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Hey High Rollers, did you see that Super Bowl? Was that the worst play call in the history of the big game? Yikes. Tom Brady is a definite high roller, as is Malcolm Butler…what a play. Did you have a few dollars on the outcome? Did you win? High Roller Radio has compiled some fun facts about Super Bowl prop bets, big bets and sokme betting history for you. Enjoy.

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Low Vig

UFC 183: Anderson Silva prevails over Nick Diaz, thought it was an entertaining fight.

Super Bowl Prop Bets 2015
* What color of hoodie would Patriots coach Bill Bilichick wear?
* Would the Patriots coach smile on camera during he game?
* How many times would the announcer mention Katy Perry, the half-time performer, in the first half?
* Oddsmakers had the over/under at 2.5 as to how many time announcers would say the exact phrase ‘deflated balls’ during the telecast.
* Would there be more goals in the National Hokcey League that day than points in the football game?
Past Glory:
A Crazy $1,000 Wager Earns Man 50k

A Crazy $1,000 Wager Earns Man 50k

Giants Score Safety

Real estate man and huge Giants fan Jonah Rechnitz picked a popular prop bet – first score – using an unpopular choice –  safety. Well, the Giants forced Tom Brady into an intentional grounding from his own end zone to put New York up 2-0 to begin Super Bowl XLVI. Rechnitz dropped $1,000 on the ticket to net $50,000 at 50-to-1 odds and promptly vowed to give away all of that cash to charity.
Phil Michelson
Call it a hunch. In 2000, Phil Michelson wagered a cool $20,000 on the Ravens to win it all – before the season started. Baltimore was a 22-to-1 longshot to capture the Vince Lombardi trophy, but they did! 34-7 over the Giants. ‘Lefty’ collected $560,000. That’s like making a 60-footer for birdie.
Mr. Las Vegas Scores
In 1989, Bob Stupak, better known as ‘Mr. Las Vegas’, wagered $1 million on the underdog Bengals (-7) against the 49’ers. Cincinnati may have lost, but thanks to the cover, Stupak did not. (Always the pro, rumor has it Stupak hedged at halftime with a smaller bet on the Niners.)
The 2nd biggest upset in Super Bowl history was in 2002, when the Patriots beat the Rams. That game netted the MGM Resorts Race & Sports Book $4.8 million.
“The gambling industry is willing to devise anything to bring more money their way in profits. Prop betting is probably very popular because gamblers seek frequent and immediate action and gratification.”
– Bruce SvarePsychology Professor on prop betting.
The bookmaker is simply a middle-man who operates on a small profit margin and, ideally, he likes to see half the money wagered on one team and half on the other because if he can he will be assured a profit. If too much of the money goes on one team, the bookmaker will move the line or point-spread to encourage bets on the other team in an effort to balance his book. The person you are attempting to beat is the oddsmaker and his views on each team’s chances.
Like Father, Like Son?
Legendary gambler and prop betting specialist Titanic Thompson was honored at the first World Series of Poker in 1970. He had made gambling trips with his eldest son Tommy for many years, but after he died Tommy, a skilled, successful gambler in his own right, gave up a life of making bets for a church ministry. He successfully counsels prisoners and preaches to convince others to stay away from gambling.
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