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Twitter Glitter – WSOP Time!

Twitter Glitter & the GREG ELDER Book Giveaway

You never know what you’re going to find in twitter-verse but it’s fun to venture in and check out the world in 140 characters.  Speaking of characters, the poker world is full of them.  You’ll find many more of the following, tweet sheets if you will, on our website at www.highrollerradio.net under the folder “Glitter from Twitter”.  We are @highrollerradio on both twitter and facebook, so follow us won’t you? Scroll down and you’ll find out who won our fantastic book giveaway on facebook, Greg Elder was kind enough to provide a few copies of his wonderful book, GAMBLERS FIGHT BACK, his personal story of change and hoe to thrive and survive in the casinos when the odds are so heavily stacked against you.  The NATION appreciates it GREG., thank-you sir.

Matt Glantz ‏@MattGlantz  2m

@dwpoker yeah well nobody feels like they gotta work @PokerNews anymore since @ChadAHolloway mashed a bracelet the other day. #wonderwhy

Darren Rovell ‏@darrenrovell  22m 

In December 1% of all TV programs were sports. But 50% of all Twitter activity was sports-related

Jack Effel ‏@WSOPTD  53s 

RT @brianchastings: if river goes check check does last action show first or position. <~ position – left of button.

Matthew Waxman ‏@Matthew_Waxman  15m 

Someone definitely ripped one at my MM table. When this happens I like to look around and practice my live reads. #WSOP #CantBreathe

Brandon Meyers ‏@oncommand  31m 

I hate laws but would fully support outlawing ten handed  poker

Geoff Lay ‏@CajunDragon  44m

Only 1.5 hookers at the infamous Rio Hooker Bar. (One is a midget)

(By the way, I can be reached at derrick@highrollerradio.net Be sure to check out our youtube channel at HighRollerRadioTV, @highrollerradio on both twitter and facebook and www.highrollerradio.net is the website folks.  Join the NATION by following us on facebook, simply LIKE our page and you’re in all future draws.)

Congrats tonight to HR Nation members Rick Bluementhol, Charlie West and Mild to Wild Bird.  You’ve each won the book GAMBLERS FIGHT BACK by Greg Elder.  Congrats.

Great new book by former guest of the show - Greg Elder

  Great new book by former guest of the show – Greg Elder

author, Gamblers Fight Back

author, Gamblers Fight Back

On a personal note:  I’d like to thank Greg Elder, great At 37, he wanted change and DECIDED to be a pro gambler.  What are the odds?  And think about his family, and the support he must have had.  Remarkable stuff.  You’ll find our Q&A at www.highrollerradio.net under the AUTHORS tab.  Thank-you again Greg for providing a few copies, our listeners appreciate it.

GREG ELDER details, should you wish to have your own copy.

Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/SWiKhM


2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

“Buy it bitches! – Book Review: Hollywood Blackjack


Book Review – Hollywood Blackjack

By: Derrick Oliver-Dewan

Book Review:  Hollywood Blackjack

Book Review: Hollywood Blackjack


You go to his website and the first you see is the quote – “Buy it bitches!” There’s no one quite like him, Hollywood Dave Stann, a self-promoting, smack talking, ego inflating blackjack playing…television star of the Ultimate BlackjackTtour.  The “Buy it bitches” quote, in reference to his book, Hollywood Blackjack: an Uncensored Guide to Doing it Like a Pro.

He’s a pretty nice guy actually, in person nowhere near the bad boy persona you see emanating from the box.  I met Hollywood Dave in Montreal at the Poker Pro Canada Classic, an event I’m very proud to say I conceived, organized and delivered…a big one, we gave 100 grand to the winner.  Anyway, he’s a poker player too you know…was sponsored by UltimetBet.  UB more than anything else getting some name recognition…Dave Stann is, let’s be clear, a blackjack player, made, I mean made for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.  Style, charisma, charm….antics too…ultra competitive, the kind of guy that will do anything to win.  A blackjack street brawler. always trying to throw off his opponents…and hence the book [-Hollywood Blackjack… 170 pages of in your face blackjack…

11 chapters that cover things like the Stardust, card counting, thinking like a pro, doing it like a pro, there are chapters titled “Keeping it on the down low” and “Blackjack is dead” and “The death of a card counter”.  He even provides Las Vegas trip report.  This isn’t M-I-T…this isn’t the movie ‘21’…No, this is Hollywood Dave…in your face…His website by the way is Hollywoddave.com.  A little guy…a big ego…certainly a High Roller with a pretty good book too, Hollywood Blackjack – buy it bitches.