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Puff Puff Fold – How will marijuana affect your bankroll?

Hey High Rollers, sorry it’s been a while, extremely busy at the moment…a few things on the go which is good, right?  R Scott Dinsmore has joined Team High Roller and he’s probided three excellent pieces so far…his latest deals with marijuana in poker…Puff Puff Fold, how weed will affect your bankroll.


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Puff, Puff, Fold – Marijuana and Poker

As marijuana becomes front page news across the country, lets take a look at how this too can effect your bankroll.

I will start by saying that I am pro “responsible” use of marijuana. And as I am sure we can argue for days factually about both sides of this issue, in the interest of this article we will make a few “assumptions”:

1. The player legally possesses marijuana.

2. The player is legally using marijuana.

Ok now that we have that straight, lets look at why we are here to play poker:

1. Have fun, blow off steam (not tilt), hang out with friends. Well then, have fun! There are numerous occassions people include things that are intoxicating. And most of them impair thinking and judgement. At this point, we are getting into personal choice and it is not my job to tell you what you can and can’t do. That is what our government is for 🙂

2. Now lets look at the professional side of this coin. If you are playing poker and your purpose is to make money, the most powerful weapon you have is your brain.

“Anything you do to limit your ability to make wise, judicious decisions is counter productive”. Drugs, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, etc.

“Anything you do to limit your ability to make wise, judicious decisions is counter productive” to you and your bankroll.

No I am not high. Yes, I know I said that twice. It is important, remember it!

Do what you want on your own time, but THIS time belongs to your business. Why would you not give your best everytime your businesses finances are at risk?

I will not argue the legality, morality, effects, or ethics of mairjuana. What I will argue is that if you want to be a profitable poker player, you must conduct yourself and your thought process as a professional business person. You are putting your businesses finances at risk and as with any business if you do that poorly, too often you will go broke.

Lucky Flops & Safe Rivers My Friends,
Scott Dinsmore

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Did you know?

Carmen Electra hosted one of the best Sit N Show’s ever, the Strip Poker Invitational! Six ladies vied to be crowned champion and pocket the $50,000 first place prize (if they’ve still got clothes on).

Where does Jennifer Tilly rank on our list of Hold’em Hotties?  Check it out now:


Did you know? In electronic poker, a game that features ‘live’ players but no chips or dealers, players are given 45 seconds to act.  Like online poker, stack sizes, fold, call or bet features, and your opponents stats are all displayed on a little computer monitor in front of you.  It’s like playing online poker but you can see your opponents.

Did you know? In a bid to prevent men from playing in the WSOP Ladies Championship, and every year a number of men do on principle, suggesting its unfair women have their own bracelet event, organizers will charge men $10,000 to play while women will only have to pony up $1,000.

Did you know?  Actor Eric Bruskotter, star of the movies Major League 2 & 3 and Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, is an avid poker player and a regular at the Commerce Casino in Las Vegas.  Bruskotter doesn’t play in any Hollywood home games because he thinks they’re “lame”.

Did you know?  The Dogs Playing Poker painting series by Cassius Mracellus Coolidge, in the late 1800’s, consists of 16 different paintings (check out cover photo) They were painted as an advertising tool to sell cigars. In 2007, 2 of the original paintings sold for for $590,000. WOW.

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Gaming Goodness – High Roller Tidbits

Hey High Rollers, another one from the DRAFT bin and I wanted you to see this….Lady Gaga, Poker Face.  Wow.

Lady Gaga Move Over There’s a NEW Poker Face Revolution?


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Did he take a gulp? Is he sweating? Are his lips quivering?  Poker players look for many so-called ‘tells’ when sizing up an opponent…but what happens when you look across the table and nothing’ moving…stone face. A doctor of aesthetic medicine in New York has introduced a program of Botox and facial fillers to help poker players hide any sign of  emotion…anything that might tip off other card players.  Dr. Jack Berdy thinks poker might be the next big client base for Botox.  Really!  He’s designed a program called “Pokertox” to help him get an early foothold in the market.  You might call it his way of combining his two loves…hey, I’ve got poker and radio…he’s got gambling and Botox.  I get it. Pokertox starts off with the good doctor meeting the players and consulting with them about what they think their poker tells are. ”Some might get a card they like or don’t like and raise their eyebrows,” he says.  “If that’s the common reaction, we can put Botox in certain areas to minimize them.” Dr Berdy also says this treatment will help players bluff better too…is he bluffin on Botox?  A beauty, courtesy odditycentral.com on High Roller Radio.

Strip Poker Anyone?

Here’s a High Roller quick pick for you; Germany’s first ever strip poker tournament took place in May 2012, in the Blauer Salon of the Dresden Park Hotel.  40 players ante’d – or pantied – up 33 men 7 women, tried to keep their clothes on for the grand prize…trip to Las Vegas.  The event was organized by the Billy Boy condom company.  Funny stuff…the Ladies were asked to bet responsibly and keep their clothes on as long as possible… so their male counterparts could focus on poker.  The winner got 4 nights at the MGM Grand Hotel… a stretch limo and a helicopter ride over Sin City.

Card Stacking Record

When it comes to chip stacking, Phil Ivey is the man!  But, when it comes to card stacking, Brian Berg, is the man!  The American card-stacking master has just beaten his own previous world record, by completing a model of the Venetian Macau hotel and casino…you got it…made completely out of playing cards. The man behind the famous key-card hotel…spent 44 days working on this amazing model…he used  218,792 playing cards…it’s a fragile piece of architecture…and it’s on display in the heart of Macau’s Cotai Strip. “My most challenging project yet,” said Berg. The playing card model weighs an impressive 272 Kg, is 35 feet long and 10 feet tall. The most impressive thing….no glue…no tape…An ace…or thousands of aces up our sleeve, courtesy odditycentral.com on HRR.

World’s Largest Casino

Huge!  In fact, there’s no casino bigger.  The Venetian Macao in China, the world’s largest casino and the third largest building in the world…has more than 1000 slot machines…more than 600 gaming tables and is open 24/7. The Venetian is a huge complex with the central building standing over 40 stories high.  Price tag – a cool $1,8 billion.


Question:  As more and more players wear over-sized shades at the Poker Table, should sunglasses be banned at the Poker Table?  Irish legend Padraig Parkinson says YES and Mike Leah, who made two final tables at the RIO this summer agrees.  What about you?  Should sunglasses be banned from the game, is the idea of a POKER FACE a joke these days?