Scoblete, author Golden Touch Craps and Casino Conquest: How to Beast the Casinos at their Own Game…..NEW COVER…great ACTOR/Poker Player and AMERICA”S #1 GAMING AUTHOR…enjoy!

Lori Tells – A Boycott of the Venetian Poker Room?


Lori’s BACK!!!!!!!

Our friend and colleague Lori Kolstad took some time off to crush her local cash games but she is back now and we are so happy she is.  Her segment “Lori Tells…” produced one of the best interviews on the site; her chat with the legendary Robert Turner was epic!!!!  Today, Lori addresses yet another controversial topic:

Lori Tells... is a segment on

Lori Tells… is a segment on

Lori Tells...on High Roller Radio

Lori Tells…on High Roller Radio

Hello to all from Biloxi, Mississippi!

For those that haven’t heard, this week was the scheduled week for a Venetian Poker Room Boycott, called for by Mr. Nolan Dalla and online poker legislation activists everywhere..and what a week it was! The boycott was in response to a Mr. Sheldon Adelson(chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation) and his statements regarding not only U.S. online poker legislation, but poker as a skilled game in general.
These are actual quotes from Mr. Sheldon Adelson:
1.“Online gambling is not a threat to my business.  It’s a threat to our society—a toxin which all good people ought to resist.”
2.“Money is not the consideration with me.”
3. “Online gambling makes it possible for bets to be placed by anyone at any time. When gambling is available in every bedroom, every dorm room and every office space, there will be no way to fully determine that each wager has been placed in a rational and consensual manner.”
4.“That skill base is, in my opinion, just a bunch of baloney. To get a card is not skill base. I know people say it is skill based, but it’s just so they can categorize it in a certain segment.”
5. “I believe that poker and other forms of gambling, poker particularly since it’s considered a social activity and not gambling per se, kids will get up in the middle of the night if they cannot sleep, or they come home late and they challenge each other to say, ‘let’s play some poker or some blackjack.’ They are going to lose.”
6.” ‘Click your mouse and lose your house’ isn’t a marketing slogan for advocates of legalized online gambling. But it should be.”
These statements ROCKED the poker community. First, the shock of a billionaire who has made his money in the casino gambling industry being opposed to online gambling seemed ludicrous! After the shock wore off from that statement, many players took offense to the accusation that our game is not a game of skill. The popular poker forums, Twitter, Facebook and poker tables were filled to the brim with responses.The bottom line seems to be many poker players that work hard, put their hours in, study the game and take full advantage of every opportunity to hone their skills with just as much determintion as your star athlete, became aware of a way to collect their voices and stand together on this issue.
Regardless of whether ONE player actually boycotted this room actually, in my opinion, became a moot point! The social media attention that was gained from this was priceless!
If this boycott brought even one more American that stands up for the personal freedom to play poker in our own homes to speak out and join Mr. Dalla and the Poker Players Alliance then it was a success!
This lil’ girl here is grateful to Mr. Dalla! He says,
“This battle isn’t about dollars and cents.  It’s about standing up for our rights as common citizens and doing what we believe in.  It’s about doing something, even if it impacts his bottom line just little bit.  All movements begin with lone voices in the dark.  They start small. Then, they grow.  I expect this to grow. “
Well said, Mr. Nolan Dalla. Well said.
(and well said Lori!)  To check out more from Lori Kolstad and “Lori Tells…” visit our website at and CLICK the “Lori Tells…” tab.

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Lori Tells… on High Roller Radio

High Roller NATION – “Lori Tells….”
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Hey folks, came across this dynamite post from our good friend and colleague Lori Kolstad from “Lori Tells…” on High Roller Radio….and man oh man did it generate some response on facebook.  Thought I should share it here.
Lori Kolstad
For those of you that do not know, Mr Steve Dannanmann has serious issues with Americans being able to play online poker. Here is his statement to a friend of mine:
“I agree with you…everyone should be able to do what they want with their money….but too many people after they have misfortune blame everyone else and the taxpayers and companies have to pick up the tab…examples: ba…nks lend money to people buying a house-people don’t pay their mortgage and then bank forecloses and its the banks fault…that’s bullshit…poker players lose money on fulltilt and want the govt to give it back….it was illegal to play online poker in the US…the govt confiscated the money(like they do drug dealers) and should keep it…Mike, you really just needed to get educated on reality, and common sense….I think online poker would be great in the US….and gambling….however, America really isn’t ready for it and they will never be…they are way too irresponsible…think of the 33 kids that died in cars this year alone from heat exhaustion?….point proven…and I can certainly stand up and argue with you toe to toe and you have no chance whatsoever…you really have no idea how the country works, economics, politics and the constitution…”
Here’s what Lori thinks:
Wow..where to start? First line “I agree with you…..BUT” -Mr. Dannanmann , in my humble opinion, anyone that ever makes a statement followed by “but” negates the beginning of the statement entirely.Perhaps it’s best to just say you do not think everyone should be allowed to do what they want with their own money. I certainly take offense that you have obviously grouped me in with 33 adults that have left their children in a hot car.That is putting ME in a group of THIRTY THREE out of 319 million people! Percentages and math (economics ) are a foundation block for a good poker player, and that leaves me wondering what kind of luck you needed for your big cash in a tournament.You are using that percentage to say that all Americans are irresponsible? Taking 33 out of 319 million people hardly makes “point proven”.
Another fallacy? It was NEVER illegal to play online poker in the US. The payment processing was illegal…if we are going to point fingers, lets make sure all of our facts are accurate.
In closing, Mr. Dannanmann , if you feel you can certainly go toe to toe on the online poker legislation with Mr. Qualley, be prepared…you will need a LOT of toes! I realize obviously that math is not your forte, so allow me to simplify this for you…there are thousands of active online poker activists that you will need to be prepared to debate with. You might start by not stereotyping poker players with drug dealers and irresponsible parents.
How’s this for response to a facebook post?
Gary S Williges so  much  B S    omg..
Derrick Oliver-Dewan sounds like a Brand NEW “LORI Tells…” to me, lol
Lori Kolstad I’m writing it up now , Derrick Oliver-Dewan
Patti Howell Good grief.. What an ass..lumping us in with drug dealers & idiots who leave their poor children in hot cars..Go get him Lori Kolstad!!!!!!
Lori Kolstad I’m going to make an offer to have him on the show.Ideally, he will agree, and Derrick can moderate;)
Patti Howell You might need more than one moderator, and referees and hand cuffs lol
Rich Miner I agree w/ Lori Kolstad and as far as Mr. Dannanmann is concerned “go the fuck back where you came from and stay there”
Derrick Oliver-Dewan Can’t wait to hear it Lori, great topic for return piece. 🙂
Lori Kolstad I think I can debate with Mr.Dannanmann calmly and with composure…in spite of being called irresponsible and not capable of handling my very own finances. I’d even be up for a heads up match! Definitely  +EV for me!
Fer Lyman My biggest thing that annoys me about all this  is that I don’t tell he gov  how to spend their money don’t tell me how to spend mine  it really sickens me that the gov.  Went this far to make people have to leave behind there friends and family to do a job  the whole united states gov is corrupt and there worried about us sitting at a computer and playing a game really  isn’t there more important stuff going on??
Stay tuned for Lori’s next commentary on High Roller Radio, 2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!
What do you think?  Is Steve Danneman out of line? or is Lori not getting it?


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Gaming Goodness – High Roller Tidbits

Hey High Rollers, another one from the DRAFT bin and I wanted you to see this….Lady Gaga, Poker Face.  Wow.

Lady Gaga Move Over There’s a NEW Poker Face Revolution?


<Casino Homepage>


Did he take a gulp? Is he sweating? Are his lips quivering?  Poker players look for many so-called ‘tells’ when sizing up an opponent…but what happens when you look across the table and nothing’ moving…stone face. A doctor of aesthetic medicine in New York has introduced a program of Botox and facial fillers to help poker players hide any sign of  emotion…anything that might tip off other card players.  Dr. Jack Berdy thinks poker might be the next big client base for Botox.  Really!  He’s designed a program called “Pokertox” to help him get an early foothold in the market.  You might call it his way of combining his two loves…hey, I’ve got poker and radio…he’s got gambling and Botox.  I get it. Pokertox starts off with the good doctor meeting the players and consulting with them about what they think their poker tells are. ”Some might get a card they like or don’t like and raise their eyebrows,” he says.  “If that’s the common reaction, we can put Botox in certain areas to minimize them.” Dr Berdy also says this treatment will help players bluff better too…is he bluffin on Botox?  A beauty, courtesy on High Roller Radio.

Strip Poker Anyone?

Here’s a High Roller quick pick for you; Germany’s first ever strip poker tournament took place in May 2012, in the Blauer Salon of the Dresden Park Hotel.  40 players ante’d – or pantied – up 33 men 7 women, tried to keep their clothes on for the grand prize…trip to Las Vegas.  The event was organized by the Billy Boy condom company.  Funny stuff…the Ladies were asked to bet responsibly and keep their clothes on as long as possible… so their male counterparts could focus on poker.  The winner got 4 nights at the MGM Grand Hotel… a stretch limo and a helicopter ride over Sin City.

Card Stacking Record

When it comes to chip stacking, Phil Ivey is the man!  But, when it comes to card stacking, Brian Berg, is the man!  The American card-stacking master has just beaten his own previous world record, by completing a model of the Venetian Macau hotel and casino…you got it…made completely out of playing cards. The man behind the famous key-card hotel…spent 44 days working on this amazing model…he used  218,792 playing cards…it’s a fragile piece of architecture…and it’s on display in the heart of Macau’s Cotai Strip. “My most challenging project yet,” said Berg. The playing card model weighs an impressive 272 Kg, is 35 feet long and 10 feet tall. The most impressive thing….no glue…no tape…An ace…or thousands of aces up our sleeve, courtesy on HRR.

World’s Largest Casino

Huge!  In fact, there’s no casino bigger.  The Venetian Macao in China, the world’s largest casino and the third largest building in the world…has more than 1000 slot machines…more than 600 gaming tables and is open 24/7. The Venetian is a huge complex with the central building standing over 40 stories high.  Price tag – a cool $1,8 billion.

Question:  As more and more players wear over-sized shades at the Poker Table, should sunglasses be banned at the Poker Table?  Irish legend Padraig Parkinson says YES and Mike Leah, who made two final tables at the RIO this summer agrees.  What about you?  Should sunglasses be banned from the game, is the idea of a POKER FACE a joke these days?