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Marc Etienne McLaughlin Interview Notes

Hey High Rollers, had an excellent interview with Marc Etienne McLaughlin, 6th place finisher in the Main Event…the French-Canadian was having fun, leaping into the crowd every time he received a walk in the Big Blind…made a great comeback, but then suffered a bad beat and was eliminated in 6th.  Good friends with Jonathan Duhamel, 2010 world champ, and now good friends with High Roller NATION!


Marc Etienne McLaughlin


Hey High Rollers, you just watched him on television as part of the much heralded ‘November 9’…our guest today – a Canadian, who just enjoyed the biggest score of his young life, 1.6 ,million, ….but first, today’s chat brought to you by our friends at VegasopDogs.com, America’s #1 handicappers…they pick winners folks.

Alright, just had Steve Dannemann on the show, runner-up in  ’05…and he said he watched the final table and called it boring….there was only one guy having fun…the Canadian, Marc Etienne McLaughlin our guest today, from Quebec…good friends with 2010 world champ Jonathan Duhamel…Marc, welcome to show, thanks for being a High Roller…

Hey man, congratulations on your 6th place finish…I know you were hoping for more, you went in 3rd in chips I believe…the cards didn’t seem to be with you….how would you describe your final table experience?

What did you think of the outcome…Ryan Reiss, pretty much dominating Jay Farber heads-up…and then making a controversial remark, saying he feels like he is the best player in the world?  Twitter lit up, many feel he showed some disrespect to veterans of the game…guys who have won multiple bracelets, like Ivey, Hellmuth, Matusow?

During the telecast, your buddy Jonathan Duhamel was interviewed during one of the breaks…and I found it interesting, when he said your ‘rail’ was basically the same rail…the same people, that he had at  the Penn and Teller theatre three years ago when he won it all?  You guys are good friends?  Did you grow up together?

What type of guy is Jonathan?

How do you help each other with your games?

What comes to mind when I say the Montreal Canadiens?  How about the Toronto Maple Leafs?

You a George St. Pierre fan?  Did you watch the fight and, if so, do you think that was a good decision?

Marc Etienne Mclaughlin…listen to full interview at www.highrollerradio.net

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Tony K & VegasTopDogs

 Alright…yes, thanks to Tony K and VegasTopDogs.com, High Roller NATION is $140 richer thanks to Washington/Philly going under (53) and the Bills crushing the Jets.  America’s #1 handicappers making us money!

Plus, Chris de Beer calls GSP and gets lucky, thanks to the judges.  A win is a win right?  The ‘Don’ is crushing it on this show.

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Lon McEachern Interview Notes on HRR

Hey High Rollers, what a thrill for ‘The NATION’ today, just days before the so-called November 9 resume play at the Penn & Teller Theatre in Las Vegas, we had a chance to chat with the man who will be broadcasting all the action…ESPN’s Lon McEachern, the straight man to Norman Chad’s funny….the perfect pair…such chemistry…and you know, what a job ESPN and its crew has done to promote this beautiful game.  Here are our interview notes for Mr. Lon McEachern.  2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it


ESPN’s Lon MCEachern


ESPN Broadcaster Lon McEachern, partner of Norman Chad.

ESPN Broadcaster Lon McEachern, partner of Norman Chad.

Alright High Rollers,

Today, the voice of poker in America….yes…but first, today’s chat on High Roller Radio brought to you by our friends at VegasTopDogs.com, Tony K and company, America’s #1 handicappers…they pick winners folks….

I am a huge fan of this guy…he’s the straight man, if you will, to Norman Chad’s funny – what a career in the broadcast booth…he’s compiled quite a resume…k1 Kickboxing, Pride, billiards, you’ve heard him do Strikeforce on NBC, PBA Bowling….I think…he even broadcasted Scrabble…but of course, he is most famous, at least among this crowd, for his outstanding coverage of the World Series of Poker on ESPN…. Oh did he hit it big when Moneymaker survived Farha,…and there he was, front row seat, with his headphones on, just smiling….because poker was about to explode….and he had the best view in the house..

Lon McEachern (ma-CAIR-en)…our guest today…Lon, welcome to the show…

Alright, we’re a few days away from the big showdown at the Penn and Teller Theatre, November 9…how have you been preparing for this marquis event?

Are you happy JC Tran is there…a BIG Name pro…doesn’t always happen these days with the incredible field sizes…

For our listeners who haven’t been to this vaunted event…can you describe for us the atmosphere at the P&T Theatre? For the final table?

Lon, in ’03, when everyone’s saying Farha would come back and beat the kid, “…just too experienced,” I remember Dan Harrington saying….did you have a sense then, of what was about to happen…I mean, the epic rise of this game…right into the mainstream?

What do you make of the sums of money these guys are playing for…not just in the tournaments…but in the side games…and have you gotten used to it?

Who are some of the poker players who stand out of the crowd for you…that when they’re at a table you’re commentating on you say yes…this will be fun?

Let’s talk about Mr. Chad…the comedian…what type of guy is he…..what you see and hear on camera, on twitter and so on…is that really who he is?

You guys have great chemistry…was it always that way…at the beginning?

Side kicks…you’ve had a few interesting guys in the booth with you, Ken Shamrock, Randy Petersen, Norman Chad…what strikes you as most interesting about each, all very successful in their own right…

How would you describe your broadcasting career?

Tell us about the bowling…PBA, it seems to me…is big right now…guys are making a tremendous living at 10-pin…national sponsorship…but it hasn’t really taken off like poker…

Darts, big in England…what do you make of these secondary sports…poker bowling, darts, making it big…is it all about promotion?

You covered a lot of sports…where does a superstar poker player rank in celebrity with say a football player, hockey player etc….

Curious Lon…how cutthroat is the sports broadcasting business in the USA….everyone wants that dream gig….

Is it true you broadcasted scrabble?  And if so, are you kidding me?

You can visit Lon’s website at www.LonMcEachern.com and be sure to watch the final table Monday & Tuesday.

To listen to the full Lon McEachern interview…visit here http://www.highrollerradio.net/Lon_McEachern.html


High Roller Radio Quote of the Week:

“If there was no action around, he would play solitaire – and bet against himself.”

Groucho Marx about his brother Chico.

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WSOP Final Table

Hey High Roller’s the 44th annual World Series of Poker has been exhilarating from start to finish and we’ve still got nine players with chips.  Yes, we are down to the famed November 9, a four month break til we play this thing out.
November 9!!!!  Here they are:  JC Tran, Amir Lehavot, Marc McLaughlin, Jay Farber, Ryan Reiss, Sylvain Loosli, Michiel Brummelhuis, Mark Newhouse and David Benefield.  Each are guaranteed $733,224
Good luck to all of them and good gambling!
A couple of big names highlight the final table, including the short stack David Benefield, a well respected top notch pro and your chip leader, the odds on favorite to win the event, the ME gold bracelet and the $8.4 million, JC TRAN!!!!  One of the very best on the planet, Tran has 38 million…here are  your final table and chip counts:
JC Tran, Sacramento, California, 38,000,000
Amir Lehavot, Israel, 29.7 million
Marc McLaughlin, Brossard, Quebec, Canada, 25.6 million
Jay Farber, Las Vegas, 25.9 million
Ryan Reiss, East Lansing, Michigan, 25.8 million
Sylvain Loosli, France, 19.6 million
Michiel Brummelhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 11.3 million
Mark Newhouse, Las Vegas, 7.3 million
David Benefield, Arlington, Texas, 6.4 million
The Matador – Carlos Mortensen was your final table bubble boy…wow, thought he might win it again, he already has the world championship title from 2001.
So, there it is…your final table…who are you taking?  Who’s next?

Photo: November 9!!!!  Here they are:  JC Tran, Amir Lehavot, Marc McLaughlin, Jay Farber, Ryan Reiss, Sylvain Loosli, Michiel Brummelhuis, Mark Newhouse and David Benefield.  Each are guaranteed $733,224</p>
<p>Good luck and good gambling!</p>

Here’s what they’re playing for folks:
1st: $8,359,531
2nd: $5,173,170
3rd:  $3,727,023
4th: $2,781,983
5th: $2,106,526
6th: $1,600,792
7th: $1,225,224
8th: $944,593
9th: $733,224
JC Tran your chip leader w/ 38 million.  Experienced, talented, a shark in shark infested waters….he’s the biggest name at the final table but can he win it?  Your thoughts?
Would love to hear from you High Rollers, derrick@highrollerradio.net
High Roller NATION
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Photo: Stay tuned, our next draw will be for Jared Tendler Poker's The Mental Game of Poker....a fascinating look at how to approach the game...Tendler is a well respected poker author, his book outlines 7 forms of tilt....he helps you identify and then deal with them.  Be stronger than your opponent mentally and the chips will come your way.</p>
<p>This is a GREAT giveaway....!  Thank you Jared.  By the way, we interviewed Mr. Tendler...Listen NOW at www.highrollerradio.net under the AUTHORS tab!
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Photo: The High Roller Radio t-shirt!!!  Our next giveaway will be soon, congrats to Deanne Aussant, winner of author Greg Elder's How to Become a Professional Gambler: Video Poker Edition and two blackjack card counters.</p>
<p>Nice tee eh?  Stay tuned, next draw soon.</p>
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