Champagne Please!


Pop the Cork….pop it baby!

You’ve seen it before, happens all the time. The scenario plays out like this: Guys wins a huge pot at poker, then tosses the dealer a buck. Woman splits kings and gets two aces and wins 4 grand. She throws the deal a $1 chip. Players at both tables expect our happy winner to buy a round…they get nothing.  Cheap skates!  These are not high rollers folks. But this guy is…!

Let me introduce you to Don Johnson, a true high roller. Johnson spent 120-thousand pounds, roughly $200 thousand, for one bottle of bubbly. A whopping $200 thousand on one bottle? He chalked up the bill at a swanky nightclub called One For One across the pond, place called Park Lane. Johnson , an American, was visiting his friend, his rock-star pal Bon Jovi.   The night began simple enough – a relatively cheap bottle of Dom Perignon, the Luminous Magnon, 2002, cost him 750 pounds. A bottle Grey Goose was next -another 420 pounds. After 4 complimentary bottles of soda water, Johnson dumped $25,000 on Armand De Brignac Methusela. Not sure if it was that drink or the atmosphere but this is about the point in the evening the big spender in Mr. Johnson came out. Oh yes, seems Donny Boy had recently heard a rumour the club had secretly commissioned the biggest bottle of champagne ever…and he wanted it. The Armand De Brignac Midas. You might call it bank robbing bubbly. Johnson bought it! Ready for this? It was 30 litres large, the size of about 400 regularly-sized 750 bottles. Weighed about 100 pounds.  Johnson sprayed the room and then offered crazed revellers a swig from this juggernaut of a jug.

Tidbit for you…earlier this year, Johnson beat the Tropicana Casino and resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for a cool $5.8 million at blackjack.  Also worth noting…seems, Johnson, the ‘Champagne King’, doesn’t even like French sparkling wine. Just a High Roller folks….a good old fashioned High Roller!

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