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Interesting Cases of Casino Robbery!

Hey High Rollers, it’s been a great week for us; we’ve had interviews with Blackjack Hall of Famer Richard W. Munchkin & renowned poker reporter Jessica Welman, who outlines for us some things to watch out for at this year’s World Series of Poker. Today, can you say ‘casino robbery?’

Major Heist at the Crown Melbourne

Major Heist at the Crown Melbourne

Interesting Cases of Casino Robbery

Modern cinematograph offers its viewers a copious amount of movies, which tell magnifcent stories about elaborate casino heists. After watching these movies, viewers tend to want to hit the jackpot and live with no regrets for the rest of their lives. Nowadays, you do not need to go to brick and mortar, land-based casinos to turn that dream into reality – the dream of finding a reliable internet casino where you can do your best to keep Lady Luck on your side. By the way, you can play at online casinos with no investments by claiming free spins after registration

But let’s get back to reality and discuss some real life cases of casino robberies and see how these stories ended.

The largest jackpot, defrauded by robbers, was the in staggering amount of $32 million. It happened in Australia where a team of people called “Ocean’s 11” were able to rob the local casino of this fantastic amount. How’d they do it? Well, the fraudsters managed to seize such a large amount by using the newest, high-tech devices, which gave them an opportunity to seamlessly connect to the casino’s closed circuit TV. This provided them with opportunity to transmit the information to one of the team’s associates sitting at one of the casino’s  gaming tables.

As security cameras were in VIP section of the casino, the criminals were able to see the cards of players thereby maximizing their winnings and minimizing their losses. These facts were brought to light by the Australian police, which zealously took up the investigation of this incident. The fraudsters left the territory of Australia a long time ago and did so with impunity. Naturally, such cases leave marks in history as criminals rarely ever get away with an amount this large, again a whopping $32 million.

Talking about the most interesting casino robberies? The one we just told you about is the most notable, considering the rest of the casino robberires involved armed assaults where criminals used guns.  The bright example of a simple-minded criminal is Anthony Carleo. This man robbed the Bellagio few years ago. The attacker tried to get away with about $1.5 million but, what’s the saying, ‘Loose lips sink ship?’ This criminal’s bragging let him down.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio

Carleo started to boast about his deeds in an online environment and was, almost immediately, arrested by the police. This is not the end of the story, though. According to the police data, the robber turned out to be the son of a Las Vegas judge and, in addition to all that, he tried to sell chips for $25,000 inside the casino and was caught on security cameras. According to the words of the arrested, he started to consider and plan the robbery after hearing one of the croupier’s suggest that, to win big at the casino, all one has to do is wear a black mask and carry a gun instead of spending hours at the playing table.

We want you to feel the contrast between the actions of the criminals. In the first case even police didn’t manage to study all the details of the robbery due to the well thought out and diligently planned heist. It was executed perfectly. In the second case, the criminal was as stupid and thoughtless as one could be. It was only a matter of time before he was caught. We want to put an emphasis on some everyday real life aspects of casino work. Probably, these examples will halt the ease one feels with robbing a casino.

Casinos are organizations aiming to win.Therefore, even if you’re a mastermind and planning on genius robbery, you won’t get to the real money as the cashier is under serious protection.

Don’t think events on TV screens can be repeated in real life. Just think that should you see this movie, the management and owners could very much have seen it as well so they’ve already taken care of securing their facility from fraudsters activities in ways it was shown on the TV screen.

Don’t brag about your plans online as all the information of this kind is thoroughly followed there and the person who spreads it gets a lot of attention from the corresponding organs.

If you really want to rob the casino, use books and theories instead of guns and masks, as they are much more useful!

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