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Global Poker League Team Selection = Draft Day

Hey High Rollers, a bit of poker history today as the Global Poker League held its first ever player draft and it was broadcast live on twitch poker with Joe Stapleton, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu as your commentators. The GPL will feature 12 teams and some of the best poker talent on the planet. Some picks were surprising and that left a number of top ranked players, from the pool of 200 available, off the final roster. Make no mistake about it, everyone wants to be involved in this. Here is a look at the teams, the captains and the players.

Mustapha Kanit

Mustapha Kanit       #1 Pick Overall

Rome Emperors
Captain: Max Pescatori
1st Pick: Mustapha Kanit
2nd Pick: Dario Sammartino
3rd Pick: Timothy Adams
4th Pick: Walter Treccharichi

Montreal Nationals
Captain: Marc-Andre Ladouceur
1st Pick: Mike McDonald
2nd Pick: Martin Jacobsen
3rd Pick: Pascal LaFrancois
4th Pick: Xuan Liu

New York Rounders
Captain: Bryn Kenney
1st Pick: Jason Mercier
2nd Pick: Tom Marchese
3rd Pick: Kevin Macphee
4th Pick: Jason Weiler

San Fransisco Rush
Captain: Faraz Jaka
1st Pick: Phil Galfond
2nd Pick: Anthony Gregg
3rd Pick: Kitty Kuo
4th Pick: Anton Wigg

Las Vegas Moneymakers
Captain: Chris Moneymaker
1st Pick: Anthony Zinno
2nd Pick: Jonathan Duhamel
3rd Pick: Jake Cody
4th Pick:
 Jonathan Little

Sao Paulo Mets
Captain: Andre Akkari
1st Pick: Darren Elias
2nd Pick: Byron Kaverman
3rd Pick: Thiago Nishijima
4th Pick:
 Joao Pires Simau

London Royals
Captain: Liv Boeree
1st Pick: Igor Kurganov
2nd Pick: Vanessa Selbst
3rd Pick: Chris Moorman
4th Pick: Justin Bonomo

Moscow Wolverines
Captain: Anotoly Filatov
1st Pick: Dzmitry Urbanovich
2nd Pick: Vladimir Troyanovskiy
3rd Pick: Andrey Pateychuk
4th Pick: Sergey Lebedev

LA Sunsets
Captain: Maria Ho
1st Pick: Fedor Holz
2nd Pick: Olivier Busquet
3rd Pick: Eugene Katchalov
4th Pick: Chance Kornuth

Berlin Bears
Captain: Philipp Gruissem
1st Pick: Brian Rast
2nd Pick: Sorel Mizzi
3rd Pick: Dominik Nitsche
4th Pick: Jeff Gross

Paris Aviators
Captain: Fabrice Soullier
1st Pick: Bertrand Grospellier
2nd Pick: Davidi Kitai
3rd Pick: George Danzer
4th Pick: Mike Leah

Hong Kong Stars
Captain: Celina Lin
1st Pick: Weiyi Zhang
2nd Pick: Raiden Kan
3rd Pick: Dong Guo
4th Pick: Bryan Huang

Did you know? Pascal LeFrancoisSelected by fellow Canadian Marc-Andre Ladoceur, this Montreal Canadiens fan appeared topless in his WSOP bracelet photo – a first!

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World Champs

Off-Strip Casino Hotel Finally Approved!

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Good luck.

Nevada Regulators give approval for off-strip casino

Nevada Regulators give approval for off-strip casino

Off-Strip Casino Finally Approved!
     The Nevada Gaming Commission and the Gaming Control Board have approved the public offering plan of the off-strip chain, Red Rock Resorts, the name the new company will operate under, after successful completion of its IPO. The news seems to have stirred some much needed attention in Casino Games that Station Casino has been aiming to pout in  place since the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the license.

     This new venture will be headed up by the major shareholders, in brothers Frank and Lorenzo Ferttita, which own 43 per cent and have occupied two of the five seats on the Red Rock Resorts executive board ever since the company went private in 2007. 

     There is some opposition. The local Union of Culinary has indicated its intention to oppose the move through its research director Maya Holmes, who’s cited that the bank has manipulated the interest rate, among her many reasons for campaigning against the IPO.  This, despite talk the union has a closer link to the Deutche Bank, which is believed to be the main funder of the company.

     Despite all the issues, the Station has assured regulators that is has no undue influence and the company is in good financial standing. And, the regulator have verified the claims. The massive $460 million entertainment complex acquisition went ahead as it was approved by regulators.

Hockey in Vegas?
“I just don’t see it not happening. We have a solid owner, an arena and we sold 13,000 season tickets. Vegas has 2.2 million people. It’s a sports town. We’ve been starving for a professional franchise of any kind for many years.”
– Daniel Negreanu, on Las Vegas getting an NHL team.

Poker Quotes

“The night before I left Las Vegas I walked out in the desert to look at the moon. There was a jeweled city on the horizon, spires rising in the night, but the jewels were diadems of electric and the spires were the neon of signs ten stories high.” 
 Norman Mailer

“In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number.”
– Steven Wright

“In Vegas, everybody’s gotta watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching the players. The box men are watching the dealers. The floor men are watching the box men. The pit bosses are watching the floor men. The shift bosses are watching the pit bosses. The casino manager is watching the shift bosses. I’m watching the casino manager. And the eye-in-the-sky is watching us all.”
Ace Rothstein: (voice-over), Casino

Online Casino Guide

Bonuses, articles and online dynamite online gaming at Casinotopplistan.com

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Gambling in a Canadian Chinatown – Fun Gambling Facts

Hey High Rollers, absolutely love it when we get follower submissions…and we thank a young 12 year old fan of High Roller Radio for these pics from Victoria, British Columbia. He was there, visiting Chinatown on his older sister’s birthday. Thank-you young man!

Vintage Gambling Games from Victoria, BC, Canada circa early 1900’s:

(Apparently gambling was huge in Victoria, BC, in Chinatown…can you imagine the action and cigarette smoke back in the day?)

Classic dice games enjoyed by those living in Chinatown many years ago.

Classic dice games enjoyed by those living in Chinatown many years ago.

Craps Anyone? Dice games in Chinatown.

Craps Anyone? Dice games in Chinatown.


Slots Anyone?

Slots Anyone?

Online Casino Guide

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Mike Watson Wins PCA, Super High Roller Bowl & Gambling Fun Facts

Hey High Rollers, hope all is well. NFL Play-off weekend…some crazy games so far. Did you see Green Bay v Arizona…wow, what an ending. Are you betting? If so click the banners on this page (along right side) and bet with us at Bet Online…great odds, great action, great fun. Good luck.

Sir Watts Strikes Again

We star with Canadian poker sensation Mike Watson. Can this guy play or what? He always seems to be in the mix, usually at High Roller events, and this time at the very prestigious PCA 2016 main event. ‘Sir Watts’ topped  a stacked field of 928 players to take down his 1st EPT title and $728,325. The 31 year old now has more than $9 million in lifetime earnings and boy would we love to have him on the show. What do you say Mike?

“It means a lot to win a main event with a big field and especially the PCA being one of the flagship events of the EPT, and really a premiere event in the whole poker calendar. It has special meaning to me that Steve Paul-Ambrose won it ten years ago. He was a mentor to me and that makes it extra sweet.”

Anthony Gregg finished 2nd.

Special mention to Marty McCormick of Scotland, who qualified for the PCA thru a $27 satellite on PokerStars, finished 13th or smooth g for 50k. Well done sir…and thanks for the drunken entertainment on twitch poker. We’d love to have you on  the show as well Marty.

Super High Roller Bowl

Poker Central, the world’s first 24/7 poker TV network, has announced plans for its second SHB, this time a $300k buy-in with a 49 seat cap. 

“There are few poker events that can change the landscape of the game overnight — the Super High Roller Bowl is one of them. The 2016 Super High Roller Bowl will be even more exciting than last year’s!”

  • Clint Stintcomb

By the way, Brian Rast defeated Scott Seiver last year to claim the whopping $7.5 million first prize.

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Did you know? 

Writer Damon Runyon allegedly based the character Sky Masterson, the gambler-hero of The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown (on which the musical Guys and Dolls is based), on legendary gambler Titanic Thompson, who is thought to have taught all of his pro-bet, hustling tricks to Amarillo Slim.

Action Man: One of Titanic Thompson’s partners in “the hustling game” included pool player Mnnesota Fats, who considered Titanic a genius, “the greatest action man of all time”.

Pay Cut?
In an era when top pro golfers were lucky to earn $30,000 a year, Thomas (who, after a misprint in a New York newspaper, let people think his name was Thompson) could make that much in a week hustling rich country club hackers. He was once asked if he would ever turn pro? He replied, “I could not afford the cut in pay”.

A Putt for his Life?
Once, during a discussion about golf, Doyle Brunson said that if he had to pick one guy to make a 10-foot putt for his life it would be Puggy Pearson. Not Nicklaus, nor Palmer, nor Watson. Puggy Pearson!
“He’s the greatest pressure putter I’ve ever seen,” Brunson said.

Watch Video
Chicago Cop is caught on video playing online poker while driving in his police cruiser.

Walk of Fame
In 2004, the World Poker Tour created a Walk of Fame, inducting poker legends Doyle Brunson and Gus Hansen, as well as actor James Garner.

UFC 194 Break Down, Andy’s Bloch-Buster Home & Poker Fun Facts

Hey High Rollers, just a few nights until the ‘Fight of the Century‘ in the UFC, as Conor McGregor, the brash talking Irishman, takes on Jose Aldo, a guy who hasn’t lost in 11 years and a true legend of the sport. Will you be watching? Who will you be taking? Plus, Chris Weidman tries to defend his title against Luke Rockhold. It’s a stacked card at UFC 194, should be MMA at its finest.

Conor McGregor faces Jose Aldo at UFC 194. Can his walk match his talk?

Conor McGregor faces Jose Aldo at UFC 194. Can his walk match his talk?

High Roller Radio’s UFC, MMA and Boxing analyst Chris de Beer, the ‘Don’ of sports betting recently appeared n the show…he dissects the card, the big fights and also breaks down the Ronda Rousey loss to Holly Holm. 


Poker Superstar puts his Las Vegas home on the Bloch!

Poker Superstar puts his Las Vegas home on the Bloch!

A Bloch-Buster Deal!

The home of poker pro Andy Bloch is up for sale, a 10,591 square-foot mansion that comes with a hefty price tag – $8,999,000. The custom-built three-story home has six bedrooms, along with six full bathrooms and four half-bathrooms. Bloch has $5.2 million in career tournament earnings and was once an investor in the Full Tilt Poker site. Beautiful games too, this home is about 30 minutes from the Strip and has an unobstructed view of it.

A Chip off the Old Bloch
Andy Bloch, a WSOP bracelet winner and former member of the M-I-T Blackjack Team, is a collector of old and rare poker books. He was featured in the blackjack documentary ‘The Hot Shoe’, has starred in his own DVD, ‘Beating Blackjack’ and was a leading man in the book, Bringing Down the House. Bloch, who holds two electrical engineering degrees from MIT and a JD from Harvard Law School, once pocketed $100,000 in one blackjack session.

Are you a Donkey?
Donkeytest.com is a poker skill test, the first of its kind, which features a unique scoring system to measure your overall poker skill level and assess your play in 13 sub categories. The website reveals your strengths and, perhaps more importantly, your weaknesses. Donkeytest.com was developed by a group of professional poker players and is essentially a poker IQ test.

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New Song:
‘Poker Man’ by Canadian Dean Shaw;

Did you know?  
The sequel to Super System, appropriately titled Super System 2, was published in October 2004. Like the first, the second book is broken up into several sections, each covering a different variant of poker, and written by different experts on those games. Daniel Negreanu, Lyle Berman, founder of the World Poker Tour; Bobby Baldwin; Johnny Chan; Mike Caro; Jennifer Harman; Todd Brunson; Steve Zolotow; and Crandell Addington are among the contributors.

“Poker is an art form, of course, but sometimes you have to sacrifice art in favour of making a profit.”

– Mike Caro


Fun Facts

  • Romania has the majority of poker rooms in Europe, Bucharest boasts 12 official casinos. Monte Carlo has just four.
  • Even though Daniel Negreanu, one of the best players to ever be dealt cards, is from Toronto, Canada, his parents immigrated from Romania, in 1974. The 6-time WSOP bracelet winner and 2-time World Poker Tour champion is very proud os his Romanian heritage.

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Poker Hall of Fame Inductees, November 9, WSOPE, Poker Central w/ Maria Ho & more!

Hey High Rollers:

Always remember, treat poker like an English dinner: “They’re the FISH and you’re the CHIPS!”

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our latest interview with Maria Ho, one of the best poker players on the planet, three times the last woman standing in the WSOP main event, close to $3 million won playing live tourneys, and now host of her own show on Poker Central on Twitch Poker. Listen Now: HERE

Poker Central
Poker Central will be delivering non-stop poker television including exclusive poker tournaments, celebrity players, professional tips, movies, and more. The ownership group includes the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari. Finally.

And the Inductees are?


Poker legends Jennifer Harman and John Juanda will be inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame in 2015. The duo beat out other greats like Max Piscatory, Dave Ulliot and Carlos Mortensen and were selected by a 16-member media panel and the 23 living members of the PHOF.
Poker Hall of Fame

Congrats…well deserved!

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Jonathan Duhamel Wins WSOPE High Roller
The Canadian, and 2010 WSOP main event champion, has taken down the €25,600 star-studded High Roller event for €554,395. It’s Duhamel’s 3rd bracelet, the 2nd this year after taking down the $111,111 Big One for One Drop in Las Vegas. In 2010, he pocketed close to $9 million after defeating John Racener heads-up to become poker’s world champion.
 After his main event victory Duhamel donated $100,000 to the Montreal Canadiens (NHL) Children Foundation.

2015 WSOPE Results
(Berlin, Germany)
Event #1: €2,200 6-Handed NLHE, Makarios Avrimidis (€105,000)
Event #2: €550 Oktoberfest NLHE, Dietrich Fast (€157,749)
Event #3: €3,250 8-Handed Pot Limit Omaha, Richard Gryko (€126,345)
Event #4: €1,650 Monster Stack NLHE, Ryan Hefter (€176,205)
Event #5: €2,200 8-Game Mixed Event, Alex Komaromi (€65,740)
Event #6: €3,250 NLHE, Pavlos Xanthopoulos (€182,510)
Event #7: €550 Pot Limit Omaha, Barny Boatman (€54,725)
Event #8: €1,100 Turbo NLHE Re-Entry, Georgios Sotiropoulos (€112,133)
Event #9: €10,450 Main Evemt, Kevin McPhee (€883,000)
Event #10: €25,600 Jonathan Duhamel (€554,395)

November 9 Betting Odds?

Chip leader Joseph McKeehan: 7/5

Zvi Stern: 7/2

Neil Bluemenfield: 6/1

Pierre Neuville: 6/1

Max Steinberg 7/1

Thomas Cannuli: 12/1

Joshua Beckley: 12/1

Patrick Chan: 25/1

Frederico Butteroni: 25/1

Winner = $7.7 million!!!

Joseph McKeehan
Did you know?
This 24 year old native of North Wales, Pennsylvania, the 2015 WSOP November 9 chip leader with 63 million, won the world RISK championship in 2010. Tidbit: The best roll in Risk is three 6’s. In 2014, McKeehan finished runner-up in the inaugural Monster Stack event earning more than $800,000.

Fun Fact: Fellow November 9’er Max Sternberg won his main event entry through a $27 NBA satellite on Draftings.

Did you know?
Buster Douglas was a 45-to-1 dog to beat Mike Tyson.

“The biggest change in my life now is just knowing that if I don’t make smart decisions, my child might not eat.”
– Tuan Le, Owner of back-to-back WSOP bracelets and 2 World Poker Tour (WPT) titles.

Poker & MMA?

Poker pro’s Olivier Bousquet & JC Alvarado have agreed to an MMA fight with the winner to receive a 6-figure payday. Alvarado wins he gets $120,000, Bousquet wins and he gets $150,000. Who you taking? No date or venue. Alvarado has MMA experience….but weighs less.

The Richest Poker Game Ever?
High Roller Radio interviewed Michael Craig, author of The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King, chronicling the showdown between billionaire banker Andy Beal and a group of Las Vegas pros called ‘The Corporation.’  The Corporation won millions but not before withstanding a huge threat to their bankroll:
Full Interview


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Poker Legend Puggy Pearson, Ivey v Bilzerian, Gambling Fun Facts

Hey High Rollers, hope you are winning at the tables and the cards have been kind. Bubbled a few events as well recently but had a nice score this past weekend, chopped the daily $25 Omaha Hi Low for $447. Sweet!

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Puggy Pearson Quotes

Hall of Famer and WSOP main event world champ.
“I’ll play any man from any land, any game he can name, for any amount he can count…provided I like it.”

“Ain’t only three things to gambling; knowing the 60-40 end of the proposition, money management and knowing yourself.”

“Losing is like smoking, it’s habit forming.”

“The real things to know is that folks will stand to lose more than they will to win. That’s the most important percentage there is. I mean, if they lose, they’re willing’ to lose everything. If they win, they’re usually satisfied to win enough to pay for dinner and a show. The best gambler’s know that.”

Poker Tips for Beginners

Implied Odds = The estimated amount of money that you can expect to win if you complete your drawing hand, regardless of the immediate odds the pot is currently laying you.

Value Bet
What Is It?
A bet made with the intention of being called in order to extract more money or chips from a likely worse hand. Value bets are made when a player’s hand has a positive expectation.

“Aces are larger than life and greater than mountains.”
– Mike Caro

Gamers Spend Money
A new report says nearly half of all social gamers spend money on the activity rather than just continuing to play for free. Most are men between 21-and-35 but 41% are women. The social gaming market is $2.9 billion in the US.

Fun Casino Facts
It’s thought Roulette was invented by the well-known scientist Blaise Pascal as a result of his attempts and numerous tests to create a perpetual motion machine.

Alec ‘Traheho’ Torelli
Alec Torelli is a high stakes cash game terror, who recently crushed his opponents on Poker Night in America Florida for close to $60,000 over two days. He’s a regular in Macau at nose bleed stakes and writes for Card Player magazine. Listen now to our fantastic chat:

For his ‘Hand of the Day’ check out his blog site www.alectorelli.com

Phil Ivey versus Ban Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian is currently estimated to beworth around $150 million while Phil Ivey has a net worth of around $100 million. While Ivey has the inferior net worth, the majority of Ivey’s worth can be attributed to poker while much of Bilzerian’s wealth allegedly comes from his family.

Did you know?
Dan Bilzerian recently signed a sponsorship deal with the fantasy sports site DraftKings. Bilzerian has a whopping 1.25 million followers on twitter and 11.5 million on Instagram.
NOTE: Phil Ivey has over $23 million in live tournament earnings, 10 WSOP bracelets, a WPT title.


Soccer Star Hits Royal Flush

Neymar da Silva Santos Jr, the Brazilian football star who represents PokerStars, has generated a lot of buzz online for the hands he’s been getting. In August, 2015, Neymar Jr hit a royal flush in spades on a board reading KSpade Suit 5Club Suit 4Heart Suit 10Spade Suit QSpade Suit during a €50 Super Stack tournament. He later went on to make the final table, though it was completely insignificant money for him. He makes at least $30 million a year. He posted a photo of the hand on Instagram and it was liked more than 510,000 times. Good publicity for PokerStars.

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The Riviera Closes, Seidel’s a High Roller, Wynn on Online Gaming

Hey High Rollers, great time of year to be a sports fan; NHL, NBA play-offs, on the go and lots to wager on. If you’d like to bet on your favourite team simply click the Bet Online banner (right) and good luck.

Gotta love twitch right? So much good poker content to watch and learn from. In fact, the EPT Grand Final from Monaco is down to 9, and streaming live on twitch Twitch Poker/EPT Grand Final Commentating now? The stunning Liv Boeree. And, Johnny Lodden has chips. Great stuff.

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Play exciting slots and casino games at Star Games. Clkck banner and you’ll be having dun in minutes.

Ari Engel Interview

Ari Engel is an Orthidox Jew poker pro who lives in Las Vegas, but much of his time is spent on the road. He travels the circuit and has won 7 WSOP Circuit rings (2nd all-time), he’s cashed for more than $5 million in live and online tourneys and he’s a great guy! Q&A HERE

Did you know? Ari Engel actually has 8 WSOP Circuit titles but only seven of them were sanctioned ring events. He was also founder Ari’s Training Centre and his main protege was David ‘The Maven’ Chicotsky.
We spoke to ‘The Maven’

Be sure to check out his website at www.aripoker.com

Bye to ‘The Riv’

The Riviera has ended its 60 year run on the Las Vegas strip. The legendary casino, which was the backdrop for several big movies, Casino, Ocean’s 11 and The Hangover, has been bought by the city for $180 million. City officials plan on converting the space and using it for its $2.3 billion dollar convention centre project.

Did you know?
The ‘Riv’ had over 2,100 rooms and the casino had 110,000 sq ft (10,000 m2) of gaming space.

Bingo Anyone?

The Riviera had one of the largest bingo rooms in Las Vegas, and was voted the ‘Best Bingo Room’ by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Charged for operating Seals with Clubs.

Charged for operating Seals with Clubs.

Bryan Micon Charged for Operating Illegal Gaming Operation
The Nevada-based poker pro is accused by the state of running an unlicensed internet gaming platform, Seals with Clubs, misconduct that carries a potential prison term of 10 years and a five-figure fine.

“I maintain that I have committed no wrongdoing.” Micon says. He’s being represented by David Chesnoff, who’s defended well-known poker players Phil Ivey, Paul Phua and Dan Bilzerian in the past.

“Mr. Micon maintains his innocence and we’re looking forward to litigating on what appears to be a case of first impression. We are going to advise our client that he’s been charged in Las Vegas and what his legal obligations are.”
– David Chesnoff, to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Erik Seidel, Best Ever?

Erik Seidel topped a record field of 59 entries in the 2015 €100,000 buy-in EPT grand final Super High Roller event. It’s his 28th career title, good enough for more than €2.2 million. Seidel is 55, a member of the Poker Hall of Fame, and has won more than $22 million lifetime. Oh yes, he’s got 8 WSOP titles as well. High Roller baby!


Wynn on Online Gaming

Interviewed on the Nevada political program “Ralston Reports”, billionaire casino owner Steve Wynn said he is still against real-money poker games on the internet.
“I believe that Internet gaming is not going to happen in any way that is meaningful for Las Vegas. I don’t think it has any chance of getting through the House of Representatives, and even if it did, it would at the behest, at the encouragement, of the state lottery boards who want to go into that business. I am not going to get into [online gaming]. We’ll get blamed if anything goes wrong.”

Rudy at the Poker Table?
Actor Sean Astin’s been in numerous films and been in front of the camera too many times to count, but this week in Monte Carlo the Lord of the RingsRudy, and The Goonies star has made his way to the French Riviera to play on the thrilling Shark Cage poker show.
$100 Bills NOT Allowed
The 2015 World Series of Poker will not allow $100 bills to be in play at cash game tables. The WSOP posted the announcement on twitter:
“We believe this decision best aligns our guest experience to stay up to date with evolving industry standards and ensure our operations can deliver great experiences consistently. It is important to note that this new poker cash game policy has no impact on any poker tournament we offer, as those have always been run exclusively with non-value tournament poker chips.”
Players will exchange cash at the cage or via a chip runner during the Series.

Gambling Quotes
“I’ll play any man from any land any game he can name for any amount he can count – provided I like it.”
– Puggy Pearson

Poker Facts, Dave Ulliott Passes Away & How Tough are Online Cash Games & NEW SPONSOR LuckyFlop.eu

Hey High Rollers, we want to introduce a BRAND NEW SPONSOR here at High Roller Radio – Lucky Flop Poker at www.luckyflop.eu

Now Acception Bitcoin. Lucky Flop Poker, High Roller Radio NEW sponsor.

Now Acception Bitcoin.         Lucky Flop Poker, High Roller Radio’s NEW sponsor.

How tough are online cash gmes nowadays?

WSOP Bracelet Winner

Mike Gorodinsky WSOP Bracelet Winner

“I can only speak on hearsay since I actually haven’t played a single hand of online poker since Black Friday, but just the simple lack of action at $10-$20 and higher for the big bet games should serve as a pretty good indicator that things have dried up significantly. The reality is that the sheer volume of training content and advanced playing tools out there is going to inherently toughen up your average poker player. The losing players then wind up losing faster and the weak professionals don’t really seem to have the desire to improve their game while taking any sort of equity loss against better regulars. So the games just don’t go the way that they used to.”
– Mike Gorodinsky (Card Player magazine April 2015)

The Devilfish Passes Away at 61

The poker world has lost a true High Roller and legend of the game. Dave Ulliott passed away at the age of 61 after losing a battle with cancer. WSOP bracelet winner, WPT winner and Late Night Poker winner. We pay tribute: MORE

5 Poker Thoughts

1) Why do players blame the dealer? Come on guys and gals; I mean, your bad play or misfortune is not the dealer’s fault. Is it?
2) Why is it when you have pocket Kings an Ace always hits the flop?
3) Why do players say ‘Sorry’ when they put a Bad Beat on someone in the pot? If they were truly sorry they’d give their opponent his or her money back.
4) Why do so-called ‘good’ players openly criticize and disrespect an opponent when that player gets lucky and beats them in a pot? Good players should say, “Nice Hand,” keep their ‘fish’ happy AND at the table, knowing they’ll win in the long run. Don’t scare away the Fish folks!
5) Don’t you hate it when a smart-ass opponent says “I knew you had that!” AFTER he sees your cards.

What’s in a Name?

One of the best players on the planet, this Canadian is a double bracelet winner at the World Series of Poker, a former professional hockey player and a guy known as FBT, for Full Blown Tilt.
“A long time buddy, who’s kind of a mentor to me, gave it to me but not so much for the poker table. I’m always antsy, my head’s always spinning. You know, ‘What’s going on over here?’ or ‘Let’s go there.’ He started calling me Full Blown Tilt. It went to FBT and the rest is history. When I first started on the circuit people just knew me as FBT, they ddn’t even know I was Greg Mueller. It’s stuck with me for a long time.”

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Wild Bill Hickok
He’s one of three Poker Hall of Famers to die while playing poker (along with Tom Abdo and Jack Straus.)

Did you know?

– Felton McCorquodal, who was elected into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1979, is credited with introducing the game of Texas Hold’em to Las Vegas in 1963.

– After writing a book on the game of Whist, the phrase “according to Hoyle” became synonymous in card games with following the rules. Edmund Hoyle was inducted into Poker’s Hall of Fame in 1979.

Poker Hall of Fame

– Jack Strauss icknamed ‘Treetop’, his world championship victory in 1982 is considered to be one of the greatest comebacks in poker history. At one point, Straus had one chip remaining and somehow managed to win the title, coining the phrase “A chip and a chair”, meaning that as long as a player hasn’t been eliminated from the tournament, he or she still has a chance.
–  Berry Johnston holds the record for consecutive years cashing at the World Series of Poker – 29.  He cashed in at least one event every year from 1982-2010.
– Henry Orenstein is the patent holder of poker’s hole cam, which allows audiences to see player’s hole cards. At the time of his induction into Poker’s Hall of Fame, he was a producer of the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament and High Stakes Poker.

Tidbit: He also invented Transformers!
Phil Ivey in New Chrysler Commercial
The Kings and Queens of America Here
– 10 World Series of Poker Bracelets
– 1 World Poker Tour Title
– 9 WPT Final Tables
– Won 3 Bracelets at 2002 WSOP

– TV Ad? Yes!

Gambling History

In the early1850’s, Portsmouth Square, the center of the City by the Bay, featured the Parker House, originally built by its owner, Robert A. Parker, as a hotel, but it was quickly converted into a casino as the gambling craze swept San Francisco. A large room downstairs contained three tables for faro, two for monte, one for roulette and a seventh for any other game desired. Professional gamblers paid $10,000 a month for the privilege of conducting their games in this room. A smaller room behind the bar went for $3,500 a month. Jack Gamble, an appropriately named sporting man, leased the entire second floor for $60,000 and outfitted all the rooms for games of chance. It was estimated that at the peak of the California Gold Rush upward of half a million dollars was stacked on the tables of the Parker House on any given day.

Is the EPT the Hardest Tour to Win On?

“To win an EPT is always something very big. These are the tournaments with the toughest fields in the world, and therefore the most difficult to win. In the aftermath of that triumph, my ambition is to win another major title to consolidate my leadership in the French poker rankings and prove to the entire poker community that I haven’t just been lucky — that Malta has not been just an episode.”

– Jean Montury, EPT Malta Winner

“I believe in poker the way I believe in the American Dream. Poker is good for you. It enriches the soul, sharpens the intellect, heals the spirit, and — when played well, nourishes the wallet.”

– Lou Krieger

Online/VLT Randomness

In slot machines and VLTs, random results are produced by a specialized computer chip called a random number generator (RNG). The RNG’s job is to cycle continuously through millions of numbers at several thousand numbers a second. When a player pushes the “spin” or “deal” button, the number that was available on the RNG at that split second is selected. Pushing the button a thousandth of a second earlier or later would result in a completely different outcome. The RNG runs continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when no one is playing.

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