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Gambling Prop Bets, Gambling and Poker Legends

Hey High Rollers, crazy famous prop bets today. Why? well, because we just heard of the $1.2 million dollar wager between Bill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian. Enjoy.

High Stakes Prop Bet
High stakes poker players Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins have shaken hands on a major wager, one that involves Bilzerian riding a bicycle from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a 48-hour span. If the playboy Instagram star does he’ll collect on the $1.2 million bet. Perkins, a wealthy hedge fund manager, is known for making huge prop bets (most recently a bet with Antonio Esfandiari that resulted in ‘The Magician’ peeing at the table and getting DQ’d from there PCA in the Bahamas), against Bilzerian, who spent $100,000 on Powerball tickets for a $1.5 billion draw. Crazy stuff. Bilzerian tweeted that he hasn’t been on a bike in 15 years and he’ll now have to cover the roughly 300 miles in just two days. What do you think?

Bill Perkins
An avid poker player, who cashed for $1.9 million in the Big One for One Drop at the WSOP, Perkins focusses on venture capital and energy markets. He founded Small Ventures USA, L.P. in 1997 and later joined Centaurus Energy in 2002. He now manages Skylar Capital.

‘The Mouth’ Lost in the Forrest
In 2007, Mike Matusow got down from 241 pounds to 181 pounds and collected on a $100,000 weight loss bet with fellow multiple bracelet winner Ted Forrest. A few years later the two made another famous wager with Forrest dropping wight this time, And, he did. Forrest shed 48 pounds in three months to pocket a whopping $2 million.

The Johnny Moss Sucker Punch
Johnny Moss, legendary poker world champ and member of the Hall of Fame, once bet a guy who had never lost a bar fight that he could beat him. His price? 15-to-1. The stipulation? That he got to throw the first punch. So, Moss hit the guy from behind, in the head, but failed to knock him out and, as a result, suffered broken bones and a night in the hospital.
“Fifteen-to-one was too good to pass up,” he said.

Eat a Burger Baby!
Controversial poker great Howard Lederer, a known vegetarian on the poker circuit (when he was welcome), accepted a $10,000 wager to eat a hamburger, which he easily downed. Lederer gave his rival, David Grey, who hates olives, a chance to double up by eating a few. Apparently Grey hates olives more than he hates losing five figures because he gave up the cash.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name!
The first of two bets between fictional characters to make the list is one of my favorite episodes of Cheers and involves the gang growing beards for a month. Sam, Norm, Cliff and Frasier each throw in $20, agreeing to let Carla judge the entries on “length, body, fullness, luster, sheen and bounce.” All of them do pretty well, but Cliff has a little bit of trouble until he finds some “industrial adhesive products.”

Hilarious clip from ‘The Nuts’ by ESPN. Love Billy Gazes.

Barkely Vs Bavetta in Foot Race!

“If you’re committed to being a professional gambler, and you want to be the best you can be, you spend every waking moment trying to figure out a way to beat the game.”
– Billy Walters, Legendary Gambler (from Richard Munchkin’s book, Gambling Wizards)

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UFC 194 Break Down, Andy’s Bloch-Buster Home & Poker Fun Facts

Hey High Rollers, just a few nights until the ‘Fight of the Century‘ in the UFC, as Conor McGregor, the brash talking Irishman, takes on Jose Aldo, a guy who hasn’t lost in 11 years and a true legend of the sport. Will you be watching? Who will you be taking? Plus, Chris Weidman tries to defend his title against Luke Rockhold. It’s a stacked card at UFC 194, should be MMA at its finest.

Conor McGregor faces Jose Aldo at UFC 194. Can his walk match his talk?

Conor McGregor faces Jose Aldo at UFC 194. Can his walk match his talk?

High Roller Radio’s UFC, MMA and Boxing analyst Chris de Beer, the ‘Don’ of sports betting recently appeared n the show…he dissects the card, the big fights and also breaks down the Ronda Rousey loss to Holly Holm. 


Poker Superstar puts his Las Vegas home on the Bloch!

Poker Superstar puts his Las Vegas home on the Bloch!

A Bloch-Buster Deal!

The home of poker pro Andy Bloch is up for sale, a 10,591 square-foot mansion that comes with a hefty price tag – $8,999,000. The custom-built three-story home has six bedrooms, along with six full bathrooms and four half-bathrooms. Bloch has $5.2 million in career tournament earnings and was once an investor in the Full Tilt Poker site. Beautiful games too, this home is about 30 minutes from the Strip and has an unobstructed view of it.

A Chip off the Old Bloch
Andy Bloch, a WSOP bracelet winner and former member of the M-I-T Blackjack Team, is a collector of old and rare poker books. He was featured in the blackjack documentary ‘The Hot Shoe’, has starred in his own DVD, ‘Beating Blackjack’ and was a leading man in the book, Bringing Down the House. Bloch, who holds two electrical engineering degrees from MIT and a JD from Harvard Law School, once pocketed $100,000 in one blackjack session.

Are you a Donkey?
Donkeytest.com is a poker skill test, the first of its kind, which features a unique scoring system to measure your overall poker skill level and assess your play in 13 sub categories. The website reveals your strengths and, perhaps more importantly, your weaknesses. Donkeytest.com was developed by a group of professional poker players and is essentially a poker IQ test.

MMA Betting
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New Song:
‘Poker Man’ by Canadian Dean Shaw;

Did you know?  
The sequel to Super System, appropriately titled Super System 2, was published in October 2004. Like the first, the second book is broken up into several sections, each covering a different variant of poker, and written by different experts on those games. Daniel Negreanu, Lyle Berman, founder of the World Poker Tour; Bobby Baldwin; Johnny Chan; Mike Caro; Jennifer Harman; Todd Brunson; Steve Zolotow; and Crandell Addington are among the contributors.

“Poker is an art form, of course, but sometimes you have to sacrifice art in favour of making a profit.”

– Mike Caro


Fun Facts

  • Romania has the majority of poker rooms in Europe, Bucharest boasts 12 official casinos. Monte Carlo has just four.
  • Even though Daniel Negreanu, one of the best players to ever be dealt cards, is from Toronto, Canada, his parents immigrated from Romania, in 1974. The 6-time WSOP bracelet winner and 2-time World Poker Tour champion is very proud os his Romanian heritage.

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JC Alvarado Interview, MMA Fight Prop Bets, Sports Books Lose on Rousey

Hey High Rollers, some programming note; we have just interviewed JC Alvarado, a who who just finished 3rd in the 2015 WSOPE main event for $347,000. He’s won more than $3 million playing tournaments, and scored for $969,000 in the 2012 EPT Super High Roller vent in Barcelona. Plus, he’s made news for agreeing to a 6-figure MMA fight prop-bet with fellow pro Olivier Busquet. That fight games place in April and has the poker world, and UFC fans alike, abuzz.

Agrees to 6-figure MMA fight prop bet with fellow pro.

Agrees to 6-figure MMA fight prop bet with fellow pro.

Listen to that great Q&A HERE

The Man Alvarado is Fighting
Olivier Busquet
* Earned $2 million in Sit n Go’s before any other player earned $1 million.
* 2009 Borgata WPT Poker Open champion.
* Owner of 2 EPT titles
* More than $6 million won playing live tournaments.

Flashback: Remember the fight between poker pros Lex Veldhuis and Bertrand Grospellier?

Poker Quotes
“I’m giving him odds because I’ve been training for a while and he never has. I think my experience gives me a slight edge coming into this.”

– JC Alvarado on his fight with Olivier Busquet

Ronda Pounded, Sports Books Too
Rough day for sports books in Nevada when Holly Holm nailed Ronda Rousey with that vicious head kick at UFC 193. According to reports, it was a disaster. Most of the action was on Holm. According to a report from USA Today, the consensus line: $900 on Rousey to win $100, while a $100 bet on Holm would win $600. And the odds were much worse for Holm the further back you go from the fight. She was once 14-1 at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. It was reportedly the most heavily bet Ronda Rousey fight to date.

Did you know?

The UFC’s held over 300 events and counting. Dana White is president, while brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta control the parent company Luffa, LLC. The first UFC event was held on November 12, 1993 at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado.

Bruce Buffer, the ring announcer for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an avid poker player and is a regular entry into the Main Event of the WSOP.

George St.Pierre, the UFC Middleweight Champion of the World, represents the online poker website 888.com, one of the most respected poker sites in the world.

EPT Barcelona
The Grand Casino in Barcelona sits right on the Mediterranean Ocean and directly across from Port Olympic, which was one of the main stages for the 1992 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXV Olympiad.

MMA Betting
Play Poker at BetOnline

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Odds & Ends
“I love gambling and that’s another bad financial decision I’ve made; to play cards for money.”
– Macy Gray, Singer

Did you know? Mike “Timex” McDonald, a 26-year-old poker pro from Canada who has accumulated more than $12.4 million in tournament earnings. He has 10 huge titles to his name and five seven-figure tournaments scores under his belt. One word – WOW! Timex has also worked with some of the November Nine in recent years, including 2011 champion Pius Heinz.

Great Player!
(would love to have him on)

Lastly: Do you play on PokerStars? Check out this Two Plus Two thread where some players are talking about a strike:


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Super Bowl Bets, Prop Bets, Sports Betting & Mr. Las Vegas

Hey High Rollers, did you see that Super Bowl? Was that the worst play call in the history of the big game? Yikes. Tom Brady is a definite high roller, as is Malcolm Butler…what a play. Did you have a few dollars on the outcome? Did you win? High Roller Radio has compiled some fun facts about Super Bowl prop bets, big bets and sokme betting history for you. Enjoy.

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Low Vig

UFC 183: Anderson Silva prevails over Nick Diaz, thought it was an entertaining fight.

Super Bowl Prop Bets 2015
* What color of hoodie would Patriots coach Bill Bilichick wear?
* Would the Patriots coach smile on camera during he game?
* How many times would the announcer mention Katy Perry, the half-time performer, in the first half?
* Oddsmakers had the over/under at 2.5 as to how many time announcers would say the exact phrase ‘deflated balls’ during the telecast.
* Would there be more goals in the National Hokcey League that day than points in the football game?
Past Glory:
A Crazy $1,000 Wager Earns Man 50k

A Crazy $1,000 Wager Earns Man 50k

Giants Score Safety

Real estate man and huge Giants fan Jonah Rechnitz picked a popular prop bet – first score – using an unpopular choice –  safety. Well, the Giants forced Tom Brady into an intentional grounding from his own end zone to put New York up 2-0 to begin Super Bowl XLVI. Rechnitz dropped $1,000 on the ticket to net $50,000 at 50-to-1 odds and promptly vowed to give away all of that cash to charity.
Phil Michelson
Call it a hunch. In 2000, Phil Michelson wagered a cool $20,000 on the Ravens to win it all – before the season started. Baltimore was a 22-to-1 longshot to capture the Vince Lombardi trophy, but they did! 34-7 over the Giants. ‘Lefty’ collected $560,000. That’s like making a 60-footer for birdie.
Mr. Las Vegas Scores
In 1989, Bob Stupak, better known as ‘Mr. Las Vegas’, wagered $1 million on the underdog Bengals (-7) against the 49’ers. Cincinnati may have lost, but thanks to the cover, Stupak did not. (Always the pro, rumor has it Stupak hedged at halftime with a smaller bet on the Niners.)
The 2nd biggest upset in Super Bowl history was in 2002, when the Patriots beat the Rams. That game netted the MGM Resorts Race & Sports Book $4.8 million.
“The gambling industry is willing to devise anything to bring more money their way in profits. Prop betting is probably very popular because gamblers seek frequent and immediate action and gratification.”
– Bruce SvarePsychology Professor on prop betting.
The bookmaker is simply a middle-man who operates on a small profit margin and, ideally, he likes to see half the money wagered on one team and half on the other because if he can he will be assured a profit. If too much of the money goes on one team, the bookmaker will move the line or point-spread to encourage bets on the other team in an effort to balance his book. The person you are attempting to beat is the oddsmaker and his views on each team’s chances.
Like Father, Like Son?
Legendary gambler and prop betting specialist Titanic Thompson was honored at the first World Series of Poker in 1970. He had made gambling trips with his eldest son Tommy for many years, but after he died Tommy, a skilled, successful gambler in his own right, gave up a life of making bets for a church ministry. He successfully counsels prisoners and preaches to convince others to stay away from gambling.
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Gambling in Ontario, Ed Thorpe Beats the Dealer & the ‘Suitcase Man’

Hey High Rollers, big weekend in the NFL…play-offs, interesting match-up between Dallas and Green Bay.  I will likely be betting the packers at BetOnline.  Wanna wager? Simply click the banner below and you’ll have money on your favourite team in minutes. Good luck & good gambling.


Gaming in Ontario

The Canadian online gaming market expanded in 2015 as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has unveiled a new online gambling site, PlayOLG.ca. It’ll feature blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots and video poker. The site also allows users to purchase lottery tickets online. Ontarians spend about $500,000 a year on off-shore gambling sites and OLG is hoping to get its share.

* Players will have to set weekly maximum
* Can play for free
* Proceeds to support hospitals, cultural activities and non-profit corporations
Ontario, which is Canada’s most populous province, is now the seventh Canadian province of 10 that offers regulated online gambling (British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island).

Super Bowl Wager
In 1989, Las Vegas Casino owner Bob Stupak bet big on Super Bowl XXIII, featuring the 49’ers and the Bengals at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami. Stupak fired large, a million bucks, on San Fransisco to win. And, they did! The winning touchdown coming with 49 seconds left on the clock. Stupak had bragging rights for two reasons, as it was also, at the time, the largest bet ever made in Vegas.

The ‘Suitcase Man’
In 1980, William Lee Bergstrom became a Las Vegas legend. Known as the ‘Phantom Gambler’ and ultimately the ‘Suitcase Man’, he anonymously entered Binion’s Horseshoe Casino with $777,000 in a suitcase and placed it all on a single bet. He doubled his money instantly and left, disappearing for three years. In 1984, he reappeared in the casino and bet $1,000,000 on a single bet at a craps table. he lost! The next year, almost a full year after his million dollar bust, he committed suicide in a hotel room.

Ed Thorpe
Authored Beat the Dealer, the first book to mathematically prove, in 1962, that the house edge in blackjack could be overcome by card counting. The mathematics professor and hedge fund manager is best known for being ‘the father of the wearable computer’ in 1961.

The House Edge

NBA Ring?
The late Jerry Buss, a poker fanatic and owner of the LA Lakers, promised Johnny Chan an NBA championship ring if he could win three in a row.  Incredibly, in 1989, Chan navigated a field of 178 players to find himself heads-up with Phil Hellmuth, a 24 year old from Wisconsin.  Hellmuth won!  While Johnny Moss, Doyle Brunson and Stu Ungar have also won two world champions in a row, Chan is the last person to do it.  The Hall of Famer has won 10 bracelets, tied for seond on the all-time list with Doyle Brunson.

Six Sided Poker Dice 
Poker dice are dice which, instead of having number pips, have representations of playing cards upon them. Poker dice have six sides, one each of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten and nine, and are used to form a poker hand.

The ‘Brat’ a Swinger?
Phil Hellmuth has been offered a chance to appear on ABC’s “Wife Swap.” But, don’t expect him to take the network up on it…and took to Twitter to explain:
Have an offer to be on ABC television show “Wife Swap,” but wife won’t do it! Though I’m SURE she would look amazing!
– phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth)

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New Radio Show – Sports Betting Scandals – Q&A w/ Dutch Boyd

Hey High Rollers, sorry it’s been a while, been in California at my sister’s and playing some cards at the Commerce Casino, the world’s largest card room.  Amazing atmosphere and one of my favorite places to play.  Did quite well too.  Lots happening; would love for you to check out the website at www.highrollerradio.net, some changes on homepage and a few new pages as well.   First and foremost, a big announcement, or at least unveiling this Thursday night at 8 p.m. eastern on Your Poker Radio.

‘Derrick & Dannenmann’

'Derrick & Dannenmann' on YourPokerRadio.  Visit www.highrollerradio.net for details.
‘Derrick & Dannenmann’ on YourPokerRadio. Visit www.highrollerradio.net for details.

Proud to announce a brand new show to debut this Thursday night at 8 p.m. eastern on Your Poker Radio, a new and exciting radio network featuring a ton of great shows, including High Roller Radio past interviews.  Wanna check it out?  Simply visit our homepage at www.highrollerradio.net and hit Channel 1 or Channel 2.  We’re set to air at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. eastern on Thursday night’s on Channel 1, with a re-run on Friday’s at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Channel 2.

‘Derrick & Dannenmann’ features Derrick Oliver-Dewan, a veteran radio and television broadcaster and self-proclaimed poker junkie, and Steve Dannenmann, who is one of poker’s household names, finishing 2nd at the 2005 World Series of Poker main event for a cool $4.2 million.  He called Phil Hellmuth a ‘punk’ at the Tournament of Champions that same year.  Exciteable, opinionated, and funny.  This guy can play, despite referring to himself as ‘the 4th best’ in his home game.

Can’t wait for this show and network to launch this week folks, give us some time and I know we’re going to build it into a major winner.  If you hear AC/DC plaving then you know it’s time for the ‘Derrick & Dannenmann’ show on Your Poker Radio.

WE just did a fantastic interview with ‘Poker Joe’ Purvis, the man behind this new network, a friend of mine too, and with his hustle and smarts I truly believe this is going to be huge.  Very happy to be in on the griound floor.


Greatest Sports Betting Scandals

Eight members of the White Sox threw the 1919

Eight members of the White Sox threw the 1919 World Series.



Tony George & LRP Radio
Very excited to announce a new alliance with LRP Radio!  Your host Tony George is joined by a team of top professionals when it comes to picking sports.  Locker Room Picks on High Roller Radio, every Wednesday.

Blackjack in the Movies

Austin Powers playing blackjack with Number 2…Number 2 is wearing an eye patch with x-ray vision and hits on 17 because he knows the next card is a FOUR. Austin Powers shows and deuce and a three and STAYS on 5.

The dealer advises him to hit but he says he likes to “live dangerously.” The dealer gets 20 and Austin loses.

This is the scene where he meets Allotta Fachina.

Blackjack Hall of Fame

‘Blackjack Pete’

Love for Lyle
Lyle Berman, a three-time WSOPbracelet winner, has been elected into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame – It’s 1st member and much deserved too…this guy changed poker with theWPT.

“Lyle is not only a fierce competitor at the highest limits, he completely and indelibly changed the world of poker when he co-founded the World Poker Tour,” Canterbury Park’s Senior Director of Card Casino Operations Michael Hochman said in a statement. “We talked to a great deal of people about inaugural nominees into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame, and literally everyone’s first answer was Lyle Berman.”

Berman is from Minneapolis.
High Roller!


R. Scott Dinsmore is one of best contributors at High Roller Radio…here he has a brief correspondance with poker pro Dutch Boyd.

April 29, 2014
Interview with Dutch Boyd

RSD: How did you start playing poker on a professional level?

DB:  I had been sneaking into card rooms and playing online since I was 18, and loved playing. When I turned 21, I landed a job at Garden City in San Jose as a prop player. This would have been in 2002. A time-sheet and a schedule… that’s about as “professional” as it gets.

RSD:  What is your favorite poker game?

DB:  I like the mixed games… the 12/24 mixed game at Aria and the 8-game rotation on Stars.

RSD: Where is your favorite poker room?

DB:  In Vegas, the Aria is a beautiful room, but I think the Orleans treats their players better. My favorite live room was Gila River in Arizona… I think they changed the name, but they had so many great promotions. Online, I’d have to go with SealsWithClubs.eu… playing with bitcoin and getting cash outs the same day you request them is pretty awesome.

RSD:  What % do you play: Cash games ( 35% ) Tournaments ( 65% )

DB:  I’d be much better off if I just played cash games… tournaments are fluky and have a much lower hourly rate.

RSD:  What is your most memorable poker experience?

DB:  Ha… you don’t need to ask. You were there, bro! Taking down that first bracelet in front of the ESPN cameras, headsup with the former year’s champion after eliminating Negreanu in 8th (“spanking his ass” for the chiplead, lol).

RSD:  What is the most notable change you have seen in poker?

DB:  Well, the UIGEA and Black Friday made up the one-two punch that told us our government doesn’t want us making a career out of poker. It’s been sad watching pros have to relocate to play the game that they love. The game epitomizes everything that is good and bad about this country, and has such a deep history here. We have presidents who funded their political campaigns from poker winnings. Yet, it’s illegal to play Texas Hold’em in Texas or Omaha in Nebraska. The economy was crushed when the big sites left and I don’t think the US poker economy will ever get back to where it was before the UIGEA, even if we see interstate pacts.




Poker Alice Quote – Pot & Poker – Sports Betting Glossary

Hey High Rollers, reading a dynamite book, Christmas gift, called Ghosts at the Table by a guy named Des Wilson….Fantastic!  He investiagtes various poker myths like Wild Bill and ‘the Dead Man’s Hand’ – what was that fifth card?  High Recommended.  Came across a terrific quote from ‘Poker Alice’ Tubbs…in Wilson’s book.  Enjoy.  Plus; a ton of poker/gambling tidbits you’re sure to  enjoy.  Also, scroll down for a Glossary of sports betting terms.


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Poker Quotes
“I’ve never seen anyone grow humpbacked carrying away the money they won from me.”
– ‘Poker Alice’ Tubbs

Gambling Golfers
The story of John Daly and Phil Mickelson, a pair of major tournament winners who like to hit the casino.

Eric Bruskotter
Actor/poker player and star of the big screen hits Major League 2 and 3.  He is an avid poker player and a regular at the legendary Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.
Full Interview

Ever Heard of ‘Casino’ Jimmy?
To earn a nickname like ‘Casino Jimmy’ you have to have paid your dues inside a gambling hall, spent some time there, you know?

You like his shirt?  
It’s called ‘The Card of Death’ tee and it could be yours today!  Check out ourSTORE now.

Pot in Poker
How does marijuana affect your game and, more importantly, your bankroll?  Be sure to check out High Roller Radio’s R. Scott Dinsmore in a new segment we call 

Sportsbetting Glossary

Circled Game: A game where the maximum bet is restricted, often due to injuries.

Futures: Bets placed on the outcome of a future event, for example betting during the NHL season on the Stanley Cup champion.

Lines: Another word for odds.

Money Line: The amount you must bet to win $100, or the amount you win if you bet $100.

Over/Under: A bet on whether the total points/goals scored by the two teams will exceed or be less than a specified number.

Parlay: A bet on 2 or more games. All selections must be correct for the parlay to win.

Pick: A game where no team or betting option is favored, the teams are evenly matched.

Point spread: The handicap that the favorite gives to the underdog to make the bet fair.

Push: A game that is tied when the point spread is factored in.

Single: A bet on a single game or event.

Spread: Another way to say point spread.

Teaser: A bet on 2 or more teams where the bettor can add or subtract points from the spread to make their bets stronger. All selections must be correct for the teaser to win.

Total: The combined number of points or goals scored by the two teams.

Sports Betting Tips

#1) Pick your sport and know it!
Sports betting is the ultimate money game for the sports fan. If you know your favorite sport inside and out, you can overcome “the juice” or “the vig” , beat the oddsmakers.  Also, placing a sports bet makes the outcome of the game more meaningful and the game itself more thrilling.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

2) Select an Online Sportsbook
High Roller Radio recommends BetOnline or SportsBetting.ag, both super reliable and simple to use.  To start, simply click one of the boxes below and you’re well on your way to placing a bet.  Good Luck.

Again, We suggest BetOnline as a good sportsbook to start.  Keep in mind, the sportsbook is not the same as ahe oddsmaker. The sportsbook simply accepts sports bets. An oddsmaker is a person who sets the betting odds. Most major sportsbooks use odds set by Las Vegas oddsmakers. These oddsmakers typically work for major hotel sportsbooks. 

3) Place your Bets

There are all kinds of different bets you can make and this is what intimidates beginning sports bettors.  Stay Calm.  You can place a number of different bets including straight bets, parlays, teasers and over/unders. 

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VegasTopDogs.com on High Roller Radio

October 10, 2013:  Hey High Rollers, fantastic day in High Roller NATION!  Why?  well, Tony Karpinski, America’s #1 sports betting handicapper, has joined the HRR team.  YES!  Below is our official news release…enjoy!


High Roller Radio Bets on a Sure Thing – VegasTopDogs.com! 

For Immediate Release

Las Vegas, October 10, 2013VegasTopDogs.com and High Roller Radio are teaming up to smash the bookies one NFL bet at a time.  High Roller Radio is pleased to announce AMERICA’S #1 sports betting handicapper Tony Karpinski (TONY K) brings his team of professional bettors to ‘The NATION.’  “We are so excited to have VegasTopDogs.com on board,” says Derrick Oliver-Dewan, program director of High Roller Radio.

“Tony K is known worldwide as a consistent winner and one of the best at handicapping.  Now we’ve got a one-two punch with VegasTopDogs.com on football and Chris de Beer, who’s tearing up the UFC right now.”

During his professional run, Tony K has continued to provide consistent returns to his clients by stressing two major principles to sports gambling; research and discipline. He analyzes matchups and emphasizes game-specific detail, trends and current odds.  He’s won several handicapping contests especially in football and basketball, as he finished in the top 10 in the renowned NFL Las Vegas Hilton $500,000 Super Book Contest.  He is the former odds-maker at PicksPal and is a sought after expert.

“I think it’s a great fit for us,” says Karpinski.  “I know High Roller Radio is looking to expand it’s sports betting operation and I’m pretty confident we can help accomplish that.  The gentlemen on our site are hand-picked professionals who have made a career in the sports gaming industry.”

“I can’t wait to learn from guy,” says Chris de Beer, an announcer at High Roller Radio and ‘young gun’ bettor who specializes in mixed martial arts.  “I am on a fantastic run right now (31-8) in the UFC but Tony has been doing for years and winning!  He is a perfect fit for our sports betting brand, which is growing daily.”

VegasTopDogs.com features the Nation’s Best Sports Handicappers from New York to Las Vegas. Visitors can check out all of the BIG GAMES from BIG GAME HANDICAPPERS and take advantage of some of the site’s special package deals.

For more information or for an interview please contact Derrick Oliver-Dewan, program director of High Roller Radio, at derrick@highrollerradio.net

www.highrollerradio.net  www.vegastopdogs.com

Please check out the VegasTopDogs page at http://www.highrollerradio.net/VegasTopDogs.html

High Roller Radio “Quotes of the Day:

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die tomorrow.”

~ James Dean ~

“If you’re going to be thinking, you may as well think big.”

~ Donald Trump ~

WE know James and Donald are High Rollers!

Poker Prayer:  God, grant me the serenity to accept the flop, the courage to check raise the turn & the wisdom to know when to properly fold.  May the poker Gods give me strength to bluff in a big spot, the ability to read someone’s soul, the smarts to calculate the odds in every spot…and the balls to get my money in…and the grace to accept whatever happens, realizing of course it’s just a game…and poker Gods…give me gratitude, even when my aces get cracked, and the maturity to act in a civil manner at the table.

But Poker Lord…please let me put a Bad Beat on Seat 4!  lol.

Alexa Ranking

Good Sign:  We are heading in right direction High Rollers, surpassing another 160,000 websites in our quest for world domination, lol.  Check out our rank from Alexa.

Site Information for highrollerradio.net
Alexa Traffic Rank:  1,818,634
link-icon Sites Linking In:  30

Last check we only had 26 sites linking in…so that’s great too.  Watch out google.   www.highrollerradio.net



Alexa Ranking & more…

Alexa Ranking’s In
Hey High Rollers, fantastic news from Alexa today, our website ranking has jumped by close to 2-million, which means we just passed 2 million websites in the ranking system, to 1,992,008!  Google is #1, Facebook #2, Youtube #3 etc. We are closing in, lol.
Remember:  we began at 14 1/2 million when we transferred to GoDaddy and dot net just a few months ago…in fact, in past 3 months we have jumped by 7.5 million.  Good stuff.
And, we’re big in India!  Need to work on bounce rate and time spent on site….but we are moving in right direction.  Check it out: www.highrollerradio.net
How popular is highrollerradio.net? Alexa Traffic Ranks Global Rank  Global rank icon1,992,008 How much is it up over past 3 months? 7,519,494 Rank in India  154,434   How engaged are visitors to highrollerradio.net? Bounce Rate 68.20%   Daily Pageviews per Visitor 1.40  Daily Time on Site 2:11.

High Roller Radio wants to thank all of those High Rollers who signed on as new users of our blog http://blog.highrollerradio.net/   140 NEW USERS…we haven’t had the blog long so that’s incredible.  Thank-you.  We will be holding a special draw for our blog followers…much appreciated degenerates!

High Roller NATION

A BIG High Roller Hello to Andrei SerateHot Cernitu, the latest to join High Roller NATION!  Welcome Andrei, hope u enjoy the content here, on our blog,  http://blog.highrollerradio.net/ , and our site www.highrollerradio.net
We’re at 505 and counting now…. Andrei you are now entered into our next draw September 15th for a HRR T-Shirt.  Good luck and good gambling.

Matteo Barberio, the latest to join High Roller NATION…we’re at 504 and counting….Matteo you are now entered into September 15th’s draw for a HRR T-Shirt.  To enter, do what Matteo just did…join the NATION today.

MB’s a High Roller folks!

Thanks to previous facebook GIVEAWAY winner Mild to Wild Bird for sending this, re; previous prize – Greg Elder’s Gamblers Fight Back; How to Thrive and Survive in the Casino:

Mild To Wild Bird shared your status: “I Read my gift- book -If you’re into Video poker or Black Jack it’s good —and he describes the fight with the casinos very well. ( Lotsa tips how to get them on your side , a bit ) -well written. There’s some poker info”

Great stuff…we appreciate the feedback….you can listen to the Greg Elder Q&A at www.highrollerradio.net under the AUTHORS tab. Ty again, Mild to Wild Bird.

Bobby Hoff Tribute

TRIBUTE to Poker Legend Bobby Hoff on High Roller Radio:

Crushing Bookies for BreakfastChris de Beer, the ‘Don’ of sports betting, takes an underdog and slight favorite last night at UFC Fight Night 27 on FOX…and guess what?  Boom! 2-AND-0, upping his record on this show to 21-and-7 and that…’s with the spread of course.  You heard it here, and only here too…the South African phenom is HOT, HOT, HOT!
Good job mate.

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Frank Scoblete – America’s #1 Gaming Author

August 12, 2013:  If you want to bet online; sports, casino or poker, simply click the High Roller Radio endorsed banner for BetOnline below and you’ll be making picks in just a matter of minutes.  “It’s  a great betting site,” says Derrick Oliver-Dewan, program director for High Roller Radio.

Frank Scoblete on HRR

America's #1 Gaming Author

America’s #1 Gaming Author

Widely regarded as America’s #1 Gaming Author Frank Scoblete, author of several gaming books including his best-selling Golden Touch Craps and his new Casino Conquest: How to Beat the Casinos at their own Game.  He appeared on Breaking Vegas, the story of craps expert Dominic LoRiggio.  A ton of excellent inside casino info.  Enjoy!

Listen Now www.highrollerradio.net

Upcoming Interview

Legend of the Game

Author; One of a Kind; the Stu Ungar story. LEGEND of the game!

CONFIRMED: Nolan Dalla, legend of the game and author of one of my all-time favorite books, One of a Kind, which tells the remarkable tale of Stu Ungar.  YES!!!!   Call him a front man for the WSOP and now, with Poker Night in America….can’t wait for this one folks…we’re just trying to nail down a time.

Nolan Dalla soon on High Roller Radio.  Stay tuned.

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High Roller Radio Thought of the Day:

“When you’re in the middle of the debate of whether or not to take action, ask yourself if there was ever a time where you chose taking action over procrastinating and regretted it. Probably very few. Now ask yourself if you’ve ever felt guilt or regret by not taking action. You’ll probably find that there were plenty of times.”
– Kevin Ngo

Now, be a High Roller and go take on the day.

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CONGRATS to NUmax SirPurrsalot Radcliffe!!!!  Winner of the draw for Jared Tendler’s The Mental Game of Poker, fascinating book that will help your game immensely.  Thank-you Jared…Congrats MR. Radcliffe, faithful and loyal member of High Roller NATION!

Next draw soon High Rollers!



Missy Matlock…the newest member of High Roller NATION…good job in joining Missy, welcome and we certainly hope you enjoy the content here, on pinterest and twitter @highrollerradio and on our site at www.highrollerradio.net

Missy you are now entered into today’s draw (and all future ones) for Jared Tendler’s The Mental Game of Poker, a great book in which he outline 7 types of tilt and gives you techniques to exploit them or protect yourself against them.  Good luck and good gambling….the NATION’S at 489 and counting.

Wow…impressive line-up of High Rollers joining the NATION!!! Evan Grizzard, David Bowles and Jay Jay Tavares the newest members of this poker/gambling junkie hideaway….you are all now entered into tomorrow’s (and all future) draw for dynamite book, The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler….listen to his interview on HRR at www.highrollerradio.net  under the AUTHORS tab.  He identifies 7 types of tilt and helps you exploit them.
Evan, Jay Jay and David…a High Roller trifecta pushing our numbers to 488 on facebook.   cheers and good luck!

Check out the NATION on twitter!!!!  We just surpassed the 1100 mark…cheers to you. https://twitter.com/HighRollerRadio


I just KNOW our main man, Chris de Beer, the ‘DON’ of sports betting will have something to say about this tilt…next Saturday, could be a beauty!
Sonnen v Shogun.


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