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Did you know? Poker and gambling tidbits.

October 9, 2013

Hey High Rollers, thought I should throw in some poker and gambling tidbits, what we like to call ‘little morsels of gaming goodness.’  Today, a doctor looks to create the ‘perfect’ poker face, a card-stacking master beats his own world record, The world’s largest casino, strip poker in Germany and what is the tombstone of poker Hall of Famer Sarge Ferris made of? DO you like our sexy nex Bet Online banner…sweet, just click it and you’ll be playing poker, enjoying a LIVE casino, playing the horses or betting on your favorite sports team in no time.  Enjoy this read.



Did you know?  A doctor of aesthetic medicine in New York has introduced a program of Botox and facial fillers to help poker players hide any sign of emotion, anything that might tip off other players as to what they’re holding.  Dr. Jack Berdy thinks poker might be the next big client base for Botox and has designed a program called “Pokertox.”

Did you know?  American Brian Berg, a card-stacking master, has beaten his own previous world record by completing a model of the Venetian Macau hotel and casino; made completely out of playing cards.  He spent 44 days working on this amazing model and used 218,792 playing cards.  The model weighs an impressive 272 Kg, is 35 feet long and 10 feet tall.  No glue or tape was used.

Did you know?  The Venetian Macao in China is the world’s largest casino and the third largest building in the world.  It has more than 1000 slot machines, more than 600 gaming tables and is open 24/7.   The Venetian is a huge complex with the central building standing over 40 stories high.  The price tag, a cool $1,8 billion.

Did you know?  Germany’s first ever strip poker tournament took place in May, of 2012, in the Blauer Salon of the Dresden Park Hotel.  It saw 40 players ante up, or panty up, 33 men and seven women, tried to keep their clothes on for the grand prize – a trip to Las Vegas.   The event was organized by the Billy Boy condom company.  The winner got 4 nights at the MGM Grand Hotel, a stretch limo and a helicopter ride over Sin City.

Did you know?  The world’s largest poker table was built in 2007 to promote a movie, called Wise Guys On Texas Hold’Em.  The giant  table is 30 feet long and 12 feet wide.

Did you know?  The tombstone of Poker Hall of Fame Fred ‘Sarge’ Ferris was made out of a poker table?

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Kind Words from a LEGEND of the Poker Industry

Thank-you Nolan Dalla!  Not only for being a guest on High Roller Radio but for then writing about it in your blog; saying kind words about me personally and generating some dynamite exposure form the website.  Cheers sir.

High Rollers, Nolan Dalla is a titan; author of One of a Kind, the Stu Ungar biography, WSOP media director, executive on Poker Night in America, a new television, character-driven show.  Check out his wonderful blog post:


My Interview on High Roller Radio

high roller radio

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Derrick Oliver-Dewan.  He’s the founder, director, and on-air personality for a new radio format called High Roller Radio.

Derrick said he wanted to interview me for his show.  I figured we’d discuss the usual topics going on in the poker world.

To my surprise, Derrick went a lot deeper than I expected, and I certainly talked a lot longer than he planned.  A radio show the customarily went 15-20 minutes extended close to an hour, due mostly to me rambling on about Stu Ungar, the World Series of Poker, Poker Night in America, and even some political issues.

Sometime later following our interview, I discovered that Derrick probably was the one who deserved the microphone, for his personal story is far more compelling — and even inspiring — than anything I’ve ever done.  I won’t steal away Derrick’s thunder.  Instead, I’ll let him tell his own incredible story at his own time.  Nonetheless, I expect he will make an excellent feature subject for an upcoming “Facing the Firing Squad.”  So, remember the name Derrick Oliver-Dewan.

In the meantime, here’s the re-broadcast of my interview today with Derrick which took place earlier this afternoon

Again…thank-you Nolan!  very generous indeed. To listen to entire interview http://www.highrollerradio.net/Nolan_Dalla.html

On the topic of Poker Night in America…

Massive Slow Roll:  We’ve mentioned the new show recent guest Nolan Dalla is a part, Poker Night in America?  Well, here is a sample of what you’re going to see on it and it involves a massive slow-roll:

In a recent $25-$50 no-limit hold’em cash game as part of Poker Night in America, poker pros Mike Matusow and Shaun Deeb were tangled up in a pot. Matusow held jacks while Deeb held fives. The flop gave Deeb quads, and when Matusow shoved his short stack in on the turn, Deeb astonishingly asked for a count. He thought about it for a little bit before calling.

(I do NOT advocate slow-rolling opponents, but that must have been funny!)

John McCain likes poker?  A new photo is making the rounds on the internet, showing Senator John McCain, a one-time presidential candidate, playing Texas Hold’em on his IPhone.  This, while the ruling class on Capitol Hill was weighing its …options on war.   The photo was captured by a photographer Melina Mara at The Washington Post.  Despite a storm a criticism, the elected official from Arizona was unapologetic.

Photo: John McCain likes poker?  A new photo is making the rounds on the internet, showing Senator John McCain, a one-time presidential candidate, playing Texas Hold’em on his IPhone.  This, while the ruling class on Capitol Hill was weighing its options on war.   The photo was captured by a photographer Melina Mara at The Washington Post.  Despite a storm a criticism, the elected official from Arizona was unapologetic.

LOVE IT!  www.highrollerradio.net
Nice post from Lori Kolstad, a share of former guest Robert Turner, the inventor of Omaha.

Lori Kolstad
A lil’ poker history via the most informed man in poker, Mr. Robert Turner ~

“I worked for the MGM for five years and in 1999 I had them tour LA to convince them to put poker in the MGM. About four executives toured Los Angeles with me and I had Tom McEvoy give them a book on Poker . After the visit they called to thank me and said poker was not for the MGM all that changed when they realized Bobby Baldwin was about to be their boss.”


Did you know?  Robert Turner invented the game of Omaha.




2 Confirmed Q&A’s, UFC 166, High Roller NATION and more…

October 1st, 2013:  Hey High Rollers, lots to report this week; a couple of confirmed q&a’s, some glitter from twitter, UFC 166, betting with us at Bet Online, High Roller NATION and more.  Hope you enjoy.

The NEW BetOnline

CONFIRMED:  Former guest Johnny Hughes, author of Famous Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories, will grace our airwaves again…CAN’T WAIT….we will be talking about cheats, their methods…Is PHIL IVEY a cheat?  What about ARCHIE KARAS?

Author, Famous Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories

Author, Famous Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories

Stay tuned…should be scandalous!  www.highrollerradio.net

(It’s a great book and he’s a great guest!  Johnny is a great story teller.)

Pamela Brunson is also CONFIRMED.  Just waiting on a date but she will be returning as a guest as well.  The daughter of a LEGEND.  Visit the site and click the INTERVIEWS tab and enjoy.

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Be sure to follow Chris de Beer, ‘The Don’ of sports betting, right here on High Roller Radio.  The 19 year old South African is now 31 and 8 on the show betting the UFC (Deets on UFC 166 below)

DONE:  Up all night working on our new COVER PAGE!  Hopefully a little more professional and BIG LEAGUE.  If you know the story, I am an amateur webmaster, built the site from scratch not knowing a thing about computers, no facebook, twitter or nothing…AND here we are….522 on fb and 1200 on twitter…slowly but surely we are growing.  Have had a ton of help from friends Chris de Beer in South Africa and Lori Kolstad in Biloxi…not to mention ALL of our guests and partners.  NEXT UP: a ‘Daily Deal’ page and more.

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Your thoughts?  We are open for criticism…but go easy, okay.  lol.

Legend or Cheat?

LOVE this page!  Tribute to Archie Karas, who some say is the greatest gambler of all-time and others call a CHEAT.  Heard of the legendary ‘RUN?’  Turned $57 into more than $40 million in less than three years, only to lose it all back over the next 2 years.  .  Quote from Vegas historian Howard Schwartz of Gambler’s Book Club & ESPN video f/ Brunson, Cloutier, and others talking about Archie.
UFC 166 Cain v Junior #3
Cain Velasques v Junior Dos Santos

Cain Velasques v Junior Dos Santos

This should be EPIC!  Cain Velasquez versus Junior Dos Santos III at UFC 166.  Wonder who ‘The Don’ of sports betting, Chris de Beer is taking.  Stay tuned.  Fight night October 19.

Here’s the card:


Twitter Glitter:

Lori Kolstad @VintageSlips  3m
given the donkeys ample time to visit ATMs and bring to the poker table. Headed to @ipbiloxi #ShipIt

(From our very own grinder Lori Kolstad.  Love it.)

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Did you know? Poker/Gambling

Hey High Rollers, time for Did you know? – one of our favorite segments on High Roller Radio.  Fascinating tidbits or, as we like to call them, little morsels of gaming goodness. Hope you enjoy.  Have any to share?  Send them to us at Derrick@highrollerradio.net
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Did you know?  Globally, close to $33 billion was spent by online gambling customers in 2012.  Despite online poker’s ‘Black Friday’ in 2011, the American online betting market was $2.6 billion last year, which some say would be three times as high if the US market was fully open for business.

Did you know?  Nominees for induction into Poker’s Hall of Fame are subject to review by a 37 member panel; the 19 living members of the Hall of Fame and 18 distinguished members of the poker media.  You must be at least 40 years ago to be inducted.

Did you know?  Caesars Entertainment owns the Poker Hall of Fame.  It does not have a physical existence, just a virtual one.

Did you know?  44 year old Huckleberry Seed was featured in the documentary Quantum Hoops, about the Cal Tech Basketball team and their pursuit of their first ever win.  The 1996 world champion has four bracelets and an NBC Heads-Up title.

Did you know?  Vietnam-born Scotty Nguyen owns 5 WSOP bracelets, including the 1998 world title and the 2008 50k Players Championship.  He’s won $11.7 million on the tournament trail thanks to an impressive 272 cashes.

Did you know?  Carlos Moretnson, the 2001 main event champion, has three seven-figure scores on his resume; the ’01 world title, the 2004 Festa al Lago and the 2007 WPT championship for a whopping $3.9 million.  No one has won more than him on the World Poker Tour.  El Matador made a deep run in the 2013 main event, finishing 10th.

Did you know?  Mike Matusow has two one million dollar scores in his poker career and two main event final tables.  Besides capturing his 4th bracelet in 2013, ‘The Mouth’ also took down the NBC Heads-Up Invitational for $750,000.

"The Mouth"

“The Mouth” is one of the greatest poker players ever!

Did you know?  Thor Hansen is known as ‘The Godfather’ of Norwegian poker with more than $3 million in earnings playing tournaments and 187 cashes worldwide.

Did you know?  65 year old Swede Chris Bjorin, who owns two WSOP bracelets, has more than $5 million in earnings.  He has cashed at the WSOP 68 times, good for fifth all-time.

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Funny Story:  Watching a show called Dirty Little Lies, where a husband tried to cover up his gambling debts with lies of prostitutes and online porn, saying the money was going to hookers and porno?   It’s not okay to gamble but it’s alright to hire hookers?



Lori Tells... is a segment on www.highrollerradio.net

Lori Tells… is a segment on www.highrollerradio.net

Okay, so you spot three players working together at the poker table…what do you do?  (Don’t shoot them in the leg, this isn’t te movie Speed)  What do you do?
– stay an exploit them, wait for the nuts
– quit and tell the floor
– wait til you’re done and then tell the floor

COLLUSION baby.  “Lori Tells…” on High Roller Radio.


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Hall of Fame Inductees – The Nominees are?

Hey High Rollers,

Following a public nomination process on www.wsop.com and a vetting by the Hall of Fame governing council, here’s your list of nominations for 2013 induction the Poker Hall of Fame:

44th Annual World Series of Poker

44th Annual World Series of Poker

Chris Bjorin: a 65 year old Swedish Pro who’s won more than $5.5 million.  He’s got 2 gold bracelets and sits 5th in WSOP cashes with 68 and 5th in main event cashes with seven.

Humberto Brenes: The ‘Shark” will bite you.  4th on the all-time WSOP Cash list with 72.  He is 2nd on the main event cash list with an astonishing 9, including a 4th in 1988.

David Chiu:  5 bracelets, 60 WSOP cashes and a legendary victory over Gus Hansen in the 2008 WPT world championship for a whopping $3.3 million.  He’s won close to $8 million.

Thor Hanson:  Norwegian pro w/ 2 gold bracelets, a final table in the 2007 HORSE championship and cashes in 175 tourney’s for lifetime earnings of $2.9 million.

Jennifer Harmon:  2 WPT final tables, 12 WSOP final tables, $3 million in tourney earnings…but, more impressively, a staple in the highest stakes games in the world for a long time now.

Mike Matusow: The Mouth just grabbed his 4th gold bracelet and his first NBC heads-up invitational title.  On a roll.  He’s final tabled the main event twice, to go along w/ 11 other WSOP final tables.  $9 million in lifetime earnings.

Tom McEvoy:  4 time WSOP champion, including the 1983 world title.  An author too.

Carlos Mortenson:  The Matador is a true champ, with an impressive tourney record.  The 2001 world champ and he’s won more money on the WPT than any other in history despite playing significantly fewer events.

Huckleberry Seed:  1996 world champ.  $7.5 million in earnings…a force at the table.  4 time bracelet winner.

Scotty Nguyen:  “You call its gonna be all over baby!”  Scottie, the Prince of Poker, uttered that famous line as he was about to win the 1998 world championship.  5 bracelets, $12 million and the 50K HORSE champion.

That list of names will now be submitted to the 19 living members of the Hall of Fame and 18 members of a special media panel, who will vote on the list later this month.  37 people cats votes, that’s it.  The criteria:

– a Player must have played against acknowledged top competition

– Be a minimum of 40 years old at time of nomination

– Played for high stakes

– Played consistently well, gaining respect of their peers

– Stood the test of time

: Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of he game, with indelible lasting and positive results.

The 2013 class will ben inducted as part of the 2013 Main Event final table festivities at the Rio.  Sweet, it’ll be held November 3rd in the Wine Cellar & Tasting Room.  Elegant, as it should be.  The inductees will then be recognized on November 4th as play resumes in the biggest and baddest poker tourney on the planet.  JC Tran your chip leader, with 38 million…in case u forgot.

Who do you think will get in?


Our Hall of Fame page is under FEATURES tab…enjoy.

Interviews on cover now – Nolan Dalla, media director for the WSOP and John O’Shea, big time Irish gambler.  Two dynamite q&a’s.






Week 4 NFL Betting Lines – Who do you like?

Put the Beer on Ice – Week 4 in the NFL:



Want to bet on the game?  Simply, click the banner abover with the nice looking lady on it and you’ll be wagering on your favorite team in minutes.  How about the Thursday night affair between the 9’ers and the Rams?  I like the ‘Under’


San Francisco 49ers (-3) at St. Louis Rams, 42


Pittsburgh Steelers (-1) at Minnesota Vikings, 42

Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) at Buffalo Bills, 44

Cincinnati Bengals (-5) at Cleveland Browns, 41.5

Indianapolis Colts (-8.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars, 43

Seattle Seahawks (-3) at Houston Texans, 43

Arizona Cardinals (+3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 40.5

Chicago Bears (+3) at Detroit Lions, 47.5

New York Giants (+4) at Kansas City Chiefs, 44

New York Jets (+4.5) at Tennessee Titans, 39

Dallas Cowboys (-2) at San Diego Chargers, 45.5

Washington Redskins (-3) at Oakland Raiders, 47

Philadelphia Eagles (+11) at Denver Broncos, 57.5

New England Patriots (+1.5) at Atlanta Falcons, 49.5


Miami Dolphins (+6.5) at New Orleans Saints, 47

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Big Laydown Against DEVO in Canada

Big Laydown against a BIG Player



By: Derrick Oliver

Talk about card dead!  I couldn’t catch a hand or a break.  I did flop a full house with Queen-Six in and blind versus blind battle but got no action and was left wondering why, on a crazy table, the one time I pick up a hand my opponent doesn’t?  Frustrating!  Have you been there?  So, my initial starting stack of 20,000, which I would have loved to have at that point, still less than average, had dwindled down to about 11,500 and my hopes of winning a prestigious tourney in a beautiful, international city like Montreal had shrunk to even less than that.

The Poker Pro Canada Classic was a $1500 buy-in with three Day 1’s, meaning if you busted on Day 1a you could re-enter on Day 1b, if you busted there you could re-enter on Day 1c, at the beautiful Four Aces Poker Club.  At the time, I was the Country/Brand manager for Poker Pro Media, a stable of successful poker publications worldwide.  The club’s owner, Dan Vigderhous, and I organized the event.  We attracted players from across Canada and parts of the U.S. and managed to inflate the prize pool to $370,000.  The winner walked away with a cool $100,000.  Not bad considering it was the first time I had ever attempted to organize and arrange an event like that; we had sponsors from UB.net and Bodog, a vendor selling t-shirts, and a number of high profile players, including Hollywood Dave Stann, the Bad Boy of professional blackjack, Canadian Heads-Up champ Benjamin LeBlond, Mark ‘Poker Ho’ Kroon, a good friend of Phil Hellmuth and who you may know from ESPN coverage of the main event this year (he had the chip lead for a while early on but then ‘Blew Up’), and Bryan Devonshire, who finished 12th in the main event a couple of year ago.  It was the largest poker tournament, with that buy-in, in Quebec history at the time and to say I was proud of that achievement would be an understatement.

The club didn’t look like much from the outside but inside players were treated to all the amenities you’d find at any well-known gambling parlour in Las Vegas and, in many cases, more.  It featured a beautiful diner, the chef putting his heart and soul into a varied menu that included a Seafood Stew, Steak and Lobster, and a couple of scrumptious past dishes.  It boasted 15 tables and a private room in the back for ‘bigger’ games.  At the door, players would be greeted by beautiful, buxom, hostesses who helped you get settled and then an excellent wait staff that seemed to hustle always.  There was even a smoking room with complimentary cigarettes.   It was a great venue, about 20 minutes from downtown Montreal, on the Kahnawake Reserve.  Dynamite event!

Okay, so if I organized it why was I playing?  Good question.  I think the consensus was, from other players and the club’s hierarchy, that since this was an inaugural event and, to be honest we weren’t sure how it was going to go over, if everyone was alright with me playing it would be allowed.  There were no objections because I’m a fish.  Once play started I was no longer the event organizer I was a competitor.  And, it should be noted I did only play one of the starting Day 1’s.

Bryan Devonshire is a super nice guy, affable at the table unless in a hand, who’s got a great presence about him.  He’s likeable.  He chews tobacco while he plays, which I must say is a little unsettling, when your neighbour reaches for a cup.  You can’t help but think of all the nastiness within.  That said, I really enjoyed playing against him and I was fortunate enough to be on his immediate left.  I had position baby.  Then this hand came up:

DEVO can play!  Also very enjoyable to play against.

DEVO can play! Also very enjoyable to play against.

With the blinds at 200/400, Devonshire opened for 1000 and I smooth called with Ace Queen.  We were heads-up.  The flop came Q, 7, 2 and he led for 1200.  I have top pair, top kicker, and I need a double-up desperately.  ‘This is my chance,’ I think quietly to myself, trying not to give off any tells.  Mike Caro where are you when I need you?  I certainly don’t want to tip off my opponent, Bryan Devonshire, a guy who won hundreds of thousands of dollars for that stellar run at the World Series of Poker, yes, that guy, as to my monster holdings.  I popped him to 3100, not disappointed if I take it down there but fingers crossed on a huge pay-off.  I go into my Hellmuth pose, stern and concentrated, hands covering my mouth, I make sure not to open my mouth, telling myself, ‘don’t say anything, don’t say anything!’  A player of Bryan’s calibre, he’d be able to decipher my tone, discern my confidence level and perhaps get away from his hand.  It feels like a minute goes by.  Let me tell you, if you’ve never been it that spot, where a top notch pro is staring you down, with your chips at stake, believe me it’s nerve wracking.  Then, with no warning, he says, “All-In!”

Oh No!  What?  Really?  I immediately leaned back into my chair and scratched my head.  “Bryan, what are you doing to me,” I queried, as if demanding an answer.  I mean, I have the best hand don’t I?  My tournament life is in the balance, this is by far the best hand I’ve seen all day, I have a chance to win a big hand off a world-class player, my tournament life is at stake, I have Ace Queen. Top pair top kicker and my tournament’s on the line!  Did I say that already?  Sorry.  All these things are racing through my head.  Can I make this fold?  Am I good enough to lay this down?

After some time and some banter, I was talking to myself because Mr. Devonshire’s lips were sealed, In folded the Ace Queen face up to the surprise of the table.  I only had 7400 left.  The pot was big.  I should have called right? “But then he turns over Kings and my tournament’s done,” I said, as if defending my play to the table.  “What did you have?” I asked.  He smiled and said what they all say, “I’ll tell you later.”  I tried to get an answer a few times, “I’ll tell you later,” is all I got in return.

I eventually busted a few hours later and as I was leaving I crossed paths with DEVO, that’s what his friends call him and since I played against him feel like I’m privileged enough to call him that.  He had a healthy, growing, vibrant stack, and I said, “So, what did you have?”


Wow, what a laydown.  As I was patting myself on the back he added, “But with your stack, you should have called.  I could have been on a flush draw.”  Oh yeah, did I mention there were two hearts out there.

“You made a good fold but you really should have called.”

I loved the fact he told me the truth, that I did make a good laydown, to save my tournament and give me a chance to come back, and that he offered up advice on what he thought my play should have been.  Thank-you Bryan, it was a pleasure playing against and losing to you.  No, I didn’t get the 100k.  I did get a lesson though.  Your thoughts?


Programming Notes:  Two great Q&A’s; Nolan Dalla is the media director for the WSOP, an executive on the new television show Poker Night in America an author of One of a Kind, the Stu Ungar biography.  He’s legendary in the poker world.  John  O’Shea, an Irishman, is legendary in the gambling world; wagering up to $5 million (British Pounds) in a year.  He has been featured in the documentary The Gambler. Enjoy.

Nolan Dalla Interview – http://www.highrollerradio.net/Nolan_Dalla.html

John O’Shea Interview – http://www.highrollerradio.net/John_O_Shea.html

Nolan Dalla – One of a Kind

What a treat!  Nolan Dalla is a legendary figure in the world of poker and he gave us an outstanding 52 minutes on our modest High Roller Radio.  Insightful, historical and philosophical too, Dalla spoke on a wide range of topics; Stu Ungar, his book One of a Kind, his job as media director at the WSOP, his new television show Poker Night in America and much, much more.  What poker books does he like?  What does he think of Phil Hellmuth?  Phil Ivey?  Sunglasses at the poker table?  How about the state of America…yes, he rants about too.  Great stuff Nolan thank-you.  Below, enjoy our interview notes for Nolan Dalla.  (Listen to full interview at www.highrollerradio.net)

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Nolan Dalla

– WSOP Media Director, Poker Night in America, Author


Hey High Rollers,

This is going to be a treat, a real treat…I read the book years ago and it remains one of my all-time favorite poker books, One of a Kind, the Stu Ungar biography…outstanding…and our guest today wrote it…

currently, he’s one of the brains behind a new poker television show Poker Night in America, which I applied for by the way, rejected! and he also happens to be the media director for the WSOP, only the biggest poker outfit in the world.

He is a legendary figure in the poker world…a poker historian and ambassador to the game.

I know he likes to banter about politics too, with his political science degree from the University of Texas, he’s got a masters as well..and di some work in the government…we’ll talk about that…maybe we’ll get him to paint us a picture of America right now…in poker and in life.  Nolan Dalla is our guest today…Nolan, the pleasure is ours thanks for being a High Roller man:

Right off the top, I’ve got to say…your book was so much better than the movie High Roller, or Stuey in some places, I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot…it was a wonderful offering…my hat is off to you for that…how did that project come to be?  were you friends with Stu…because let me say, you were able to not only paint a picture of his brilliance with a deck of cards…but also managed to get some candid admissions from him as well…with respect specifically to his drug use and how it affected him as a father…

What did you think of the movie?
<NFL Betting>

Mike Sexton said in the eulogy he wanted people to remember Stu for his greatest at the table and not his troubles off it….always wanted to ask you…should we do that….should we simply forget the degenerate he was was…and simply hold him us as maybe the greatest ever?

Here are my top 3 poker books…One of a Kind, by you, The Professor, The Banker and the Suicide King by Michael Craig and Mr. McManuses Positively Fifth Street….you friends with those guys, what did you think of those two books?

I do want to talk about the World Series of Poker….but first, Poker Night in America….tell us about it, it’s new, it sounds exciting…

On the phone with Nolan Dalla…poker ambassador of all poker ambassadors….Nolan you’ve got one of the greatest jobs in the world…when someone wins a bracelet, you are the first to greet them and say well-done…that’s got to be highly rewarding, especially on those days someone wins WSOP gold for the first time…

Can you walk us through your role with the WSOP?

So many great stories from this past summer at the RIO…Canadian Invasion….Negreanu fighting for Player of the Year…two women winning open events…Barny Boatmen capturing his first, Johnny Bax, the legendary Cliff Josephy winning #2, , Mike Matusow getting number 4…what stood out for you, Doyle Brunson running deep in  the main?  What were your highlights?

Please keep up the broadcasts online, the final tables…poker junkies like me…we love that…gets better each year….do you like jumping in the broadcast booth?  David Tuchman phenomenal…

POY race…Greg Mueller was on our show…ranting about the fact that Kid Poker was already 400 some odd points ahead of him in POY race before he even stepped in the RIO…suggesting perhaps…it should start in vegas…and then, anyone having a good summer could then travel the world and vy for that prestigious award…

Player of the year and the world champion…forever immortalized on the walls at the RIO…very nice touch..

November 9…any predictions on atmosphere or winner?

How has the absence of online poker in America affected the WSOP?  Where are we with regulating things?

Political science guy….what is going on in America right now…your chance to rant about what you see as right and wrong with the Nation…I’m in Canada…but I am interested to hear what you think of the state of the union if you will…

Rapid Fire:

Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, Doyle Brunson, Tom Dwan, Vanessa Selbst,Daniel Negreanu the new age player versus the veteran old-timer, sunglasses at the poker table, a shot clock in poker, Black Friday, today’s interviewer?


Did you know?  In addition to a long list of poker and gambling articles published in Gambling Times, Card Player, Poker Digest, Poker Pages, Poker Player, and The Intelligent Gambler, Nolan Dalla is the author of One of a Kind, Stu Ungar’s biography.

Thank-you Nolan.

Did you know?  As media director for the WSOP, Nolan Dalla, author of the legendary One of a Kind, the biography of Stu Ungar,  has been at every bracelet ceremony at the WSOP since 2002.
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Wyatt Earp, A New Gambling Commercial, & Bet on Sports today!

Wyatt Earp – Gambling Legend
Came across an article in Card Player magazine, which happens to be my homepage, about Wyatt Earp and was intrigued by a new gambling game I had not heard of before called Faro, which is kind of like roulette, a game with big action.
Did you know?  Wyatt Earp was also a “Faro” dealer.  Faro, “just as legitimate a business enterprise as the savings bank down the street,” according to Earp biographer Stuart Lake, was the action game that kept the west’s saloons humming in… 19th century.
The game used a 52-card deck, bets were placed on a green cloth playing surface called a layout (with images of the 13 cards in a suit), the dealer drew two cards with the first “banker” card being a losing card that would see the dealer collect all bets on that number, and the second “winning card” paying even money for bets on that number. If both cards had the same value (called a split) the dealer collected half of players’ bets on that card.  The simple luck game also offered other bets (coppered, whipsaw, high cards, squares) so the layout, similar to a modern roulette table, was a mess of wager towers and usually required a dealer assistant and a casekeeper, who kept a scorecard, usually on an abacus, of the numbers drawn.
The only reason “Faro” flourished in the Gold Rush boom years (the house edge in a straight game of Faro is only 0.23 percent on a straight winning/losing card bet) was due to the rigging of the dealer box, which ensured profits for operators like Wyatt Earp.
Photo: Did you know?  Wyatt Earp was also a “Faro” dealer.  Faro, “just as legitimate a business enterprise as the savings bank down the street,” according to Earp biographer Stuart Lake, was the action game that kept the west’s saloons humming in 19th century.  The game used a 52-card deck, bets were placed on a green cloth playing surface called a layout (with images of the 13 cards in a suit), the dealer drew two cards with the first “banker” card being a losing card that would see the dealer collect all bets on that number, and the second “winning card” paying even money for bets on that number. If both cards had the same value (called a split) the dealer collected half of players’ bets on that card.<br />
The simple luck game also offered other bets (coppered, whipsaw, high cards, squares) so the layout, similar to a modern roulette table, was a mess of wager towers and usually required a dealer assistant and a casekeeper, who kept a scorecard, usually on an abacus, of the numbers drawn.   The only reason “Faro” flourished in the Gold Rush boom years (the house edge in a straight game of Faro is only 0.23 percent on a straight winning/losing card bet) was due to the rigging of the dealer box, which ensured profits for operators like Wyatt Earp.</p>
Largest Sports Betting Scandal in American History (at the time)
Did you know? Wyatt Earp, in 1982, was part of the biggest sports-rigging scandal in American history, only eclipsed, 25 years later, by the World Series ‘Black Sox’ scandal..  He was a last-minute stand-in referee for a boxing match between Bob Fitzsimmons and Tom Sharkey.  The old gunslinger entered the ring with a Colt .45 tucked into his belt and had to be disarmed in front of the entire crowd….   Fitzsimmons, a 3-to-1 favorite, dominated the bout as Sharkey hit the canvas in the first and fifth rounds. In the eighth round, it appeared to be all over; Sharkey took a devastating body shot and then a sjotn to then jaw that sent him to the mat again.  Earp ruled that the body shot was below the belt and disqualified Fitzsimmons.  It’s rumored that Earp pocketed $2,500, enough to clear his debts, for orchestrating the bogus DQ.

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New Gambling Commercial

Check it out:  NEW Gambling ad from France, re-enacts the JFK assassination….a Horse Betting Commercial?  What do you think of it?  Bad taste?  I personally think so…I mean, I have a brother in advertising, a big firm in California and I’ve learned a lot from just listening to him…his clients include Hyundai and Foot Joy….but, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know…that there are many more things in this world in which police officers could bet on…other than the JFK assassination.  Come’on man!  Your thoughts?


High Roller Radio “Quotes of the Day”
“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.”
~ Bernice Johnson Reagon ~
“Men take only their needs into consideration, never their abilities.”
~ Napoleon Bonaparte ~
Bernice and Napoleon – High Rollers!
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Daniel Negreanu Controversy

Daniel Negreanu Controversy

What do you think?  Should Daniel Negreanu‘s hand have been ruled dead?  He was so mad he quit the tourney.  Wow, imagine being able to just quit a 10k tourney in protest…he has won more than $17 million lifetime.

Essentially, Negreanu, as he often is, was away from his seat as the dealer began to deal the cards and because of a new Tournament Directors Association rule, the fist card off the deck rule, Kid Poker’s hand was declared instantly dead by the dealer.  And it was upheld by the TD!  Daniel was so upset he went all-in blind the very next hand and was eliminated.  He says its bad for the player on a customer service level, I mean, after all, he did pay 10k to play.  He was probably over talking to the crowd or something, signing an autograph maybe…important to note…Daniel was back to his seat by the time his second card arrive, in the small blind…he wasn’t far from his seat, he just wasn’t in it.  Wow.  I agree with Daniel…you?

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Did you know?  IN Russia, there are 4 legal casino zones in the country. A nationwide embargo on casinos was imposed in 2009.  Now, NagaCorp, a casino operator in Cambodia, says it will spend $350 million for its new Russia casino, an attractive location because of its close proximity to China.  Chinese gamblers have fueled Macau’s rise to the top gambling market in the world. The former Portuguese colony is going to reap more than $40 billion in gaming revenue this year. For comparison, Nevada should bring in around $11 billion this year

Did you know?  Live poker in Nevada brought in $123,253,000 in 2012, which was a 6.54-percent decline from 2011.  It was the smallest amount since 2004, according to research from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  Nevada Poker revenues have been declining since 2008.  Other poker room closings in recent years include the Gold Coast, Tuscany and Fitzgerald’s (re-branded as “The D”).


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NEW COVER: The Broadcasters!  Tony Dunst, poker pro, broadcaster with the WPT and star of new documentary Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker & David Tuchman, the workhorse who does play-by-play for all WSOP final tables live streamed… to the world.  Great archived line-up!
Did you know?  Tony Dunst had $27,000 in his account when the Justice Department swung the axe at online poker.  Ouch.  He was “pissed” to say the least.

One from the archives…but a good one:  David Tuchman, play-by-play man for all the LIVE streamed final tables at the WSOP and a guy who made a very deep run in the main event.
Did you know?  Tuchman has also commentated on Nascar and sideline reported for College Football on Fox.