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Hey High Rollers, crazy famous prop bets today. Why? well, because we just heard of the $1.2 million dollar wager between Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian. Enjoy.

High Stakes Prop Bet
High stakes poker players Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins have shaken hands on a major wager, one that involves Bilzerian riding a bicycle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a 48-hour span. If the playboy Instagram star does he’ll collect on the $1.2 million bet. Perkins, a wealthy hedge fund manager, is known for making huge prop bets (most recently a bet with Antonio Esfandiari that resulted in ‘The Magician’ peeing at the table and getting DQ’d from there PCA in the Bahamas), against Bilzerian, who spent $100,000 on Powerball tickets for a $1.5 billion draw. Crazy stuff. Bilzerian tweeted that he hasn’t been on a bike in 15 years and he’ll now have to cover the roughly 300 miles in just two days. What do you think?

Bill Perkins
An avid poker player, who cashed for $1.9 million in the Big One for One Drop at the WSOP, Perkins focusses on venture capital and energy markets. He founded Small Ventures USA, L.P. in 1997 and later joined Centaurus Energy in 2002. He now manages Skylar Capital.

‘The Mouth’ Lost in the Forrest
In 2007, Mike Matusow got down from 241 pounds to 181 pounds and collected on a $100,000 weight loss bet with fellow multiple bracelet winner Ted Forrest. A few years later the two made another famous wager with Forrest dropping wight this time, And, he did. Forrest shed 48 pounds in three months to pocket a whopping $2 million.

The Johnny Moss Sucker Punch
Johnny Moss, legendary poker world champ and member of the Hall of Fame, once bet a guy who had never lost a bar fight that he could beat him. His price? 15-to-1. The stipulation? That he got to throw the first punch. So, Moss hit the guy from behind, in the head, but failed to knock him out and, as a result, suffered broken bones and a night in the hospital.
“Fifteen-to-one was too good to pass up,” he said.

Eat a Burger Baby!
Controversial poker great Howard Lederer, a known vegetarian on the poker circuit (when he was welcome), accepted a $10,000 wager to eat a hamburger, which he easily downed. Lederer gave his rival, David Grey, who hates olives, a chance to double up by eating a few. Apparently Grey hates olives more than he hates losing five figures because he gave up the cash.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name!
The first of two bets between fictional characters to make the list is one of my favorite episodes of Cheers and involves the gang growing beards for a month. Sam, Norm, Cliff and Frasier each throw in $20, agreeing to let Carla judge the entries on “length, body, fullness, luster, sheen and bounce.” All of them do pretty well, but Cliff has a little bit of trouble until he finds some “industrial adhesive products.”

Hilarious clip from ‘The Nuts’ by ESPN. Love Billy Gazes.

Barkely Vs Bavetta in Foot Race!

“If you’re committed to being a professional gambler, and you want to be the best you can be, you spend every waking moment trying to figure out a way to beat the game.”
– Billy Walters, Legendary Gambler (from Richard Munchkin’s book, Gambling Wizards)

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Did you know? – 1973 WSOP PLUS: ‘The Mouth’

Did you know?

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

Did you know?  The 1973 was the first modern World Series of Poker as we know it today.  A series of new games was added to the schedule; 7 Card Stud, Razz, Ace to 5 lowball, Deuce to 7 lowball, 5 Card Stud and a few smaller No-Limit Hold’em events, all of which led up to the main  event, referred to as the world championship.  Organizers were coming off the public relations bonanza that followed Amarillo Slim’s victory the year before, which provided some well-received national attention and spotlight on poker’s world championship.

Did you know?  CBS Television filmed a one-hour documentary narrated by the world’s most famous gambler at the time, Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder.  Millions of viewers got their first glimpse at high stakes poker and the glamour associated with the main event.

Did you know?  The first organized poker competition with a tournament director was the 1973 WSOP.  Eric Drache, who also helped produce High Stakes Poker and who is also a member of the Hall of Fame, oversaw the WSOP that year.

Did you know?  Puggy Pearson was the star of the 1973 WSOP.  Not only did he win the world title but two other titles as well.  Even though the fields were smaller back then, there were only seven events and Pearson won three of them.

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"The Mouth"

“The Mouth” is one of the greatest poker players ever!

Mike Matusow wins his 4th bracelet!!!!

Huge come back win over Matthew Aston, “Fuck the haters,” he said jubilantly in victory.  Last 3 tourneys for ‘The Mouth’:  NBC Heads-UP – 1st, Omaha 8 or better WSOP – 13th, now EVENT 13 Stud Hi/Low Split – 1st.  BRACELET Baby!

Canadian Mike Leah 3rd for 108k.  Matusow wins a quarter million!

Twitter Glitter:
David Baker @DMBakes  2m
@hasanhabib1 to the guy who won a small pot off me “Your dad must be a dentist because getting 5k from him is like pulling teeth!”

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What are the odds Daniel Negreanu wins a bracelet?  How about Hellmuth?  What are the bookies listing a woman at the final table at?  Chris de Beer wagers a few ‘flyers’ at www.highrollerradio.net

Chris de Beer has won 13 of his last 14 UFC bets!


Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow

Mike “the Mouth” Matusow

"The Mouth"

“The Mouth” is one of the greatest poker players ever!

Mike Matusow has got the chip lead with three players left in Event #13, 7 Card Stud Hi/Low Split.  ‘The Mouth’ is gunning for bracelet #4.  I met Mike in Calgary in 2009 at the Canadian Open Heads-Up Championship, actually interviewed him after his first round match for Canadian Poker Player magazine.  I was working for the Canadian Poker Tour at the time and I was fortunate enough to meet a number of big name players, who up until that point I had only watched on television; Huckleberry Seed, Antonio Esfandiari, Gavin Smith, Brad Booth, Scott Montgomery and Greg Mueller, among others.

During the short Q&A, Matusow told me he was making it his ‘life mission’ to put disgraced 1994 world champ Russ Hamilton behind bars.  Hamilton, of course, is the man behind the Ultimate Bet ‘God Code’ cheating scandal and a guy who Matusow says ripped him off for $2.5 million.

“I couldn’t understand how he was beating me so badly,” he reflected, on a series of heads-up matches with Hamilton.  “It was a bad time for me.  He’s a thief and should be locked up.”

Matusow used our chat to promote his new book Check Raising the Devil, which he described as an ‘intense ride’ and one of the best biographical poker books around.  As we discussed his life, his new girlfriend, who he met online interestingly enough, the book and poker, Matusow seemed quite jittery and was continuously looking over my shoulder at the television above the bar, seemed like he was preoccupied with the basketball game.

The Q&A only lasted 10 minutes but I knew it was 10 minutes wasted for Matusow.  He didn’t want to be there, not just the interview with me, which he took as a duty to the owner of the Canadian Poker Tour, who rumor has it paid Matusow’s entry in order to attract him to Calgary.  Worth noting, Matusow lost his opening round salvo, a best two-out-of-three match with lots of chips and lots of play, in record time.  He was out of the tournament, two-nothing, almost before it began, the match only lasting 25 minutes.  Again, he glanced at the TV and grimaced. So, I eventually made the inquiry, “You got money on the game?”

“You know, I didn’t even want to be here,” he launched into a mini bi-polar tirade.  “I’ve been running so good betting basketball the last month and it wasn’t even worth my time playing this 5k buy-in.  I’ve got 40-grand on tonight’s game.  I only came here as a favour to Gavin,( referring to the Clown Prince of Poker, Gavin Smith, another elite pro and friend of the CPT owner).  That’s the worst poker I have ever played!”

Just like that, the interview was over and a few hours later Mike Matusow was on a plane back to Vegas, like the trip to Calgary didn’t even happen. Oh, and he gave me a book.  I contemplated asking him to sign it but simply said, “Thank-you Mike, it was my pleasure.”

www.highrollerradio.net  Good luck Mike!