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Negreanu on Twitch, Jeopardy Run Over, Poker Quotes & Did you know?

Hey High Rollers, Alex Jacob’s impressive run on Jeopardy is over. He amassed winnings of more than $150,000 and will be back for the tourney of champions. Incidentally, he wrote, “what is twitter?” when he should have written, “what is Instagram?” Did you know? Jacob has $2.6 million in lifetime poker winnings?

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DNegs on Twitch

On April 20, 2015, Daniel Negreanu launched his online real-money poker streaming career on the Amazon’s Twitch.tv in style. In a three-hour session, ‘Kid Poker’ managed to win $50,000 in ring games, playing $400/$800 8-game on PokerStars. His first appearance on Twitch days before when he streamed play-money games on PokerStars. This broadcast attracted a mind-blowing 150,000 unique viewers and netted him 4,000 subscribers.

ESPN Broadcaster Lon McEachern, partner of Norman Chad.

ESPN Broadcaster Lon McEachern, partner of Norman Chad.

What does Lon Mceachern think of his partner in the booth Norman Chad?

Answer HERE

Poker Quotes

“The first time I walked into Binion’s in 2003, I took one look around the room at the cast of characters and realized this job was going to be everything I’d ever dreamt of,. I swear, I asked myself, ‘Where has this been all my life?’ Then, after I watched the first show before it aired, I was so impressed at the gritty, real-life gambling feel these new producers had given it, it was just unbelievable.”

Norman Chad on living the poker dream.

German Pro Marquis Gruissem on Charity

“After I had player poker nonstop for four or five years I got the point where my motivation got lost and it got boring. I thought, ‘Why am I doing this? I have a little bit of money in the bank, but why else am I doing this?’ That sucks. So I was thinking about what to do and I decided that I should try to be an effective altruist, somebody who thinks how he can help other people most effectively. I came to the conclusion that the thing I could do best right now is playing poker, that’s my skill. So if I give a 10 percent piece of my earnings to charity, the better I play the more money I can make and the more impact I can have. So that is a big motivation for me, when playing poker isn’t always fun, I get back on track and stay motivated through that.”

Duhamel and PokerStars Part Ways

2010 world champion Jonathan Duhamel is no longer a sponsored team pro at PokerStars, the website announcing in April, 2015. The Canadian’s departure follows 2009 world champ Joe Cada being cut from the roster in 2014, and is just another in a long list of pros leaving the site. Can you say ‘Black Friday’? Since the US justice Department cracked down on online gaming in April, 2011, poker advertising dollars have vanished leading to a severe drop in poker television.

Jon Stewart Blasts Governor Christie on Marijuana versus Online Gamblng

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Did you know? Sam O’Connor, AKAN ‘Silver Dollar Sam’, dealt the first ever game of Hold’em played in Las Vegas. True story, happened back in 1960, O’Connor was a dealer at the Golden Nugget.  O’Connor has written a couple of books, Tales of Old Las Vegas and How to Dominate $1 and $2 No Limit Hold’em.

Did you know? Actor Eric Bruskotter, star of the movies Major League 2 & 3 and Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, is an avid poker player and a regular at the Commerce Casino in Las Vegas.  Bruskotter doesn’t play in any Hollywood home games because he thinks they’re “lame”.

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Oregon Mom Does Unbelievable, Alex Jacob on Jeopardy, High Roller Trend, Congrats Matt Stout

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Oregon bar owner wins three, count 'em, three straight poker tourneys.

Oregon bar owner wins three, count ’em, three straight poker tourneys.

1-in-57 million? Wow!

High Roller Radio had a great chat with Angela Jordison, winner of, count’em, three straight poker tournaments at the Spring POer Round-Up at the Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Oregon. She owns a bar called Sassy’sand is a mother of two. Check out the field sizes, 537, 448 and 214…..wow. She pocketed close to $40k for her efforts….if you have 11 minutes you must listen to this terrific Q&A HERE

@TwitchPoker Live Stream

Watched recent guest of the show Matt Stout, @MattStoutPoker, play the final table of the Borgata Million, he chopped one of the early events for lose to $200k. Well done and well played.  You can follow the action @BorgataPoker

Our interview with Matt was dynamite…the guy’s a High Roller, been playing 10k events since he was 21 and winning, close to $4 million live, and almost as much online. Poker Stud! Check our interview with him HERE

Alex Jacob Jeopardy

6-day total of more than $149,000, this guys good.  @whoisalexjacob on twitter. He is using game theory, sleecting the $1000 or $800 clues first searching out Daily Doubles. When he finds one, he makes large bets to create a big lead or small ones to shut his opponents out. It’s working.  Jacob is a very good poker player, who had several big scores at the height of the poker boom. He is a trader now.

Check out this old clip from Jeopardy, when the “POKER” category was played very last, lol.

Viktor Blom 

Poker pro Viktor “Isildur1” Blom scooped $385,000 in winnings over the past week, one of the top earners says HighstakesDB. He is still down roughly $315,000 this year on Full Tilt, after logging more than 38,000 hands. He’s lost an average of $8.29 per hand played.

Tiger’s Back

Did you see Tiger Woods at the masters? Played pretty good.  Did you know? The 14 time major winner frequently plays Blackjack at $25,000 per hand with a $1 million limit at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Seems he does okay too, no scandals reported. Woods also devotes his gambling interests to a good cause. In 2013, he hosted a charity poker event, “Tiger’s Poker Night” at the Mandalay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The likes of Phil Ivey, Kid Rock, Mark Cuban, Mekhi Phifer, Doyle Brunson, Chris Paul, Daniel Negreanu, and Mike Sexton all showed to pay the $10,000 entry fee.

Baseball Betting Scandal

Baseball, above all other sports, is particularly sensitive to gambling controversies. Flashback to the 1919 Chicago World Series, which still stands as the most notorious sports gambling moment of all time. The scandal involved eight White Sox players including superstars who received a total of $100,000 to intentionally lose the Fall Class. Although, a grand jury found all players innocent, they were all banned from baseball, a ban still in effect to this day. As Jackson departed from the Grand Jury room, a small boy clutched at his sleeve and tagged along after him.

“Say it ain’t so, Joe,” he pleaded. “Say it ain’t so.”
“Yes kid, I’m afraid it is,” Jackson replied.
“Well, I never would’ve thought it,” the boy said.

– from the Chicago Herald and Examiner, September 30, 1920

High Roller Trend?

The high roller trend began in 2006 when the Aussie Millions launched its $100,000 No Limit Holdem Challenge (actual buy in is $100,500, including the $500 entry fee), at the time billed as the highest buy-in of any poker tournament in history.
* Players start with 100,000 chips, a comparatively larger amount compared to both the Aussie Millions and WSOP Main Events.
Betting is pot limit preflop and no limit afterwards.
* Players are allowed only 30 seconds to act on their hands. At the start of the tournament, each player is given three extensions of 30 seconds each for use during the tournament.
* The $100,000 Challenge was first played in 2006, with 10 entrants. Eighteen entered the Challenge in 2007, 25 in 2008, and 24 in 2010. In 2011, organizers introduced a Super High Roller event featuring a $250,000 buy-in.

The Blocker Bet

What Is It? A bet from out of position designed to control the size of the pot, freeze your opponent, and possibly get a cheaper showdown.

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