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Legends, Did you know? & dealing with Drunks at the Table

Hey High Rollers, been working hard the oast few days vamping up our Did you know? section…a ton of interesting anecdotes from the world of professional poker and gambling.  Be sure to check it out: http://highrollerradio.net/Did_you_know__3.html

Also, have added some new pages to our Legends of the Game section…Benny Binion, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss, Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth, Scotty Nguyen and many more featured.  Check it out:  http://highrollerradio.net/Legends_2.html

Plus…Lori Kolstad is back with Lori Tells…this week, dealing with drunk and chauvinistic players at the poker table.  Enjoy.



“Lori Tells…”
May 26th, 2014

A Session in the Life of a Low Stakes Casino Cash Grindin’ Girl

It’s another Friday night, and I head into work. My profession is a lil’ different than most.

While most of my friends are going on dates with their significant others, putting their

children to bed or watching TV and winding down from their workdays, I have closed

up shop in the lingerie business and ready for my night shift~poker. I play 40 hours or

more a week in my local casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi, and tonight is my usual “busy”night.

As I drive in, I try to prepare my mind for the battle against mostly recreational, inebriated,

touristy players. I steel myself for the constant babble of inexperienced players that we all

endure night after night, session after session in low stakes 1-3 NL tables. For me, however,

I endure a little more than most of my poker playing friends. There’s been a lot of talk

lately about women in poker. For all the belief that the game is the same for men and women,

I am here to tell you that it is most definitely NOT the same! Just in the course of one session,

I usually am bombarded with table talk that is purely chauvinistic.

What I hear? Let me give you a few examples just from the past 40 hours of play.


“This is the BIG boys’ game. Are you just killing time while you wait for

your husband?”

Lori’s brain:

“Yes, you certainly ARE a big boy! That’s great! You will have the mass

behind you to ship those chips faster in my direction.”


“Little lady, the poker table is no place for a sweetheart like you. Let’s go

somewhere nicer and we can play strip poker.”

Lori’s brain:

“I now know why you are here at 9 pm on a Friday night. With lines like that, you

are not likely to go out on any dates.”


“I fold. You must have it. No offense, but, honey, women don’t know how to

bluff. You will never be able to win in the end because of that. I will never pay

you off. No chips from me, baby!”

Lori’s Brain:

“ Are these imaginary chips that I am stacking? I’ve made you fold by the turn

to the tune of about 70 bbs by my calculations, but, what do I know? I’m just

a girl.”


(After he reraises me when the nut flush draw that I had been betting hits)

“Honey, I hit my card, just fold. I don’t wanna take your chips.”

Lori’s Brain:

“Donkey, EVERY card is your card! Just shove on me so I can snap you off, HONEY.”

As you can see, part of my job description is learning to tune this out, master my own mind-set, and make the most +EV decisions with every deal. It’s not online where I can

just shut off the chat , and sometimes, in spite of having to listen to these ignorant players,

I am happy to be in total control of the table texture.I am in my element, and as long as I know

this and they do not, I will win. as long as I am underestimated, I have a clear advantage.

Players, the next time you see a cute little thing sitting at your table, remember:

You just may be up against a female warrior.

‘Til next time, I wish you “rungood” , loose tables and most of all +EV from the felt

in Biloxi!

Lori Kolstad

Lori is a strictly cash game player of 11 years. She is the owner of the largest vintage lingerie site in the world, an activist for the Poker Players Alliance, Social Media Specialist, radio show hostess and fights daily for federal online poker legislation from her home in Biloxi, Mississippi.


2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

World Champs Raymer & McEvoy to Gues on SHOW – YES!

October 22, 2013Hey High Rollers, how great is this?  Not only a sign, an indication, we’re growing our library by two quality – HIGH QUALITY – guests, but we are also GROWING the SITE too.  We are so happy, thrilled actually, to report we have confirmed a couple of world champions for the show.  YES!

Greg ‘The Fossilman’ Raymer and our program director Derrick Oliver-Dewan have been corresponding by email…and it looks like things are set for 2pm EST Wednesday.  Raymer, of course, the 2004 world champ, when he defeated ‘young gun’ David Williams heads up with a full house, deuces full of his pocket eights…Williams held a boat as well…deuces full of his 4’s….$5 million richer for his efforts and a piece of WSOP immortality.  Heard a story that initially, Raymer’s wife wasn’t too happy with his play online so he struck a deal with her…he would play a $1,000 bankroll and should he lose that he would quit poker….the rest, as they say, is history.  Can’t wait to chat with the Fossilman.

I met Greg at the EPT LONDON at the Hilton Metropole, very briefly a few years about and he shook my hand, said hello, graciously accepted my compliments and was very accommodating.  This guy has been GREAT for the game.   Now, we know he’s had some bad press lately, but we will certainly will NOT be broaching that subject, unless he wants to.  Our site is about poker history, legends of the game…which Raymer most certainly is!  Thank-you Greg for agreeing to guest with us.  Oh man, can’t wait.

'The Fossilman" a guest on www.highrollerradio.net

‘The Fossilman” a guest on www.highrollerradio.net


1983 woeld champ...newly minted member of the Hall of Fame.

1983 world champ…newly minted member of the Hall of Fame.

How about it…Tom McEvoy, YES!!!!  The 1983 world champ, an author, a gentleman of the game, and now a newly minted Poker Hall of Famer.  A credit well deserved…you know he’s been on the ballot 5 straight years…from Bridesmaid to Bride in ’13.  McEvoy is a 4-time bracelet winner and has always been good for the game,

I met Tom in Montreal, at the Poker Pro Canada Classic, where he played as part of a Deepstacks University Course offered to anyone who would pony up $500.  It was well worth it…you can make that money back in one pot with the information the pros conveyed.  Great stuff.  The course also included Adam Levy, otherwise known as Roothlus online, Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi, and Tristen Wade, an excellent online sniper.  Tom was absolutely delightful, gracious, kind in his answers…his table manner and his instruction were both inviting…and it was quite interesting to recognize the differences in the two styles of instruction:  Tom more old school…while The Grinder, Levy and Wade represented the new age player…ultra aggressive…get those chips at any cost…fight, fight, fight for each hand.  I am not saying Tom is tight…just that his play is different, for sure.

Tom McEvoy has been great fiends with Kathy Liebert, another former guest and $6 million plus in career earnings, but I’m not sure if they’re close anymore.  I may ask about that?  Here’s the thing…this honour means the world to Mr. McEvoy and he deserves it.  Interesting though, that in past years he was waiting and waiting for the phone call and it HURT him when it never came.  This year…he told me…he just ‘let go’…whatever happens happens…and not two weeks later he got the call….wow!  A lesson there somewhere, right?

Not 1 – but 2 world champs on High Roller Radio in one week.  Thank-you guys.  We are absolutely thrilled….as is The Nation…at 551 and counting.  Congrats, by the way, to Ed Barkhouse, latest winner of a HRR t-shirt….Ed, I need your mailing deets.  LIKE our facebook page to enter:



www.highrollerradio.net for great new pages – FEATURES – FEATURES 2 – FEATURES 3 and Poker Fun & Gaming Goodness….visit the site and check’em out NOW.  Play well and get lucky High Rollers.


A Day in the Life of High Roller Radio

A FAN of the World Series of Poker


PIC of the WEEK

Picture of the Week   "Racks Please!"
Picture of the Week “Racks Please!”

Call me a nerd…but what a great night of poker action….Former Guest Greg ‘FBT’ Mueller chip leader w/ 4 left in the 8-game max….Millionaire Maker down to 4-handed, an old-timer leading, Michael Bennington, one for the seniors, wow, and 1k heads-up….’Basebaldy’ Eric Baldwin heads-up for another bracelet against Max Waxman.  Baldwin a former Card Player ‘Player of the Year’.

This is MY time of year, so exciting…poker at its best at the 44th annual World Series of Poker…this Milly Maker final table has been a blast….a real treat!

Tweet from HRR

Enjoying David Tuchman and Bart Hanson @tuckonsports and @Barthanson commentary WSOP Millionaire Maker Final Table…4 left!!!!

www.highrollerradio.net  Good job guys

Twitter Glitter:  (a couple from Barny Boatman)
Barny Boatman @barnyboatman  51m 
Guy delivers a ten minute lecture on how he never shows cards, concluding with ‘My lips are sealed.’
Not sure what he was talking out of.

Barny Boatman Barny Boatman @barnyboatman  1h 
Whenever I see a kid disdainfully toss in a min-chip to call a big bet, I’m always happy to wait  while he counts out the rest.

Did you know? In November 2009, PartyGaming announced its acquisition of the World Poker Tour from WPTE for a whopping $12,300,000.

Did you know?  Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten, who sit in a booth near WPT main event final tables, providing commentary and occasionally interacting with the players, record their specific comments about hole cards after the tournament takes place.  They are requi…red to do so because gaming regulations prohibit them from observing a ‘live’ feed of the “hole card cameras” while on the set.
Did you know? At this years WSOP, Card information will be known to viewers by using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology for the very first time.  Each card has a microchip embedded in it that has no impact on the cards in play, but with a specifically-outfitted poker table can send encrypted signals to decipher the cards rank and suit.  Talk about technology!
Did you know? In the 43 years of the World Series of Poker 15 up and comers, including the heralded Chris Moneymaker, have beaten the pros and made their ultimate poker dream come true.  Will it be 16 this year?
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Great shots, big shots and hot to trots!  Enjoy, repin and follow – please.

424 and counting…

Wow….we add four to the board today, as High Roller NATION welcomes in James Christopher Rutland, Mo Lewis, Braedon Yaley and Jennifer Elshire to the fold…welcome one and all, you’re all entered into future draws for fabulous prizes…we just gave away three books…we’re glad to have you, hope you enjoy the content here and on our site at www.highrollerradio.net

HIGH ROLLER NATION stronger by four today!




Typse of Poker Players

May 7, 2013

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

Hey High Rollers,

Here is another submission from Mild to Wild Bird, a proud member of High Roller Nation on facebook.  We certainly appreciate it.  We are open to all submissions, got something to say?  Talk to us on facebook or twitter @highrollerradio

Types of Poker Players

Action Types:

Green Fish – Play good hands against this opponent, be aggra, tantalize and bluff a little.

Calling Station – Play OK, decent hands against this person, value bet them all the way to the river and never bluff!

Red Fish and Warning – Play very good starting hands against these opponents if they are betting post flop.  Generally, though, raise ’em on the flop and watch ’em fold !

Bomb – Do not bluff this player!  Make sure you’ve got a good hand and tantalize them with small bets; check raise a little and try to have position on them

Solid Types:

MOUSE – Be very aggressive and loose versus this type.  You’ll win all the small pots.

ROCK – In position, be aggressive and bluff on occasion but if he/she’s betting – WATCH OUT!

SHARK – In position, play Very good hands ONLY!  They’ve usually got it.

Thanks again to Mild to Wild Bird for these great tips.  If you want to reach me by email  derrick@highrollerradio.net