Phil Hellmuth Quotes

Hey High Rollers, not sure if I’ve posted this or not, found it in the drafts column…worth reposting anyway…Phil Hellmuth quotes…gotta love Phil, perhaps the greatest tournament player in the history of poker.  Enjoy!


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Phil Hellmuth Quotes from a Dutch magazine interview in which the only words in English were Hellmuth’s answers;  apparently Phil’s working on not letting his ego get in the way this year, as he preps for WSOP: 

The winner of 12 bracelets!

The winner of 13 bracelets!

“I think I had two amazing years in a row where I finished second in Player of the Year both times. One of those times the guy (Greg Merson) had to actually win the Main Event to beat me. I posted more points than anyone in the history of the POY but I still finished second!”

“It’s more like the problem is everyone’s telling you how great you are and you’re reading about it and everything. You really have to ignore all that and keep your head down.”

“You can never take success for granted. So it’s about not letting ego get in the way. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of doing that,”

“He and I have a fun rivalry going on. He sent me a joke text with a picture the other day. I said “I’ll race you to 20 bracelets.” He wrote back and said “I’ll race you to 30.”