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Johnny Moss, Doyke Brunson and Great Prop Bets

Hey High Rollers, they’re heads-up in Event #1 – the Casino Employees Championsip…$500 buy-in with $82k going to the winner…By the way, Chad Holloway won the event last year….we’ve had him on the show a few times…great stuff www.highrollerradio.net under the Interviews tab.

Plus…the WSOP LIVE streams are feeding the poker public all the final tables…great drama.  David Tuchman is the host, he’s fantastic…we’ve had him on as well…again, Interviews tab.


Johnny Moss

On January 25, 1971, a feature article, written by Edwin Shrake, on 3-time world champion Johnny Moss, appeared in Sports Illustrated.  The lengthy piece helped to shape the Johnny Moss legend.  In the article, Moss told Shrake the games he found himself in, back in those days, were absolutely insane:

“If you played a week you could win a million dollars, win it in a night if it shaped up right,” Johnny Moss recalls. “There were games, like at the old Metropolitan Hotel in Fort Worth, that nobody would believe the sums involved if I told you today. You got to be a good gambler, anyhow, to get rich in the oil business. Some of them players came out worth $40 million, what with poker and dice and oil leases and whatnot. Money didn’t mean nothing to them, but gambling did. Some of them big old-time oilmen still play in big poker games, but only for the pleasure of stepping on a professional gambler if they can. I like to see them come around.”
(Poker Legends)

The Golden Touch

Dominic ‘The Dominator” LoRiggio teamed up with Frank Scoblete, another professional craps shooter whose authored several books on the subject, including Golden Touch Dice Control, and over the years the pair made hundreds of thousands of dollars together.  While Scoblete is one of the world’s leading authorities on dice throwing, he admits it was LoRiggio who had the golden arm and The Golden Touch.

NOTE:  Think about this; the odds of rolling a seven are 1 in 6.  LoRiggio once went on a 53 minute roll without crapping out, earning him $27,000 in the process.

Blackjack Shrine

The Blackjack Hall of Fame is housed at the Barona Casino in San Diego, California.  Each inductee gets a permanent lifetime comp for full room, food, and beverage but they first must agree to never play on Barona’s tables.  In winter 2002, a diverse selection of 21 blackjack experts, authors, and professional players were nominated for membership.  The public voted online and in January, 2003, at the Blackjack Ball, the first seven members were inducted into the Hall of Fame, an event hosted by renowned blackjack author Max Rubin.

Robert Maxwell
The late, great, media tycoon wasn’t one to waste time in the casino!  At Le Ambassadeurs Casino in London, Maxwell posted one of the quickest and largest losses in casino history while playing three roulette wheels at the same.  He dropped an amazing £1.5 million in under three minutes.  That works out to about £8000 a second.  Wow.

Proposition Betting

The Vegan Dare:  Howard Lederer, a vegetarian, was bet $10,000 by fellow pro Daid Grey that he wouldn’t eat a cheeseburger. Without hesitation, Lederer ordered one up and devoured it.  Grey hates olives, so Lederer offered him a chance to keep his money by simply downing a few.  Grey passed and tossed Lederer the cash.

Could you live in Iowa?
Johnny ‘World’ Hennigan, a big time pro and one of the best players on the planet, is a big city boy.  He just loves the action.  But when some friends wagered a six-figure sum he couldn’t spend six weeks libng in Des Moines, Iowa, Hennigan jumped on it.  “I’ll work on my golf game,” he thought.  He lasted two days and lost the bet.

Ocean Potion

Phil Hellmuth and his pal Huck Seed, the 1996 world champion, were relaxing near the ocean and Phil made the proposition Huck couldn’t stand in the water, up to his shoulders, for 18 hours.  The bet? $50,000.  Seed took the challenge and waded out…he lasted just three hours.

Doye does the Business
The legendary Doyle Brunson used to have a serious weight problem and, over the years, has lost hundreds of thousands on weight loss proposition bets.  But in 2003, he exacted some revenge, winning a 10/1 wager on $100,000 that he couldn’t get belwo 300 pounds.  Thanks to Atkins and Weight Watchers the 10-time braceket winner picked up more than $1 million.

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Did you Know? Poker/Gambling Tidbits for the Poker Junkie!

Hey High Rollers,

One of the best things about the world of professional poker/gambling is the varied characters you come across.  I mean Characters!  Legends are born in the most fascinating of ways and below we’ve compiled some interesting info – we certainly hope you enjoy.  We call it…”DID YOU KNOW?

Did you know?  Dominic ‘The Dominator”LoRiggio teamed up with Frank Scoblete, another professional craps shooter whose authored severalbooks on the subject, including Golden Touch Craps, and over the years the pair made hundreds of thousands of dollars together.  While Scoblete is one of the world’s leading authorities on dice throwing, he admits it was LoRiggio who had the golden arm and The Golden Touch.  Think about this; the odds of rolling a seven are 1 in 6.  LoRiggio once went on a 53 minute roll without crapping out, earning him $27,000 in the process.

NOTE:  The Frank Scoblete interview is one of our very BEST!  He is widely regarded as America’s #1 gaming author.  Check it out HERE

Did you Know? Johnny Moss and Stu Ungar have won the World Championship twice.  Two-time champs Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan each won the event in back-to-back years.  Jack Strauss won his championship in dramatic fashion, coming back from a single chip; coining the phrase, “a chip and a chair.”   Phil Hellmuth is the only player to win both the main event of the WSOP (1989) and the main event of the WSOPE (2012).

Did you know? 

Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari, a multiple winner on the World Poker Tour, took home the biggest first place purse in poker history – $18 million – after capturing the Big One for One Drop charity event at the 2012 WSOP in Las Vegas.   Jamie Gold captured the largest prize in WSOP Main Event history in 2006 – $12 million.

Did you know?  In 2004, the World Poker Tour created a Walk of Fame, inducting poker legends Doyle Brunson and Gus Hansen, as well as actor James Garner.

Did you know?  In 2008, the WPT copied the WSOP in offering bracelets to its event champions. Players who won a title prior to that were given a WPT Bracelet retroactively.

Did you know? In November 2009, PartyGaming announced its acquisition of the World Poker Tour from WPTE for a whopping $12,300,000.

Did you know?  Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten, who sit in a booth near WPT main event final tables, providing commentary and occasionally interacting with the players, record their specific comments about hole cards after the tournament takes place.  They are required to do so because gaming regulations prohibit them from observing a ‘live’ feed of the “hole card cameras” while on the set.

Did you know? Legendary poker player and gambler Billy Baxter was married in 1975 and took his new bride to Hawaii for the honeymoon.  They never returned home!  On the way back, they ended up in Las Vegas where they stayed for nine months, living in a motel, while he played poker.

Did you know?  Billy Baxter fought the government and won, in a judgement that classified poker winnings as ‘earned income’.  It was a huge legal victory for poker players all over the country because now they could play for a living.

Did you know?  Sam O’Connor, AKA ‘Silver Dollar Sam’, dealt the first ever game of Hold’em played in Las Vegas. True story, happened back in 1960, O’Connor was a dealer at the Golden Nugget.  O’Connor has written a couple of books, Tales of Old Las Vegas and How to Dominate $1 and $2 No Limit Hold’em.

Did you know?  Actor Eric Bruskotter, star of the movies Major League 2 & 3 and Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, is an avid poker player and a regular at the Commerce Casino in Las Vegas.  Bruskotter doesn’t play in any Hollywood home games because he thinks they’re “lame”.

Did you know?  Canadian Brian Zembic had a pair of 36C breasts implanted in order to win a $100,000 prop bet.  He had to wear his big pair for one year in order to collect.  Here’s the kicker; when the year was up Zembic kept the implants in stating they were a good way to get on talk shows to promote his book and that it helped him meet women.

Did you know?  After winning his bracelet in 2010, Canadian Pascal LeFrancois posed for the winner’s photo topless.  It was the result of a dare from friends and he kept his word and removed his shirt for the bracelet photo – what had to be a WSOP first!

Did you know?  Chris Tryba defeated Eric Cajaleis heads-up during a WSOP event in 2011 and captured hi first ever bracelet thanks to a straight flush on the final hand – what was a WSOP first! 

Did you know?  Paul Simmons and John Carter crunched the numbers, studied a ton of historical data, and calculated the odds of a hole-in-one at the British Open to be roughly 50/50.  Several unsuspecting bookies offered considerably higher odds than the evens, or less.  So, when Brian Marchbank scored an ace during the Major Championship the two friends cleaned up – winning between £600,000 to £1 million.

Did you know?  During the television broadcast of the 2002 World Series of Poker, Phil Hellmuth was quoted as saying, “If Robert Varkonyi wins I’ll shave my head.”  Hellmuth was suggesting the amateur wasn’t very good.  Well, you guessed it!  Varkonyi went on to win the championship and the $2 million first prize. During the bracelet presentation a pair of clippers was brought out and Varkonyi played barber on the ‘Poker Brat’s’ head.  His critics suggest it was simply another marketing ploy, more shameless self-promotion, on Hellmuth’s part to steal the spotlight.

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WSOP Latest – Day 3

Hey High Rollers, July 12th, 2013just thought I’d provide a bunch of tidbits from the World Series of Poker…how quickly we’ve dropped to be, low 900 players left…remember 6352 started….today is Day 3, just two players have climbed above the million chip mark.  Hope you enjoy this post…comments are welcome:


The 44th Annual WSOP

WSOP Latest:

891 remain in the 44th annual World Series of Poker.  Two players have cracked the million chip mark; Dick Van Luijk & Max Steinberg.

Winner of the Millionaire Maker, Canadian Benny Chen sits in top 20 in chips with 600,000.  WSOPE main event champion Annette Oberstad has 500,000.  Doyle Brunson is 38th in chips w/ 420,000….Greg Mueller 39th w/ 405,000.

NOTE:  As a 15 year old, Annette Oberstad won an online tournament without ever looking at her hole cards (until the final hand, she glanced at her cards to see what she was about to in the tournament with).  Oberstad had taped a piece of paper on her computer monitor to cover her hole cards.  She played the entire tourney based on what her opponents were doing; their stack sizes, bet sizing, calling patterns etc.  Can you say phenom?

My man, Phil Hellmuth has been eliminated!

The winner of 12 bracelets!

The winner of 12 bracelets!

Found this post today from facebook friend Pamela Brunson:


Daughter of a legend

Pamela Brunson
I just got home. Haven’t checked the WSOP.com updates yet. Todd said he texted Dad 10 minutes ago and he had 410,000 in chips!!!! GO DAD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(No kidding, it would only be the greatest feat in WOP history, his 3rd ME championship at 79?  Way better than Stuey Ungar’s comeback win in 1997.)

Compelling human interest story:

Laura Green & Scott Born, newlyweds spending their honeymoon in Vegas playing the series and they spent most of the day at the same table…Wife’s got 41,000 hubby’s got 38,000.  Good Luck.

Two former world champs were busted on Day 2C; Joe Hachem and Jamie Gold Daniel Negreanu busted as well.  Soccer star Gerard Pique and NHL goaltender Roberto Luongo were eliminated…as were Jennifer Harman, Barbara Enright and Gus Hansen.

Mark Kroon was your Day chip leader….if you recognize the name, that’s because he was also the Day 1 Chip Leader.  Last player to hold the chip lead after Day 1 and Day 2?  Ben Lamb, two years ago.  Kroon has 507,000, the only player above the half-million chip mark.  Kroon, 52, owns a bar in Madison, Wisconsin and is the host of then Man Up Poker Show…and…he is known as ‘PokerHo’ online, formerly a sponsored pro at Ultimate Bet….good friends with Phil Hellmuth.

Greg Merson, your defending champion, is in the top 50 right now, with 275,000 chips.  In perspective, 275,000 represents a Big Blind at the start of final table play last year.  LONG WAY to go.

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Interview w/ Pamela Brunson

An Interview with Pamela Brunson

By: Derrick Oliver-Dewan

Daughter of a legend

Daughter of a legend

So, I was actually retweeted by Doyle Brunson! Yes, the Godfather of professional poker himself, Texas Dolly, the author Super System, poker’s Bible, the author of Super System II, the Fred Flinstone to Chip Reese’s Barney Rubble.  (Chip Reese, by the way, in the eyes of Brunson, is the greatest poker player ever to have sat down at a table.)  It was a simple retweet, click of a button and my message was out there, cyberspace, for all to see.  I say ‘all’ but I really mean his 384,000 followers on Twitter.  Can you imagine – 384,000?  I have 96 right now. Still counting!

A day earlier, over the phone, I had an enjoyable conversation with Pamela Brunson, Doyle’s daughter.  A week earlier I had requested an interview with her via my other social media vice, Facebook, and she kindly accepted.  The interview was to commence at 3 P.M. PST but when I called her cell phone was off, right to message.  After a few more tries, I was about to give up, she finally answered about 3:15 her time, maybe 3:16, and quickly apologized for being tardy.  Seems I had interrupted Pam and her mother in Bible study.

The interview lasted roughly 19 minutes but it was high quality stuff.  I have interviewed many people over the years, Wayne Gretzky, Ken Dryden, Phil Hellmuth, Bill Clinton, etc., and while most of them transpire in a smooth and relatively satisfactory fashion, informative and interesting, there is always the danger one might flop, that the interview might sour.  The Q&A between Pamela Brunson and Derrick Oliver on June 3, 2012 was not a flop. No, it was better than average. Personable, reflective, compelling, it was all of that and more!

She spoke on a variety of topics; ranging from her mom, who she referred to as ‘the rock’ of the Brunson family, to her love of cats.  She talked about her legendary father, a ‘good Christian too’, about her brother Todd and her wish he’d cut off his long hair, both on his head and his face.  “He’s got the cutest dimples,” she said, her voice expressing her disappointment.  She likes to line dance, ride horses, and spend time with her family.  She’s a country girl at heart, born in Texas but living in Las Vegas, a longhorn inhabiting so-called Sin City.

Pamela is a pretty good poker player too.  Perhaps not on the same level as her father, whose illustrious career includes 10 World Series of Poker gold bracelets and two World Championship main event titles, but certainly on a level much higher than the vast majority of poker players who consider themselves better than average.  She’s pocketed more than $100,000 on the tournament circuit over the course of her career.  She’s won a tournament where the first place prize was a Harley Davidson.  She doesn’t ride but she’s still got it.  She also finished 364th in the main event in 2007, pretty decent considering 6,538 people entered the championship.  She maintains she took that deep run “hand-by-hand” but I wondered if she, somewhere in the recesses of her mind, had thoughts of putting another Brunson photo on the Wall of Fame at Binions, where the World Series of Poker originated and was played until 2004 when it switched over to the Rio.  Her father’s mug is on that legendary brick faced twice alongside the likes of Johnny Moss, Stu Ungar and Sailor Roberts.  “Hand-by-hand” she maintained.  I wonder.  It’s got to be hard not to think of fame and fortune and a world championship as the field narrowed with each and every elimination.  So late, so close, she was knocked out with one hour left in play on Day 3.  Her queens bested by an opponent’s Ace 5 offsuit.   “That’s my hand of death,” she lamented.  “But you gotta play them,” she said.

We exchanged pleasantries when the interview was done and I was left with a smile on my face.  I had just enjoyed an in depth, soulful exchange with the daughter of a poker God.  She enjoyed it too!  I felt it.  I had studied, researched my facts, had details that, to her, illustrated I put some effort into it.  I’m happy about that.  This wasn’t about her dad, wasn’t about the guy the entire poker world looked up to and admired.  This was about her, about Pam.  She liked that.

It took me a day to get back to the recording but it wasn’t long before Part 1 and 2 were up on my website, www.highrollerradioshow.com.  I also grabbed clips of the interview for future use; on the website, on ‘The Fabric of Poker’, a show I host in conjunction with my friends over at OnTiltRadio.com, and also to promote on Facebook and Twitter.  Then I noticed something strange, peculiar, an oddity that left me wondering again.  Recall, our chat was scheduled for 3 P.M. pacific time and I interrupted her Bible study.  We didn’t connect until about quarter after, maybe 3:16?  Well, I was pulling my last clip, I had already saved the quotes about her mother, her deep run in the series, and her rapid fire responses to ten names and phrases I threw her way, when I noticed it.  That last clip focussed on her hobbies the fact she was a Christian, born and bred.  Highlight the in cue, “I like horses and line dancing…,” and the out cue, “…how important faith and Christianity are to me.”  Check the length, 3 minutes 16 seconds, save it to file – wait a minute!  3 minutes 16 seconds? 3:16?  John 3:16?  One of the most famous versus’ the good book has to offer.  A clip about Christianity? A clip that length?  It gave me chills.  Thank-you Pamela Brunson.

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