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Poker & Gambling Features: Big Wagers, High Stakes Blackjack & Roving Gamblers!

Hey High Rollers, have you been enjoying the ESPN coverage of the 2016 WSOP main event? How about William Kassoeuf, the talkative one time chip-leader, who ran his pocket Kings into Griffin Benger’s pocket Aces with just 15 left? Known for his ‘speech play’, Kassoeuf certainly was the talk of the poker world, not so much for the things he was actually saying, but perhaps more for the time he was ‘wasting’ while saying them. Personally, I loved it. Love his talk, entertaining indeed, but yes it would be nice if play could speed up a bit. Can you say shot clock? It’s coming.

Alright, we are taking our time (sorry for delay) in launching our newly updated site at www.highrollerradio.net, new design, same great ciontent and more. It will be ‘live;’ soon…so please stay tuned. In the meantime, we are transferring a lot of our audio content to youtube, in the form of some short, informative, and hopefully enjoyable videos. Here are a few of them:

Dominic LoRiggio: The Man with the Golden Arm

Billy Baxter: Poker Legend & Hall of Famer

The Breast Bet Ever? Canadian Gambler Brian Zembic

The Hole in One Gang: How British Gamblers Beat the 1991 British Open

Britain’s Best Gambler? Harry Findlay!

Hemingway on Hold’em: The Literary Giant Loved Poker

Video Poker Legend Bob Dancer

Doyle Brunson’s Super System

Ken Uston: The Blackjack & Pacman Man

Minnesota Fats: Hustler, Gambler Legend

The Rovin’ Gambler Puggy Pearson

The Moneymaker Effect – How Chris Moneymaker Changed the Game of Poker

What’s in a Deck of Cards? A lot!

The Ace of Clubs House

Most Expensive Casino Chip Ever Sold!

Amarillo Slim: Poker Legend & 1972 World Champ

John Wesley Hardin – Gambler, Gunfighter, Legend

The Cincinnati Kid: A Highly Improbable ‘Cooler’ Final Hand

The FedEx Gamble: How Blackjack Saved the Company!

Hope you enjoy….2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

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Sports betting – Did you know? Pope & Poker? and more…

October 12th, 2013:  Hey High Rollers, Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers, enjoy that turkey.  Week #6 in the NFL is upon us and one game features the largest point spread in NFL history…the Jaguars at the Broncos, Payton Manning and Denver obviously favoured…but will they cover?  You can let Tony K of VegasTopDogs.com help you out….simply visit www.highrollerradio.net for his picks.  Tony K – AMERICA’S #1 Handicapper!



Gambling Tidbits:

Did you know?  Legendary blackjack player Ken Uston, a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, was a video game expert too and penned, in just four days, Mastering PAC-MAN, which hit the New York Times Best Seller list.  He also licensed his name to Coleco for Coleco Vision and published software called, Ken Uston’s Professional Blackjack, for Apple.
Did you know?  Ken Uston, who wrote The Big Play…er, which exposed secrets into Team Play blackjack,  beat the casinos in the courts, which in New Jersey, ruled in his favor against three casinos, stating they could not ban players for simply counting cards.  The casinos fought back with rule changes, like the 10 deck shoes you see now, to increase the house edge.
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Great Fold
Dynamite picture on the timeline of High Roller Radio’s Lori Kolstad!  Beauty.
Photo: Dynamite picture on the timeline of igh Roller Radio's Lori Kolstad!  Beauty.

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High Roller Thought of the Day:

What’s worse than never achieving your dream? How about reaching it and then seeing it get taken away?  Setting goals, having dreams… anyone can do these things so it’s not just about knowing what you want, it’s also about wanting what you want badly enough that you’ll hold on to your dreams no matter how hard life mentally beats you down.

Brand NEW:  “in the news…”  – Chris Moorman has scored more than $10 million playing online poker tournaments, the World Series of Poker Europe begins tomorrow, Tony G wants to run for Lithuanian politics, what was high stakes pro Viktor Blom’s week like (it was GOOD) and a bizarre tattoo prop bet for $550k??
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Editor’s NOTE:  Our girl out of Biloxi, Mississippi, Lori Kolstad of “LORI TELLS…” on High Roller Radio is writing up a storm and will have a BRAND NEW piece soon.  Stay tuned…she is always entertaining & interesting.
 Can’t wait.
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Request for Q&A
Isabelle ‘No Mercy’ Mercier has tentatively agreed to be on the show….yes.  A Canadian who globe trots and plays poker.  What’s it like to be in her shoes?  High Roller NATION wants to know!
She is busy…prior engagements…but says whe…n she has a moment she will get back to us…YES!
(Editor’s note:  By the way…this is my personal favorite pic of her…I would personally be distracted playing against her?  Would not be able to concentrate.  You?  www.highrollerradio.net

Photo: Isabelle 'No Mercy' Mercier has tentatively agreed to be on the show....yes.  A Canadian who globe trots and plays poker.  What's it like to be in her shoes?  High Roller NATION wants to know!

She is busy...prior engagements...but says when she has a moment she will get back to us...YES!

(Editor's note:  By the way...this is my personal favorite pic of her...I would personally be distracted playing against her?  Would not be able to concentrate.  You?  
What a combo – a one-two punch!  America’s TOP handicapper Tony K has joined the South African phenom Chris de Beer, who’s tearing up the UFC right now, on High Roller Radio.  Our sports department just got stronger!

“Chris will continue smashing the bookies in mixed martial arts and now Tony K will bring us what he brings his clients at VegasTopDogs.com – SCORE big in the NFL,”  says Derrick Oliver-Dewan, program director High Roller Radio.  “Our listeners can be assured solid advice and winning picks.”

Did you know? Poker/Gambling

Hey High Rollers, time for Did you know? – one of our favorite segments on High Roller Radio.  Fascinating tidbits or, as we like to call them, little morsels of gaming goodness. Hope you enjoy.  Have any to share?  Send them to us at Derrick@highrollerradio.net
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Did you know?  Globally, close to $33 billion was spent by online gambling customers in 2012.  Despite online poker’s ‘Black Friday’ in 2011, the American online betting market was $2.6 billion last year, which some say would be three times as high if the US market was fully open for business.

Did you know?  Nominees for induction into Poker’s Hall of Fame are subject to review by a 37 member panel; the 19 living members of the Hall of Fame and 18 distinguished members of the poker media.  You must be at least 40 years ago to be inducted.

Did you know?  Caesars Entertainment owns the Poker Hall of Fame.  It does not have a physical existence, just a virtual one.

Did you know?  44 year old Huckleberry Seed was featured in the documentary Quantum Hoops, about the Cal Tech Basketball team and their pursuit of their first ever win.  The 1996 world champion has four bracelets and an NBC Heads-Up title.

Did you know?  Vietnam-born Scotty Nguyen owns 5 WSOP bracelets, including the 1998 world title and the 2008 50k Players Championship.  He’s won $11.7 million on the tournament trail thanks to an impressive 272 cashes.

Did you know?  Carlos Moretnson, the 2001 main event champion, has three seven-figure scores on his resume; the ’01 world title, the 2004 Festa al Lago and the 2007 WPT championship for a whopping $3.9 million.  No one has won more than him on the World Poker Tour.  El Matador made a deep run in the 2013 main event, finishing 10th.

Did you know?  Mike Matusow has two one million dollar scores in his poker career and two main event final tables.  Besides capturing his 4th bracelet in 2013, ‘The Mouth’ also took down the NBC Heads-Up Invitational for $750,000.

"The Mouth"

“The Mouth” is one of the greatest poker players ever!

Did you know?  Thor Hansen is known as ‘The Godfather’ of Norwegian poker with more than $3 million in earnings playing tournaments and 187 cashes worldwide.

Did you know?  65 year old Swede Chris Bjorin, who owns two WSOP bracelets, has more than $5 million in earnings.  He has cashed at the WSOP 68 times, good for fifth all-time.

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Funny Story:  Watching a show called Dirty Little Lies, where a husband tried to cover up his gambling debts with lies of prostitutes and online porn, saying the money was going to hookers and porno?   It’s not okay to gamble but it’s alright to hire hookers?



Lori Tells... is a segment on www.highrollerradio.net

Lori Tells… is a segment on www.highrollerradio.net

Okay, so you spot three players working together at the poker table…what do you do?  (Don’t shoot them in the leg, this isn’t te movie Speed)  What do you do?
– stay an exploit them, wait for the nuts
– quit and tell the floor
– wait til you’re done and then tell the floor

COLLUSION baby.  “Lori Tells…” on High Roller Radio.


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“Buy it bitches! – Book Review: Hollywood Blackjack


Book Review – Hollywood Blackjack

By: Derrick Oliver-Dewan

Book Review:  Hollywood Blackjack

Book Review: Hollywood Blackjack


You go to his website and the first you see is the quote – “Buy it bitches!” There’s no one quite like him, Hollywood Dave Stann, a self-promoting, smack talking, ego inflating blackjack playing…television star of the Ultimate BlackjackTtour.  The “Buy it bitches” quote, in reference to his book, Hollywood Blackjack: an Uncensored Guide to Doing it Like a Pro.

He’s a pretty nice guy actually, in person nowhere near the bad boy persona you see emanating from the box.  I met Hollywood Dave in Montreal at the Poker Pro Canada Classic, an event I’m very proud to say I conceived, organized and delivered…a big one, we gave 100 grand to the winner.  Anyway, he’s a poker player too you know…was sponsored by UltimetBet.  UB more than anything else getting some name recognition…Dave Stann is, let’s be clear, a blackjack player, made, I mean made for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.  Style, charisma, charm….antics too…ultra competitive, the kind of guy that will do anything to win.  A blackjack street brawler. always trying to throw off his opponents…and hence the book [-Hollywood Blackjack… 170 pages of in your face blackjack…

11 chapters that cover things like the Stardust, card counting, thinking like a pro, doing it like a pro, there are chapters titled “Keeping it on the down low” and “Blackjack is dead” and “The death of a card counter”.  He even provides Las Vegas trip report.  This isn’t M-I-T…this isn’t the movie ‘21’…No, this is Hollywood Dave…in your face…His website by the way is Hollywoddave.com.  A little guy…a big ego…certainly a High Roller with a pretty good book too, Hollywood Blackjack – buy it bitches.


Champagne Please!


Pop the Cork….pop it baby!


You’ve seen it before, happens all the time. The scenario plays out like this: Guys wins a huge pot at poker, then tosses the dealer a buck. Woman splits kings and gets two aces and wins 4 grand. She throws the deal a $1 chip. Players at both tables expect our happy winner to buy a round…they get nothing.  Cheap skates!  These are not high rollers folks. But this guy is…!

Let me introduce you to Don Johnson, a true high roller. Johnson spent 120-thousand pounds, roughly $200 thousand, for one bottle of bubbly. A whopping $200 thousand on one bottle? He chalked up the bill at a swanky nightclub called One For One across the pond, place called Park Lane. Johnson , an American, was visiting his friend, his rock-star pal Bon Jovi.   The night began simple enough – a relatively cheap bottle of Dom Perignon, the Luminous Magnon, 2002, cost him 750 pounds. A bottle Grey Goose was next -another 420 pounds. After 4 complimentary bottles of soda water, Johnson dumped $25,000 on Armand De Brignac Methusela. Not sure if it was that drink or the atmosphere but this is about the point in the evening the big spender in Mr. Johnson came out. Oh yes, seems Donny Boy had recently heard a rumour the club had secretly commissioned the biggest bottle of champagne ever…and he wanted it. The Armand De Brignac Midas. You might call it bank robbing bubbly. Johnson bought it! Ready for this? It was 30 litres large, the size of about 400 regularly-sized 750 bottles. Weighed about 100 pounds.  Johnson sprayed the room and then offered crazed revellers a swig from this juggernaut of a jug.

Tidbit for you…earlier this year, Johnson beat the Tropicana Casino and resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for a cool $5.8 million at blackjack.  Also worth noting…seems, Johnson, the ‘Champagne King’, doesn’t even like French sparkling wine. Just a High Roller folks….a good old fashioned High Roller!

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Andy Bloch – Bracelet Winner

Hey High Rollers, we’ve been posting some blackjack stuff recently (Al Francesco & Ken Uston) so here’s one I found in the archives on another card counter.  Enjoy

Andy Bloch – No Longer on the List of Best Players to Never Have Won a Bracelet

Congratulations……Andy Bloch! Now…the proud owner of a world series of poker gold bracelet…and no longer the holder of the dubious distinction…”best player never to have won one!”  The bracelet, the one thing to elude him over the course of, what must be considered, an illustrious career. He was a member of the famed MIT Blackjack Team, finished second to Chip Reese in the inaugural $50,000 H.O.R.S.E Championship, lost heads-up  to Nenad Medic in the $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold’en World Championship, was runner-up to Chris Ferguson in the NBC Heads-Up National Championship, he won season 2 of the Ultimate Poker Challenge and captured the Pro-Am Equalizer.  Add it all up and Bloch has banked more than $4 million in his lifetime…That’s what we know….up next…what you may notb know about Andy Bloch…a true High Roller.


So, we know Bloch was on the MIT Blackjack team…but did you know…he was featured in the blackjack documentary The Hot Shoe?  That he starred in his own DVD, Beating Blackjack.  He was a leading man in the book Bringing Down the House…and its reported he once pocketed $100,000 in one blackjack session…100 grand…pretty good.  Bloch holds 2 electrical engineering degrees from MIT…and a JD from Harvard Law School…JD means Juris Doctor…he’s essentially a doctor of law.

He is a collector of old and rare poker books.

Bloch boycotted the World Poker Tour for a while and was part of a lawsuit against the WPT involvingn7other high profile players including Jesus, Chris Ferguson.  The players did not like the fact the WPT was using their likeness to promote the tour without their permission.

You might not know how Bloch got started in professional gambling…and no…it wasn’t the MIT blackjack team.  It was after he learned how to beat a game called Hickok 6-Card Poker at Foxwoods…oh, another tidbit for you…he’s been arrested a few times playing blackjack…but never prosecuted. That’s where the law degree comes in handy.

What the entire poker world does know now…Andy Bloch beat Barry Greenstein, Heads-Up, to win the $1,500 7-card stud event…and his 1st…World Series of Poker bracelet..

Andy Bloch tidbits…on High Roller Radio.