De Beer – De Man, When it Comes to the Sports Bet

Chris de Beer – Smashing the Bookies One Bet at a Time

The 'DON' of sports betting.

The ‘DON’ of sports betting.

Chris de Beer, a 'young gun' with common betting sense!

Chris de Beer, a ‘young gun’ with common betting sense!

By: Derrick Oliver:  With the World Series of Poker underway in Las Vegas, one has to wonder how many bracelets Chris de Beer would have if sports-betting was an official event. Unfortunately, for him and his hopes of adding any WSOP gold to his jewelry collection, the series deals only with poker.  Fortunately, though, the gaming world itself has much more to offer.

Chris de Beer and I first met in twitter-verse, a conversation that likely began with his reaction to one of our many tweets; anecdotes, quotes, show updates, interview topics and so on.  I could sense immediately his passion for sports-betting, this guy does his homework, studies the games and finds his angle, and it’s that passion that has translated into almost immediate success in betting games.  Worth noting, he’s only 19!  Our audience, including yours truly, program director for, soon realized this ‘kid’ had talent, a knack for picking winners, so we labelled him the ‘Gambling Guru’, a lofty moniker considering he’s just  a teenager.

“When High Roller Radio asked if I would do a segment on the show I was delighted,” says Chris de Beer, who resides in Durban, South Africa, the east coast, where he’s studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree.  “I’ve been considering a career in the sports betting industry and High Roller Radio seems likes a perfect avenue for me.  I like the site and its content.  I especially like the fact it’s not just for poker fans but gambling enthusiasts of all kinds..”

De Beer has always enjoyed playing sports, especially golf, and would list UFC as his favorite to watch and wager on, but the business side of him has also led to a fascination with investment banking, the markets, trading, spread betting, both sports and financial, and risk analysis.  It wasn’t until he read Ben Mezrich’s Bringing Down the House, the story of the vaunted M-I-T Blackjack Team, that he thought about gambling as a job.

“We played blackjack and poker in high school and I taught myself to count cards,” he admits, suggesting he would bet on sports with friends, each taking turns being the bookie.   “I have always enjoyed the numbers and the math so I’ve applied it to sports.”

And apply it well is exactly what he’s done!  Since joining High Roller Radio to specifically bet on boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, namely the UFC, introduced to listeners as ‘The Don’ of sports betting, De Beer has posted a remarkable record of 13-out-of-14.  That’s a bet win percentage of 92.86 – WOW.

“First of all, he sounds great on the air,” says Derrick Oliver, program director and show host, referring to De Beer’s South African accent.  “Secondly, he knows his stuff!  Listen, when we first started airing his segment, I thought I was taking a chance calling his the Gambling Guru and the South African phenomenon.  I was trying to promote the site.  Little did I know, this guy is all of that, and then some.  I picked a winner.”

Still young but wise beyond his years, De Beer doesn’t discuss the amount of money he bets, wins or loses, but it’s safe to say his university tuition was ‘highly’ subsidized by casinos and bookies.   His most recent run of success is ridiculous, as the kids say nowadays to reflect something great; he was 4-out-of-5 at UFC 159, 4-for-4 at UFC on FX 8, correct on the Mayweather and Klitschko fights, perfect at UFC 160 and he called the Cain Velasquez knock-out win over Big Foot Silva.  So, for hypothetical reasons, let’s say he bet $100 on each match.  Thirteen winners and just one loser?  That equates to a total risk of $1400. He would have pocketed $2562.60, that’s stake plus winnings.  Key stat here, being the return on investment – a staggering 83.04 per cent.  Guru indeed.  All hail ‘The Don.’

“Yes, it’s a hot streak but it’s not a fleeting run by any means.  I know the numbers and the odds, I can spot advantageous betting lines and my number one goal is to smash the bookies.”

De Beer, who’s regular feature segment on High Roller Radio is sponsored by both and BetOnline, has been a great addition to the High Roller Team, even joining Derrick Oliver, the High Roller Radio founder, and Lori Kolstad, a cash game grinder out of Biloxi, Mississippi, who provides opinionated commentary, on the roster of the new show, Thank the Poker Gods, which airs Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. EST., on the On Tilt Radio network at, which boasts one of the largest poker social platforms in the industry; with a forum, blog, podcasts and live shows.   On the show, De Beer does what he does best, predict winners.  You will also his prediction and tip page at under the folder, “Chris de Beer.”

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