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WSOP Bracelet Winner Analyzes a Hand of Omaha Hi Low

Hey High Rollers, very happy to bring this post with the aid of my buddy Calen ‘Big Wheel’ McNeil, a Canadian, who in 2013 won WSOP gold in Event #20, $1,500 Omaha Hi Low 8 or Better. The following year he finished 4th in the very same event. The guy can play! Here, he responds to a listener question about a hand in a $5 NLO8 tourney on Full Tilt Poker.

Listener Question:

I was in the hijack seat, with the blinds at 120/240 in a game of No Limit Omaha Eight or Better, and I raised to 720 with AK36 (3 clubs, including the Ace). The button calls. The small blind ships it all-in for my entire stack. I decided to fold, leaving myself just 15 big blinds. Should I be calling there?
Calen McNeil Answer:
I think in that spot when you raise your committing yourself to the hand. You have two low cards and a big suited ace. That is good enough to go with when you’re short stacked and under 20bb. In the future, perhaps limp the hijack or make it 480. That makes folding more of an option. In this spot folding shouldn’t be an option with that hand and when you make it 3x. If you had only one low card, in this case a 3 and, say a 9 instead of a 6, you might open fold. If you had a 3 and a 10 I would go with it. The 3 and the 6 definitely make it a raise ‘to get it in’ hand. If you had a 5 or a 4, or obviously a 2, to go with the three it’s the same thing. Raise to get it in.

Listener Reply: 
Thanks. I feel I’m playing too tight in certain spots. Especially when there is a caller behind and then an all-in, my gut tells me I’m always crushed there.


Calen McNeil:

When raising from steal spots (button) people can raise you all-in with any A2 hand or double suits and the like. Your hand plays well against a wide range of hands your opponent could be doing this with. You are crushed against ACES with a Deuce. That’s a pretty tight range to be crushed by in my opinion, especially in this spot. I like to raise smaller amounts which allows me not to get too pot committed.

Editor’s Note:
A day after submitting that question to Calen McNeil, our High Roller sent us a note saying he won his daily $5 NLO8 event for $96. Sweet.

Called McNeil’s bracelet in 2013 was one of 10 won by Canadians and another, Marc Etienne McLaughlin, finished 6th in the main event.
2015 World Champion Joseph McKeehan is a pretty good player. The North Wales, Pennsylvania, native took a lot of criticism on social media for ‘running good’ during the 2015 November Nine. But, since that main event final table McKeehan has already amassed close to $1.8 million in earnings. His run includes a win at the Fall Wynn Classic, a 2nd place finish at the PCA $100k High Roller event for $1.2 million and a 4th at the Borgata Winter Open for $249,267. The guy can play.
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