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Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing Poker, Feature, www.highrollerradio.net

One to Tie, Two to Win, one of 16 oil paintings in the series by CM Coolidge

Hey High Rollers, here is the script for a recently added FEATURE on High Roller Radio…enjoy.

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Intro:  16 pieces, paintings commissioned to sell cigars…in the early 1900’s…and today, they are still considered American treasures.  Surely you’ve seen them…Dogs Playing Poker…yeah, deal me in…today on High Roller Radio”

Body:  They’re the taste of the working man, home décor at its finest, a suitable and treasured piece in any man cave.  They were commissioned in 1903 by Brown and Bigelow as an advertising campaign to sell cigars…and what better way to push stogies than a collection of smoking and drinking k9’s?  American classics today, ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ is a series of 16 oil paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge…oh and did Coolidge sell cigars…a ton of them.  The stogies faded…the oil did not..

The collection is a masterpiece really, I mean, what poker player, what art collector, what man, wouldn’t hang an original, or even a print, like I have, on the wall in the games room, overlooking the card table.  The collection comes complete with such names as New Year’s Eve in Dogville, Poker Sympathy, and Stranger in Camp.  ‘Pinched with Four Aces’, another apt name in the series…any poker player can relate to that.  CM Coolidge is playing in that great poker game in the sky now…he’s long passed…but his work will never be forgotten,  they have infiltrated the mainstream…have become a part of poker lore.

Now, a few of the compositions are modeled on paintings of human card-players by such artists as Caravaggio, Georges de La Tour, and Paul Cézanne.  A Bold Bluff, was originally titled ‘Judge St. Bernard Stands Pat on Nothing’ and Waterloo,  originally titled Judge St. Bernard wins on a bluff…that St. Bernard was owned by a Fifth Avenue florist and his name was Captain…great poker nickname right?  In 2005, the originals of A Bold Bluff and Waterloo were auctioned off as a pair…are you ready for this?  They sold for $590,400. Wow.  And when you think about it…is there anything better than cigars and dogs playing poker?  We give that credit to Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, today on HRR.

Waterloo, c. 1906

The titles in the “Dogs Playing Poker” series proper are:

A Bold Bluff (originally titled Judge St. Bernard Stands Pat on Nothing)[3]

A Friend in Need

His Station and Four Aces

Pinched with Four Aces

Poker Sympathy

Post Mortem

Sitting up with a Sick Friend

Stranger in Camp

Waterloo (originally titled Judge St. Bernard Wins on a Bluff)[3]

Ten Miles to a Garage

Riding the Goat

New Year’s Eve in Dogville

One to Tie Two to Win

Breach of Promise Suit

The Reunion

A Bachelor’s Dog

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