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We Love Poker & We Love the Darts Too!

Hey High Rollers,

It has been a while since our last post on this blog but we’ve been really busy…watching the darts. Yes, we love the darts. High Roller Radio itself began as a hobby, call it a way to keep busy following some major surgery, and from its origins was all things poker. The poker community is awesome! 

We’ve interviewed some of the game’s greatest players, including world champions Chris Moneymaker. the man credited with the poker boom following his unlikely run at the 2003 World Series of Poker, Greg Raymer, who wore those disturbing, creepy, glasses in 2006 and made a full house on the final hand against David Williams, and Tom McEvoy (1983), a legend of the game and poker Hall of Famer. We’ve had multiple WSOP bracelet winners on the show; Tom Schneider (4), Greg ‘FBT’ Mueller (2), Dutch Boyd (3), Max Pescatori (4), Barny Boatman (2) & several others. We’ve had some world famous authors on; Nolan Dalla, One of a Kind, James McManus, Positively Fifth Street, & Michael Craig, who penned one of my favourite books ever, The Professor, the Banker & the Suicide King, a true story about the world’s richest poker game when a group of pros called ‘The Coporation’ took on billionaire Dallas banker Andy Beal:

Michael Craig on the ‘Suicide King’ Ted Forrest

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Mike Sexton, another legend of the game and author of Life’s a Gamble. We’ve tried to get Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Doug Polk, Mike Matusow and others on with us but to this point have failed. It’s been a great process and continues to be a source of information and pleasure. And, we will have Jennifer Tilly on one day…promise.

High Roller Radio will continue to talk to poker superstars and gambling greats because we love the characters. BUT,  you have probbably noticed, on the website, facebook, twitter and pinterest, that we are slowly adding lots of darts content to the mix, especially on our youtube channel. Why? Because we love the darts, that simple. We watch the darts religiously and, unless we’re busy, rarely miss the weekend tournaments. Why not put that time to good use and make a video/report about it? So that’s we’ve decided to do. 

Good choice, right? In the short time we’ve been adding darts videos to our playlist we’ve seen our view count rise dramatically. Darts fans love their sport. They want updates. They are enthralled with the game, its stars & its rivalries. Just look at the Premier League crowd in Berlin, when the PDC took its BIG show to Germany for the first time. More than 12,500 fans showed up to the Mercedez-Benz Arena. Amazing.

The fans make noise too. They sing, chant and, sometimes, get on the players when they start missing the doubles or even when they miss darts at a perfect game. The crowd for these events is lively and into it. The atmosphere is electric. And the players? Well, they are amazing. Darts is not an easy sport but the top pros will make your head spin with their accuracy. The Professional Darts Corporation has become a blood sport. It’s tough. So many are so good. Phil Taylor has retired but MVG is there to carry the torch. Rob Cross just won the world championship. These two may have a spectacular rivalry over the next fews year. 

Why darts? Why not! It’s such a good game and, dare I say, at the world championship, when two players are firing back and forth in the pressure of the moment, there is no better to watch on television. STRONG CLAIM, right? I’ll put it right up there with the final table of the main event of the World Series of Poker. (How about that, in keeping with theme of this article?)


Also, so pleased to announce that we’ve got come help with the tungsten content too. Matt the @irishdartsfan will be providing updates on a regular basis to keep us informed about darts on the Emerald Isle, where they have such stars as Mick McGowan, Brendon ‘The History Maker’ Dolan, William O’Connor, Steve Lennon, Jason Cullen and Daryl Gurney.

You might want to check out Matt’s first article HERE

Thank-you to @irishdartsfan, a guy who truly loves the darts like we do. Please be sure to follow Matt on twitter HERE

Let’s end this with a famous quote from the late, legendary broadcaster, Sid Waddell, who was commentating on one of Eric Bristow’s world championship victories. We believe it was the Crafty Cockney’s fourth title.


“When Alexander of Macedonia was 33, he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer. Bristow’s only 27.” – Sid Waddell

How about you? Love poker & gambling? Love the darts? Expect High Roller Radio to continue to do both, poker and darts, beause that’s what we’re into.

NOTE: Our youtube channel has great content: HERE

Did you catch our Wayne Mardle interview? The Sky Sports commentator and former pro was absolutely brilliant!

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William Kassouf Interview: “Victimized & Singled-Out” in WSOP Main Event!

Hey High Rollers, one of the most polarizing players in poker folks, William Kassouf put on quite a show at the 2016 World Series of Poker and we spoke to him about his run in the main event, his opponents reaction o him, Cliff Josephy, Gordon Vayo, Griffin Benger, Jack Effel and poker’s new world champ Qui Nguyen. Enjoy!