“Buy it bitches! – Book Review: Hollywood Blackjack


Book Review – Hollywood Blackjack

By: Derrick Oliver-Dewan

Book Review:  Hollywood Blackjack

Book Review: Hollywood Blackjack


You go to his website and the first you see is the quote – “Buy it bitches!” There’s no one quite like him, Hollywood Dave Stann, a self-promoting, smack talking, ego inflating blackjack playing…television star of the Ultimate BlackjackTtour.  The “Buy it bitches” quote, in reference to his book, Hollywood Blackjack: an Uncensored Guide to Doing it Like a Pro.

He’s a pretty nice guy actually, in person nowhere near the bad boy persona you see emanating from the box.  I met Hollywood Dave in Montreal at the Poker Pro Canada Classic, an event I’m very proud to say I conceived, organized and delivered…a big one, we gave 100 grand to the winner.  Anyway, he’s a poker player too you know…was sponsored by UltimetBet.  UB more than anything else getting some name recognition…Dave Stann is, let’s be clear, a blackjack player, made, I mean made for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.  Style, charisma, charm….antics too…ultra competitive, the kind of guy that will do anything to win.  A blackjack street brawler. always trying to throw off his opponents…and hence the book [-Hollywood Blackjack… 170 pages of in your face blackjack…

11 chapters that cover things like the Stardust, card counting, thinking like a pro, doing it like a pro, there are chapters titled “Keeping it on the down low” and “Blackjack is dead” and “The death of a card counter”.  He even provides Las Vegas trip report.  This isn’t M-I-T…this isn’t the movie ‘21’…No, this is Hollywood Dave…in your face…His website by the way is Hollywoddave.com.  A little guy…a big ego…certainly a High Roller with a pretty good book too, Hollywood Blackjack – buy it bitches.