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Marc Etienne McLaughlin Interview Notes

Hey High Rollers, had an excellent interview with Marc Etienne McLaughlin, 6th place finisher in the Main Event…the French-Canadian was having fun, leaping into the crowd every time he received a walk in the Big Blind…made a great comeback, but then suffered a bad beat and was eliminated in 6th.  Good friends with Jonathan Duhamel, 2010 world champ, and now good friends with High Roller NATION!


Marc Etienne McLaughlin


Hey High Rollers, you just watched him on television as part of the much heralded ‘November 9’…our guest today – a Canadian, who just enjoyed the biggest score of his young life, 1.6 ,million, ….but first, today’s chat brought to you by our friends at VegasopDogs.com, America’s #1 handicappers…they pick winners folks.

Alright, just had Steve Dannemann on the show, runner-up in  ’05…and he said he watched the final table and called it boring….there was only one guy having fun…the Canadian, Marc Etienne McLaughlin our guest today, from Quebec…good friends with 2010 world champ Jonathan Duhamel…Marc, welcome to show, thanks for being a High Roller…

Hey man, congratulations on your 6th place finish…I know you were hoping for more, you went in 3rd in chips I believe…the cards didn’t seem to be with you….how would you describe your final table experience?

What did you think of the outcome…Ryan Reiss, pretty much dominating Jay Farber heads-up…and then making a controversial remark, saying he feels like he is the best player in the world?  Twitter lit up, many feel he showed some disrespect to veterans of the game…guys who have won multiple bracelets, like Ivey, Hellmuth, Matusow?

During the telecast, your buddy Jonathan Duhamel was interviewed during one of the breaks…and I found it interesting, when he said your ‘rail’ was basically the same rail…the same people, that he had at  the Penn and Teller theatre three years ago when he won it all?  You guys are good friends?  Did you grow up together?

What type of guy is Jonathan?

How do you help each other with your games?

What comes to mind when I say the Montreal Canadiens?  How about the Toronto Maple Leafs?

You a George St. Pierre fan?  Did you watch the fight and, if so, do you think that was a good decision?

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Tony K & VegasTopDogs

 Alright…yes, thanks to Tony K and VegasTopDogs.com, High Roller NATION is $140 richer thanks to Washington/Philly going under (53) and the Bills crushing the Jets.  America’s #1 handicappers making us money!

Plus, Chris de Beer calls GSP and gets lucky, thanks to the judges.  A win is a win right?  The ‘Don’ is crushing it on this show.

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The Kidney Call?

Hey High Rollers, we love charitable efforts at High Roller Radio and we are continually surprised and delighted by the number of charity events and inspirational stories we see in  the world of poker and professional gambling. Came across this story the other day and decided to write our own version.  What a story.

Marc Etienne McLaughlin

Confirmed for show:  The 6th place finisher in the 2013 World Series of Poker main event, Marc Etienne McLaughlin, a Canadian and good friends with 2010 main event winner, world champion Jonathan Duhamel.  Can’t wait for our chat….he seemd to be the only one having fun at the final table with his leaps into the crowd, like the Lambeau Leap, everytime his big blind was given a ‘walk’…think he was trying to get something going…nearly did too…with a big double up but then his stack dwindled again.


The Kidney Call?
In putting together the website, I’ve learned a few things about myself; I’m creative, I’m dedicated and, surprisingly, I’m fairly patient and, in doing research on poker players, gambling legends and interesting characters of the game, I have also come to the conclusion that the poker community is caring and generous.  Each day, on facebook and twitter, I come across inspirationa…l stories, the kind that motivate you to do better.
The story of Krystal Seiling, one of only three women left in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event, is one of those of those stories.
“I have plans for some money. My number one plan is that my boyfriend needs a new kidney. He has been battling some health problems. My mom, everyone knows I’m going to help him out and get him a kidney,” Seiling said while knocking on wood.
‘I figure I have a good cause going for me and hope the poker gods can smile on me for a little bit.” Yes, may the poker gods be with her.  At High Roller Radio, we call it the ‘High Roller Way!’  “I’m going to buy my mom a purse too, she needs a nice one.”
Good luck Krystal!
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Might just be me but Blake and adam are so far and away better coaches then Cristina and cee lo it really isn’t fair!

(Infiniti Poker’s Gavin Smith on twitter referring to The Voice fair comments indeed! Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are High Rollers)

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