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What Not To Do In A Casino & Chip Stacker Supreme




Steve Dannenmann’s 
‘Top Ten’ 
Things NOT to do in a Casino:

1. Never, ever, ever play Ace-three at the poker table…it seriously could cost you millions…
2. Don’t block the line at the ATM machine before midnight waiting for yet another withdraw cause you didn’t bring 2 ATM cards…
3. Don’t pack the casinos pillows in your suitcase, airport security will always catch you…still just saying
4. Don’t yell “baby needs a new pair of shoes” at the roulette wheel… that’s a craps table play
5. Don’t get caught dipping casino chips in your beer then betting your lucky number on the roulette wheel
6. Don’t ever stay at a casino that has their name on the towels, just saying…
7. Don’t get caught staring at the waitresses name badge while sitting next to your girlfriend at a slot machine…
8. Don’t ask other players what the count is at the blackjack table when the pit boss walks by…
9. Don’t lose all your money in the casino and make your girlfriend walk the vegas strip in heels…for 26 blocks….
10. Don’t take 2 ATM cards with you to the casino…not a good idea.

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The Chip Stacker
Here’s what artist and sculpture professor Liu Jianhua painstakingly constructed a handful of years ago using an incredible array of styles and colors. 

Titanic Thompson

Amarillo Slim is widely known to have learned many of his proposition bet schemes from Alvin Clarence Thomas, a gambler and hustler, known as ‘Titanic Thompson.’  His reputation as a golfer, card player, marksman and pool shark is legendary, his skills often compared to Merlin himself.  ‘Titanic Thompson’ travelled the USA wagering at cards, dice games, even horseshoes and he’d make enormous prop bets when he had the obvious edge. 
A roving gambler in an age when gamblers carried guns for protection, it’s believed Thomas killed five men in his life; shot four of them shot in self-defence when they tried to rob him of his winnings one night.  He was also involved in a high-stakes poker game that escalated into, what was then called, the
 ‘Crime of the Century’.

Fun Fact:

After taking 500 bucks off a rival in a pool game one night, a spectator asked, “what’s his name?” The opponent replied, “It must be Titanic; cause he sinks everybody.”

Sports Betting

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Nolan Dalla Q&A

One of a Kind is the best-selling story of Stu Ungar, who became 3-time World Champion of Poker!

Author Nolan Dalla Q&A




Kind Words from a LEGEND of the Poker Industry

Thank-you Nolan Dalla!  Not only for being a guest on High Roller Radio but for then writing about it in your blog; saying kind words about me personally and generating some dynamite exposure form the website.  Cheers sir.

High Rollers, Nolan Dalla is a titan; author of One of a Kind, the Stu Ungar biography, WSOP media director, executive on Poker Night in America, a new television, character-driven show.  Check out his wonderful blog post:


My Interview on High Roller Radio

high roller radio

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Derrick Oliver-Dewan.  He’s the founder, director, and on-air personality for a new radio format called High Roller Radio.

Derrick said he wanted to interview me for his show.  I figured we’d discuss the usual topics going on in the poker world.

To my surprise, Derrick went a lot deeper than I expected, and I certainly talked a lot longer than he planned.  A radio show the customarily went 15-20 minutes extended close to an hour, due mostly to me rambling on about Stu Ungar, the World Series of Poker, Poker Night in America, and even some political issues.

Sometime later following our interview, I discovered that Derrick probably was the one who deserved the microphone, for his personal story is far more compelling — and even inspiring — than anything I’ve ever done.  I won’t steal away Derrick’s thunder.  Instead, I’ll let him tell his own incredible story at his own time.  Nonetheless, I expect he will make an excellent feature subject for an upcoming “Facing the Firing Squad.”  So, remember the name Derrick Oliver-Dewan.

In the meantime, here’s the re-broadcast of my interview today with Derrick which took place earlier this afternoon

Again…thank-you Nolan!  very generous indeed. To listen to entire interview http://www.highrollerradio.net/Nolan_Dalla.html

On the topic of Poker Night in America…

Massive Slow Roll:  We’ve mentioned the new show recent guest Nolan Dalla is a part, Poker Night in America?  Well, here is a sample of what you’re going to see on it and it involves a massive slow-roll:

In a recent $25-$50 no-limit hold’em cash game as part of Poker Night in America, poker pros Mike Matusow and Shaun Deeb were tangled up in a pot. Matusow held jacks while Deeb held fives. The flop gave Deeb quads, and when Matusow shoved his short stack in on the turn, Deeb astonishingly asked for a count. He thought about it for a little bit before calling.

(I do NOT advocate slow-rolling opponents, but that must have been funny!)

John McCain likes poker?  A new photo is making the rounds on the internet, showing Senator John McCain, a one-time presidential candidate, playing Texas Hold’em on his IPhone.  This, while the ruling class on Capitol Hill was weighing its …options on war.   The photo was captured by a photographer Melina Mara at The Washington Post.  Despite a storm a criticism, the elected official from Arizona was unapologetic.

Photo: John McCain likes poker?  A new photo is making the rounds on the internet, showing Senator John McCain, a one-time presidential candidate, playing Texas Hold’em on his IPhone.  This, while the ruling class on Capitol Hill was weighing its options on war.   The photo was captured by a photographer Melina Mara at The Washington Post.  Despite a storm a criticism, the elected official from Arizona was unapologetic.

LOVE IT!  www.highrollerradio.net
Nice post from Lori Kolstad, a share of former guest Robert Turner, the inventor of Omaha.

Lori Kolstad
A lil’ poker history via the most informed man in poker, Mr. Robert Turner ~

“I worked for the MGM for five years and in 1999 I had them tour LA to convince them to put poker in the MGM. About four executives toured Los Angeles with me and I had Tom McEvoy give them a book on Poker . After the visit they called to thank me and said poker was not for the MGM all that changed when they realized Bobby Baldwin was about to be their boss.”


Did you know?  Robert Turner invented the game of Omaha.




Nolan Dalla Tidbits, Gambling in Ireland w/ John O’Shea & UFC 165

September 23, 2013: Prophecy?

Nolan Dalla, media director for the WSOP, based on her success at WSOP Circuit events, told Lonnie Harwood she would have a ‘HUGE’ 2013 World Series of Poker.  Pulled her aside and told her.  Harwood, just 18 months after playing her first circuit event, made three final tables, won her first bracelet and close to $1 million dollars – the biggest WSOP any woman has ever had.  ESP Nolan?   Excellent interview with the author of One of a Kind, the biography of the late and great Stu Ungar, listen here (http://www.highrollerradio.net/Nolan_Dalla.html)  Do you like poker stories, you’ll LOVE this chat.  Enjoy.



Here’s another thing we learned from the Nolan Dalla Interview:

Did you know?  Des Wilson, author of the great poker narrative Ghosts at the Table, the story of 1979 main event world champ Hal Fowler, the first amateur to ever do so, used to be the head of the head of the Democratic National Party.  He quit politcvs and decided to write about poker.  Nolan Dalla, author of One of a Kind, says it may be the best poker book ever, ‘Pulitzer Prize winning stuff’ he added.

Tidbit: Des Wilson has also done research he says documents and proves the legendary heads-up battle between Johnny Moss and Nick ‘The Greek’ Dandelos, the origin of the WSOP, NEVER happened!  Wow.

Programming NOTESNolan Dalla interview is one site and its GREAT!  Q&A w/ Irishman, pro poker player and BIG TIME sports bettor John O’Shea is on site….PLUS, Lori Kolstad with a written piece on COLLUSION at the table.  BRAND NEW ‘Interviews‘ page – click the tab for access to our archives.

You like poker tidbits?  You’ll LOVE our site.

Thrilled to talk to this guy, Irishman John O’Shea….on the COVER:  We talk about his degenerate lifestyle, money management, what his family thinks about his gambling exploits and the documentary The Gambler.  Wow…great stuff.

Pro poker player and GAMBLER John O’Shea on HRR.

Did you know?  John O’Shea, in the documentary The Gambler, admitted to gambling up to $5 million (British Pounds) a year.  Dynamite chat, listen here – http://www.highrollerradio.net/John_O_Shea.html

UFC 165

Chris de Beer 1-and-1 at UFC 165, still makes profit!  AND his college football pick won easily.  Now, 31-8 on the show. Bash Da Bookies one bet at a time baby. www.highrollerradio.net

WOW!!!  Alexander Gustaffson was absolutely robbed at UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship 165….losing to Jon Jones….how a judge saw it 49-46 I’ll never know???  Unreal….would love to hear Chris de Beer’s thoughts?

Highway robbery in Toronto.  Whaddya think?

Did you see the title fight?  Do you think Jones won?  I thought he got beat up…he landed some dangerous shots but overall I thought the SWEDE won.  Let us know?

High Roller Quote of the Night:  (From UFC 165 in Toronto and co-main event preview)

“I’m all-in, I mean my chips are on the table and I’m going for it.”

Eddie Wineland, who was knocked out by interim champ.  Love the poker references at an MMA event.

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Nolan Dalla – One of a Kind

What a treat!  Nolan Dalla is a legendary figure in the world of poker and he gave us an outstanding 52 minutes on our modest High Roller Radio.  Insightful, historical and philosophical too, Dalla spoke on a wide range of topics; Stu Ungar, his book One of a Kind, his job as media director at the WSOP, his new television show Poker Night in America and much, much more.  What poker books does he like?  What does he think of Phil Hellmuth?  Phil Ivey?  Sunglasses at the poker table?  How about the state of America…yes, he rants about too.  Great stuff Nolan thank-you.  Below, enjoy our interview notes for Nolan Dalla.  (Listen to full interview at www.highrollerradio.net)

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Nolan Dalla

– WSOP Media Director, Poker Night in America, Author


Hey High Rollers,

This is going to be a treat, a real treat…I read the book years ago and it remains one of my all-time favorite poker books, One of a Kind, the Stu Ungar biography…outstanding…and our guest today wrote it…

currently, he’s one of the brains behind a new poker television show Poker Night in America, which I applied for by the way, rejected! and he also happens to be the media director for the WSOP, only the biggest poker outfit in the world.

He is a legendary figure in the poker world…a poker historian and ambassador to the game.

I know he likes to banter about politics too, with his political science degree from the University of Texas, he’s got a masters as well..and di some work in the government…we’ll talk about that…maybe we’ll get him to paint us a picture of America right now…in poker and in life.  Nolan Dalla is our guest today…Nolan, the pleasure is ours thanks for being a High Roller man:

Right off the top, I’ve got to say…your book was so much better than the movie High Roller, or Stuey in some places, I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot…it was a wonderful offering…my hat is off to you for that…how did that project come to be?  were you friends with Stu…because let me say, you were able to not only paint a picture of his brilliance with a deck of cards…but also managed to get some candid admissions from him as well…with respect specifically to his drug use and how it affected him as a father…

What did you think of the movie?
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Mike Sexton said in the eulogy he wanted people to remember Stu for his greatest at the table and not his troubles off it….always wanted to ask you…should we do that….should we simply forget the degenerate he was was…and simply hold him us as maybe the greatest ever?

Here are my top 3 poker books…One of a Kind, by you, The Professor, The Banker and the Suicide King by Michael Craig and Mr. McManuses Positively Fifth Street….you friends with those guys, what did you think of those two books?

I do want to talk about the World Series of Poker….but first, Poker Night in America….tell us about it, it’s new, it sounds exciting…

On the phone with Nolan Dalla…poker ambassador of all poker ambassadors….Nolan you’ve got one of the greatest jobs in the world…when someone wins a bracelet, you are the first to greet them and say well-done…that’s got to be highly rewarding, especially on those days someone wins WSOP gold for the first time…

Can you walk us through your role with the WSOP?

So many great stories from this past summer at the RIO…Canadian Invasion….Negreanu fighting for Player of the Year…two women winning open events…Barny Boatmen capturing his first, Johnny Bax, the legendary Cliff Josephy winning #2, , Mike Matusow getting number 4…what stood out for you, Doyle Brunson running deep in  the main?  What were your highlights?

Please keep up the broadcasts online, the final tables…poker junkies like me…we love that…gets better each year….do you like jumping in the broadcast booth?  David Tuchman phenomenal…

POY race…Greg Mueller was on our show…ranting about the fact that Kid Poker was already 400 some odd points ahead of him in POY race before he even stepped in the RIO…suggesting perhaps…it should start in vegas…and then, anyone having a good summer could then travel the world and vy for that prestigious award…

Player of the year and the world champion…forever immortalized on the walls at the RIO…very nice touch..

November 9…any predictions on atmosphere or winner?

How has the absence of online poker in America affected the WSOP?  Where are we with regulating things?

Political science guy….what is going on in America right now…your chance to rant about what you see as right and wrong with the Nation…I’m in Canada…but I am interested to hear what you think of the state of the union if you will…

Rapid Fire:

Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, Doyle Brunson, Tom Dwan, Vanessa Selbst,Daniel Negreanu the new age player versus the veteran old-timer, sunglasses at the poker table, a shot clock in poker, Black Friday, today’s interviewer?


Did you know?  In addition to a long list of poker and gambling articles published in Gambling Times, Card Player, Poker Digest, Poker Pages, Poker Player, and The Intelligent Gambler, Nolan Dalla is the author of One of a Kind, Stu Ungar’s biography.

Thank-you Nolan.

Did you know?  As media director for the WSOP, Nolan Dalla, author of the legendary One of a Kind, the biography of Stu Ungar,  has been at every bracelet ceremony at the WSOP since 2002.
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Ted Forrest, Jennifer Tilly, Nolan Dalla, Facebook Giveaway

September 10, 2013:
Did you know?  Ted Forrest has five World Series of Poker bracelets, including three at the 1993 WSOP.  He also has reached five final tables on the World Poker Tour and one championship, the Bay 101 Championship where he outlasted J.J. Liu in the longest heads-up duel in WPT history.  Forrest also won the NBC National Heads-Up Championship, beating Chris Ferguson in the final.
Did you know?  Ted Forrest was a key part of a consortium of poker players, known as ‘The Corporation’, who pooled their money together to play Texas billionaire Andy Beal in a series of very high limit, heads-up, Texas Holdem games, with limits ranging anywhere from $20,000/$40,000 to $100,000/$200,000.  He has been referenced as ‘The Suicide King’ in Michael Craig’s book, The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King, which chronicled those heads-up matches.

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Jennifer Tilly
She is one of our favorites!  Remember when she just called Patrik Antonius’ bet on the river with Kings full?  I believe it was Poker After Dark, the Cash Game.  Kings full and she just called,
Reminds me of the time when I was just starting out in the game, playing at the Wynn, I was up about $2400 in a $1/$3 game, killing it…playing like a donkey and hitting everything, including my only ever Royal Flush earlier in the evening.  It was about 5am, when this hand came up; I had pocket kings and raised pre-flop (the table was full of good players who had transferred tables to get my money because, as I realize now, I was a fish in those days (1994 maybe) they were sharks and they smelled blood in the water).  I got 5 callers!  The flop came jack, 8, 2 and I bet and got one caller, who I had position on.  I turned a king and he bet $250 (there was about $250 in the pot) and I smooth called.  The river came a blank, my opponent, who had about $2000 himself (remember, this is the Wynn, where you could buy in for any amount in the $1/$3 game at the time, so these players put money behind because they wanted to stack me) fired $600 into the pot and I SNAP called and took down a monster.  I was happy until the other players started making fun of me for just calling…there were no flush or straights out there and my opponent claimed to have pocket 8’s and set I could have got it all…another $1400.  Ooops.  Bad play by me….but guess what, I was a donkey, I left the game WAY UP because they were poking fun at me.  They shouldn’t have aid anything and maybe I would have given it back.  Bad play but good decision to leave way up.
Did you know?  Jennifer Tilly, the girlfriend of poker pro Phil Laak, was married to Sam Simon, co-founder of The Simpsons, from 1984 to 1991.
Photo: Did you know?  Jennifer Tilly, the girlfriend of poker pro Phil Laak, was married to Sam Simon, co-founder of The Simpsons, from 1984 to 1991.


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High Roller Radio ‘Thought of the Day’

The key to happiness has been talked about by many successful people and what it comes down to is this: Gratitude.

Take a few minutes each night or morning to think about the things you’re grateful for in your life. If you can’t think of anything, imagine not having the ability to see, or walk, or speak, or not having a house over your head, or a bed to sleep on, or internet connection.

When you are grateful for what you have, life tends to give you even more things to be grateful for, further increasing your level of happiness. The opposite is also true.

– Kevin Ngo

KN’s a High Roller!

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Also, legendary pro Ted Forrest analyzes one of my hands in our blog at http://blog.highrollerradio.net 

what do you think should I have folded?
Confirmed:  Nolan Dalla, author of one of my all-time favorite books, One of a Kind, the Stu Ungar Story, once I get back to Canada.  Can’t wait…7 days for a poker legend, a guy who now reps the WSOP – great gig,

Nolan Dalla…soon on High Roller Radio.

May the pokerv Gods be with you today.  www.highrollerradio.net @highrollerradio on twitter.