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WSOP 2015; Highlights, Fun Facts and Bracelet Winners

Hey High Rollers, sorry its been a while. The World Series of Poker is in full swing, almost at the halfway mark and the action has been fast and furious. Phil Hellmuth has won bracelet #14, Phil Galfond bracelet #2 and a 20-something kid has taken down the largest live tourney ever, the Colossus.

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Hellmuth is The Man!
Proving again that he is the greatest tournament player ever, Phil Hellmuth captured his 14th bracelet at the 2015 WSOP, besting a field of 103 in Event #17, the $10,000 world championship of Razz. This is the ‘Poker Brat’s’ 2nd Razz bracelet.

Hellmuth Hype

Big Crowds at Colossus

WSOP Sets Record
The Colossus was exactly what officials at the World Series of Poker imagined – unreal! A field of 22,373, making it the largest live poker tournament ever, was topped by 20-something Cord Garcia. Congrats. Talk about a resume topper.

Did you know?
Ray Henson, a long-time poker pro and summer roomates with Cord Garcia, finished 3rd in the Colossus. Roomates, first and third? Wow.

Michael Wang, winner of Event #2, has a degree in biology from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.
“I’m still trying to process it. This is the most prestigious prize in poker. This is the best thing in the game that’s ever happened to me. It’s going to take some time for this to sink in.”

Robert Mizrachi wins 3rd WSOP Bracelet

Mizrachi Mashes

Wins his 3rd bracelet in Event #3, $1,500, Omaha 8 or Better. In 2007, he captured the world championship of Pot Limit Omaha and $769,000. In 2014, he won gold in the $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed event.
Did you know? Robert’s brother, Michael, owns three WSOP bracelets & two WPT titles. He won the $50k Players Championship in back-to-back years.

Fun Facts
Christian Pham, a Minnesota poker pro, accidentally signed up for the wrong event ($1,500 No Limit Deuce-to-7) and ended up winning it. Pham previously won a the WSOP circuit main event at Caesars Palace in 2013. Thinking he was signing up for the next day’s NLHE event, Pham was stunned to learn he was playing Kansas City Lowball, a form of poker he had never played before:

Kansas City What?
“They had started dealing already, so I couldn’t do anything. If they had not started dealing, I would have told the floorman and asked to be unregistered.”
– Christian Pham

Shocker in 5k
Jeffrey Tomlinson, a 51 year old football coach from Florida, upset a stacked field in Event #25.
“I don’t have any fear. I mean, I’m here to play my game. It doesn’t mean I’ll win ten gold bracelets, but from the moment I sat down I knew I could win.”

Twin Towers?
In Event #24, Arash Ghaneian was being cheered on by his wife, soon expecting twins. Good start to the family, Ghaneian won the event, his first gold bracelet and $240,000.

7 Year Itch?
Seven years after his first gold bracelet, Phil Galfond picked up his 2nd in the world championship of Kansas City lowball single draw defeating Nick Schulman, a two-time winner of this very event, heads-up. It was his 15th career cash, bringing is WSOP earnings above the $2 million mark.

Italy to the Max!
Max Pescatori became the first Italian to win three gold bracelets, taking down the $1,500 Razz for $156,000.

12 Years Later
Keith Lehr needed just 24 hands to beat Paul Volpe in the final of the $10k heads-up world championship. It’s his 2nd bracelet. His first? Twelve years ago in pot limit hold’em.

James Woods
The actor, who co-starred in the movie Casino, made his first and second ever WSOP final tables in 2015. He is widely regarded as a pretty good poker player.

Tuan Le won the $10,000 Deuce-to-Seven triple draw world championship, becoming the first player since 2009 to win the same WSOP event in consecutive years.

Running Good?
After min-cashing in the Colossus, Germany’s Paul Michaelis took down Event #8 for his first bracelet and close to $200,000.

Poker Quotes
“I was running insane basically. I had a straight flush against a nut flush, I had a couple sets. My bluffs worked out. Everything worked perfectly actually,”
– Paul Michaelis

Fast and Furious?
A total of 1,496 runners signed up for the WSOP’s newest event, the $1,000 Hyper Hold’em, which only took two days to complete. Won by Minnesota’s John Reading, it featured 20 minute blind levels. The final table only last one hour and forty-five minutes of actual playing time.

Shaun Deeb Wins Event #15
“This was one of the toughest final tables I’ve ever played against. This was the second time I’ve made the final in this $10K PLHE event, and to come out on top against these caliber of players was just great. It was really special to get this against Paul (Volpe), because we play together all the time. I know he wanted to win, but to get my first against him was just amazing the way it all happened.”
– Shaun Deeb

One to Israel
Idan Raviv became the first Israeli to win WSOP gold by taking down Event #12, the $1,500 6-Max. This just a year after finishing 22nd in the main event.

2015 WSOP Bracelet Winners (so far)
Event #1: Casino Employees Championship, Brandon Barnette ($74,704)
Event #2: $5,000 NLHE, Michael Wang ($466,120)
Event #3: $1,500 Omaha 8 or Better, Robert Mizrachi ($251,022)
Event #4: $3,000 NLHE Shootout, Nick Petrangelo ($201,812)
Event #5: The Colossus, Cord Garcia ($638,880)
Event #6: $1,000 Hyper Turbo, John Reading ($252,028)
Event #7: Deuce to 7 World Championship, Taun Le ($322,756)
Event #8: $1,500 Pot Limit Hold’em, Paul Michaelis ($189,818)
Event #9: $1,500 Razz, Max Pescatori ($155,947)
Event #10: Heads-Up World Championship, Keith Lehr ($334,430)
Event #11: $1,500 Limit Hold’em, William Kakon ($196,055)
Event #12: $1,500 6-Handed NLHE, Idan Raviv ($455,057)
Event #13: $2,500 7-Card Stud/Omaha 8 or Better, Konstanin Maslak ($269,612)
Event #14: $1,500 NLHE Shootout, Barry Hutter ($283,546)
Event #15: Pot Limit Hold’em World Championship, Shaun Deeb ($318,857)
Event #16: Millionaire Maker
Event #17: Razz World Championship, Phil Hellmuth ($271,105)
Event #18: $1,000 Turbo NLHE, John Gale ($298,290)
Event #19: $3,000 Limit Hold’em 6-Handed, Matt Elsby ($230,799)
Event #20: $1,500 NLHE, Benjamin Zamani ($460,640)
Event #21: $10,000 World Championship of Omaha 8 or Better, Daniel Alaei ($391,037)
Event #22: $1,000 NLHE, Sam Greenwood ($318,977)
Event #23: $1,500 No Limit Deuce-to-7 Lowball, Christian Pham ($81,314)
Event #24: $1,500 HORSE, Arash Ghaneian ($239,750)
Event #25: $5,000 8-Handed NLHE, Jeffrey Tomlinson ($567,724)
Event #26: $1,000 Pot Limit Omaha, Aaron Wallace ($226,985)
Event #27: $10k World Championship 7-Card Stud, Brian Hastings ($239,518)
Event #28: Monster Stack,
Event #29: $10k World Championship Deuce-to-7 Single Draw, Phil Galfond ($224,383)

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