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Tough Day Betting Football! Live Mis-Click. Qupotes, Notes and more.

Hey High Rollers, tough weekend sports betting, losing all four of our picks; Jaguars, Bengals, Browns and Cowboys all can’t cover….how about the poor coaching in Dallas?  23 point half time lead and they refuse, absolutely refuse to rush the ball and kill the clock even though they’re averaging 7 1/2 yards per carry.  Come’on man!  The NATION drops 200 big ones…oh well, we’ll get em, next week.  Want to bet with us at Bet Online?  Click the banner below and be treated to one of the best sites in the world.  Reputable, solid, safe, fun and everything you want – casino, horse betting, poker, sports betting.  Click the banner below and you’ll be wagering on your favorite team tonight.


The FedEx Gamble


Frederick W. Smith, Founder of FedEx wagered it all at the blackjack table and saved the company.

It’s one of the biggest brands in the world but it wouldn’t be if not for the risky play of its founder and CEO.  More than 40 years ago, 1971, Frederick W. Smith, invested his own fortune, somewhere in the area of $4 million, and an additional $90 million in capital to start an unknown delivery company designed to change to world by allowing people and businesses to ship overnight anywhere in the world.  At the time, it was a unique service that nobody else was offering, a grand idea.  Just three years in the business was in trouble – a lot of trouble.  Rising fuel costs put the company on the brink of bankruptcy.  Losses amounted to more than $1 million a month.  At its lowest, FedEx had a measly $5,000 in the bank account, not nearly enough to fuel the planes come the new work week Monday, so Smith, in desperation cancelled his usual flight home to Memphis and, instead, jetted off to Las Vegas and too the company’s entire bankroll along for the ride.  Talk about a gamble!  Smith, silently and discreetly, headed to the blackjack tables in an effort, a last ditch, perhaps crazy bid, to not only beat the house but save the company in the process. The Gambling Gods must have needed overnight service because by Monday morning the company bank account indicated FedEx had 32-grand sitting there, just enough to gas the planes and keep the entire operation afloat for a few more days.  BY 1976, the company showed its first profit, $3.6 million, and just four years later it made $40 million.  Today, FedEx is reportedly worth between $25 and $35 billion.  When his own management asked what he was thinking, risking company funds to play blackjack, Smith replied, “it didn’t make a difference because without the money for fuel for the planes the company couldn’t have flown anyway.”

It’s a small risk considering the whopping, long-term, payoff.  You gotta take a shot baby!

Bad Beat story on this fine Monday:

High Roller NATION has $100 on Cowboys to cover 6-and-a-half…looking good at half with a 23 point lead….come out and run the ball right? Kill some time? Nope. Two or three three and outs….and all of a sudden the GREEN BAY QB looks like Joe Montana…and the Cowboys defence looks like Alan Bester (the old leafs goalie – a ‘Sieve’) Come’on MAN!!!!

ATTENTION High Rollers:

Next draw is January 15th, for a copy of Poker Samadhi, fantastic new offering from Danielle Striker, poker player, former Broadway dancer and guru at Poker Samadhi in Las Vegas. Improve your poker Dharma with this read. She has graciously provided a copy for a lucky member of High Roller NATION. Simply, like our page to enter. Tracey Jackson of Marathon, Ontario the winner of our latest draw for a HRR t-shirt. Good luck and good gambling. Thank you Danielle.

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High Roller Radio Quote of the Day:

“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.”

– Ray Kroc

RC’s a High Roller!

Chris de Beer, the ‘DON’ of sports betting, moves to a VERY impressive 40-and-15 on the show, correctly predicting the Urijah Faber victory…said he was a (-150) favorite and should have been a (-230) favorite so he pounced on the value. The South African phenom folks.


Q&A with Danielle Striker, author Poker Samadhi, player too, motorbike enthusiast, Broadway dancer and now guru at Poker Samadhi in Las Vegas.

Photo: BRAND NEW:  Tap into your divine energy and spirit and enhance your poker consciousness by listening to our Interview with Danielle Striker, author of Poker Samadhi.  It would make a great Christmas gift.  

Be at one with the table and yourself, Danielle Striker Q&A www.highrollerradio.net


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Mike Caro:

“Always sit to the left of the money.”

High Roller Radio Quote of the Night from the Mad Genius of Poker.

Live Mis-Click

Playing electronic poker at OLG London on Thursday, with $560 in front of me, was faced with a raise on a flop of 2, 6, 8, and holding the 4,5 in the big blind….love double gutter’s…there was 20 bucks in the pot pre-flop…I led out for $14 and got two callers before a guy jacked it up to $80….In electronic poker you have 45 seconds to act….I gave him a sweat and with time running out went… to hit ‘FOLD’ and ‘CONFIRM’…but accidentally hit ‘ALL-IN’ and before I realized it hit ‘CONFIRM’….yikes. Thank-fully for me, my time ran out and my cards were automatically folded. Could have been a huge blunder. I asked the guy…’Would you have called my all-in?” “yes,” he said, “I hit everything on that flop, top pair and nut flush draw. Now, he did get a caller and the turn completed my straight (a 7) but it was a club and gave the raiser the nuts.

Talk about a LIVE mis-click. Thank goodness I didn’t have 46 seconds.

High Roller Radio Quote of the Day:

“No-Limit Hold’em is 70% psychological, 20% mathematical and 10% magical.”
Danielle Striker, author Poker Samadhi.

Very interesting article about the ‘Sharking’ of High Stakes online players….saw something like this on the television show, Scam city and The Real Hustle


Want to be on the show?  Segment idea?  Send our Program Director Derrick Oliver-Dewan an email at derrick@highrollerradio.net

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Facebook Promotion – Poker Baby!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Watched a movie with mom today and then took her to the theatre to watch White House Down w/ Channing Tatum.  It was okay.  Then came home for some final table action at the WSOP.  Event #53, has three left with David Vamplew leading the way.  Online pro from the UK.  Play resumes at 4pm EST, 1pm Vegas time.

A relatively moderate pace today on facebook:

David Benyamine is your end of day chip leader in the 50k Players Championship with more than 700,000 chips.  Jonathan Duhamel is 2nd with 665,000.  Mathew Ashton third.
Hellmuth, Negreanue, Matusow, Mizrachi…all out!

Random:  We aim to please…and think you’ll enjoy this great read:
“Manhattan Fold’em” Enjoy. http://nymag.com/news/features/gambling-ring-2013-7/

High Roller Radio presents Thank the Poker Gods, Show #7….featuring James Leighton, author Alligator Blood, the story of the high rolling whiz kid who helped bring down online poker, Johnny Hughes, author Famous Gamblers, Poker History & Texas Stories, and Chad Holloway, senior writer at Poker News and newly crowned WSOP Champion.  Plus – the ‘don’ of sports betting Chris de Beer and your host Derrick Oliver-Dewan.
The BEST 1/2 in poker, 2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

The Mental Game of Poker
…author Jared Tendler was an excellent guest on High Roller Radio!  Plus, a ton of poker history and facts….check it out.

We’d like to give a High Roller Radio salute to Tanya and William, the latest members of High Roller NATION!!!  You guys are now entered into our JULY 15th draw for Greg Elder’s book, How to Become a Professional Gambler: Video Poker Edition and two dynamite Blackjack Card Counters….sweet.
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Twitter Glitter:
Matt Savage @SavagePoker  1h  RT @randomsasha: If you are in a hand and you show your cards to the people next to you, is your hand dead?<~No but penalty looming.
Matt Savage is one of the best folks.
High Roller Radio Quote of the Day:

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

– Gandhi

You Ghandi’s a High Roller….this could apply to poker.

Blogging Fun
Our blog is getting more and more popular each day…we do try!!!  A ton of great poker and gambling content…check it out – 2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

WSOP TIME BABY!!!! A Day on Facebook

June 26th, 2013
Facebook posts the past day or so:
Recommended Listening:
Jan Fisher of Card Player Cruises

Jan Fisher of Card Player Cruises

A Hall of Fame career and a great person to boot…JAN FISHER Q&A getting great response…she was terrific, regaling us with stories of poker past and present!!!

Poker ambassador JAN FISHER on HRR!

Now that’s a poker player!
Paul 'Cigar' McKinney

Paul ‘Cigar’ McKinney

Paul “Cigar” McKinney is an American poker player who won a World Series of Poker bracelet at the age of 80.  McKinney won the 2005 World Series of Poker Seniors Championship and became the oldest person to win a WSOP event at the age of 80.
On his bio sheet for the World Series of Poker he listed his hobbies as “moonshine, cigars and young women.”  Now that’s a poker player!
Deuce to Seven Lowball World Champion
Jesse Martin wins 1st gold bracelet in prestigious 2-to-7 Lowball Single Draw, beating David ‘Bakes’ Baker heads up.   It was a stacked final table, which included Jeffrey Lissandro and Layne Flack.
Congrats Jesse…you are the 10k,  2-to-7 world champion baby.

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https://twitter.com/HighRollerRadio we are frequently posting poker tidbits, quotes and little morsels of gaming goodness.

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The gambling guru Chris de Beer picks Wimbledon….a few ‘flyers’ for you…plus, on the same page, he breaks down UFC 162….Chris Weidman versus Anderson Silva…many people think Anderson’s going to lose this one….I’ll believe it when I see it….what does the ‘Don’ say?

Serving it up High Roller style….Good Luck and Good Gambling.


Tuesday's at 7pm at www.ontiltradio.com

Tuesday’s at 7pm at www.ontiltradio.com

Thank the Poker Gods – a presentation of HIGH ROLLER RADIO on the On Tilt Radio network.  Host Derrick Oliver-Dewan chats w/ bracelet winner Chad Holloway from the Poker News, Event #1 winner, James Leighton, author Alligator Blood; the spectacular rise and fall of the high rolling whiz kid who brought don online poker, author Johnny Hughes, Famous Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories, talks about the old-time road gamblers, and the ‘Don’ of sports betting Chris de Beer breaks down Wimbledon….Tennis Anyone?

7pm tonight, Thank the Poker Gods at www.ontiltradio.com

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!  The BEST 1/2 in poker.
NOTE:  For those of you who have been asking, Lori Kolstad will be back soon providing more luscious commentary!  She’s opinionated and she’s can play too…

“Lori Tells…” on High Roller Radio:

Book Release
True Story about the High Rolling Whiz Kid Blamed for the Collapse of Online Poker

True Story about the High Rolling Whiz Kid Blamed for the Collapse of Online Poker

Alligator Blood: the spectacular rise and fall of the high rolling whiz kid who brought down online poker….but not before he was making $3 million a week in profit.  Three mill a week?  WOW!

James Leighton is the author and he took us through the sensational story of Daniel Tzvetkoff.  Great Q&A.  Enjoy.

Ace of Clubs House Museum
The owner built this house with his poker winnings.

The owner built this house with his poker winnings.

1885.   Ace of Clubs House – This 22- sided house is built in the shape of a “Club” playing card. The local legend is that entrepreneur James H. Draughon built the house …with the winnings from a poker game. The winning card was the Ace of Clubs. Each room represents a specific period in the history of the house. The house is located at 420 Pine Street and is part of The Texarkana Museums System.
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WSOP – Did you know? – HRR Nation – Twitter Glitter


Wow!!!  What a final table…Event #29, HORSE, 8 players 9 bracelets, including two former guest of High Roller Radio, 2-time bracelet winner Greg FBT Mueller and Tom Schneider, 3-time bracelet winner, 2007 WSOP Player of the Year…HORSE Final table, LIVE STREAMING Links at www.highrollerradio.net
(where you’ll also find the Mueller and Schneider Q&A’s.)

Thank the Poker Gods

Thank the Poker Gods, the best 1/2 hour in poker, airs Tuesday’s at 7pm on the ON TILT RADIO network, www.ontiltradio.com your host Derrick Oliver-Dewan is joined by the ‘Don’ of sports betting Chris de Beer…this week, Allen ‘Chainsaw’ Kessler, Irish legend Padraig Parkinson, America’s #1 gaming author Frank Scoblete and one of my new favs, poker ambassador, partner in Card Player Cruises, Jan Fisher.
Lori Kolstad’s off for a few weeks but she will be back!

Thank the Poker GODS Tuesday’s at 7pm EST on ON TILT RADIO, a presentation of High Roller Radio.

WSOP UPDATEKen Lind wins the record-breaking Seniors Event, 4407 entries, $634,000 first place prize.  WOW… and the bracelet.
Today, finals of the MIX MAX Event…love this one…first day 9-handed, second day 6-handed, third day heads-up…down to 2 now…Max Steinberg, bracelet winner and runner-up at NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP plays Isaac Hagerling for the title and $372,000.
LIVE STREAM links available at www.highrollerradio.net

(Hagerling won the battle!)

Did you know?  The first woman to win a WSOP event was Jackie McDaniels, who won the ladies event at the 1977 WSOP, the first year it was offered. That event also makes WSOP history as the smallest buy-in of $100, with McDaniel claiming $5,580 for her win in the Ladies Limit 7 Card Stud tournament.
Did you know?  Barbara Enright is frequently referred to as the first woman to win a WSOP bracelet in an open field event (in which anyone, man or woman can play) for her win in 1996 in the $2,500 Hold’em Pot Limit event (with an amazing three woman making that final table as Lucy Rokach finished 3rd and Jennifer Harman finished 6th) when she outlasted a field of 180 total runners.   The only problem is that Vera Richmond beat her to the punch by about 13 years, with Richmond winning the $1,000 Limit Ace to Five Draw event at the 1982 WSOP, topping a field of 77 players.
Did you know?  Doyle Brunson and Starla Brodie won  the 1979 Mixed Doubles 7 Card Stud event and each received the princely sum of $4,500 each, the smallest amount a WSOP winner has ever received. Did you know?  As far as the smallest amount a winner has gotten for a “normal” WSOP event, that dubious honor goes to Bones Berland, who won $6,300 for his win in a Limit Razz event in 1977.


Three recent gems, added to the High Roller Radio Library: – Jan Fisher – James Leighton – Jonathan Little & – Jay Rosenkrantz.
WE consider all of them…MUST LISTENS!

Did you know?
The winner of the Seniors Event wins the Golden Eagle Trophy, 1 of 2 trophies handed out at the WSOP.  The Players Championship winner gets David ‘Chip’ Reese memorial trophy.
Twitter Glitter:
phil_hellmuth @phil_hellmuth  14 Jun
It took a crane, an earth mover, and a 100 workers w wheel barrels to knock me out today! I’m peaking, all I need is average cards & BOOM!

(Good luck Phil…watch out for the DOZERS)

Even Winners Lose Once in a While:
Just ask Phil Hellmuth at this years NBC heads-Up.
Our main man, Chris de Beer, the ‘Don’ of sports-betting, picked Dan Henderson in an upset last night at UFC 161 – Rashad Evans won in a split decision….oooops.  Folks, it would have been 10 fight picks in a row for Chris….the winning streak has been snapped!!!!  What happened big guy?
“Can’t always be right!” he told me.  “It was a close fight and could have gone either way.  Listen, before the US Open began I took Phil (Mickelson) on a flyer and stand to win big today.”
You wanna bet on sports?  Be sure to listen to Chris de Beer Tuesday night’s at 7pm EST at www.ontiltradio.com

For the best half-hour ion poker, THANK THE POKER GODS, when he makes his next prediction…an amazing run of late, last night’s loss and all.   Archived picks and tips at www.highrollerradio.net


Great post from our newest member of High Roller NATION!!!!
Dennis L Hubbard :  My dad knew Russ Hamilton back in the late 70’s / early 80’s. Russ ran some games back then while working with my dad at a local grocery store. He was not surprised at how Russ ended up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He told me about him when my interest in poker was sparked by the Moneymaker mania.

(ty Dennis, check out “DISGRACED” under the ‘Features’ section at www.highrollerradio.net

(my commentary on Mr. Hamilton, plus, a few interesting videos of him, stealing, an avoiding media.)


Marco Vinicio Delgado Sanchez….love the name, love the fact you’re the newest member of High Roller NATION…well done, glad to have you on board, you’re now entered into all future draws….enjoy the content here and at www.highrollerradio.net

MVDS is most certainly a HIGH ROLLER!!!!
Balazs Boda the newest addition to High Roller NATION!  Welcome Balazs, great to have you on
board, you are now entered into all future draws….enjoy the content here and on site at
Balazs is a High Roller!
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High Roller Radio 1/3 way thru WSOP

Hey High Rollers’,

We are one third the way through the 2013 World Series of Poker and what an exciting couple of weeks it’s been; the Canadian Invasion, 6 of the first 20 events went to Canucks, wow!  Keep in mind, many of the Europeans don’t arrive until closer to the main event but still….G(OH) Canada.

Congrats to Mike ‘the Mouth’ Matusow, took down Event #13, 7-Card Stud Hi/Low Split 8 or Better for his 4th bracelet.  Chad Holloway as well, winner of Event #1, Casino Employees Championship and Tom Schneider, the $2500 HORSE Event, both former guests.  High Roller Radio has been active on twitter during LIVE STREAM broadcasts and getting many mentions…that’s good.

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

Below, stuff I found on pinterest today:

Poker Humour

”Not sure if wife is leaving over my #poker addiction… or she’s just bluffing.’

Q: Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? A: Too many cheetahs. 

Willie Nelson Poker Connection?

In Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die, Willie Nelson muses about his greatest influences and the things that are most important to him, and celebrates the family, friends, and colleagues who have blessed his remarkable journey. Willie riffs on everything, from music to poker, Texas to Nashville, and more. He shares the outlaw wisdom he has acquired over the course of eight decades, along with favorite jokes and insights from family, band mates, and close friends.

Quotable & Notable

“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

“Life is like a game of poker—you have to play the hand you’re dealt. … But a wise player can play what seems to be a weak hand and win the game.”

– Pastor Rick Warren

Matt Salsberg – (Unveils new poker saying in @WSOP broadcast booth during Event #21, 6-Handed, NLHE, “Implied Luck,” meaning when you pick up Aces you want your opponent to have Ace King, not 10 2, cause he’ll fold.  Implied luck.

Poker History

–          August 2, 1876, frontiersman “Wild” Bill Hickok is shot from behind and killed while playing poker at a saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota. According to the story, he was holding 2 pair….aces and eights…..since know as a “dead man’s hand”.

–          Warren Harding Lost The White House China In A Poker Game. Harding really like to gamble, although it seems he wasn’t very good at it. In one poker game, he bet the White House china collection and lost it all in one hand.

Three Card Monte

Two red cards and a black card are shown, and placed face down on the table. The magician slowly mixes the cards. The spectator tries to find the winning red card, but fails. This is repeated for other two times always more slowly, but the red card can never be found!

Six Sided Poker Dice

Poker dice are dice which, instead of having number pips, have representations of playing cards upon them. Poker dice have six sides, one each of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten and nine, and are used to form a poker hand.

Twitter Glitter:

Matt Savage ‏@SavagePoker  4h

RT @craigpgold Guy loses pot and is left w 3 25chips on last hand before coloring up, he then loses the race off, is he busto?<~No, gets 100


On Facebook


On Twitter


Who’s on First and Which One Was the Horse?

Who's on First?

This original illustration art for Art Krenz’s 1930s sports trivia column features a baseball batting king, the “sport of kings” (horse racing) and a poker hand of four kings (left). The answers to the questions reminded us of that classic Abbott and Costello skit–the player who had a .400 batting average in one season is first baseman Bill Terry and the horse was named Whichone!

Wild Bill’s LunchBox

wild bill 2


Poker’s Gone to the DOGS!!!! Plus: facebook

Poker’s Gone to the DOGS!!!!

She called me a 'Collie Station' after the match!

She called me a ‘Collie Station’ after the match!

Introducing Sadie, my one year old Shih Tzu who’s got a hell of a poker face, who is Dog’on good when it comes to cards.  Look what we were playing for…Texas Hold’Ems Lamb Lung chips…mmmm yummy!  After defeating me when she flopped a Royal Flush, which she has every morning when I take her out to check her pee-mail, she called me a ‘Collie Station’.  My middle pair/bottom kicker was simply barking up the wrong tree.  That was Ruff.  S-pet-tacular!

We love underDOGS and animals at High Roller Radio, this is the HRR ‘Pic of the Week’….you have a good shot?  Send it to us at derrick@highrollerradio.net or on facebook http://www.facebook.com/HighRollerRadio?ref=hl

By the way…this would be a great shot for Pinterest…feel free to use it.  Did you know?  We are making our pre3sence be known on this fabulous picture sharing site.  @highrollerradio on pinterest

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High Roller Radio T-Shirts

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it! The High Roller Radio t-shirts are proving popular.

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it! The High Roller Radio t-shirts are proving popular.

These beauties will be on sale (for charity) in our High Roller Radio store.  Stay tuned High Rollers.

High Roller NATION gets Stronger

Kyle Dawe…welcome to the fold, welcome to HIGH ROLLER NATION!!!  431 now and counting…thank-you Kyle, hope you enjoy the content here and at www.highrollerradio.net You are now entered in all future draws….good luck and good gambling.

Kyle D’s a High Roller.


movie star poker player...Phil Laak is a lucky guy! www.highrollerradio.net

movie star poker player…Phil Laak is a lucky guy!

Twitter Glitter:
Liv Boeree @Liv_Boeree  8m  Just saw “This is the end” – @sethrogen ‘s new movie. What. The. Hell.
(Liv is featured in our Hold’em Hotties page at www.highrollerradio.net and she really is!)


‘LIVE’ final table streams

44th Annual World Series of Poker

44th Annual World Series of Poker

We are loving the ‘live’ streams of WSOP final tables!  David Tuchman’s wife is about to give birth so he’s stepped out of the broadcast booth for the time being, Bernard Lee has stepped in to pinch hit and he’s doing a great job.  Both are excellent.

Those streaming links are available at www.highrollerradio.net

Tweet by us last night… Host Bernard Lee doing a great job interacting with audience…..he’s answered a few of our questions….great analysis…this is dynamite stuff!  You a poker junkie like us?  Check it out!

@wsop @bernardleepoker @tuckonsports




Did you know? – 1973 WSOP PLUS: ‘The Mouth’

Did you know?

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

Did you know?  The 1973 was the first modern World Series of Poker as we know it today.  A series of new games was added to the schedule; 7 Card Stud, Razz, Ace to 5 lowball, Deuce to 7 lowball, 5 Card Stud and a few smaller No-Limit Hold’em events, all of which led up to the main  event, referred to as the world championship.  Organizers were coming off the public relations bonanza that followed Amarillo Slim’s victory the year before, which provided some well-received national attention and spotlight on poker’s world championship.

Did you know?  CBS Television filmed a one-hour documentary narrated by the world’s most famous gambler at the time, Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder.  Millions of viewers got their first glimpse at high stakes poker and the glamour associated with the main event.

Did you know?  The first organized poker competition with a tournament director was the 1973 WSOP.  Eric Drache, who also helped produce High Stakes Poker and who is also a member of the Hall of Fame, oversaw the WSOP that year.

Did you know?  Puggy Pearson was the star of the 1973 WSOP.  Not only did he win the world title but two other titles as well.  Even though the fields were smaller back then, there were only seven events and Pearson won three of them.

www.highrollerradio.net for FEATURE on Puggy Pearson!  Plus, check us out on facebook:

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"The Mouth"

“The Mouth” is one of the greatest poker players ever!

Mike Matusow wins his 4th bracelet!!!!

Huge come back win over Matthew Aston, “Fuck the haters,” he said jubilantly in victory.  Last 3 tourneys for ‘The Mouth’:  NBC Heads-UP – 1st, Omaha 8 or better WSOP – 13th, now EVENT 13 Stud Hi/Low Split – 1st.  BRACELET Baby!

Canadian Mike Leah 3rd for 108k.  Matusow wins a quarter million!

Twitter Glitter:
David Baker @DMBakes  2m
@hasanhabib1 to the guy who won a small pot off me “Your dad must be a dentist because getting 5k from him is like pulling teeth!”

Love WSOP time!!!!  www.highrollerradio.net

What are the odds Daniel Negreanu wins a bracelet?  How about Hellmuth?  What are the bookies listing a woman at the final table at?  Chris de Beer wagers a few ‘flyers’ at www.highrollerradio.net

Chris de Beer has won 13 of his last 14 UFC bets!


Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow

Mike “the Mouth” Matusow

"The Mouth"

“The Mouth” is one of the greatest poker players ever!

Mike Matusow has got the chip lead with three players left in Event #13, 7 Card Stud Hi/Low Split.  ‘The Mouth’ is gunning for bracelet #4.  I met Mike in Calgary in 2009 at the Canadian Open Heads-Up Championship, actually interviewed him after his first round match for Canadian Poker Player magazine.  I was working for the Canadian Poker Tour at the time and I was fortunate enough to meet a number of big name players, who up until that point I had only watched on television; Huckleberry Seed, Antonio Esfandiari, Gavin Smith, Brad Booth, Scott Montgomery and Greg Mueller, among others.

During the short Q&A, Matusow told me he was making it his ‘life mission’ to put disgraced 1994 world champ Russ Hamilton behind bars.  Hamilton, of course, is the man behind the Ultimate Bet ‘God Code’ cheating scandal and a guy who Matusow says ripped him off for $2.5 million.

“I couldn’t understand how he was beating me so badly,” he reflected, on a series of heads-up matches with Hamilton.  “It was a bad time for me.  He’s a thief and should be locked up.”

Matusow used our chat to promote his new book Check Raising the Devil, which he described as an ‘intense ride’ and one of the best biographical poker books around.  As we discussed his life, his new girlfriend, who he met online interestingly enough, the book and poker, Matusow seemed quite jittery and was continuously looking over my shoulder at the television above the bar, seemed like he was preoccupied with the basketball game.

The Q&A only lasted 10 minutes but I knew it was 10 minutes wasted for Matusow.  He didn’t want to be there, not just the interview with me, which he took as a duty to the owner of the Canadian Poker Tour, who rumor has it paid Matusow’s entry in order to attract him to Calgary.  Worth noting, Matusow lost his opening round salvo, a best two-out-of-three match with lots of chips and lots of play, in record time.  He was out of the tournament, two-nothing, almost before it began, the match only lasting 25 minutes.  Again, he glanced at the TV and grimaced. So, I eventually made the inquiry, “You got money on the game?”

“You know, I didn’t even want to be here,” he launched into a mini bi-polar tirade.  “I’ve been running so good betting basketball the last month and it wasn’t even worth my time playing this 5k buy-in.  I’ve got 40-grand on tonight’s game.  I only came here as a favour to Gavin,( referring to the Clown Prince of Poker, Gavin Smith, another elite pro and friend of the CPT owner).  That’s the worst poker I have ever played!”

Just like that, the interview was over and a few hours later Mike Matusow was on a plane back to Vegas, like the trip to Calgary didn’t even happen. Oh, and he gave me a book.  I contemplated asking him to sign it but simply said, “Thank-you Mike, it was my pleasure.”

www.highrollerradio.net  Good luck Mike!

Hellmuth Sighting – Matusow Guns for 4th Bracelet

Hey High Rollers, no doubt this is my time of the year, fascinating final tables on then live stream tonight.  Allen Cunningham came up just a little bit short in Event # 12 pot-limit hold’em finishing 2nd to Russian unknown Lev Roffman.  Cunnigham has 5 bracelets and at one point had a 3-to-1 chip lead heads-up…surprise surprise…Congrats Mr. Roffman, you now have a lifetime story to tell.

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

Hellmuth Sighting:

With three left in Event #13, 7-card stud, hi-low split, Mike Matusow, Mike Leah and Matthew Ashton, Phil Hellmuth paid the stage a visit, “Congratulations Mikey, first a 12th, now at least a third and we’re only a week into the series,” Hellmuth said.

A railbird shouted, “Down in the front.”  The ‘Poker Brat’ seemed in good spirits but was a bit surprised when the Pit Boss asked him to leave the stage area.

“I’ve never been asked to leave a WSOP final table before,” he said as he exited the playing area.  “Good luck Mike.”

Hellmuth, of course, is the all-time bracelet leader with 13.  Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan each have 10.  Matusow is gunning for number four.

How do you pronounce Mike ‘The Mouth’s’ last name?  At the final table of Event #13, he just informed everyone they pronounce his last name wrong, it’s not ‘Matt-uh-sow’, it’s ‘Mat-uh-soe’.  The things you learn watching high stakes poker for bracelets.

This years WSOP features a record 480 poker tables!

This years WSOP features a record 480 poker tables!

This year’s WSOP features a RECORD 480 poker tables.  High Roller Radio ‘Pic of the Week’ – a cathedral of poker at the RIO. www.highrollerradio.net

twitter glitter:
Eric Crain @EricCrain  2m
Massage girl I’ve never met just walked by, looked at me, and said “an Asian chick speaking Italian. Huh” then walked away. #WSOP

(sure, you’ve never met her!!!  Congrats Eric on another final table today!  By the way, this tweet conversation led to us confirming an interview with Mr. Crain.  Two final tables already at 2013 WSOP)

Twitter Glitter:
David Baker @DMBakes  2m
@hasanhabib1 to the guy who won a small pot off me “Your dad must be a dentist because getting 5k from him is like pulling teeth!”

Love WSOP time!!!!

Johnny Bax!

Josephy wins Event #9, Shootout, for his 2nd bracelet!

Josephy wins Event #9, Shootout, for his 2nd bracelet!

Do you know this man?  Probably the perfect player, who embodies the best of what online has to offer while incorporating that to ‘LIVE’ poker.  Two bracelets now…2005, 7-card stud when he defeated another credible name in Kirill Gerasomo…v…last night Cliff Josephy, AKA the online legend Johnny Bax, took down the $3k shoot-out in absolutely dominating fashion.  WOW.  This New Yorker can play folks!
www.highrollerradio.net would love to get this guy on the show for 10-15….HIGH ROLLER personified, $2 million+ in career earnings.


Love the fact he took time out to respond to our congrats…online poker legend Johnny Bax, AKA Cliff Josephy comes up good in Event #9 for another bracelet, and shows appreciation on twitter!

High Roller Radio @HighRollerRadio  7h
Congrats to the legendary @JohnnyBaxPoker Cliff Josephy dominates final table of shootout for another bracelet!!!

Cliff Josephy Cliff Josephy @JohnnyBaxPoker  1h
@HighRollerRadio Thanks!

A very dominating performance…once he got the chips, he did not give’em back!  www.highrollerradio.net

Another milestone moment for HIGH ROLLER RADIO!  We are now set-up on PayPal…so the High Roller Store will be opening soon…you want your product listed?  Drop us a line at derrick@highrollerradio.net

T-Shirts, Paintings, Phone Covers, Books….and more…all POKER/GAMBLING baby!

stay tuned… www.highrollerradio.net

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Congrats to Levi Berger….defeated 2-time bracelet winner Scott Clements heads-up to win bracelet in Event #11, 6-max NLHE…. @wsop feed not working so had to follow on updates….on a board of 8 7 2, Berger bet 90k, Clements reraised to 245k, Clements reraised to 580k….and after a few moments deliberations, Clements shoved for 2.4 million…snap called by Berger with KK, Scott showed 10, 9 open-ended but missed.  Ballgame over!

High Roller note:  author Greg Elder has the addresses of three High Rollin’ winners, about to receive his new book GAMBLERS FIGHT BACK…they’re on their way Charlie West, Mild to Wild Bird and Rick Bluementhol.  Congrats again….another draw soon High Roller NATION.


Nation member submits strategy!!!

This is a submission from High Roller Nation member Mild To Wild Bird, thanks, we always appreciate submissions that are gambling and poker related.
HAVE YOU EVA ‘ ? —Jack-Ten in the Hole ! Back in the 70’s, someone started telling folks that a Jack-Ten wins more hands than a pair of Aces.
Before computers and poker books, there was no one to argue, so many low-limit poker players love this hand.  It is the highest of the possible Trash Hands, and is the most likely to win a big pot in a straight draw as other face cards hit the board.  However, now that we have computers, we know that this hand is marginal at best.  Play it carefully only in late position, and bail immediately if you fail to get a four-straight on the flop.

Thank you Mtwb!!!!

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