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What Not To Do In A Casino & Chip Stacker Supreme




Steve Dannenmann’s 
‘Top Ten’ 
Things NOT to do in a Casino:

1. Never, ever, ever play Ace-three at the poker table…it seriously could cost you millions…
2. Don’t block the line at the ATM machine before midnight waiting for yet another withdraw cause you didn’t bring 2 ATM cards…
3. Don’t pack the casinos pillows in your suitcase, airport security will always catch you…still just saying
4. Don’t yell “baby needs a new pair of shoes” at the roulette wheel… that’s a craps table play
5. Don’t get caught dipping casino chips in your beer then betting your lucky number on the roulette wheel
6. Don’t ever stay at a casino that has their name on the towels, just saying…
7. Don’t get caught staring at the waitresses name badge while sitting next to your girlfriend at a slot machine…
8. Don’t ask other players what the count is at the blackjack table when the pit boss walks by…
9. Don’t lose all your money in the casino and make your girlfriend walk the vegas strip in heels…for 26 blocks….
10. Don’t take 2 ATM cards with you to the casino…not a good idea.

(Be sure to catch ‘Derrick & Dannenmann’, with 2005 main event runner-up Steve Dannenmann, Thursday’s at 8pm and 11pm eastern time on Your Poker Radio, visit www.highrollerradio.net and click Channel 1)

The Chip Stacker
Here’s what artist and sculpture professor Liu Jianhua painstakingly constructed a handful of years ago using an incredible array of styles and colors. 

Titanic Thompson

Amarillo Slim is widely known to have learned many of his proposition bet schemes from Alvin Clarence Thomas, a gambler and hustler, known as ‘Titanic Thompson.’  His reputation as a golfer, card player, marksman and pool shark is legendary, his skills often compared to Merlin himself.  ‘Titanic Thompson’ travelled the USA wagering at cards, dice games, even horseshoes and he’d make enormous prop bets when he had the obvious edge. 
A roving gambler in an age when gamblers carried guns for protection, it’s believed Thomas killed five men in his life; shot four of them shot in self-defence when they tried to rob him of his winnings one night.  He was also involved in a high-stakes poker game that escalated into, what was then called, the
 ‘Crime of the Century’.

Fun Fact:

After taking 500 bucks off a rival in a pool game one night, a spectator asked, “what’s his name?” The opponent replied, “It must be Titanic; cause he sinks everybody.”

Sports Betting

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Nolan Dalla Q&A

One of a Kind is the best-selling story of Stu Ungar, who became 3-time World Champion of Poker!

Author Nolan Dalla Q&A




New Radio Show – Sports Betting Scandals – Q&A w/ Dutch Boyd

Hey High Rollers, sorry it’s been a while, been in California at my sister’s and playing some cards at the Commerce Casino, the world’s largest card room.  Amazing atmosphere and one of my favorite places to play.  Did quite well too.  Lots happening; would love for you to check out the website at www.highrollerradio.net, some changes on homepage and a few new pages as well.   First and foremost, a big announcement, or at least unveiling this Thursday night at 8 p.m. eastern on Your Poker Radio.

‘Derrick & Dannenmann’

'Derrick & Dannenmann' on YourPokerRadio.  Visit www.highrollerradio.net for details.
‘Derrick & Dannenmann’ on YourPokerRadio. Visit www.highrollerradio.net for details.

Proud to announce a brand new show to debut this Thursday night at 8 p.m. eastern on Your Poker Radio, a new and exciting radio network featuring a ton of great shows, including High Roller Radio past interviews.  Wanna check it out?  Simply visit our homepage at www.highrollerradio.net and hit Channel 1 or Channel 2.  We’re set to air at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. eastern on Thursday night’s on Channel 1, with a re-run on Friday’s at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Channel 2.

‘Derrick & Dannenmann’ features Derrick Oliver-Dewan, a veteran radio and television broadcaster and self-proclaimed poker junkie, and Steve Dannenmann, who is one of poker’s household names, finishing 2nd at the 2005 World Series of Poker main event for a cool $4.2 million.  He called Phil Hellmuth a ‘punk’ at the Tournament of Champions that same year.  Exciteable, opinionated, and funny.  This guy can play, despite referring to himself as ‘the 4th best’ in his home game.

Can’t wait for this show and network to launch this week folks, give us some time and I know we’re going to build it into a major winner.  If you hear AC/DC plaving then you know it’s time for the ‘Derrick & Dannenmann’ show on Your Poker Radio.

WE just did a fantastic interview with ‘Poker Joe’ Purvis, the man behind this new network, a friend of mine too, and with his hustle and smarts I truly believe this is going to be huge.  Very happy to be in on the griound floor.


Greatest Sports Betting Scandals

Eight members of the White Sox threw the 1919

Eight members of the White Sox threw the 1919 World Series.



Tony George & LRP Radio
Very excited to announce a new alliance with LRP Radio!  Your host Tony George is joined by a team of top professionals when it comes to picking sports.  Locker Room Picks on High Roller Radio, every Wednesday.

Blackjack in the Movies

Austin Powers playing blackjack with Number 2…Number 2 is wearing an eye patch with x-ray vision and hits on 17 because he knows the next card is a FOUR. Austin Powers shows and deuce and a three and STAYS on 5.

The dealer advises him to hit but he says he likes to “live dangerously.” The dealer gets 20 and Austin loses.

This is the scene where he meets Allotta Fachina.

Blackjack Hall of Fame

‘Blackjack Pete’

Love for Lyle
Lyle Berman, a three-time WSOPbracelet winner, has been elected into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame – It’s 1st member and much deserved too…this guy changed poker with theWPT.

“Lyle is not only a fierce competitor at the highest limits, he completely and indelibly changed the world of poker when he co-founded the World Poker Tour,” Canterbury Park’s Senior Director of Card Casino Operations Michael Hochman said in a statement. “We talked to a great deal of people about inaugural nominees into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame, and literally everyone’s first answer was Lyle Berman.”

Berman is from Minneapolis.
High Roller!


R. Scott Dinsmore is one of best contributors at High Roller Radio…here he has a brief correspondance with poker pro Dutch Boyd.

April 29, 2014
Interview with Dutch Boyd

RSD: How did you start playing poker on a professional level?

DB:  I had been sneaking into card rooms and playing online since I was 18, and loved playing. When I turned 21, I landed a job at Garden City in San Jose as a prop player. This would have been in 2002. A time-sheet and a schedule… that’s about as “professional” as it gets.

RSD:  What is your favorite poker game?

DB:  I like the mixed games… the 12/24 mixed game at Aria and the 8-game rotation on Stars.

RSD: Where is your favorite poker room?

DB:  In Vegas, the Aria is a beautiful room, but I think the Orleans treats their players better. My favorite live room was Gila River in Arizona… I think they changed the name, but they had so many great promotions. Online, I’d have to go with SealsWithClubs.eu… playing with bitcoin and getting cash outs the same day you request them is pretty awesome.

RSD:  What % do you play: Cash games ( 35% ) Tournaments ( 65% )

DB:  I’d be much better off if I just played cash games… tournaments are fluky and have a much lower hourly rate.

RSD:  What is your most memorable poker experience?

DB:  Ha… you don’t need to ask. You were there, bro! Taking down that first bracelet in front of the ESPN cameras, headsup with the former year’s champion after eliminating Negreanu in 8th (“spanking his ass” for the chiplead, lol).

RSD:  What is the most notable change you have seen in poker?

DB:  Well, the UIGEA and Black Friday made up the one-two punch that told us our government doesn’t want us making a career out of poker. It’s been sad watching pros have to relocate to play the game that they love. The game epitomizes everything that is good and bad about this country, and has such a deep history here. We have presidents who funded their political campaigns from poker winnings. Yet, it’s illegal to play Texas Hold’em in Texas or Omaha in Nebraska. The economy was crushed when the big sites left and I don’t think the US poker economy will ever get back to where it was before the UIGEA, even if we see interstate pacts.




The Dannenmann Notes

Hey High Rollers,

Steve Dannenmann was a recent guest of the show; he was great.  The following is a subsequent story about the ’05 main event runner-up, by yours truly.  Enjoy.

Dannenmann’s Notes

By: Derrick Oliver-Dewan

The 2005 World Series of Poker main event final table will go down as one of the highest rated television shows in poker history.  Two of the game’s biggest stars were part of it and each had a healthy chip stack.  Andy Black, the eccentric Irishman, had a huge chip stack going into play but would eventually blow up, bluffing off his chips in quick and demoralizing fashion, and Mike Matusow, ‘The Mouth’, who watched in disbelief as his pocket King’s ran into the pocket Aces of Scott Lazaar on just the second hand of the final table.   In what has to be one of the most dramatic moments in WSOP history, Matusow clenched his teeth, pointed to the area of the table where the dealer would lay out the flop, and screamed, “KING!”  Voila.  The dealer turned the cards and there it was, that called-for King.  The problem?  The flop also contained two hearts and when the turn card brought another heart, Matusow and the entire room realized Lazar, a magician by trade, held the Ace of hearts and needed just one more symbol of love to perform his biggest trick ever, toppling the set of Kings of Matusow.  ‘The Mouth’ went suddenly silent and buried his head in the shoulder of friend as the dealer dealt the river card.  Bam!  Heart!  Lazar let out a primal scream, “Yes,” noting the ‘Best hand won.”  Marusow, visibly shaken, as if defeated in every sense of the word; physically, emotional, mentally, was crippled and out of the tournament a short time later.

“That was the SECOND hand,” Dannenman told me, emphasizing the word ‘Second’, expressing whole heartedly his disbelief such a massive pot would occur so early on in the evening’s proceedings.   Our interview was set up over facebook and I was excited to talk to him.  I mean, runner-up at the 2005 main event and, because of his character and that fact he was portrayed as a guy who really enjoyed his moment in the spotlight, one of the most recognizable faces in the game today.  He had fun, simple as that.  On ESPN, he came across as a guy you could have a beer with.  See, nowadays everyone’s wearing a hoodie or sunglasses.  One guy’s checking his iPad, another is typing something into his iPhone.  Too many ‘I’s in poker maybe?  The interview was underway and I wanted to know if he saw that as a problem, a detriment to the game?

“I was watching a bit of it last night,” he began, referring to the 2013 ‘November 9’, eventually won by a 23 year old out of Michigan named Ryan Reiss.  “It was BORING.  I mean, were any of these guys having fun?  Nobody was talking.  This should have been the time of their life.  If you spend $10,000 to enter a tournament, you know, to fulfill a dream and play at the World Series of Poker, that’s a lot of money.  Don’t you think you should have fun?  I get told a lot our final table in ’05 was one of the best ever, in terms of entertainment.  We were having fun.  And, when guys got knocked out we were hugging each other.  Hugging each other man.”

There was an interesting and revealing moment later on at the ’05 final, revealing in the sense it gave the viewer a sense of Dannenmann’s motivations and approach to his paly that night.  He had opened a pot for a raise holding Ace, 10, and was re-raised by Joe Hachem, the Australian chiropractor who would eventually be crowned world champion.  Hachem was holding Ace, Jack, a dominating hand over Dannemann’s.

“God, this would be a horrible call, this would be absolutely horrible.  I’ve played good cards all week long,” he said as he contemplated one of the biggest calls of his life.  “I gotta check something.”

Dannenmann reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, which contained notes he had written to himself.

“My Notes,” he said, as he tried to iron out and flatten the paper, to make it readable.  “Number one; Have fun.  Number two; you have nothing to lose.  Number three; Play tight.”

Dannenman turned over the note and on the other side it said, “Not calling a raise is only a small mistake.”   As he read aloud that Number 4, ‘Not Calling a raise is only a small mistake,” he folded his hand much to the chagrin of Mr. Hachem.

“There should be a bumper stick that says, ‘Fold to the money baby.’ That’s what I did.  I kept finding reasons to fold.  I couldn’t out play them!  I mean, Matusow was bluffing me left, right and centre.  Every time someone got knocked out I made an extra $100,000, then it was $300,000 more.  Then, I was like, ‘Holy shit! That was a million dollar jump.’ I just kept finding reasons to fold.”

Steve Dannenman’s demeanor is a welcoming one; he’s always laughing, joking and smiling.  In 2005, he was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to play at the main event final table and he took it, finding reasons to fold all the way to 2nd place and a whopping $4.2 million.  And, that’s money, as Dannemann says, “that won’t be going back into the poker community.”

It’s a great poker lesson, isn’t it?

  • Have Fun
  • You have nothing to lose
  • Play Tight
  • Not calling a raise is only a small mistake

Listen to the full interview at www.highrollerradio.net  email us derrick@highrollerradio.net