The Man with the Golden Arm – Dominic LoRiggio

April 2, 2013

(interviewed Frank Scoblete, who’s billed as America’s #1 Gaming Author, partner of Dominic LoRiggio.  It was an outstanding Q&A – Listen NOW)
The Man with the Golden Arm

It is the most ancient of all games, one of the world’s oldest, Craps, and certainly one of the most fun to play at the casino.  Hear that noise?  All that commotion?  That’s the craps table. Yes, there’s nothing quite like a good, long roll, in which the shooter avoids that number nobody even dares mention – seven.    Well, in the history of the game there has not been a better dice shooter than Dominic ‘The Dominator’ LoRiggio.

The origins of the game can be traced back to prehistoric times when shamans would cast bones or sticks to predict the future for their tribe.  Evidence of gambling with dice like knuckle bones has been found in ancient Egypt where, even then, long-forgotten players shaved one side allowing them to fall on certain symbols more often.  “Controlling the dice,” is what you might call it today, in lieu of cheating.

LoRiggio was by no means a cheater.  The rules of the game state the dice simply have to hit the back wall.  There are no restrictions on how you set the dice up or toss them.   LoRiggio was a practitioner, who got his dice throwing start in the garage of his teacher.  Yes, he took a course on craps and dice throwing for $600.  He practised and practised on the premise that if he could eliminate the amount of rotation on the dice and keep the dice close to the back wall they wouldn’t move as much, therefore decreasing the chance the dice can stray and land on 7.

“I’m not a gambler,” says LoRiggio.  “I’m an advantage player.  Gamblers are thrill seekers.  An advantage player has an edge over the house based on skill and a thorough knowledge of the game, that’s why we win.  The gambler only has luck on their side, that’s why they lose.”

LoRiggio teamed up with Frank Scoblete, another professional shooter whose authored several books on the subject, including Golden Touch Craps, and over the years made hundreds of thousands of dollars together.  But even Scoblete, one of the world’s leading authorities on dice throwing, says it was LoRiggio who had the golden arm, the golden touch.

Think about this; the odds of rolling a seven are 1 in 6.  LoRiggio once went on a 53 minute roll without crapping out, earning him $27,000 in the process.  Dominic ‘The Dominator’ LoRiggio, the man with the golden arm, today on High Roller Radio 

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