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Grandma ‘Golden Arm’ – Roulette Ringer – Clocking the Wheel

Hey High Rollers, a couple fo interesting gambling tidbits for you today; the story of a New Jersey grandma who beat trillion-to-1 odds, roulette player who hit three times in a row at odds of more than 54,000-to-1…and what gamblers call ‘Clocking’ the wheel…great stuff!  Enjoy.


The Grandma who Beat Odds of a Trillion to 1?


We thank truecasinostories.com for this one.  It happened in 2009, May 23rd to be exact, at the Borgata in Atlantic City and it was sensational.  The greatest Craps roll ever.

Patricia Demauro, a grandmother from New Jersey, on her usual night out at the casino went on the roll of a lifetime.  Playing her favorite game, Craps, Demauro had the incredulous crowd in stitches and those at the table with her smiling as she went the lucky streak of a lifetime, shooting dice for, are you ready for this, four hours and 18 minutes before crapping out…that’s 154 rolls!  Wow.  She began with 100 bucks and kept rolling and rolling and while it’s unknown exactly how much she made you can bet those around her cashed in and big.  Fours hours 18 minutes…, it’s the longest roll in craps history and a feat that forced hotel management to break out the bubbly.

Now, the odds of throwing a 7 are 1 in 6, 1 in 7…doing it 157 straight times, without landing on the most common number when two dice are tossed, seven, is a trillion to one.

The previous best at the craps table was rolled by a man named Fujitake back in 1989…they called him Golden Arm…and every year since his famous roll, a club that sprang up, called the Golden Arm Club,  members gather to celebrate Fujitake and that legendary feat.

A grandma named Patricia and a man named Fujitake…history’s greatest Rollers, make that High Rollers, at the craps table today on High Roller Radio.

Lady Luck at Beau Rivage

At Beau Rivage Casino, a woman placed a $5 chip on #36 at the Roulette wheel and HIT the longshot at 38-to-1 (even though it pays 35-to-1) for $175.  She collected her money and left a $5 chip on the same number.  Unbelievably, when the ball stopped bouncing it landed on #36 again.  Wow.  She won another $175 with this deeper longshot, nailing the number twice in a row, at 1,400-to-1.  Again, she collected her money and left a $5 chip on what, by now, has to be her favorite number and, you guessed it, hit it again, for a third straight spin at odds of 54,872-to-1!  This time, she pocketed the $175 and called it a day.  Three in a row!  Now, that’s a High Roller. 

Roulette Wheel Bias

Albert R. Hibbs, a noted mathematician, and fellow graduate Roy Walford, took time away from school and went to Nevada.  The year was 1949 and their aim was to study roulette wheel bias at casinos in Las Vegas and Reno.  Some roulette wheels are not properly balanced causing the ball to land in certain areas on the wheel more than others.  Hibbs and Walford were able to exploit that their mathematical “edge” to the tune of $42,000.

Note:  Nowadays, larger casinos avoid roulette wheel bias by recording every spin on a computer program, which analyzes the data and reports any bias to management.  The wheel is then serviced or replaced.