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Chad Holloway – High Roller Radio Guest/WSOP Champ

This is a tribute to one Chad Holloway, ho took down event #1 at this year’s world series, the Casino Employees Championship, soon to be heard at www.highrollerradio.net

Congrats Chad!!!

Senior Writer at Poker News, WSOP Champion

Senior Writer at Poker News, WSOP Champion


The Guy who gives us the Poker News – Chad Holloway, a WSOP Champion!

By: Derrick Oliver, www.highrollerradio.net

Intro:  Well done Chad Holloway.  The senior writer at Poker News, the guy who travels the world to bring you and I the poker news we love; the hand-updates, the features, the interviews, the podcasts, this guy is part of it all at one of the biggest poker organizations in the world, in Poker News, and now he’s in the unusual position of covering bracelet hopefuls with one dangling around his own wrist.  Wow, what a start to the 44th annual World Series of Poker, our friend Chad Holloway wins Event #1.  His story next on High Roller Radio:

Body:  Chad Holloway’s been on this show twice, always gracious in accepting our interview requests.  He’s the perfect poker guy to talk to, he travels the world, he hangs with the pros and he’s a pretty good player himself.

Holloway gave up law school to pursue his poker dream, you have to respect that!  The 30 year old from Reedsburgh Wisconsin, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin…later attended Tulane U in New Orleans…finished one year law school there…but then it happened…to him like it did me…he fell in love with the game..

A badger, through and through…but despite being from the same state as the legendary Phil Hellmuth, the Poker Brat is not his favorite player….that distinction belongs to the Devilfish, Dave Ulliot, a legend in his own right.

Holloway’s been with Poker News since 2009…spends most of his time on the road.  In my last tweet to him before the series, I wished him luck covering the events….He only needed skill to win, right?

Every year, the World Series of Poker kicks off with a $500 buy-in Casino Employees Championship and since he works for Poker News he’s eligible.  Took full advantage didn’t he?  His bankroll is bigger than ever, for the win he pocketed $84,915….he previous best at the WSop – $3700!

Runner-up Allan Kwong fought hard…but was on the wrong end of two big hands…and that’s all it talks sometimes.

He’s beena  guest of our show two times before…we are scheduled to chat in two weeks time…he was gonna update us on the happenings so far….well, I guess we have something else to talk about now.  Well done sir…well done.

Chad Holloway, the guy who gives us the Poker News, World Series of Poker Champion…how does that sound big guy?

Derrick Oliver is host of High Roller Radio and can be heard at www.highrollerradio.net