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Legends, Did you know? & dealing with Drunks at the Table

Hey High Rollers, been working hard the oast few days vamping up our Did you know? section…a ton of interesting anecdotes from the world of professional poker and gambling.  Be sure to check it out: http://highrollerradio.net/Did_you_know__3.html

Also, have added some new pages to our Legends of the Game section…Benny Binion, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss, Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth, Scotty Nguyen and many more featured.  Check it out:  http://highrollerradio.net/Legends_2.html

Plus…Lori Kolstad is back with Lori Tells…this week, dealing with drunk and chauvinistic players at the poker table.  Enjoy.



“Lori Tells…”
May 26th, 2014

A Session in the Life of a Low Stakes Casino Cash Grindin’ Girl

It’s another Friday night, and I head into work. My profession is a lil’ different than most.

While most of my friends are going on dates with their significant others, putting their

children to bed or watching TV and winding down from their workdays, I have closed

up shop in the lingerie business and ready for my night shift~poker. I play 40 hours or

more a week in my local casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi, and tonight is my usual “busy”night.

As I drive in, I try to prepare my mind for the battle against mostly recreational, inebriated,

touristy players. I steel myself for the constant babble of inexperienced players that we all

endure night after night, session after session in low stakes 1-3 NL tables. For me, however,

I endure a little more than most of my poker playing friends. There’s been a lot of talk

lately about women in poker. For all the belief that the game is the same for men and women,

I am here to tell you that it is most definitely NOT the same! Just in the course of one session,

I usually am bombarded with table talk that is purely chauvinistic.

What I hear? Let me give you a few examples just from the past 40 hours of play.


“This is the BIG boys’ game. Are you just killing time while you wait for

your husband?”

Lori’s brain:

“Yes, you certainly ARE a big boy! That’s great! You will have the mass

behind you to ship those chips faster in my direction.”


“Little lady, the poker table is no place for a sweetheart like you. Let’s go

somewhere nicer and we can play strip poker.”

Lori’s brain:

“I now know why you are here at 9 pm on a Friday night. With lines like that, you

are not likely to go out on any dates.”


“I fold. You must have it. No offense, but, honey, women don’t know how to

bluff. You will never be able to win in the end because of that. I will never pay

you off. No chips from me, baby!”

Lori’s Brain:

“ Are these imaginary chips that I am stacking? I’ve made you fold by the turn

to the tune of about 70 bbs by my calculations, but, what do I know? I’m just

a girl.”


(After he reraises me when the nut flush draw that I had been betting hits)

“Honey, I hit my card, just fold. I don’t wanna take your chips.”

Lori’s Brain:

“Donkey, EVERY card is your card! Just shove on me so I can snap you off, HONEY.”

As you can see, part of my job description is learning to tune this out, master my own mind-set, and make the most +EV decisions with every deal. It’s not online where I can

just shut off the chat , and sometimes, in spite of having to listen to these ignorant players,

I am happy to be in total control of the table texture.I am in my element, and as long as I know

this and they do not, I will win. as long as I am underestimated, I have a clear advantage.

Players, the next time you see a cute little thing sitting at your table, remember:

You just may be up against a female warrior.

‘Til next time, I wish you “rungood” , loose tables and most of all +EV from the felt

in Biloxi!

Lori Kolstad

Lori is a strictly cash game player of 11 years. She is the owner of the largest vintage lingerie site in the world, an activist for the Poker Players Alliance, Social Media Specialist, radio show hostess and fights daily for federal online poker legislation from her home in Biloxi, Mississippi.


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Lori Tells, UFC Fight Night, Draw Winners, Quote of the Day and more…

Hey High Rollers, apologies for not posting in a while. I have been enjoying the sunshine in beautiful sunny Southern California, visiting my sister and playing cards at the legendary Commerce Casino. Stayed 8 nights, 5 and 3, and won big the first go around, lost big the next. That’s poker as they say. Disappointed because admittedly I did play poorly on my second visit.

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“Lori Tells…” on Bad Dealers

She’s back folks…our favorite gal from Biloxi, Mississippi, Lori Kolstad.

“Lori Tells…” on High Roller Radio:

Responding to a recent experience I wrote about, regarding players bad attitudes toward dealers, ‘Blaming’ them for their misfortune. Lori writes:

Lori wrote: “This is a pet peeve of mine, Derrick! Most of the closest people in my circle of friends work in the casino industry, and it makes me LIVID when players do this! I try very hard not to react with the same bad attitude they have, but I wear em down from thatmoment on with bets and table talk meant to make them uncomfortable…eventually, you catch a hand where they pay you off and you can then berate them about how badly they playesd the hand “

She’s the best folks. Lori Kolstad on High Roller Radio.

Lori Kolstad – Wait til you guys hear my latest idea….comin’ soon!

HRR Quote of the Day:

High Roller Radio Quote of the Day:

Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.
– Chinese Proverb

Isildur1 is AWESOME!

Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom has a terrific January…wow, German star Philip Gruissem uses charity to motivate him at the poker table, a NEW gambling song called ‘Poker Man’ debuts on High Roller Radio….and much much more.


NEW Gambling Song – Poker Man

Poker Man – new song by Dean Shaw, loyal supporter of High Roller Radio…great job Dean, great album too. Listen now:


UFC Fight Night 10 on FOX

Can’t win ’em all! Received this from our resident Gambling Guru Chris de Beer, regarding his wager for UFC Fight Night on FOX 10.

Chris de Beer @Gambit_54 11h
@HighRollerRadio found the value – gave out Elkins as a dog and moved to pick ’em by fight time..Unfortunately he couldn’t get the job done!

oh well…still, ‘The DON’ is a very impressive 41-16 on this show…wow. Next time mate.
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Facebook Draw

Attention: Robert Wallace, the winner of our most recent draw, the book is on its way. Thanks again to author Danielle Striker for not only guesting with us but for offering up a copy of her tremendous new book, Poker Samadhi. Congrats Robert, hope you enjoy.


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The Chainsaw comes up BIG

See what happens when you guest on High Roller Radio…you make final tables baby! Recent guest Allen ‘Chainsaw’ Kessler comes up big at the Borgata. Congrats Allen…recently guested with us; talked about everything from his dislike of marijuana-use by some players during tourneys to his fine play of late. The ‘Chainsaw’ baby.

Team Ivey on a roll.


You can listen to our interviews with Mr. Kessler at www.highrollerradio.net  They are TERRIFIC!

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Lori Tells – A Boycott of the Venetian Poker Room?


Lori’s BACK!!!!!!!

Our friend and colleague Lori Kolstad took some time off to crush her local cash games but she is back now and we are so happy she is.  Her segment “Lori Tells…” produced one of the best interviews on the site; her chat with the legendary Robert Turner was epic!!!!  Today, Lori addresses yet another controversial topic:

Lori Tells... is a segment on www.highrollerradio.net

Lori Tells… is a segment on www.highrollerradio.net

Lori Tells...on High Roller Radio

Lori Tells…on High Roller Radio

Hello to all from Biloxi, Mississippi!

For those that haven’t heard, this week was the scheduled week for a Venetian Poker Room Boycott, called for by Mr. Nolan Dalla and online poker legislation activists everywhere..and what a week it was! The boycott was in response to a Mr. Sheldon Adelson(chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation) and his statements regarding not only U.S. online poker legislation, but poker as a skilled game in general.
These are actual quotes from Mr. Sheldon Adelson:
1.“Online gambling is not a threat to my business.  It’s a threat to our society—a toxin which all good people ought to resist.”
2.“Money is not the consideration with me.”
3. “Online gambling makes it possible for bets to be placed by anyone at any time. When gambling is available in every bedroom, every dorm room and every office space, there will be no way to fully determine that each wager has been placed in a rational and consensual manner.”
4.“That skill base is, in my opinion, just a bunch of baloney. To get a card is not skill base. I know people say it is skill based, but it’s just so they can categorize it in a certain segment.”
5. “I believe that poker and other forms of gambling, poker particularly since it’s considered a social activity and not gambling per se, kids will get up in the middle of the night if they cannot sleep, or they come home late and they challenge each other to say, ‘let’s play some poker or some blackjack.’ They are going to lose.”
6.” ‘Click your mouse and lose your house’ isn’t a marketing slogan for advocates of legalized online gambling. But it should be.”
These statements ROCKED the poker community. First, the shock of a billionaire who has made his money in the casino gambling industry being opposed to online gambling seemed ludicrous! After the shock wore off from that statement, many players took offense to the accusation that our game is not a game of skill. The popular poker forums, Twitter, Facebook and poker tables were filled to the brim with responses.The bottom line seems to be many poker players that work hard, put their hours in, study the game and take full advantage of every opportunity to hone their skills with just as much determintion as your star athlete, became aware of a way to collect their voices and stand together on this issue.
Regardless of whether ONE player actually boycotted this room actually, in my opinion, became a moot point! The social media attention that was gained from this was priceless!
If this boycott brought even one more American that stands up for the personal freedom to play poker in our own homes to speak out and join Mr. Dalla and the Poker Players Alliance then it was a success!
This lil’ girl here is grateful to Mr. Dalla! He says,
“This battle isn’t about dollars and cents.  It’s about standing up for our rights as common citizens and doing what we believe in.  It’s about doing something, even if it impacts his bottom line just little bit.  All movements begin with lone voices in the dark.  They start small. Then, they grow.  I expect this to grow. “
Well said, Mr. Nolan Dalla. Well said.
(and well said Lori!)  To check out more from Lori Kolstad and “Lori Tells…” visit our website at www.highrollerradio.net and CLICK the “Lori Tells…” tab.

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Lori Tells… on High Roller Radio

High Roller NATION – “Lori Tells….”
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Hey folks, came across this dynamite post from our good friend and colleague Lori Kolstad from “Lori Tells…” on High Roller Radio….and man oh man did it generate some response on facebook.  Thought I should share it here.
Lori Kolstad
For those of you that do not know, Mr Steve Dannanmann has serious issues with Americans being able to play online poker. Here is his statement to a friend of mine:
“I agree with you…everyone should be able to do what they want with their money….but too many people after they have misfortune blame everyone else and the taxpayers and companies have to pick up the tab…examples: ba…nks lend money to people buying a house-people don’t pay their mortgage and then bank forecloses and its the banks fault…that’s bullshit…poker players lose money on fulltilt and want the govt to give it back….it was illegal to play online poker in the US…the govt confiscated the money(like they do drug dealers) and should keep it…Mike, you really just needed to get educated on reality, and common sense….I think online poker would be great in the US….and gambling….however, America really isn’t ready for it and they will never be…they are way too irresponsible…think of the 33 kids that died in cars this year alone from heat exhaustion?….point proven…and I can certainly stand up and argue with you toe to toe and you have no chance whatsoever…you really have no idea how the country works, economics, politics and the constitution…”
Here’s what Lori thinks:
Wow..where to start? First line “I agree with you…..BUT” -Mr. Dannanmann , in my humble opinion, anyone that ever makes a statement followed by “but” negates the beginning of the statement entirely.Perhaps it’s best to just say you do not think everyone should be allowed to do what they want with their own money. I certainly take offense that you have obviously grouped me in with 33 adults that have left their children in a hot car.That is putting ME in a group of THIRTY THREE out of 319 million people! Percentages and math (economics ) are a foundation block for a good poker player, and that leaves me wondering what kind of luck you needed for your big cash in a tournament.You are using that percentage to say that all Americans are irresponsible? Taking 33 out of 319 million people hardly makes “point proven”.
Another fallacy? It was NEVER illegal to play online poker in the US. The payment processing was illegal…if we are going to point fingers, lets make sure all of our facts are accurate.
In closing, Mr. Dannanmann , if you feel you can certainly go toe to toe on the online poker legislation with Mr. Qualley, be prepared…you will need a LOT of toes! I realize obviously that math is not your forte, so allow me to simplify this for you…there are thousands of active online poker activists that you will need to be prepared to debate with. You might start by not stereotyping poker players with drug dealers and irresponsible parents.
How’s this for response to a facebook post?
Gary S Williges so  much  B S    omg..
Derrick Oliver-Dewan sounds like a Brand NEW “LORI Tells…” to me, lol
Lori Kolstad I’m writing it up now , Derrick Oliver-Dewan
Patti Howell Good grief.. What an ass..lumping us in with drug dealers & idiots who leave their poor children in hot cars..Go get him Lori Kolstad!!!!!!
Lori Kolstad I’m going to make an offer to have him on the show.Ideally, he will agree, and Derrick can moderate;)
Patti Howell You might need more than one moderator, and referees and hand cuffs lol
Rich Miner I agree w/ Lori Kolstad and as far as Mr. Dannanmann is concerned “go the fuck back where you came from and stay there”
Derrick Oliver-Dewan Can’t wait to hear it Lori, great topic for return piece. 🙂
Lori Kolstad I think I can debate with Mr.Dannanmann calmly and with composure…in spite of being called irresponsible and not capable of handling my very own finances. I’d even be up for a heads up match! Definitely  +EV for me!
Fer Lyman My biggest thing that annoys me about all this  is that I don’t tell he gov  how to spend their money don’t tell me how to spend mine  it really sickens me that the gov.  Went this far to make people have to leave behind there friends and family to do a job  the whole united states gov is corrupt and there worried about us sitting at a computer and playing a game really  isn’t there more important stuff going on??
Stay tuned for Lori’s next commentary on High Roller Radio, 2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!
What do you think?  Is Steve Danneman out of line? or is Lori not getting it?  derrick@highrollerradio.net


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“Lori Tells…” w/ Lori Kolstad

Lori Kolstad provides commentary on High Roller Radio in “Lori Tells…”., a popular segment at www.highrollerradio.net She can be heard Tuesday night’s at 7pm during Thank the Poker Gods, a HRR presentation on the On Tilt Radio network.

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

  2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

Lori Tells...on High Roller Radio

Lori Tells…on High Roller Radio

Lori Tells... is a segment on www.highrollerradio.net

Lori Tells… is a segment on www.highrollerradio.net

Script for Lori Tells… – May 27

a big discussion has been happening the last two weeks between my poker friends. The titillating questions have been, “When will another female make the WSOP final table?” and   “Will a woman ever win the Main Event?” This touches on something I said a couple of months ago, so , please allow me to elaborate. Barbara Enright made the final table of the Main Event in 1995. She finished 5th, and would have been in a great position to win but her pocket eights were outdrawn by 6-3 suited.She has had 13 career cashes at the WSOP on top of that! An awesome player and she has what it takes, for certain! Last year both Baumann and Hille almost made it to the Great Final Table, although my feeling is that they definitely caught many breaks throughout the tourney. Actually Hille took out a friend of mine ..cracked his kings with tens on an All In call pre flop. That was definitely a hand that should have taken her out earlier. It’s no surprise to those that know me that I am not a big fan of Hille or Baumann. I personally do not believe that either woman has had the experience needed to be a great poker player, and I certainly do not believe that they have studied the game and the poker mindset needed to be a pro.  I think that it is MUCH harder for a woman for many reasons to be at Final Table. First, sheer numbers..less women enter. The math is what it is. Secondly, I do believe that, in general, the female brain is wired differently than the male brain, if you will. This does not mean that I believe women cannot excel in poker by any means!. Someone like my favorite poker player, Vanessa Selbst, will be at the Final Table soon! This may just be her year! She is a force to be reckoned with, everyone must agree! You can actually see the look of fear and intimidation in her opponents faces during play.  What that statement means is this, I believe women must work a little harder to achieve that battle mindset that the male seems to have been born with. So, when you encounter a fierce competitor at the poker table, and it happens to be a female, give her a little extra credit..she probably worked a lot harder than you in the beginning of her career to acquire the tools needed to win consistently and to achieve that poker mindset that all winning players have.  I realize this opinion is very controversial, and I don’t expect many to agree with me. What do YOU think? Let us know here at High Roller Radio~ I love to hear from all of you, and friendly debates are the basis for learning!

Dynamite Lori!!!  What do you think?  Agree?  Send us an email to derrick@highrollerradio.net

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