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Sarge Ferris – Legend of the Game

Hey High Rollers, heartbreaker today in the Arizona game, Cardinals (-3 1/2) was up by 10 late but gave up a touchdown….so, we go 1-and-2 on the weekend after we were perfect last weekend at 3-and-0…we are still up money, listening to our friends at VegasTopDogs.com.  Tony K and Chip Chirimbes a tad unlucky this weekend…but, we’ll make a strong comeback, next week, NFL Week #11.

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Legend of the Game – Sarge Ferris

Intro: He was destitute as a child…the son of a Lebanese Immigrant…who grew up in Waterville, Maine during the Great Depression…his brother became a very successful watchmaker…but he, well, he became one of the greatest poker players of All-Time…a Hall of Famer…who never forgot where he came from…and his play, certainly reflected that.  The man they call “Sarge” today on HRR.

Hall of Famer, Poker Legend

Hall of Famer, Poker Legend

Body:  You could hardly call what Sarge Ferris did gambling.  He was the classic grinder…if his money was in, he had the goods.  Except, unlike, most…he grinding was for 6-figure scores…Read an article once where the legendary Jay Heimowitz, was quoted as saying, “he didn’t give away one crumb” That is a strong compliment from a six-time bracelet winner at the World Series of Poker.  Heimowitz adding Ferris never showed his cards, never gave away info…he was the consummate pro.”

Ferris played primarily cash games…a specialist they’d call him today…he only won one WSOP bracelet…did that at the 1980 series…beat Doyle Brunson, the games Godfather, heads-up to capture the $10,000 world championship od Deuce to 7 lowball.   After collecting his winnings, a cool $150,000, he decided to stake a young, brash, cocky kid….a guy nobody had ever heard of…oh, the poker world would eventually come to know this kid…very well…Sarge must have had a inkling…good players can spot other good players, right?  Right.  So, he ponied up the 10k for one Stu Ungar…and guess what?  Ungar won the world championship…also bettering Texas Dolly Doyle Brunson for the crown as world champ….good investment by Ferris…Ungar was a 100-1 longshot.  100-to-1…they weren’t that long the next year, I guarantee you that.  Ferris nearly died at the poker table…suffered a massive heart attack…his headstone is a poker table….Not everyone loved him, his funeral was well attended but one of those on hand was ‘Suitcase’ Sam Angel…Doyle Brunson said, “Why are you here? Everyone knows you and Sarge hated each other.”

“Yeah, I hated him, all right,” Angel replied, “I just want to make sure that c—sucker is dead.”

Later that year, 1989, he was posthumously inducted into Poker’s Hall of Fame…he was tight, but the way he played tight was right!  True Grinder… Legend of the game….Sarge Ferris…on High Roller Radio.

…speaking of the legendary Stu Ungar:

High Roller Radio Quote of the Day:

“Identify your opponents weaknesses.  Take advantage of every weakness they have, and exploit them every chance you get.”
Stu Ungar, from the book Poker Samadhi by Danielle Striker.

(Danielle will be a guest of the show next week.)

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Alligator Blood – James Leighton

James Leighton

(as you know we like to include our interview notes, today, the author of Alligatpr Blood…crazy story and a must listen for all players)

@JamesL1927 follows you www.highrollerradio.net

Author of Alligator BloodThe True Story of the High Rolling Whiz-Kid Blamed for the Collapse of Online Poker.  Released by Simon and Schuster Summer 2013.

True Story about the High Rolling Whiz Kid Blamed for the Collapse of Online Poker

True Story about the High Rolling Whiz Kid Blamed for the Collapse of Online Poker

Alright High Rollers, can’t wait for this…the book is called ALLIGATOR BLOOD – the True Story of the High Rolling Whiz-Kid Blamed for the Collapse of Online Poker…on the surface, the plot seems perfect for the big screen, I mean, it’s got everything doesn’t it…deceit, intrigue, money, millions right…a suspense thriller complete with scandal, corruption, charlatans and FBI investigations….and our guest today has put it all together for us….due for release in august….author James Leighton joins us….James welcome to the show, thanks for being a High Roller today….

Congratulations on the book, James why this subject…why this undertaking, for you?

Tell us about this High Rollin Whiz Kid at the centre of your story – Daniel ZZ-vett-koff?

This story starts with the Moneymaker win right?  Poker has always been a profession for some…but when he won, it went from being a hobby to being a job for millions worldwide.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry, bound to be some cheats in there somewhere…liar’s thieves…too…scandal and corruption?

As anti-gambling laws shut down many sites while enterprising young upstarts invented new ways to get around them. Among these was Daniel Tzvetkoff, a 26-year-old Australian who set up an online service to disguise gambling revenues as legal payments.

His website made him one of the richest people in Australia almost overnight, but his playboy lifestyle was not to last. Faced with lawsuits from all sides, as well as criminal investigations, he struck up a deal with the FBI in order to save his skin, one which would shake the online poker industry to its core.

Opulent lifestyle our lead character was living,…didn’t he have a $29 million home?

Publisher…your Background in poker.

James Leighton – author, Alligator Blood.  Set for release in August.

www.highrollerradio.net for full interview.