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Kara Scott Parts w/ PartyPoker, Odds & Ends, Poker Quotes


Hey High Rollers, sorry its been a while, enjoyed the xmas break. Lots of sports action to bet on lately; NFL football, World Championship Dartts, UFC too. By the way, tonight, its Jon Bones Jones versus Daniel Cormier forthe light heavyweight title.  Chris de Beer the ‘Don’ of MMA Betting is putting his money on Cormier, the underdog.  If you’d like to place a wager on tonight’s bout, click the banner below for BET ONLINE. This week, odds & ends and Kara Scott leaves Party Poker.


Kara Scott Parts Ways With Party Poker

The Canadian pro will not rep the company in 2015 according to her blog post below:

I’d like to announce that as of the end of this year, I will no longer be an ambassador for PartyPoker or their associated brands. When I first started with the company in January 2010, I was recruited in large part for my on-camera work. Over the past five years, I’ve had the opportunity to host a variety of projects for the company, including the Premier League, the Big Game, the World Open, the European Open and the World Women’s Open. PartyPoker has gone through many changes and unfortunately as their focus shifted, there were fewer and fewer TV projects. As those shows disappeared, so did one of my favourite parts of the job and now my association with Party is ending. However, I’m not going anywhere. I still love playing poker and have made a lot of great friends in the industry. The last five years with Party were a real learning experience for me. I made incredible memories and will always be glad for the time I spent there. I wish all of my former colleagues the best and I look forward to buying them a drink the next time we bump into each other at a poker event. Although I’m no longer wearing an orange patch, you’ll still be seeing me as a sideline reporter on your TVs or sitting with a chip stack of my own in tournaments around the world. I’ve already booked a flight to Malta and reserved a seat at my favourite reggae bar there, just in time for the big poker festival in March. I love poker. Here’s to a 2015 spent pursuing projects that excite and inspire me. It’s been way too long since I jumped into the unknown and I’m both relieved and exhilarated to be doing it again. I always do my best dancing when I’m not exactly sure where to put my feet.


Poker Quotes

“I love gambling and that’s another bad financial decision I’ve made; to play cards for money. The most I’ve won in one night is $28,000 playing blackjack and when I’m in Vegas I love playing poker and I just lose my mind but not to the point where I think I’ve got a problem. I don’t get up in the middle of the night and go every day, nothing like that.”
– Macy Gray, Singer

Mega Powerball Jackpot
Call it one of the largest jackpots’ in Powerball history – a whopping $425 million. A 2013 draw won by a single ticket sold in Northern California. Still no word on who the winner is but do know the gas station will receive $1 million and we do know the winning numbers; 1, 17, 35, 49, 54 and the Powerball of 34. What’s the largest jackpot in lottery history? The Mega-Millions in 2012, a prize worth $656 million. The odds of winning the Powerball, matching all six numbers, is about 1 in 175 million.

Did you know?
In Act I of Guys and Dolls, three small-time gamblers, Nicely-Nicely Johnson, Benny Southstreet, and Rusty Charlie, argue over which horse will win a big race (“Fugue for Tinhorns”).

Guys & Dolls
The Sky Masterson character is based on Titanic Thomson. Damon Runyan was a protege of Bat Masterson when they wrote for the New York Telegraph. A whore’s breakfast was a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a copy of the Telegraph. Bat sent a young Runyan to pawn shops to buy old six guns. He’d carve notches in them and sell them as historical items used in famous gunfights.

Did you know?
The odds of being dealt Ace-King suited are 331-1.

The Big Player
Ken Uston, who wrote The Big Player exposing secrets into Team Play blackjack, beat the casinos in the courts. New Jersey ruled in his favour, stating casinos could not ban players for simply counting cards. The casinos fought back with their own rule changes, like 10 deck shoes, to increase the house edge.
NOTE:  Uston, a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, also penned, in just four days, Mastering PAC-MAN, which hit the New York Times Best Seller list.

William Harding
The late US president, the country’s 29th, Harding, really like to gamble, although it seems he wasn’t very good at it. In one poker game, he bet the White House china collection and lost it all in one hand.
Who is the only player to ever appear topless in his WSOP bracelet photo?
Answer HERE
Fun Facts
ICM, also known as the Independent Chip Model, is a mathematical formula used by poker players to calculate the equity of their chip stack in a tournament. Players often use these calculations to make better decisions in subsequent hands or even to determine a fair and equitable deal when chopping up remaining prize money. Tournament chips hold a non-linear value, meaning one big blind is worth more to a short stack than one big blind for the chip leader.

Austin Powers & Poker, Richard Nixon, Locker Room Picks & More…

Hey High Rollers, still working hard on the website, tidying up pages in an effort to bring you the best possible product going.  We’re not flashy, but if you surf the site you will learn a ton about the game, its history and its characters.  www.highrollerradio.net


Did you know?

Eric Seidel, who’s captured eight WSOP bracelets, was runner-up in the 1988 World Series of Poker main event to Johnny Chan, the final hand was immortalized in the 1998 film, Rounders.

Linda Jonston, “The First Lady of Poker”, was publisher of Card Player Magazine and was instrumental in the formation of the Tournament Director’s Association (TDA).

Morrissey’s, a lavish gambling parlour in New York, located at 5 West Twenty-Fourth Street, practically next door to the opulent Fifth Avenue Hotel, featured ‘outrageous’ gambling in the late 1870’s.   Banking tycoon August Belmont reportedly lost nearly $60,000, in just one night, and spent the rest of the evening dining on two finely cooked ducks – making the ducks, at a sinful $30,000 each, probably the most expensive meal ever eaten during the Gilded Age.

(King of Heists)

In the case of Baxter v. United States, legendary pro gambler Billy Baxter fought the Internal Revenue Service and won the right to count poker winnings as earned income. Because of the ruling, poker winnings are taxed at a lower rate than other forms of gambling.

Dewy Tomko has played the main event of the WSOP every year since 1974, the longest streak ever.

Henry Orenstein is the patent holder of the hole cam, which allows audiences to see player’s hole cards.  At the time of his induction into Poker’s Hall of Fame, he was a producer of the  Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament and High Stakes Poker.

The Gambler

To say it struck a chord with gamblers all over the world is to understate its simple genius.  What a song!  Kenny Rogers won the Grammy for best male vocalist in 1980 for the song, ‘The Gambler.”  As close to perfect a song will get, it quickly became one of the World’s all-time great anthems.
• Released – 1978
• Format – Vinyl
• Genre – country
• Label – United Artists
• Length – 3:32
• Songwriters: Hart, Lorenz / Rodgers, Richard

The River Baby
This has got to be one of the most popular t-shirts in our collection.  Imagine showing up to your home game in this beauty – Absolutely priceless!

River Baby t-shirt



Greg Raymer
‘The Fossilman’

Full Interview

Blackjack in the Movies

Austin Powers playing blackjack with Number 2…Number 2 is wearing an eye patch with x-ray vision and hits on 17 because he knows the next card is a FOUR. Austin Powers shows and deuce and a three and STAYS on 5.

The dealer advises him to hit but he says he likes to “live dangerously.” The dealer gets 20 and Austin loses.

This is the scene where he meets Allotta Fachina.

Blackjack Hall of Fame

‘Blackjack Pete’

Lyle Berman, a three-time WSOPbracelet winner, has been elected into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame – It’s 1st member and much deserved too…this guy changed poker with theWPT.

“Lyle is not only a fierce competitor at the highest limits, he completely and indelibly changed the world of poker when he co-founded the World Poker Tour,” Canterbury Park’s Senior Director of Card Casino Operations Michael Hochman said in a statement. “We talked to a great deal of people about inaugural nominees into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame, and literally everyone’s first answer was Lyle Berman.”

Berman is from Minneapolis.
High Roller!


LRP Sports Radio
Be sure to catch Tony George and Steve Rich, every Wednesday on High Roller Radio.  Listen and win as they provide ‘The Nation’ FREE WINNERS.

‘Tricky Dick’
The 37th president of the United States loved to play poker and actually financed his run for Congress with poker winnings.

Scotty Nguyen
(pronounced ‘win’)
• 5 WSOP bracelets
• 1998 World Champ
• 1 World Poker Tour title
• 8 final tables on the WPT

Did you know?  Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow, one of the best players on the planet, wrote in his book,Check Raising the Devil, that a few days before the 1998 Main Event had a dream, which vividly depicted Nguyen as the Champion.  Despite his friends and mother’s objection, Matusow decided to opt out of the tournament and instead give his entry fee to Scotty for 33 per cent of whatever Nguyen might win.  One week later, Nguyen is World Champion and ‘The Mouth’ was $333,333 richer – his share of the $1 million payday.

Tidbit: One day after the 1998 World Championship, Scotty Nguyen’s brother was killed in a car accident back home in Vietnam.  To this day, Nguyen does not wear his Main Event gold bracelet



Poker Alice Quote – Pot & Poker – Sports Betting Glossary

Hey High Rollers, reading a dynamite book, Christmas gift, called Ghosts at the Table by a guy named Des Wilson….Fantastic!  He investiagtes various poker myths like Wild Bill and ‘the Dead Man’s Hand’ – what was that fifth card?  High Recommended.  Came across a terrific quote from ‘Poker Alice’ Tubbs…in Wilson’s book.  Enjoy.  Plus; a ton of poker/gambling tidbits you’re sure to  enjoy.  Also, scroll down for a Glossary of sports betting terms.


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Poker Quotes
“I’ve never seen anyone grow humpbacked carrying away the money they won from me.”
– ‘Poker Alice’ Tubbs

Gambling Golfers
The story of John Daly and Phil Mickelson, a pair of major tournament winners who like to hit the casino.

Eric Bruskotter
Actor/poker player and star of the big screen hits Major League 2 and 3.  He is an avid poker player and a regular at the legendary Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.
Full Interview

Ever Heard of ‘Casino’ Jimmy?
To earn a nickname like ‘Casino Jimmy’ you have to have paid your dues inside a gambling hall, spent some time there, you know?

You like his shirt?  
It’s called ‘The Card of Death’ tee and it could be yours today!  Check out ourSTORE now.

Pot in Poker
How does marijuana affect your game and, more importantly, your bankroll?  Be sure to check out High Roller Radio’s R. Scott Dinsmore in a new segment we call 

Sportsbetting Glossary

Circled Game: A game where the maximum bet is restricted, often due to injuries.

Futures: Bets placed on the outcome of a future event, for example betting during the NHL season on the Stanley Cup champion.

Lines: Another word for odds.

Money Line: The amount you must bet to win $100, or the amount you win if you bet $100.

Over/Under: A bet on whether the total points/goals scored by the two teams will exceed or be less than a specified number.

Parlay: A bet on 2 or more games. All selections must be correct for the parlay to win.

Pick: A game where no team or betting option is favored, the teams are evenly matched.

Point spread: The handicap that the favorite gives to the underdog to make the bet fair.

Push: A game that is tied when the point spread is factored in.

Single: A bet on a single game or event.

Spread: Another way to say point spread.

Teaser: A bet on 2 or more teams where the bettor can add or subtract points from the spread to make their bets stronger. All selections must be correct for the teaser to win.

Total: The combined number of points or goals scored by the two teams.

Sports Betting Tips

#1) Pick your sport and know it!
Sports betting is the ultimate money game for the sports fan. If you know your favorite sport inside and out, you can overcome “the juice” or “the vig” , beat the oddsmakers.  Also, placing a sports bet makes the outcome of the game more meaningful and the game itself more thrilling.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

2) Select an Online Sportsbook
High Roller Radio recommends BetOnline or SportsBetting.ag, both super reliable and simple to use.  To start, simply click one of the boxes below and you’re well on your way to placing a bet.  Good Luck.

Again, We suggest BetOnline as a good sportsbook to start.  Keep in mind, the sportsbook is not the same as ahe oddsmaker. The sportsbook simply accepts sports bets. An oddsmaker is a person who sets the betting odds. Most major sportsbooks use odds set by Las Vegas oddsmakers. These oddsmakers typically work for major hotel sportsbooks. 

3) Place your Bets

There are all kinds of different bets you can make and this is what intimidates beginning sports bettors.  Stay Calm.  You can place a number of different bets including straight bets, parlays, teasers and over/unders. 

Wanna join the High Roller team?  Drop us a line at derrick@highrollerradio.net


Did you Know? Amarillo Slim’s Top Prop Bets, PLUS: WSOP 1st

Hey High Rollers, back with some more Did you know?’s from our website, www.highrollerradio.net, the best damn poker site going! Well, we may not be the best or most highly rated webste yet but we are growing rapidly.  PLUS:  Amarillo Slim’s greatest prop bets.  How did he out smart Evel Knievel?

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Did you know?

WSOP Trophy?

Bracelets have not always been awarded for winning events. In 1970, the first WSOP Champion received nothing but a silver cup and whatever cash he won during the event. From 1971–1974, the winner received an undescribed “corny trophy”. In 1975, the winners received a sterling plate. The following year, 1976, the WSOP started the tradition of issuing bracelets to the event winners.

Topless Photo a WSOP 1st
Pascal LeFrancois is a super likeable guy.  He’s young, polite and Canadian.  A typical Frenchman, who likes to root for his beloved Montreal Canadiens’, one of the National Hockey League’s original six teams, LeFranscois proudly, dawns his ‘Habs’ jersey wherever and whenever he can.  In fact, often times you’ll see him sporting his team’s colors at the poker table.   In 2010, Le Franscois had a break-out year!  At the World Series of Poker, he managed to win Event #8, a $1500 buy-in with a ruthlessly large and talented field and collect more than half-a-million dollars.  Then, at the main event, LeFrancois finished 11th for more than $600,000.  A couple of weeks work and more than $1.1 million to show for it!  Pretty good gig if you can get it. To follow that success, and prove in the process he wasn’t a one-trick pony, LeFrancois finished second in Montreal, at the 2012 World Poker Tour main event for close to $500,000.  This guy is good.

Full Interview

Definition of HIGH ROLLER
1: a person who spends freely in luxurious living
2: a person who gambles recklessly or for high stakes
— high–rolling
– A high roller known for his lavish parties.
– The casino offers special deals to attract high rollers

High Roller Radio has interviewed a number of poker’s top women; including Ladies Legend Susie Isaacs

Jan Fisher
Member of the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame

Barbara Enright
Only woman to ever reach main event final table

Kathy Liebert
$6 million plus in lifetime earnings

AmarilloSlim Preston, Poker Hall of Fame
Amarillo Slim
Amarillo Slims’ Greatest Bets
• Playing Minnesota Fats in one-pocket with a broom.
•  Taking 211/2 points on the Jets and winning a big bet on Broadway Joe in Super Bowl III.
• Hitting a golf ball a mile on a frozen lake—inspired by Titanic Thompson.
• Wagering that a cat could pick up a Coke bottle.
• Betting on which sugar cube a fly would land on in an Arkansas jail. • Outrunning a horse for a hundred yards (no one ever said anything about the race being  a straight-away.  Horse had to stop and turn around.  Too much momentum.  Too late.)
• Holding a horse’s tail for a quarter of a mile in San Angelo, Texas.
• Broad jumping farther than a superior athlete at Rogers Municipal Golf Course.
• Winning the World Series of Poker at Binion’s Horseshoe in 1972.
• Rafting down the River of No Return in winter in a wetsuit made by Jacques Cousteau–a bet that earned me $31,000 from Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder.
• Beating Evel Knievel in golf with a carpenter’s hammer and betting that two out of thirty cab drivers in Dallas would have the same birthday.
• Shooting free throws with a football against a Hall-of-Fame basketball coach.
• Beating Bobby Riggs playing Ping-Pong with a skillet.
• Beating a world champion Ping-Pong player with a Coca-Cola bottle.
• Betting that a champion bowler couldn’t bowl seventy blindfolded (and that a driver with a little physical impairment could).
• Finding (a) person who could eat a quail a day for thirty days.
• Beating Willie Nelson out of $300,000 playing dominoes in Las Vegas.
• Riding a camel through Casino El Mamounia in Marrakesh, Morrocco. • Pitching coins with Bob Stupak for $65,000 at the Orleans in Las Vegas.
• Playing Larry Flynt heads-up poker at the Fips Club in Los Angeles.
• Betting a prominent politician that George W. Bush would win the 2000 Presidential election.

Did you know? Poker/Gambling Anecdotes.


Hey High Rollers, we love to bring you little gems of gaming goodness so, with that in mind, here are a number of Did you know?’s…poker/gambling tidbits from the site www.highrollerradio.net

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Did you know?

– Joe Hachem, an Australian, was the last player to win the title at its original home, Binion’s.

– Tom McEvoy defeated Rodney Pete heads-up in one of the longest heads-up battles in World Series of Poker history (roughly 8 hours).  He’s co-authored more than a dozen poker books and was elected into the Poker Hall of Fame in the Class of 2013, alongside Scotty Nguyen.

– A name synonymous with poker, gambling and extravagant prop bets.  One of the greatest gamblers of all-times, Amarillo Slim was one of the first ‘known’ players to try and take the game mainstream; from underground, and sometimes shady, card rooms to the masses.  After winning the 1972 World Championship, he appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He also guested on other television shows, like 60 MinutesGood Morning America, the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder and he was in the movie California Split, which was directed by Robert Altman and starred George Segal and Elliot Gould.

– Howard Schwartz of the world-renowned Gamblers Book Club, a Las Vegas institution, was a guest on High Roller Radio and told us about the making of California Split:  “Slim wouldn’t take any direction from the director and demanded to use his own lines in the movie.  They left all of it in!  It was more genuine poker lingo than the script.” 

– World Series of Poker bracelets owned by Amarillo Slim
• 1972.  $10,000 No Limit Hold’em World Championship (prize money -$60,000)
• 1974.  $1,000 No Limit Hold’em (prize money – $11,100)
• 1985.  $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha (prize money – $85,000)
• 1990. $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha (prize money – $142,000)

– Doyle Brunson’sSuper/System had a different title when it was first published in 1978.  It was called, How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker.

Fun Facts
The famous Gamblers Book Club received a credit in the movie Rounders, starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Jonothan Turturo and featuring a cameo by 2-time WSOP Main Event Champion Johnny Chan.

Poker Quotes
“Poker is like sex.  Everyone thinks they’re great at it but most don’t have a clue!”
– Dutch Boyd

“If there wasn’t any action around he’d play Solitaire – and bet against himself.”
– Groucho Marx (…about his brother Chico)

What’s in a Name? 
Moneymaker’s ancestors made silver and gold coins for a living and chose the name “Moneymaker” as a modification of their German last name, “Nurmacher”

Moneymaker:  How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker

“Not too many players try to bluff me.  If there’s going to be bluffing or stealing going on, I’m  going to be the one doing to it.”
– Johnny Chan

‘Titanic’ Thompson
Amarillo Slim is widely known to have learned many of his proposition bet schemes from Alvin Clarence Thomas, a gambler and hustler, known as ‘Titanic Thompson.’  His reputation as a golfer, card player, marksman and pool shark is legendary, his skills often compared to Merlin himself.  ‘Titanic Thompson’ travelled the USA wagering at cards, dice games, even horseshoes and he’d make enormous prop bets when he had the obvious edge.

A roving gambler in an age when gamblers carried guns for protection, it’s believed Thomas killed five men in his life; shot four of them shot in self-defence when they tried to rob him of his winnings one night.  He was also involved in a high-stakes poker game that escalated into, what was then called, the
 ‘Crime of the Century’.

Tidbit: In the wee hours, on November 4th, 1928, crime boss Arnold Rothstein lost $500,000 but welched on the payment because he believed the poker game was rigged.  And it was, by ‘Titanic Thompson!  Rothstein was murdered (not by Thompson) in what was then the ‘Crime of the Century.’ 

Fun Fact: After taking 500 bucks off a rival in a pool game one night, a spectator asked, “what’s his name?” The opponent replied, “It must be Titanic; cause he sinks everybody.”

For more great poker/gambling anecdotes please visit the site at www.highrollerradio.net if you’d like to advertise or need to reach us, contact derrick@highrollerradio.net


















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Did you know?

– Open-faced Chinese Poker is being offered at the 2013 WSOP, as part of the Carnivale of Poker. It’s a WSOP first and the event is expected to attract many big name pros.

– Johnny Moss, with a win at the 1971 WSOP, became the first person to have won multiple lifetime WSOP “bracelets.”  The first actual bracelet was given in 1976.  Moss was also the first person to win five lifetime bracelets, with a win at the 1975 WSOP.

– Johnny Chan, with a win in Event No. 25 at the 2005 WSOP, became the first person to win 10 lifetime WSOP bracelets, just a few days before Doyle Brunson won his 10th bracelet in Event No. 31 of that same WSOP.  Phil Hellmuth is the overall bracelet leader with 13.

– The first person to win two bracelets in the same WSOP was Johnny Moss in 1971.

– The first person to win three bracelets in the same WSOP was Walter “Puggy” Pearson, in 1973. As of the start of the 2013 WSOP, only four other players have won three bracelets in a single WSOP.


Johnny Moss, Legend of the Game. Plus – GSP Wins?

Legend of the Game
Johnny Moss On January 25, 1971, a feature article, written by Edwin Shrake, on 3-time world champion Johnny Moss, appeared in Sports Illustrated.  The lengthy piece helped to shape the Johnny Moss legend.  In the articl…e, Moss told Shrake the games he found himself in, back in those days, were absolutely insane: “If you played a week you could win a million dollars, win it in a night if it shaped up right,” Johnny Moss recalls. “There were games, like at the old Metropolitan Hotel in Fort Worth, that nobody would believe the sums involved if I told you today. You got to be a good gambler, anyhow, to get rich in the oil business. Some of them players came out worth $40 million, what with poker and dice and oil leases and whatnot. Money didn’t mean nothing to them, but gambling did. Some of them big old-time oilmen still play in big poker games, but only for the pleasure of stepping on a professional gambler if they can. I like to see them come around.”
Photo: Legend of the Game
Johnny Moss 
On January 25, 1971, a feature article, written by Edwin Shrake, on 3-time world champion Johnny Moss, appeared in Sports Illustrated.  The lengthy piece helped to shape the Johnny Moss legend.  In the article, Moss told Shrake the games he found himself in, back in those days, were absolutely insane: 
“If you played a week you could win a million dollars, win it in a night if it shaped up right," Johnny Moss recalls. “There were games, like at the old Metropolitan Hotel in Fort Worth, that nobody would believe the sums involved if I told you today. You got to be a good gambler, anyhow, to get rich in the oil business. Some of them players came out worth $40 million, what with poker and dice and oil leases and whatnot. Money didn’t mean nothing to them, but gambling did. Some of them big old-time oilmen still play in big poker games, but only for the pleasure of stepping on a professional gambler if they can. I like to see them come around.”

High Roller Radio Quote of the Night:
“A sucker don’t ever catch on. A smart man don’t ever sleep. He’s got to keep ducking the traps.”
– Johnny Moss


Imagine the dealer rolling the same number 3 times at the roulette wheel and its YOUR number!  It’s happened…and a grannie who recorded the longest craps roll in history.  Amazing casino feats…


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High Roller Radio Quote of the Day:

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
– Anne Frank

Ann’s a High Roller.

Rebeca Martins and Bobby Blue the latest to join High Roller NATION!  They are both now entered into our November 30th draw from a High Roller Radio t-shirt…simply LIKE our fb page to enter.  Good luck and good gambling.  Rebeca and Bobby – High Rollers indeed.

Great interview with November 9’er Marc Etienne McLaughlin, who finished 6th in main event for a cool $1.6 million, who talks about his experience at final table, Ryan Reiss, the controversial George St. Pierre UFC Fight and more…enjoy.

Jonathan Duhamel, High Roller, World Champ

2010 World Champion Jonathan Duhamel

Did you know?  Jonathan Duhamel, 2010 main event winner at the World Series of Poker, and Marc Etienne McLaughlin, 6th place finisher at the 2013 main event, are very close friends, grew up together and even play on the same dodgeball tam.  Dodgeball?

High Roller Radio Quote of the Day:
“The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.”
Thomas Jefferson

TJ’s a High Roller!

UFC 16-sham?  St.Pierre beats Hendricks according to judges only, wow!

Georges St-Pierre continues to rewrite the UFC record book:

His win over Johny Hendricks was a record 19th in the UFC for St-Pierre, moving him past Hall of Famer Matt Hughes at 18. It also extended his string of victories to 12, the longest current run in the UFC.  St-Pierre has not lost since his first title defence in April 7, 2007, when 10-1 underdog Matt (The Terror) Serra knocked him out three minutes 25 seconds into the first round at UFC 69 in Houston. Three fights later, at UFC 83 in April 2008, St-Pierre avenged the loss and won his title back.  The victory moved GSP past former middleweight champion Anderson Silva for most wins in UFC title bouts at 12.  Saturday’s win was GSP’s ninth successful title defence and ninth straight title defence, one behind Silva in each category. And it was his 14th championship fight, one behind Randy Travis Couture.

GSP’s a High Roller!




Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing Poker, Feature, www.highrollerradio.net

One to Tie, Two to Win, one of 16 oil paintings in the series by CM Coolidge

Hey High Rollers, here is the script for a recently added FEATURE on High Roller Radio…enjoy.

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Intro:  16 pieces, paintings commissioned to sell cigars…in the early 1900’s…and today, they are still considered American treasures.  Surely you’ve seen them…Dogs Playing Poker…yeah, deal me in…today on High Roller Radio”

Body:  They’re the taste of the working man, home décor at its finest, a suitable and treasured piece in any man cave.  They were commissioned in 1903 by Brown and Bigelow as an advertising campaign to sell cigars…and what better way to push stogies than a collection of smoking and drinking k9’s?  American classics today, ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ is a series of 16 oil paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge…oh and did Coolidge sell cigars…a ton of them.  The stogies faded…the oil did not..

The collection is a masterpiece really, I mean, what poker player, what art collector, what man, wouldn’t hang an original, or even a print, like I have, on the wall in the games room, overlooking the card table.  The collection comes complete with such names as New Year’s Eve in Dogville, Poker Sympathy, and Stranger in Camp.  ‘Pinched with Four Aces’, another apt name in the series…any poker player can relate to that.  CM Coolidge is playing in that great poker game in the sky now…he’s long passed…but his work will never be forgotten,  they have infiltrated the mainstream…have become a part of poker lore.

Now, a few of the compositions are modeled on paintings of human card-players by such artists as Caravaggio, Georges de La Tour, and Paul Cézanne.  A Bold Bluff, was originally titled ‘Judge St. Bernard Stands Pat on Nothing’ and Waterloo,  originally titled Judge St. Bernard wins on a bluff…that St. Bernard was owned by a Fifth Avenue florist and his name was Captain…great poker nickname right?  In 2005, the originals of A Bold Bluff and Waterloo were auctioned off as a pair…are you ready for this?  They sold for $590,400. Wow.  And when you think about it…is there anything better than cigars and dogs playing poker?  We give that credit to Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, today on HRR.

Waterloo, c. 1906

The titles in the “Dogs Playing Poker” series proper are:

A Bold Bluff (originally titled Judge St. Bernard Stands Pat on Nothing)[3]

A Friend in Need

His Station and Four Aces

Pinched with Four Aces

Poker Sympathy

Post Mortem

Sitting up with a Sick Friend

Stranger in Camp

Waterloo (originally titled Judge St. Bernard Wins on a Bluff)[3]

Ten Miles to a Garage

Riding the Goat

New Year’s Eve in Dogville

One to Tie Two to Win

Breach of Promise Suit

The Reunion

A Bachelor’s Dog

NEW COVER:  The best Gambling Songs, greatest craps roll ever, a GERMAN pro wins his 3rd High Roller event of the year, wow, Bitcoins are UP on stock market, legend of the game Johnny Moss, how one man lost $200 MILLION and much more….poker junkies you’ll LOVE it!


Did you know? 
A new report out of the London says that since the gambling industry in the United Kingdom was deregulated in ’07, television ads have jumped by an incredible 600%.  Roughly 234,000 spots aired in 2007, today that number is about 1.4 million. In 2007, deregulation ‘opened the door to TV advertising for sports betting, online casinos and poker.”


Poker News & Gambling Notes: A Ton of Info

Hey High Rollers, wow, what a month so far; Greg Raymer, Tom McEvoy, ESPN’s Lon McEachern and we have confirmed for the show Allen ‘Chainsaw’ Kessler and Steve Danneman, runner-up to Joe Hachem at the ’05 world series….wow.  Plus, Danielle Striker, author of Poker Samadhi, go my copy and its fantastic!  Okay, a ton of great stuff for you, facts and funnies, odds and ends.  Please enjoy.

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Have made my bets;
Ticket Number 249659392 accepted
Total Risk : 50.00
Total Potential Win : 45.45

Two games today according to Tony K, America’s #1 handicapper from VegaTopDogs.com – we’ve got $50 each on the jets game (we have the jets (+6)) and we’ve got Carolina to smash the Falcons.  So far, so good.  We’re 2-and-0 this weekend so far…YES!

3G Sports/NFL handicapper.

3G Sports/NFL handicapper.

Beat the bookies baby!

Programming Notes:  3 dynamite Q&A’s to remind you of; ESPN’s Lon McEachern, awesome, talks about the WSOP final table, JC Tran the chip leader, the atmosphere and his partner Norman Chad – GREAT.  http://www.highrollerradio.net/Lon_McEachern.html
Plus: 2 world champs Greg Raymer here, http://www.highrollerradio.net/Greg_Raymer.html AND Tom McEvoy, here, http://www.highrollerradio.net/Tom_McEvoy.html  Enjoy.  As well, BRAND NEW news and notes, facts and funnies, Tony K’s picking winners from VegasTopDogs.com and 4, count’em, four Brand NEW WSOP pages….just in time for the final table.  CONGRAT to Scotty Nguyen and Tom McEvoy, being elected into the Poker Hall of Fame.

ESPN Broadcaster Lon McEachern, partner of Norman Chad.

ESPN Broadcaster Lon McEachern, partner of Norman Chad.

Worked hard on 4 NEW World Series of Poker pages…please check’em out…a ton of gambling and poker tidbits, quotes, clips, and anecdotes.  If you love poker like we do, these pages are for you….star on this one….there are 4.


High Roller Radio ‘Quote of the Day’

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”
– Helen Keller

We know Helen’s a High Roller!

High Roller Radio Quote of the Night:

“If there was no action around, he would play solitaire – and bet against himself.”

Groucho Marx about his brother Chico.

One word – Unacceptable!!!!!

A mother and daughter were arrested after Hallandale Beach Police found five unsupervised children in a parked car at the Gulfstream Casino.

Angela Pond, 37, and Esharia Pond, 21, were each charged with five counts of child neglect after a Gulfstream security guard found the children, ranging from 1 to 11 years of age, inside a car parked in the south lot, according to Hallandale Beach Police.

(Folks, please gambling responsibly and w/ common sense.  Your kids are more important than a slot machine, or even our website, lol…Please don’t let the next story like this be about you.  Cheers)

….from Card Player magazine: A woman who won a $1-million prize in a promotion at an Oregon tribal casino is suing the firm who insured it for stiffing her on her seven-figure payout, according to KGW.  In 2012, Beverly Mackey, who currently lives off of disability and social security payments and a small pension, hit the grand prize in the Chinook Winds Casino’s “Swipe, Play & Win” promotion. … To her devastation, the insurer of the contest, Nevada-based Odds On Promotions, reportedly refused to pay, claiming that it had made a terrible blunder. It said a company technician put the odds of a $1-million prize far too low. In other words, that the hit was illegitimate
(We hope the judge makes them pay big time.  A win is a win!)

Twitter Glitter:

Kristy Arnett @KristyArnett
Good poker players who say snarky remarks at plays beginners make need to shut the hell up. There was a time that was you.
(Nicely done Kristy, we agree.  Be nice to them, “good hand,” and keep’em at the table.  I’ve seen a so-called good player get upset at a recreational player, mother of 4, and she got up, put the chips in her rack and left.  Nice job buddy!)



Lon McEachern Interview Notes on HRR

Hey High Rollers, what a thrill for ‘The NATION’ today, just days before the so-called November 9 resume play at the Penn & Teller Theatre in Las Vegas, we had a chance to chat with the man who will be broadcasting all the action…ESPN’s Lon McEachern, the straight man to Norman Chad’s funny….the perfect pair…such chemistry…and you know, what a job ESPN and its crew has done to promote this beautiful game.  Here are our interview notes for Mr. Lon McEachern.  2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it


ESPN’s Lon MCEachern


ESPN Broadcaster Lon McEachern, partner of Norman Chad.

ESPN Broadcaster Lon McEachern, partner of Norman Chad.

Alright High Rollers,

Today, the voice of poker in America….yes…but first, today’s chat on High Roller Radio brought to you by our friends at VegasTopDogs.com, Tony K and company, America’s #1 handicappers…they pick winners folks….

I am a huge fan of this guy…he’s the straight man, if you will, to Norman Chad’s funny – what a career in the broadcast booth…he’s compiled quite a resume…k1 Kickboxing, Pride, billiards, you’ve heard him do Strikeforce on NBC, PBA Bowling….I think…he even broadcasted Scrabble…but of course, he is most famous, at least among this crowd, for his outstanding coverage of the World Series of Poker on ESPN…. Oh did he hit it big when Moneymaker survived Farha,…and there he was, front row seat, with his headphones on, just smiling….because poker was about to explode….and he had the best view in the house..

Lon McEachern (ma-CAIR-en)…our guest today…Lon, welcome to the show…

Alright, we’re a few days away from the big showdown at the Penn and Teller Theatre, November 9…how have you been preparing for this marquis event?

Are you happy JC Tran is there…a BIG Name pro…doesn’t always happen these days with the incredible field sizes…

For our listeners who haven’t been to this vaunted event…can you describe for us the atmosphere at the P&T Theatre? For the final table?

Lon, in ’03, when everyone’s saying Farha would come back and beat the kid, “…just too experienced,” I remember Dan Harrington saying….did you have a sense then, of what was about to happen…I mean, the epic rise of this game…right into the mainstream?

What do you make of the sums of money these guys are playing for…not just in the tournaments…but in the side games…and have you gotten used to it?

Who are some of the poker players who stand out of the crowd for you…that when they’re at a table you’re commentating on you say yes…this will be fun?

Let’s talk about Mr. Chad…the comedian…what type of guy is he…..what you see and hear on camera, on twitter and so on…is that really who he is?

You guys have great chemistry…was it always that way…at the beginning?

Side kicks…you’ve had a few interesting guys in the booth with you, Ken Shamrock, Randy Petersen, Norman Chad…what strikes you as most interesting about each, all very successful in their own right…

How would you describe your broadcasting career?

Tell us about the bowling…PBA, it seems to me…is big right now…guys are making a tremendous living at 10-pin…national sponsorship…but it hasn’t really taken off like poker…

Darts, big in England…what do you make of these secondary sports…poker bowling, darts, making it big…is it all about promotion?

You covered a lot of sports…where does a superstar poker player rank in celebrity with say a football player, hockey player etc….

Curious Lon…how cutthroat is the sports broadcasting business in the USA….everyone wants that dream gig….

Is it true you broadcasted scrabble?  And if so, are you kidding me?

You can visit Lon’s website at www.LonMcEachern.com and be sure to watch the final table Monday & Tuesday.

To listen to the full Lon McEachern interview…visit here http://www.highrollerradio.net/Lon_McEachern.html


High Roller Radio Quote of the Week:

“If there was no action around, he would play solitaire – and bet against himself.”

Groucho Marx about his brother Chico.

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