Eric Bruskotter


Inside the poker room at the COMMERCE – Bustling

April 24, 2013

(Always include my interview notes for guests on High Roller Radio.  Eric Bruskotter is an actor, star of Major League 2 & 3 & Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story.  He is an avid poker player, a regular at the Commerce, you’ll find him in $3/$5 game.  Check out the interview on HIGH ROLLER RADIO – Listen NOW)

Hey High Rollers, I’m really looking forward to this one guys and gals….and let me tell you why….first met this guy at the Commerce Casino, we were at the same table in a 3/5 game….and he looked familiar, you know….I had seen him somewhere before….then it hits me, actor….I say to him, “Have you played a bat catcher before?”  And he nods yes….I say Major League 2…and he says, “2 and 3!”

Major League?  What a franchise….Erick Bruskotter joins High Roller Nation today…..Erick welcome to the show….thanks for being a High Roller man.

Hey Erick, I know you’re a regular at the Commerce Casino, living down there in Southern California…for our listeners who have never been to the Commerce, the largest card room in the world, can you describe the atmosphere, I mean it really is something special isn’t it?

How did you get your start in poker….and what it is about the game that keeps playing….its a fantastic game…and I think you’re like me, you love it…

We hear so much about those Hollywood Home games….do you ever play against the people you work with?

Hey man, Major League…what a franchise….now, you weren’t in the first one….but without it…there would be no 2 and 3…what do you think it was about that first movie that made it so special…was it the writing, the acting…the story…its not often a flick turns out to be a real gem….and that one was…

Okay…so the first movie’s screaming for a sequel…can you walk us through the process of how you went from actor Erick to Rube Baker, star of Major League 2….did you have to audition?

Let me say…both 2 and 3 were superb as well…was there a fear that they might not live up to the first….and was that a motivator throughout the shoot…

Your resume’s chalk full of impressive gigs…Starship Troopers, Angel, Law and Order…a ton of TV…and of course…you played that gym bully in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story – opposite Jason Scott Lee….huge role for you…how did you get your start?

You’ve put together an extensive playlist…

You probably get asked this a lot…but I don’t often get a chance to talk with celebrity’s…what’s it like being an actor…how would you describe the job?  Alright back to poker buddy…who are some of the players you respect or like to watch on tv??? Movie Rounders needs a sequel, you’d be good in that?

Erick Bruskotter, a real pleasure man…thanks for doing this….

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