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Johnny Moss, Doyke Brunson and Great Prop Bets

Hey High Rollers, they’re heads-up in Event #1 – the Casino Employees Championsip…$500 buy-in with $82k going to the winner…By the way, Chad Holloway won the event last year….we’ve had him on the show a few times…great stuff www.highrollerradio.net under the Interviews tab.

Plus…the WSOP LIVE streams are feeding the poker public all the final tables…great drama.  David Tuchman is the host, he’s fantastic…we’ve had him on as well…again, Interviews tab.


Johnny Moss

On January 25, 1971, a feature article, written by Edwin Shrake, on 3-time world champion Johnny Moss, appeared in Sports Illustrated.  The lengthy piece helped to shape the Johnny Moss legend.  In the article, Moss told Shrake the games he found himself in, back in those days, were absolutely insane:

“If you played a week you could win a million dollars, win it in a night if it shaped up right,” Johnny Moss recalls. “There were games, like at the old Metropolitan Hotel in Fort Worth, that nobody would believe the sums involved if I told you today. You got to be a good gambler, anyhow, to get rich in the oil business. Some of them players came out worth $40 million, what with poker and dice and oil leases and whatnot. Money didn’t mean nothing to them, but gambling did. Some of them big old-time oilmen still play in big poker games, but only for the pleasure of stepping on a professional gambler if they can. I like to see them come around.”
(Poker Legends)

The Golden Touch

Dominic ‘The Dominator” LoRiggio teamed up with Frank Scoblete, another professional craps shooter whose authored several books on the subject, including Golden Touch Dice Control, and over the years the pair made hundreds of thousands of dollars together.  While Scoblete is one of the world’s leading authorities on dice throwing, he admits it was LoRiggio who had the golden arm and The Golden Touch.

NOTE:  Think about this; the odds of rolling a seven are 1 in 6.  LoRiggio once went on a 53 minute roll without crapping out, earning him $27,000 in the process.

Blackjack Shrine

The Blackjack Hall of Fame is housed at the Barona Casino in San Diego, California.  Each inductee gets a permanent lifetime comp for full room, food, and beverage but they first must agree to never play on Barona’s tables.  In winter 2002, a diverse selection of 21 blackjack experts, authors, and professional players were nominated for membership.  The public voted online and in January, 2003, at the Blackjack Ball, the first seven members were inducted into the Hall of Fame, an event hosted by renowned blackjack author Max Rubin.

Robert Maxwell
The late, great, media tycoon wasn’t one to waste time in the casino!  At Le Ambassadeurs Casino in London, Maxwell posted one of the quickest and largest losses in casino history while playing three roulette wheels at the same.  He dropped an amazing £1.5 million in under three minutes.  That works out to about £8000 a second.  Wow.

Proposition Betting

The Vegan Dare:  Howard Lederer, a vegetarian, was bet $10,000 by fellow pro Daid Grey that he wouldn’t eat a cheeseburger. Without hesitation, Lederer ordered one up and devoured it.  Grey hates olives, so Lederer offered him a chance to keep his money by simply downing a few.  Grey passed and tossed Lederer the cash.

Could you live in Iowa?
Johnny ‘World’ Hennigan, a big time pro and one of the best players on the planet, is a big city boy.  He just loves the action.  But when some friends wagered a six-figure sum he couldn’t spend six weeks libng in Des Moines, Iowa, Hennigan jumped on it.  “I’ll work on my golf game,” he thought.  He lasted two days and lost the bet.

Ocean Potion

Phil Hellmuth and his pal Huck Seed, the 1996 world champion, were relaxing near the ocean and Phil made the proposition Huck couldn’t stand in the water, up to his shoulders, for 18 hours.  The bet? $50,000.  Seed took the challenge and waded out…he lasted just three hours.

Doye does the Business
The legendary Doyle Brunson used to have a serious weight problem and, over the years, has lost hundreds of thousands on weight loss proposition bets.  But in 2003, he exacted some revenge, winning a 10/1 wager on $100,000 that he couldn’t get belwo 300 pounds.  Thanks to Atkins and Weight Watchers the 10-time braceket winner picked up more than $1 million.

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Legends, Did you know? & dealing with Drunks at the Table

Hey High Rollers, been working hard the oast few days vamping up our Did you know? section…a ton of interesting anecdotes from the world of professional poker and gambling.  Be sure to check it out: http://highrollerradio.net/Did_you_know__3.html

Also, have added some new pages to our Legends of the Game section…Benny Binion, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss, Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth, Scotty Nguyen and many more featured.  Check it out:  http://highrollerradio.net/Legends_2.html

Plus…Lori Kolstad is back with Lori Tells…this week, dealing with drunk and chauvinistic players at the poker table.  Enjoy.



“Lori Tells…”
May 26th, 2014

A Session in the Life of a Low Stakes Casino Cash Grindin’ Girl

It’s another Friday night, and I head into work. My profession is a lil’ different than most.

While most of my friends are going on dates with their significant others, putting their

children to bed or watching TV and winding down from their workdays, I have closed

up shop in the lingerie business and ready for my night shift~poker. I play 40 hours or

more a week in my local casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi, and tonight is my usual “busy”night.

As I drive in, I try to prepare my mind for the battle against mostly recreational, inebriated,

touristy players. I steel myself for the constant babble of inexperienced players that we all

endure night after night, session after session in low stakes 1-3 NL tables. For me, however,

I endure a little more than most of my poker playing friends. There’s been a lot of talk

lately about women in poker. For all the belief that the game is the same for men and women,

I am here to tell you that it is most definitely NOT the same! Just in the course of one session,

I usually am bombarded with table talk that is purely chauvinistic.

What I hear? Let me give you a few examples just from the past 40 hours of play.


“This is the BIG boys’ game. Are you just killing time while you wait for

your husband?”

Lori’s brain:

“Yes, you certainly ARE a big boy! That’s great! You will have the mass

behind you to ship those chips faster in my direction.”


“Little lady, the poker table is no place for a sweetheart like you. Let’s go

somewhere nicer and we can play strip poker.”

Lori’s brain:

“I now know why you are here at 9 pm on a Friday night. With lines like that, you

are not likely to go out on any dates.”


“I fold. You must have it. No offense, but, honey, women don’t know how to

bluff. You will never be able to win in the end because of that. I will never pay

you off. No chips from me, baby!”

Lori’s Brain:

“ Are these imaginary chips that I am stacking? I’ve made you fold by the turn

to the tune of about 70 bbs by my calculations, but, what do I know? I’m just

a girl.”


(After he reraises me when the nut flush draw that I had been betting hits)

“Honey, I hit my card, just fold. I don’t wanna take your chips.”

Lori’s Brain:

“Donkey, EVERY card is your card! Just shove on me so I can snap you off, HONEY.”

As you can see, part of my job description is learning to tune this out, master my own mind-set, and make the most +EV decisions with every deal. It’s not online where I can

just shut off the chat , and sometimes, in spite of having to listen to these ignorant players,

I am happy to be in total control of the table texture.I am in my element, and as long as I know

this and they do not, I will win. as long as I am underestimated, I have a clear advantage.

Players, the next time you see a cute little thing sitting at your table, remember:

You just may be up against a female warrior.

‘Til next time, I wish you “rungood” , loose tables and most of all +EV from the felt

in Biloxi!

Lori Kolstad

Lori is a strictly cash game player of 11 years. She is the owner of the largest vintage lingerie site in the world, an activist for the Poker Players Alliance, Social Media Specialist, radio show hostess and fights daily for federal online poker legislation from her home in Biloxi, Mississippi.


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Catholic Church on Gambling, Dostoevsky on Problem Gambling, Scandal

Hey High Rollers, been working hard to upgrade our Did you know? section…six pages now, chalk full of poker/gambking tidbits.  Simply visit www.highrollerradio.net and click Did you know?  Plus, check out our interview with blackjack card counter Colin Jones, who was featured in the documentary Holy Rollers; the true story of card counting Christians….this guy’s a professional.  What do you do on a soft 18?  Be sure to listen.

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The Catholic Church on Gambling?

The Catholic Church holds the position that there is no moral impediment to gambling, so long as it is fair, all bettors have a reasonable chance of winning, there is no fraud involved, and the parties involved do not have actual knowledge of the outcome of the bet (unless they have disclosed this knowledge).


Many popular games played in modern casinos originate from Europe and China. Games such as craps, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack originate from Europe.  A version of keno, an ancient Chinese lottery game, is popular worldwide, in casinos and on scratch tickets.

Russian Roulette

The Russian writerDostoevsky (himself a problem gambler), portrays the psychological effects of gambling in his novella The Gambler. He associates gambling and the idea of ‘getting rich quick’, suggesting Russians have an infinity for gambling.  The association between Russians and gambling has fed legends of the origins of Russian Roulette.

Sports Betting 101


Banned from baseball, Pete Rose highlights our compilation of the biggest sports betting scandals ever.  Remember the ‘Blacksox’?

Tom McEvoy
1983 world champion, defeating Rod Peete heads-up in, what was then, the longest mano a mano battle in WSOP history.  The two played for more than seven hours.  He’s won 4 bracelets, written more than dozen poker books and is a newly minted member of the Poker Hall of Fame, Class of 2013:
Full Interview 

Suggested Listening:

Dan Lubin:  Inventor of EZ Pai Gow and a table games designer in Vegas.
Robert Turner: Inventor of Omaha poker and a 1993 bracelet winner.

Poker Quotes
Legend of the game, world champion Jack Strauss:
“I think Texans just got a lot more guts has a lot to do with it, most other folks just don’t take the heat when you start playin’ real poker. In Texas you grow up playin’ poker, it’s a Texas game.” 

Jeopardy & Poker?

Arthur Chu, a 30-year-old voice actor, won more than $100,000 in four appearances on the CBS game show Jeopardy.  Chu actively sought out Daily Double’s and abandoned conventional play by starting with the larger dollar values and working his way ‘up’ the board instead of the lowly $100 categories.  Some fans of the show were offended by his style while others praised his apparent understanding of Game Theory and concepts often employed in poker.  Here’s what this trivia whiz had to say about his approach:
     “Back in the day everybody kept their money.  It was like a cash game in poker. Once you’ve gotten enough money, why risk more money? Why make a big bet? If I know I’ve got $18,000 in the bank and someone’s like, “Hey, want to bet $8,000 that you know the answer to this question?” No. Why would I do that? Am I a gambling addict? Am I stupid?  In order to encourage big bets, Jeopardy! is now winner-take-all. Only the person in first place keeps their total at the end of the game. Everyone else gets the consolation prize. If you have $20,000 and someone else has $20,001, you get second prize, which is $2,000. If you are in third place and the two other players have $5 more than you, no matter how much money you have, you take home $1,000. There’s a very powerful incentive to be aggressive. You really do need to make sure you win the game. The most important thing isn’t the absolute number of dollars you have on the board. It’s how strongly you’re beating the other players. How far ahead are you? What’s the spread?”
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Austin Powers & Poker, Richard Nixon, Locker Room Picks & More…

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Did you know?

Eric Seidel, who’s captured eight WSOP bracelets, was runner-up in the 1988 World Series of Poker main event to Johnny Chan, the final hand was immortalized in the 1998 film, Rounders.

Linda Jonston, “The First Lady of Poker”, was publisher of Card Player Magazine and was instrumental in the formation of the Tournament Director’s Association (TDA).

Morrissey’s, a lavish gambling parlour in New York, located at 5 West Twenty-Fourth Street, practically next door to the opulent Fifth Avenue Hotel, featured ‘outrageous’ gambling in the late 1870’s.   Banking tycoon August Belmont reportedly lost nearly $60,000, in just one night, and spent the rest of the evening dining on two finely cooked ducks – making the ducks, at a sinful $30,000 each, probably the most expensive meal ever eaten during the Gilded Age.

(King of Heists)

In the case of Baxter v. United States, legendary pro gambler Billy Baxter fought the Internal Revenue Service and won the right to count poker winnings as earned income. Because of the ruling, poker winnings are taxed at a lower rate than other forms of gambling.

Dewy Tomko has played the main event of the WSOP every year since 1974, the longest streak ever.

Henry Orenstein is the patent holder of the hole cam, which allows audiences to see player’s hole cards.  At the time of his induction into Poker’s Hall of Fame, he was a producer of the  Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament and High Stakes Poker.

The Gambler

To say it struck a chord with gamblers all over the world is to understate its simple genius.  What a song!  Kenny Rogers won the Grammy for best male vocalist in 1980 for the song, ‘The Gambler.”  As close to perfect a song will get, it quickly became one of the World’s all-time great anthems.
• Released – 1978
• Format – Vinyl
• Genre – country
• Label – United Artists
• Length – 3:32
• Songwriters: Hart, Lorenz / Rodgers, Richard

The River Baby
This has got to be one of the most popular t-shirts in our collection.  Imagine showing up to your home game in this beauty – Absolutely priceless!

River Baby t-shirt



Greg Raymer
‘The Fossilman’

Full Interview

Blackjack in the Movies

Austin Powers playing blackjack with Number 2…Number 2 is wearing an eye patch with x-ray vision and hits on 17 because he knows the next card is a FOUR. Austin Powers shows and deuce and a three and STAYS on 5.

The dealer advises him to hit but he says he likes to “live dangerously.” The dealer gets 20 and Austin loses.

This is the scene where he meets Allotta Fachina.

Blackjack Hall of Fame

‘Blackjack Pete’

Lyle Berman, a three-time WSOPbracelet winner, has been elected into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame – It’s 1st member and much deserved too…this guy changed poker with theWPT.

“Lyle is not only a fierce competitor at the highest limits, he completely and indelibly changed the world of poker when he co-founded the World Poker Tour,” Canterbury Park’s Senior Director of Card Casino Operations Michael Hochman said in a statement. “We talked to a great deal of people about inaugural nominees into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame, and literally everyone’s first answer was Lyle Berman.”

Berman is from Minneapolis.
High Roller!


LRP Sports Radio
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‘Tricky Dick’
The 37th president of the United States loved to play poker and actually financed his run for Congress with poker winnings.

Scotty Nguyen
(pronounced ‘win’)
• 5 WSOP bracelets
• 1998 World Champ
• 1 World Poker Tour title
• 8 final tables on the WPT

Did you know?  Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow, one of the best players on the planet, wrote in his book,Check Raising the Devil, that a few days before the 1998 Main Event had a dream, which vividly depicted Nguyen as the Champion.  Despite his friends and mother’s objection, Matusow decided to opt out of the tournament and instead give his entry fee to Scotty for 33 per cent of whatever Nguyen might win.  One week later, Nguyen is World Champion and ‘The Mouth’ was $333,333 richer – his share of the $1 million payday.

Tidbit: One day after the 1998 World Championship, Scotty Nguyen’s brother was killed in a car accident back home in Vietnam.  To this day, Nguyen does not wear his Main Event gold bracelet



Winning Sports Advice, Phil Hellmuth’s Temper, The Moneymaker Effect

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Winning Sports Advice

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Phil Hellmuth – The Poker Brat

“Look honey, I was supposed to go broke on that hand.  But, they forgot one thing; I can dodge bullets baby.”  

Phil Hellmuth, after folding a ‘big hand’, two-pair, Aces over Fours at the World Series opf Poker in 2005.  He stood up and made this statement after his opponent showed the table a better Full House.

Temper Tamptrum

Phil Hellmuth is known to BLOW HIS TOP!  Here is perhaps his most famous tirade:

“The Guy Can’t Even Spell Poker!”

High stakes tournament poker is tough. The pressure is intense and when you couple that with the millions of dollars up for grabs emotions run high.  Phil Hellmuth sometimes, despite his best intentions, blows up, frustrated when the action doesn’t go his way. It’s happened countless times and has polarized him as one of the most controversial World Champions ever.

One of his most infamous blow-ups happened in 2005, at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.  His nemesis was a player to his right named Jim Pittman, a fireman, who bet and, after being raised by Hellmuth, who at the time had 9 bracelets to his name, went all-in.  Hellmuth could not get his chips in the pot quick enough, as if he knew Pittman was dominated, and turned over his Ace King.  Pittman sheepishly rolled over King Jack, a big underdog, and watched as the ‘flop’ (first three community cards) brought no help, nor the ‘turn’ (the fourth).  However, a Jack came on the ‘river’ (fifth and final community card) to bail Pittman out and send Hellmuth on one of his, now infamous, tirades.  When Just as ESPN broadcaster Lon Macheran announced, “Oh, it’s a Jack!  That is a bad beat and Pittman steals the pot,” Hellmuth stood up and went ballistic:

“This freakin’ donkey sticks $15,000 in the middle with King Jack.  The guy can’t even spell
poker.   I re-raised to let him know what I had.  You peeled a Jack off for the sucker; he doesn’t know how to fold a hand.  Some of the worst players in the world, I can’t believe this is the World Series of Poker. I threw away all those hands just to make it look like they could move in on me.  What a terrible play!  If I ever stick my money in with King Jack, but of course that’ll never happen in a million years.”

Pittman interjected, “I’ve seen worse.’

“Not from me buddy, that’s why I’m the 9-time World Champion of poker because I always have the best hand.  You found a Jack for the ‘live’ one huh?”

A demoralized Hellmuth walked over to the crowd and his wife Cathy, telling her, “the guy’s trying to catch a flight.’ He was eliminated a short time later by legendary backgammon player and well-known poker pro Paul Magriel, when MaGriel’s pair of 7’s bested his Ace Queen.  As he left the playing area, Hellmuth looked back at the table and muttered, “That maniac put all that money with two 7’s honey, did you see that?  Two seven’s!  That’s about the worst hour of poker in my life.  I knew MaGriel was going to go off like that too, sevens!  Some of the worst players in the world around here, I mean you think I could catch a break?”

The Moneymaker Effect

The Moneymaker Effect
Christopher Brian Moneymaker grew up in Knoxville and earned his Masters’ Degree from the University of Tennessee. He became an accountant and settled into a ‘normal’ life with his wife Christina and daughter Ashley.  Just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary job and a regular life, but because of him the game of poker, and all online gaming for that matter, EXPLODED!
On weekdays Moneymaker would crunch numbers, on weekends he worked at a local restaurant.  One day, alone at home in his basement, Moneymaker entered a $39 online poker tournament.  It was his first ever. In that moment, that single, solitary, decision to retire to his basement and play an online multi-table tournament would change his life and revolutionize the game forever.
Low and behold, he won the event and qualified for the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.   He soon found himself sitting across the table from the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, who between them have 27 gold bracelets.  27!  This wasn’t his basement, no; this was the big time; bright lights, television cameras, huge purse and the lustre of being crowned the best poker player on the planet.
The year was 2003, 838 runners ponied up the $10,000 entry fee and three days later, Moneymaker found himself heads-up against the smooth-talking hustler Sammy Farha, who always played with an unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth.  Although Farha was short on chips, those in the know still had him as a huge favorite to win.  As fate would have it, Farha failed to call a massive bluff by Moneymaker, a hand that would have given Farha the chip lead, and a few hands later it was all over, Chris’s full house bettering Sammy’s pair of Jacks.
Initial investment – $39, total winnings – $2.5 million!  How’s that for a parlay?  Poker stardom, television commercials, sponsors, books would follow.  “If he can do it so can I,” others said to themselves.  The following year there were more than 2500 players in the World Championship, at the WSOP, the main event attracted.  The year after that 6000 people anted up and in 2006 an astounding 9600 entered.  It’s become known as the “Moneymaker Effect.”  
The poker boom hit like a ton of bricks; television shows, big online site sponsorships, player signings, endorsement deals, a myriad of book releases.  Companies like Poker Stars, Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet became part of mainstream vernacular.  There were a litany of strategy articles, poker forums, blogs, and social media platforms like facebook and twitter have certainly swelled with a ton of poker content – all because an accountant from Knoxville was bored one Saturday afternoon.

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Poker and Gambling Quotes on High Roller Radio

Hey High Rollers, working on a new page of Poker Quotes and have provided a few below.  Enjoy, and please be sure to check out the site www.highrollerradio.net


“Well, it gives me a bit of table presence that others don’t have.  And it helps, because wearing a coat and tie reminds me to stay disciplined.”
– Crandall Addigton, on his wearing a Stetson at the poker table.

“Well, I could have won.  We played back and forth for a long time and finlly a hand came up where, if I had won this hand, I would have broke Johnny.  I had a big lead on him in chips anyway.  I flopped three sevens and he slow played two aces.  He checked the flop and the turn and, even there was an ace on the river, I was convinced I had him.  That was a hand I’ll never forget.  Then we played and played and finally I tried to win with a pair, but he had turned a set of threes on me and that was the end of the game.”
– Crandall Addington, on finishing second to Johnny Moss at the 1974 World Series of Poker main event.

“He returned to Dallas (in 1945) to find one nice surprise…most of his cronies had added a new game to their repertoire – hold’em.  The high action game had spread quickly across the south.  Johnny never let on that hold’em was one of the first games he ever learnt.  He simply asked them how it was played and had a picnic as people across the south tried to teach him.”
Don Jenkins, from his book on Johnny Moss.

“Ill be damned – this is funny.”
– Believed to be the last words of Doc Holliday, legendary Faro and poker player, who died in 1887 of ill health.  Seems he was surprised his death was not the result of bullets.  (From the outstanding book, Ghosts at the Table by Des Wilson.)

A Gambler’s Word
“They are not brace enough to take the name, but they are always ready for part of the game.  A gambler’s word is as good as his bond, and that is more than I can say of many businessmen who stand very high in the community.  I would rather take a true gambler’s word than the bond of many businessmen who are today counted worth thousands.  The gambler will pay when he has money, which many good church members will to.”
– George Devol, legendary riverboat gambler who had a knack for chesting cheaters, from his autobiography.

“To be a Road Gambler you had to do four things:
1) Find the game
2) Beat the game
3) Not get arrested
4) Not get robbed”
Amarillo Slim Preston

Poker Quotes
“I’ve never seen anyone grow humpbacked carrying away the money they won from me.”
– ‘Poker Alice’ Tubbs 

“Oh Grace, don’t you know, the Queens always beat the Straights in this house.”
– Will, from the show Will & Grace following a ‘Home Game’

“Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing.”
— Bruce Dern 

(Note: We thank Des Wilson and his wonderful book Ghosts at the Table for the source of some of these quotes.  Highly recommended book.)

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1998 Main Event – Year of Dreams

Susie Isaacs – Ladies Legend

The 1998 WSOP – The Year of Dreams

By: Derrick Oliver-Dewan

The World Series of Poker has produced a number of remarkable stories of fate over the years and two of the best ever come from the 1998 main event.   Perhaps, the most famous anecdote comes from Mike Matusow and his book Checkraising the Devil, when he opted not to play the world championship that year because he had a dream ‘The Prince of Poker’ Scotty Nguyen would win the event and the $1 million that went with it.  Confident his vision was accurate, Matusow gave half his buy-in, $5000, to Nguyen so that he could play instead.  His friends and family thought he was ‘Nuts’ but ‘The Mouth’ was confident, maintaining to this day he never doubted his decision for a second, not once, because he had a dream and saw the outcome vividly.   The rest, as they say, is history; Nguyen defeated Florida’s Kevin McBride heads-up to win, uttering one of the most famous quotes in poker in the process, “You call, it’s gonna be all over baby.”  McBride did call and it was over and Matusow collected $333,333, his agreed to share for helping Nguyen enter the tournament.

Well, 1998 produced another phenomenal story involving one of the most recognizable names in women’s poker, ladies legend Susie Isaacs.  Isaacs, from Nashville, Tennessee, started battling the boys at the World Series of Poker in 1986 and has certainly left her mark; 15 money finishes including back-to-back Ladies Champinships in 1996 and 1997.  A year later, she would come oh so close to joining Poker Hall of Famer Barbara Enright as the only woman to ever reach the main event final table.  Enright finished 5th three years earlier and might have won the thing if her pocket 8’s weren’t outdrawn by an opponent’s 6,3 offsuit.  Isaacs bubbled the final table in ’98 finishing 10th but she wasn’t even supposed to be playing, as she told us on High Roller Radio:

“I had been studying No Limit Hold’em for a number of years and felt like I was ready for the main event.  Back in those days, they had a number of super satellites where a number of players would qualify for the tournament.  I had been struggling to qualify and I had just enough money left for a single-table satellite and I had to win that just to get into the super satellite.  Well, I came up against this yahoo fella who was riding a rush and on a winning streak.  You can avoid guys like that but not when you’re heads-up against them and sure enough he ran an under quality hand against my Ace Queen and busted me.

“So, I was headed to the parking lot, resigned to the fact I wouldn’t be playing the main event, when out of nowhere I heard my name being called.  Low and behold it was the guy who just busted me and I was a bit annoyed because he just took my last buy-in.  His name was Bill Story and he asked me if I was playng that night’s super-satellite.  I, of course, said ‘No’ and pointed out that he had ruined my chances.  Then he says, ‘I had a dream last week that you made the money n the main event and I want to put you into tonight’s super and give you another bullet as well.’  Sure enough I won the seat!  Mr. Story said he wasn’t surprised and, in fact, he and his wife flew in from Oklahoma to cheer me on the final day of the world championship in 1998.”

An incredible story from an incredible player.  “I am a student of the game and I try to never stop learning ,” says Isaacs, who admits things have changed drastically from her heyday.   “Compared to today, poker was minute back then.  When I finished 10th there were just 376 entries.”

Regarding her back-to-back WSOP Ladies titles, she shrugs off any comaprisons to Johnny Moss, Stu Ungar or Doyle Brunson, who all captured world championships back-to-back.  “I have made it in the poker world, however your comparison is way off base;  my two bracelets are in the Ladies event and, much like the seniors event, that doesn’t really factor into the bracelet race because not everyone can play them.”

Isaacs is still a regular at the RIO come June and July and still plays at a high calibre.  She’s  cashed a few times in recent years but admits the older she gets the tougher it gets.  “The events nowadays are three or four days long and on Day 1 and Day 2 I fare well.  I am very tired by Day 3.”

Watch out for Susie Isaacs in 2014!


Here is the article as it appeared in Poker Player Newspaper





Did you know? Poker & Gambling Anecdotes

Hey High Rollers, watching the NCAA intently and t’s been extremely exciting; how about the Mercer Bears?  Wow….big match-up with Tennessee on Sunday.  Warren Buffet’s Billin Dollar bracket is DONE….no winners…everyone’s busted on just the 2nd day.  9.5 quintillin to one or something like that….you gotta believe if someone’s offering that kind of money they had to be SURE no one would claim the prize.  Great marketing!  It got a ton of play, heck even the President filled oput some picks.

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Did you know?

Did you know?  At first, WSOP bracelets did not have much prestige. Ten-time bracelet winner Doyle Brunson said that his first bracelet “didn’t mean anything” to him and that he did not even pick up two of them.

Bracelets have not always been awarded for winning events.  In 1970, the first WSOP Champion received nothing but a silver cup and whatever cash he won during the event. From 1971–1974, the winner received a somewhat “corny trophy”.  In 1975, the winners received a sterling plate.  The following year, 1976, the WSOP started the tradition of issuing bracelets to the event winners.

Cigars, Women & Poker
Paul “Cigar” McKinney is an American poker player who won a World Series of Poker bracelet at the age of 80.  McKinney won the 2005 World Series of Poker Seniors World Poker Championship No Limit Hold’em became the oldest person to win a WSOP event at the age of 80.  On his bio sheet for the World Series of Poker he listed his hobbies as “moonshine, cigars and young women.”

‘Poker Alice’
Alice Ivers Tubbs; aka: Poker Alice (1851-1930)  was perhaps the best known female poker player in the Old West.  At the age of 79 she underwent a gall bladder operation in Rapid City, but died of complications on February 27, 1930.   In her later years, Alice claimed to have won more than $250,000 at the gaming tables and never once cheated. In fact, one of her favorite sayings was: “Praise the Lord and place your bets. I’ll take your money with no regrets.” 

Greatest Trick of them All!
Antonio Esfandiari pocketed a whopping $18,346,673 after claiming the largest buy-in tournament in poker history. In total, 48 players ponied up the astounding $1 million buy-in to play in the The Big One for One Drop, at the 2012 World Series of Poker. It was largest prize ever awards in sports history.

Can you say Ganjifa?
Archaeology Ganjifa Playing Cards come from Iran.  Ganjifa and Aas-Naas are traditional Iranian card games whose history goes back to the 15th century Safavid period. Apparently Ganjifa was similar to Hokm and Aas-Naas to Poker. These hand-painted playing cards are all from the late Qajar period and are made of lacquered papier-mâché.

Playing like the Boys
In 1941, the Young Women’s Republican Club of Milford, CT held a night like no other; they indulged in traditionally male pastimes like cigar smoking, poker playing, and wrestling. The night confused the majority of Milford’s male population but made quite a splash none-the-less.

The Ace of Clubs House Museum

What a great historical landmark in Texarkana, TX. (1885) This 22- sided house is built in the shape of a “Club” playing card. The local legend is that entrepreneur James H. Draughon built the house with the winnings from a poker game. The winning card was the Ace of Clubs. Each room represents a specific period in the history of the house. The house is located at 420 Pine Street and is part of The Texarkana Museums System.

“It’s impossible to overstate the value of a World Series of Poker gold bracelet to anyone who takes the game seriously. It is the equivalent of winning the Stanley Cup in hockey or the Lombardi Trophy in football.”
– Jeffrey Pollack
2006 WSOP bracelet ceremony

Legend has it, the longest poker game in history was played in this town, Thurmond, WV, circa 1915.

Poker Tips for Beginners
Pai Gow Poker
Anime Blackjack 

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Is Sigmund Freud the Father of Tilt?

The Psychodynamics of Tilt

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Is Sigmund Freud the Father of Tilt?  He’s certainly considered the father of Pschodynamics and the Theory of Gambling Tilt.  What is psychodynamics?  Well, dynamic psychology studies the psychological forces that underline human behaviour, especially the relationship between conscious and unconscious motivation.  Check this out: according to Freud, the entire field focusses on emotional states in the id, ego and superego, all of which have to do with your early childhood psycho-development.  Ego, or for simplicity sake, your personality, is the core and it has to be at war with three forces; id, or instinct, superego, or belief system, and the outside world.  Freud says the outside world can include family, friends, work colleaues, and the casino.  
     So, how does that relate to gambling…or tilt?  Well, stay with me…first some history for you:
Psychodynamics was further developed by Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and Melanie Klein…then in the 1950’s an American psychiatrist built on Freud’s model to develop something called ‘transactional analysis.’  Now, physician James R. Allen says ‘cognitive behaviour therapy’,  the bread and butter of psychiatrists today, is actually derived from transactional analysis, a theory popularized in the 1964 book, Games People Play, that sold a whopping 5 million copies.  Cognitive behaiour therapy is used extensively to treat and rehabilitate compulsive gamblers throughout the world.  Gamblers of healthy mind, their ego always moves in the direction of psychic wholeness…compulsive gamblers, those who canm’t handle their emotions, see their ego go the other way….to that unhealthy state.  That’s when tilt happens. 

Let me ask you a question:  Did you have a happy childhood?  A healthy mind will always say ‘yes’ because it filters off the unhappy experiences.  Conversly, if a patient says his childhood was unhappy, that ego has failed to move towards wholeness.   It’s a concept with important implications in gambling tilt.   By nature, the human mind cannot handle negative emotion.  An unhappy childhood leads to a distorted psyche.  Gambling losses lead to gambling tilt and, even worse, chasing the losses.
     Good news, once you recognize you’re on tilt you should be able to take precautions to survive it.  Tilt comes at a cost right?  So be careful; problem and compulsive gambling is recognized as a disorder that affects about 1% of the population.   Why do gamblers, in particular problem gamblers, continue to play when they are likely to lose money?  We all know what the ‘House Edge’ is.  The casino never loses!  Well, a study at the University of Cambridge looking at gamblers’ belief systems suggests problem gambllers always fnd a way to increase their chances of winning.  They are affected differently by ‘near misses’ and their belief system promotes an ‘illusion of control.’   These near-misses cause them to play longer and bet higher and, over time, chase their losses.

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Viktor Blom ‘Winning’
The man known as Isildur1 online has added a smooth $400k to his bankroll after another successful week on the virtual felt.  Blom is now up $2.2 million for the year.

Who played the largest pot in televised poker history? 

New Jersey brought in $9.46 in online gaming revenue in January, up 28% from the previous month.  The Division of Gaming Enforcement says there are 197,782 online accounts in that state.

Glitch Costs Woman $29 Million
Jennifer Carmen thought she hit a $29 million jackpot at a casino in Indiana but she left empty handed because of an apparent software glitch.  Management offered her a steak dinner as consolation.  “I don’t even like steak!” she says.  Carmen is fighting for the money she believes she deserves.  “They’re always taking my money and I don’t say: ‘Umm is that computer wrong or did you overcharge me?’”

Venetian Maccau

The Venetian Macao in China is the world’s largest casino and the third largest building in the world.  It has more than 1000 slot machines,more than 600 gaming tables and is open 24/7.   The Venetian is a huge complex with the central building standing over 40 stories high.  The price tag, a cool $1,8 billion.

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