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Jack McClelland, Vadim Trincher, Quote of Night, UFC 33, Greatest Fight in History?


Tribute to Jack McClelland:
After five decades as one of the world’s preeminent tournament directors, Jack McClelland, on December 6th, 2013, called it a career.  And what a career it was!  He first earned the TD title in 1984, at the Worl…d Series of Poker. He went on to run the Grand Prix of Poker at the Golden Nugget Casino.  McClelland was the first tournament director to host events at Commerce Casino in Southern California.  His resume includes international poker tournament in locales like the Isle of Man, St. Petersburg, Russia, Vienna, Cyprus and Aruba. For the past decade, McClelland has been running the tournaments at Bellagio, where he helped launch some of the earliest events on the World Poker Tour. He was there, at the helm, for the very first event of the WPT, in May of 2002.  His last event?  The 2013 WPT Five Diamond Doyle Brunson World Poker Classic.
Shuffle up and retire, right?

High Roller Radio Quote of the Night:

My grandmother taught me how to play, starting with two-cent ante, nickel-limit seven-card stud. I was kept broke until I was ten years old because I couldn’t throw a hand away (laughs). But I learned a lot about math playing poker.
– Jack McClelland

High Roller Radio Quote of the Day:

“When I was a kid, I thought that’s what big people did — you throw dice against the wall. That’s the way I was raised forever,” Bob Stupak said in the must-have biography by John Smith, No Limit: The Rise and Fall of Bob Stupak and Las Vegas’ Stratosphere Tower, referring to his parents to ran numbers and spread dice games.

StarCraft like drug addiction?

Some state officials in South Korea think play on computer games such as “StarCraft” — now in its second edition — has gotten so out of control that being obsessed with it should be classified as an illness, along with gambling and drug addictions.  What do you think?

WPT Star in Trouble

Legal troubles for World Poker Tour champion Vadim Trincher, whose admitted to being involved with an illegal sports betting operation that catered to wealthy bettors in the U.S. and Europe. Trincher’s business typically dealt with soccer matches.   He coul have spent decades in prison but thanks to a plea deal had that reduced to between 21 to 27 months in prison.  Trincher is 52 years old.

Did you know?  Lindsay Lohan has reportedly angered casino officials in Connecticut.  Management at Foxwoods not happy after paying the pop culture star a ridiculous $50,000 to judge a costume contest on Halloween.  She was supposed to be there at 10 p.m. and didn’t show until after midnight.  Lohan also skipped the red carpet festivities.  Foxwoods also paid Floyd Mayweather to be a judge and the boxing star was perfectly punctual.

UFC Fight Night 33

Spectacular night of fights in Australia, in particular the ehabvyweight clash between Antonio ‘BigFoot’ Silva and Marc Hunt!  Sick fight, a 5 round war for the ages, perhaps the greatest ther sport has ever seen.  It was a unanimous draw with one judge scoring it 48-47 for Hunt, and the other two having it tied at 47-47…wow.  They were both overjoyed with the outcome and Dana White rewarded them with ‘Fight of the Night’ honors and gave both their win bonuses.  Nicely done boys.

Chris De Beer – “Absolutely amazing fight! Undoubtedly the greatest heavyweight fight of all time – we have been treated to some classics the last few months.”

(Comments from our guru, Chris de Beer)


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Chris De Beer – “Absolutely amazing fight! Undoubtedly the greatest heavyweight fight of all time – we have been treated to some classics the last few months.”

(Comments from our guru, Chris de Beer)

Tom McEvoy & Greg Raymer – Interview Notes

Hey High Rollers, couple of world champions on the show recently, 2004’s Greg Raymer & 1983’s Tom McEvoy, and what a thrill that was!  Both dynamic storytellers, both with some stories to tell.  Here are our interview notes for both.  Cheers


Tom McEvoy

1983 World Champ


Alright High Rollers, today a guy who made it to the top in the world of professional poker…the absolute top…our chat today is brought to you our friends at VegasTopDogs.com, America’s #1 Handicappers, they pick winners folks…vergastopdogs.com

Alright…I am so looking forward to this discussion…this guy is the 1983 world champ….first player ever to win the championship after satelliting in…Isn’t that what  Moneymaker did, and Poker exploded?  He’s won 4 bracelets…he was instrumental in bringing fresh air into the poker room, we’ll talk about that. He’s co-authored several books….good ones too…co-authored them with guys like TJ Cloutier, Brad Daughtery and Max Stern…he’s written for Card Player and he reps the online Giant PokerStars….oh, and he is a newly minted member of the Poker Hall of Fame…icing on the cake of a brilliant poker career….

World champ Tom McEvoy is our geust today…What a pleasure, thanks for being a High Roller Tom…

We gotta start with the Hall of Fame, you’re going to be officially inducted November 3rd at the November 9 showdown, talk about pomp and pageantry…Congratulations  man…well-deserved…where does this rank on your list of achievements…

I know you’ve been on the ballot before…this is something you really wanted…and it just wasn’t happening…what was different this year.

So much history in the hall…all the legends…forgive me for saying, but you’re on the of the poker old’timers now….when you were a so-called young gun…who were some of the players you looked up to?

Class of 2013…

Heads-up battle with Rod Peete was the longest in WSOP History for a l;ongtime, finally surpassed by the epic Chip Reese Andy Bloch showdown…can you tell us about your opponent and that battle…

And you satellite’d in….why do you think poker exploded when Moneymaker did essentially the same thing you did…is it simply because you did it live…where as he satellithed in online?

You’ve had some epic heads-up matches and victorious ones too…you beat Peete for the world title…you defeated another world champ Berry Johntson tom win a bracelet in Limit Omaha…and you’re first bracelet in Razz…you’ve got two in razz….but you bested Donacha O’Dea…the Irish legend…those are big names?

Tom…do you feel you get enough credit for your poker accomplishments…I know you’re in the Hall now…but when poker exploded…some others got a lot of limelight…where I feel…you didn’t necessarily get a ton of tv time…relatively speaking, as compared to Hellmuth, Brunson, Matusow, Laak, Esfandiari?

How good did it feel to win the WSOP’s 1st ever  champions invitational….

Big issues facing poker?

Poker Somadhi?


Listen here… http://www.highrollerradio.net/Tom_McEvoy.html

Greg Raymer Interview


Hey High Rollers,

What a thrill…and I mean that…an absolute thrill…to be speaking with our guest today….can you say world champion?  Today’s interview is brought to by our friends at VegasTopDogs.com, America’s #1 sports handicappers…featuring the like of Tony K and Joe Duffy…they pick winners…at vegastopdogs.com.

I’ll never forget the image…I think it was a delayed reaction, we’re going to ask him about that today…but then the hands raised, a primal scream…joy, elation, relief, probably all rolled into one…because in 2004…this guy…climbed to the top of the poker mountain…a view, by the way, only a very special few get, to win the main event of the World Series of Poker…minted a world champ forever…and a little slice of WSOP immortality…not to mention the money…and it was a good chunk, $5 million….oh, and those glasses….gave poker face a whole new meaning…

I said it off the top…it is a thrill to welcome The Fossilman, Greg Raymer to the show, Greg, welcome, thanks for being a High Roller:

I’ve always wanted to ask you….that final hand against David Williams…your full house, what was it deuces full of 8’s….it seemed to me like you hesitated before raising your arms in victory…not sure if that was the tv edit…but did it take you a moment….to realize you had just won the title?

We just had Pamela Brunson on…I know you know her dad…but have you met her before…

Money, teaching…

Greg, I met you in London England, the Hilton Metrople for the EPT London…we shook hands, I said I was a fan…and you were accommodating, very gracious….does that come natural to you…because…with the title comes exposure, fame…the lot….was it an easy adjustment for you?

I read somewhere that you made a deal with your wife…you’d play on a $1,000 bankroll, if you lost it…you’d quit poker…is that true, and how close did you come to a balance of zero before you hit the jackpot…

I’m sure poker was changing at the time you won won…ho has it changed since…are the kids really that crazy and ultra-aggressive?

What has poker taught you about life…I mean, you travel the world….been to a lot of places, seen a lot of things…

Lot of people know you used to be a patent attorney…not to many, I’m guessing, know you have a Master’s Degree in biochemistry…what kinds of things were you tackling there…and any relatin to poker?

I assume the poker world today, because there’s so much money to be won…is full of very smart people…can you give us an idea…isn’t Chris Binger a rocket scientist or something…you’ve got bankers, stock guys, engineers…it’s a tough racket

Hall of Fame inductions officially take place November 3…Scotty Nguyen, Tom McEvoy, another world champ…your thoughts on the inductees this year….

Is that something you aspire too?

Is there a fraternity of past winners of the main event?

After you win the main event…you finish 25th the next year…what kind of grind was that?  That was quite an accomplishment.

Mike Matusow…that run-in with him…how is your relationship with him now?

World championship of online poker?  Fossils?  Where did this start…

How many fossils have you given away?

Shades at the poker table?

Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey? Shot clock in poker?


Listen here http://www.highrollerradio.net/Greg_Raymer.html





Tony K joins HRR – Twitter Glitter – and Lyle Berman gets Recognized.

Hey High Rollers, We’d like to extend a High Roller welcome to Tony Karpinski out of Taylor, Pennsylvania.  Tony K, as they call him, is joining High Roller Radio, bringing his team of professional sports and NFL handicappers with him.  Great addition to the website and the blog…now, you can wager w/ us and be educated about your football bets.  Click the banners below, listen to Tony K and his team, and you’ll be winning in NO TIME!  Please check out Tony K’s bio…impressive:

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3G Sports/NFL handicapper.

3G Sports, NFL handicapper.

(TonyK) 3G-Sports
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3G Sports/NFL handicapper.


(TonyK) 3G-Sports BIG MONDAY 10* HAMMER PLAY. 3G’s top plays are on a  34-13 run!  We are #1  in Net Profit the past 5 years by The National Sports Monitor. Building our bankroll each week!
TonyK and 3G-Sports Vegas Handicapper


TonyK expert vegas handicapper Tony Karpinski is the leading sports handicapper in the world. During his professional run, Tony continues his  consistent returns to his clients by stressing two major principles to sports gambling: research and discipline. He  analyzes matchups with emphasizes game-specific detail, trends and current odds. At VegasTopDogs you will have exclusive access to the selections of one of the top sports gamblers in the world.

TonyK (3G-Sports) has won several handicapping contests especially in football and basketball, as he finished in the top 10 in the renowned NFL Las Vegas Hilton $500,000. Super Book Contest. TonyK is the former odds-maker at PicksPal and has several SportsNow Handicapping Contests Wins (baseball, football, hockey, and basketball) and at the Sports Monitor, which have made him a sought-after expert

The Nation’s most well known Handicapper

Handicapping sporting events successfully requires a huge time commitment  and unwavering dedication. I determine the viability of teams by studying  game action, box scores, personnel, coaches, stats, trends, past history,  game conditions and current strengths and weaknesses to create the most  comprehensive picture of likely outcomes.<.

If you’re looking for a consistent winner

you owe it yourself to check out TonyK and 3G-Sports today!

Can’t wait to start picking winners with Tony K at www.highrollerradio.net

1st EVER member of the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame.

1st EVER member of the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame.


Lyle Berman, a three-time WSOP bracelet winner, has been elected into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame – It’s 1st member and much deserved too…this guy changed poker with the WPT.
“Lyle is not only a fierce competitor at the highest limi…ts, he completely and indelibly changed the world of poker when he co-founded the World Poker Tour,” Canterbury Park’s Senior Director of Card Casino Operations Michael Hochman said in a statement.  “We talked to a great deal of people about inaugural nominees into the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame, and literally everyone’s first answer was Lyle Berman.”
Berman is from Minneapolis.  High Roller!

Twitter Glitter:
Thanks to former guest Robert Turner, the inventor of Omaha, for this….love it.

Ivey Poker @IveyPoker  6h
A person should gamble every day, think of how bad it would be to walk around being lucky and not know it. — Robert Turner #Poker

Twitter Glitter:
(The ‘Don’ of sports betting posting his thoughts on that epic light heavyweight championship bout between Jones and Gustaffson.  EPIC!)
Chris de Beer @Gambit_54  23 Sep  @HighRollerRadio After watching the fight I think Jones edged him 48-47 but it was so close that it could have been viewed either way!
Photo: Twitter Glitter:  (The 'Don' of sports betting posting his thoughts on that epic light heavyweight championship bout between Jones and Gustaffson.  EPIC! Chris de Beer @Gambit_54  23 Sep   @HighRollerRadio After watching the fight I think Jones edged him 48-47 but it was so close that it could have been viewed either way! www.highrollerradio.net


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<Low Vig>

Hall of Fame Inductees – The Nominees are?

Hey High Rollers,

Following a public nomination process on www.wsop.com and a vetting by the Hall of Fame governing council, here’s your list of nominations for 2013 induction the Poker Hall of Fame:

44th Annual World Series of Poker

44th Annual World Series of Poker

Chris Bjorin: a 65 year old Swedish Pro who’s won more than $5.5 million.  He’s got 2 gold bracelets and sits 5th in WSOP cashes with 68 and 5th in main event cashes with seven.

Humberto Brenes: The ‘Shark” will bite you.  4th on the all-time WSOP Cash list with 72.  He is 2nd on the main event cash list with an astonishing 9, including a 4th in 1988.

David Chiu:  5 bracelets, 60 WSOP cashes and a legendary victory over Gus Hansen in the 2008 WPT world championship for a whopping $3.3 million.  He’s won close to $8 million.

Thor Hanson:  Norwegian pro w/ 2 gold bracelets, a final table in the 2007 HORSE championship and cashes in 175 tourney’s for lifetime earnings of $2.9 million.

Jennifer Harmon:  2 WPT final tables, 12 WSOP final tables, $3 million in tourney earnings…but, more impressively, a staple in the highest stakes games in the world for a long time now.

Mike Matusow: The Mouth just grabbed his 4th gold bracelet and his first NBC heads-up invitational title.  On a roll.  He’s final tabled the main event twice, to go along w/ 11 other WSOP final tables.  $9 million in lifetime earnings.

Tom McEvoy:  4 time WSOP champion, including the 1983 world title.  An author too.

Carlos Mortenson:  The Matador is a true champ, with an impressive tourney record.  The 2001 world champ and he’s won more money on the WPT than any other in history despite playing significantly fewer events.

Huckleberry Seed:  1996 world champ.  $7.5 million in earnings…a force at the table.  4 time bracelet winner.

Scotty Nguyen:  “You call its gonna be all over baby!”  Scottie, the Prince of Poker, uttered that famous line as he was about to win the 1998 world championship.  5 bracelets, $12 million and the 50K HORSE champion.

That list of names will now be submitted to the 19 living members of the Hall of Fame and 18 members of a special media panel, who will vote on the list later this month.  37 people cats votes, that’s it.  The criteria:

– a Player must have played against acknowledged top competition

– Be a minimum of 40 years old at time of nomination

– Played for high stakes

– Played consistently well, gaining respect of their peers

– Stood the test of time

: Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of he game, with indelible lasting and positive results.

The 2013 class will ben inducted as part of the 2013 Main Event final table festivities at the Rio.  Sweet, it’ll be held November 3rd in the Wine Cellar & Tasting Room.  Elegant, as it should be.  The inductees will then be recognized on November 4th as play resumes in the biggest and baddest poker tourney on the planet.  JC Tran your chip leader, with 38 million…in case u forgot.

Who do you think will get in?


Our Hall of Fame page is under FEATURES tab…enjoy.

Interviews on cover now – Nolan Dalla, media director for the WSOP and John O’Shea, big time Irish gambler.  Two dynamite q&a’s.






Mike ‘GoLeafsGoEh’ Leah – Q&A on High Roller Radio (notes)

Mike ‘GoLeafsGoEh’ Leah

Interview Notes: July 23, 2013  

2013 WSOP 'Play-Off' beard?

2013 WSOP ‘Play-Off’ beard?

Derrick Oliver-Dewan speaks with Mike ‘GoLeafsGoEh’ Leah, from Innissfil, Ontario, Canada, one of the toughest players to face in the game today, especially in the game of 7-Card Stud Hi/Low 8 or Better, an event that saw him make two final tables at the 2013 WSOP, Event #’s 13 and 39.  Overall, it was a terrific summer for this true professional, a guy who’s honed his abilities to the point of being fearsome at the table, although he describes his main event as awful.  This is Mike’s 2nd appearance on High Roller Radio….candid and to the point.  Great job Mike, thanks buddy.

Low Vig>

Hey High Rollers, our guest today is quickly becoming one of the toughest guys in the world to play against, a Canadian who continues to work on his game and hone his skills, and a guy who continues to make big scores…in big events…

And I marked him as one of the guys to watch at this year’s World Series of Poker, and man of man, did he have an outstanding summer or what…what a series….three final tables I believe….a few hundred thousand ion the bank….in a word sweet, for this guy, Mike ‘GoLeafsGoEh’ Leah

Mike welcome to the show…..congratulations on a fine summer….a number of stellar performances….how would you sum up your time at the RIO this summer?

How many events did you play….how many cashes?  And did you play more events because of your success, early on?

Event #13, a $5k buy-in 7-card stud, hi/low split or better event…you finish 3rd for $100,000, probably just the stat you were hoping for…make a big score, take some of the pressure off…

What stacked line-up, that final table was….Tony Cousineau, I believe he’s the guy with the record for most cashes in one WSOP at 11….David Bakes Baker, another well-known big name player…Matthew Ashton…who finished 2nd….he also won the 50k Players Championship…and is the current leader for WSOP Player of the Year, and of course, Mike ‘the Mouth’ Matusow wins it…his 4th bracelet a poke legend…

Just to be associated with a final table like that has to be thrilling…

What strategy did you employ heading into that final table?

How disappointed were you not to win that event Mike….I take it the closest you’ve ever been to WSOP gold…Matusow was low on chips the entire way…he wins…you bow out in 3rd

You follow that success up with a 5th in Event #39, $1500 7-card stud hi/low split 8 or better…a tourney won by fellow Canadian Daniel Idema…you pocket another $40,000…..tell us about that final table….your experience there?

Gotta ask you about a couple of women who made deep runs in that event….first off…the first lady of poker Linda Johnson nearly final tabled, finished 9th…did you play against her?  And Kristy Gazes….i’m a huge fan, if you know what I mean, is shee as good looking in person as I think she might be?

Main event?

Play-off beard? Intimidate opponents?

Hammond, Illinois…circuit event player of series……

2011 WCOOP, won your first WCOOP bracelet opn PokerStars, 300 dollar Badugi event…then a 5-way chop in the main event for $560,000….your biggest score to day….how does that compare with the summer you just had?

Littered with results….cash after cash, more than 900 cashes I read somewhere…more than $3 million lifetime….

Quite a career….when did you decide to play poker professionally?

Sunglasses at poker table?

Slow play of players?

Mike ‘GoLeafsGoEh’ Leah Thank-you sir!!!!

Be sure to check out the entire Q&A at www.highrollerradio.net


Recommended Listening: Padraig Parkinson


Irish Legend Padraig Parkinson. 3rd at 1999 Main Event.

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WSOP TIME BABY!!!! A Day on Facebook

June 26th, 2013
Facebook posts the past day or so:
Recommended Listening:
Jan Fisher of Card Player Cruises

Jan Fisher of Card Player Cruises

A Hall of Fame career and a great person to boot…JAN FISHER Q&A getting great response…she was terrific, regaling us with stories of poker past and present!!!

Poker ambassador JAN FISHER on HRR!

Now that’s a poker player!
Paul 'Cigar' McKinney

Paul ‘Cigar’ McKinney

Paul “Cigar” McKinney is an American poker player who won a World Series of Poker bracelet at the age of 80.  McKinney won the 2005 World Series of Poker Seniors Championship and became the oldest person to win a WSOP event at the age of 80.
On his bio sheet for the World Series of Poker he listed his hobbies as “moonshine, cigars and young women.”  Now that’s a poker player!
Deuce to Seven Lowball World Champion
Jesse Martin wins 1st gold bracelet in prestigious 2-to-7 Lowball Single Draw, beating David ‘Bakes’ Baker heads up.   It was a stacked final table, which included Jeffrey Lissandro and Layne Flack.
Congrats Jesse…you are the 10k,  2-to-7 world champion baby.

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The gambling guru Chris de Beer picks Wimbledon….a few ‘flyers’ for you…plus, on the same page, he breaks down UFC 162….Chris Weidman versus Anderson Silva…many people think Anderson’s going to lose this one….I’ll believe it when I see it….what does the ‘Don’ say?

Serving it up High Roller style….Good Luck and Good Gambling.


Tuesday's at 7pm at www.ontiltradio.com

Tuesday’s at 7pm at www.ontiltradio.com

Thank the Poker Gods – a presentation of HIGH ROLLER RADIO on the On Tilt Radio network.  Host Derrick Oliver-Dewan chats w/ bracelet winner Chad Holloway from the Poker News, Event #1 winner, James Leighton, author Alligator Blood; the spectacular rise and fall of the high rolling whiz kid who brought don online poker, author Johnny Hughes, Famous Gamblers, Poker History and Texas Stories, talks about the old-time road gamblers, and the ‘Don’ of sports betting Chris de Beer breaks down Wimbledon….Tennis Anyone?

7pm tonight, Thank the Poker Gods at www.ontiltradio.com

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!  The BEST 1/2 in poker.
NOTE:  For those of you who have been asking, Lori Kolstad will be back soon providing more luscious commentary!  She’s opinionated and she’s can play too…

“Lori Tells…” on High Roller Radio:

Book Release
True Story about the High Rolling Whiz Kid Blamed for the Collapse of Online Poker

True Story about the High Rolling Whiz Kid Blamed for the Collapse of Online Poker

Alligator Blood: the spectacular rise and fall of the high rolling whiz kid who brought down online poker….but not before he was making $3 million a week in profit.  Three mill a week?  WOW!

James Leighton is the author and he took us through the sensational story of Daniel Tzvetkoff.  Great Q&A.  Enjoy.

Ace of Clubs House Museum
The owner built this house with his poker winnings.

The owner built this house with his poker winnings.

1885.   Ace of Clubs House – This 22- sided house is built in the shape of a “Club” playing card. The local legend is that entrepreneur James H. Draughon built the house …with the winnings from a poker game. The winning card was the Ace of Clubs. Each room represents a specific period in the history of the house. The house is located at 420 Pine Street and is part of The Texarkana Museums System.
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High Roller Radio 1/3 way thru WSOP

Hey High Rollers’,

We are one third the way through the 2013 World Series of Poker and what an exciting couple of weeks it’s been; the Canadian Invasion, 6 of the first 20 events went to Canucks, wow!  Keep in mind, many of the Europeans don’t arrive until closer to the main event but still….G(OH) Canada.

Congrats to Mike ‘the Mouth’ Matusow, took down Event #13, 7-Card Stud Hi/Low Split 8 or Better for his 4th bracelet.  Chad Holloway as well, winner of Event #1, Casino Employees Championship and Tom Schneider, the $2500 HORSE Event, both former guests.  High Roller Radio has been active on twitter during LIVE STREAM broadcasts and getting many mentions…that’s good.

2-to-1 you'll LOVE it!

2-to-1 you’ll LOVE it!

Below, stuff I found on pinterest today:

Poker Humour

”Not sure if wife is leaving over my #poker addiction… or she’s just bluffing.’

Q: Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? A: Too many cheetahs. 

Willie Nelson Poker Connection?

In Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die, Willie Nelson muses about his greatest influences and the things that are most important to him, and celebrates the family, friends, and colleagues who have blessed his remarkable journey. Willie riffs on everything, from music to poker, Texas to Nashville, and more. He shares the outlaw wisdom he has acquired over the course of eight decades, along with favorite jokes and insights from family, band mates, and close friends.

Quotable & Notable

“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

“Life is like a game of poker—you have to play the hand you’re dealt. … But a wise player can play what seems to be a weak hand and win the game.”

– Pastor Rick Warren

Matt Salsberg – (Unveils new poker saying in @WSOP broadcast booth during Event #21, 6-Handed, NLHE, “Implied Luck,” meaning when you pick up Aces you want your opponent to have Ace King, not 10 2, cause he’ll fold.  Implied luck.

Poker History

–          August 2, 1876, frontiersman “Wild” Bill Hickok is shot from behind and killed while playing poker at a saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota. According to the story, he was holding 2 pair….aces and eights…..since know as a “dead man’s hand”.

–          Warren Harding Lost The White House China In A Poker Game. Harding really like to gamble, although it seems he wasn’t very good at it. In one poker game, he bet the White House china collection and lost it all in one hand.

Three Card Monte

Two red cards and a black card are shown, and placed face down on the table. The magician slowly mixes the cards. The spectator tries to find the winning red card, but fails. This is repeated for other two times always more slowly, but the red card can never be found!

Six Sided Poker Dice

Poker dice are dice which, instead of having number pips, have representations of playing cards upon them. Poker dice have six sides, one each of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten and nine, and are used to form a poker hand.

Twitter Glitter:

Matt Savage ‏@SavagePoker  4h

RT @craigpgold Guy loses pot and is left w 3 25chips on last hand before coloring up, he then loses the race off, is he busto?<~No, gets 100


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On Twitter


Who’s on First and Which One Was the Horse?

Who's on First?

This original illustration art for Art Krenz’s 1930s sports trivia column features a baseball batting king, the “sport of kings” (horse racing) and a poker hand of four kings (left). The answers to the questions reminded us of that classic Abbott and Costello skit–the player who had a .400 batting average in one season is first baseman Bill Terry and the horse was named Whichone!

Wild Bill’s LunchBox

wild bill 2


A Day in the Life of High Roller Radio

A FAN of the World Series of Poker


PIC of the WEEK

Picture of the Week   "Racks Please!"
Picture of the Week “Racks Please!”

Call me a nerd…but what a great night of poker action….Former Guest Greg ‘FBT’ Mueller chip leader w/ 4 left in the 8-game max….Millionaire Maker down to 4-handed, an old-timer leading, Michael Bennington, one for the seniors, wow, and 1k heads-up….’Basebaldy’ Eric Baldwin heads-up for another bracelet against Max Waxman.  Baldwin a former Card Player ‘Player of the Year’.

This is MY time of year, so exciting…poker at its best at the 44th annual World Series of Poker…this Milly Maker final table has been a blast….a real treat!

Tweet from HRR

Enjoying David Tuchman and Bart Hanson @tuckonsports and @Barthanson commentary WSOP Millionaire Maker Final Table…4 left!!!!

www.highrollerradio.net  Good job guys

Twitter Glitter:  (a couple from Barny Boatman)
Barny Boatman @barnyboatman  51m 
Guy delivers a ten minute lecture on how he never shows cards, concluding with ‘My lips are sealed.’
Not sure what he was talking out of.

Barny Boatman Barny Boatman @barnyboatman  1h 
Whenever I see a kid disdainfully toss in a min-chip to call a big bet, I’m always happy to wait  while he counts out the rest.

Did you know? In November 2009, PartyGaming announced its acquisition of the World Poker Tour from WPTE for a whopping $12,300,000.

Did you know?  Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten, who sit in a booth near WPT main event final tables, providing commentary and occasionally interacting with the players, record their specific comments about hole cards after the tournament takes place.  They are requi…red to do so because gaming regulations prohibit them from observing a ‘live’ feed of the “hole card cameras” while on the set.
Did you know? At this years WSOP, Card information will be known to viewers by using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology for the very first time.  Each card has a microchip embedded in it that has no impact on the cards in play, but with a specifically-outfitted poker table can send encrypted signals to decipher the cards rank and suit.  Talk about technology!
Did you know? In the 43 years of the World Series of Poker 15 up and comers, including the heralded Chris Moneymaker, have beaten the pros and made their ultimate poker dream come true.  Will it be 16 this year?
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Jonathan Little Interview Notes – WPT Superstar

Jonathan Little – 2nd Appearance on HRR

WPT Superstar

WPT Superstar


(We always like to include our interview notes for the show.  This is Jonathan’s 2nd appearance.  He is a poker superstar folks!  Enjoy)

Alright High Rollers, a real treat for you today…a multiple winner on the World Poker Tour, a WPT Player of the Year, a poker superstar…

Our chat today is brought to you by Locals Gaming, Always Play the best game in town – www.localsgaming.com

Well, to win a tournament on the World Poker Tour is an achievement of a lifetime…to win the Player of the Year award on the WPT, that’s something special…its rarified air, it means you were the best of the best for an entire season…our next guest is certainly one of the best…He’s won the Mirage Poker Showdown and the Foxwoods Poker Finals…$5 million lifetime….and he’s got a new book out…we’re gonna talk about that…

Jonathan Little is our guest today…

Jonathan, thanks for being a High Roller man…

The world series of poker is fast approaching two weeks away…if it were a marathon, runners would be out jogging putting in their miles…is it like that for you…any special preparation for this upcoming poker extravaganza?

How about the series…you have a plan…how many events you gonna play?  You haven’t won a bracelet yet, I mean its tough to do…but you’ve come close…

Before we get to the book…let’s revisit the Mirage Poker Showdown…million dollar score…Phil Ievy was at that final table…what are your thoughts on him and his play?

On the topic of ivey…big news week in poker…ivey versus crockfords…rus Hamilton versus the world…phil hellmuth releases an official statement to the ub cheating scandal…talk of increased secuiryt at this years WSOP…do poker players, do you get wrapped up in these stories…on twitter and facebook for example…

Not sure if you listned to the russ Hamilton tapes…but what are your thoughts on that situation…cheating in any walk of life is a no no…but especially in poker where there honour among thieves…what he did was a definite no-no…

We are om the lione with Jonathan Little, 2007-2008 WPT player of the Year…he’s written a new book…secrets of professional tournament poker volume 3…tell us about it Jonathan?

What does writing do for you…some say when they write it reinforces what they’re either doing right or wrong…do you find it helps your game?

Alright, like to give our guests a chance to plug the things their working on…Jonathan’s always busy with insta-poker, blue shark optics, 3-bet clothing, and he’s got a website, www.floatthetun.com…things are frantic jonathan?

Quick question about the name of your website – floattheturn…in general, poker strategy-wise…how important concept is that to float the turn…it’s a complicated scenario no?

Jonathan Little….new book secrets of professional tournament poker volume 3…float the turn dot com…..

Good luck at the series…

Jonathan Little on High Roller Radio at www.highrollerradio.net.  We’re on facebook (here)

(Jonathan’s website is www.floattheturn.com)

The Clown Prince of Poker – Gavin Smith

Came across this offering, as part of an article I wrote on Canadian pro, one of the best around, Gavin Smith, of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  It offers a nice glimpse into the ups and downs of a tournament, even more interesting considering the event in question was the MAIN EVENT.  Enjoy!

2006 WPT Player of the Year

2006 WPT Player of the Year

Gavin Smith Highlights from 2012 WSOP Main Event

Here are some of the key hands Gavin was involved in on his way to a very impressive 96th place finish in the 2012 World Championship.  We pick up the action, as reported by WSOP.com, starting on Day 4.

Day 4

Blind on Blind

Gavin Smith in a blind battle with Michael Peesik.  Smith bet 26,000 on the turn on a board of 8, 4, 2, 2 and Peesik called.  The river came the 5 diamonds and both players checked.  Smith tabled pocket Jacks and chipped up by about 100,000.

Bye Bye Baldy

Gavin Smith shows QQ versus Eric Baldwin’s 55.  Baldwin, known as ‘basebaldy’ online, has won a couple of bracelets.  Baldwin is eliminated and Smith chips up 390,000 to 800,000.

Day 5

Gavin gets some of Sommerville’s Chips

We just caught a hand over at the secondary feature table involving Gavin Smith and Jason Sommerville.  Access is a bit limited, though it appears the pair got all-in after the flop of 9 4 9.  Smith tabled K K while Somerville showed J 10 for a flush draw.  He missed as the final two cards bricked and Smith doubled up to 1.3 million.  Somerville’s sunk to 240,000.

Smith Crippled

We got to the table to see A.J. Jelelowo all-in and at risk before the flop.  Gavin Smith had Jelelowo covered and was ahead with AK vs the 10 9 of his opponent.  The flop brought Jelelowo the help he needed as it fell 6 10 8.  He survived and Smith has been crippled to 290,000

Gavin Doubles

Gavin Smith open-jammed for his last 326,000 from the hi-jack seat, Bobby Poe re-jammed for 552,000 on the button.  The blinds released and the hands were opened;  QJ hearts for Smith, A 10 hearts for Poe.  A Queen hit the turn and jumped to 660,000 in chips.  Poe was left with 226,000.

Smith Squeezes

Webber Kang raised it up to 60,000 in early position and Percy Mahatan made the call.  It folded around to Gavin Smith in the small blind.  He moved all-in ffo 761,000 total.  Kang quickly folded and Mahatan thought for about 15 seconds before sighing and releasing his cards.  After the pot, Smith is up to almost a million, sitting on 952,000.

Day 6

Gavin Eliminated

Over at the secondary feature table, action folded around to WSOP bracelet winner Gavin Smith on the button.  Smith moved his short stack of 545,000 into the middle, Eric Legoff called from the small blind.  Smith was racing for his tournament life with AQ against the pocket Jacks of Legoff.  The board ran out and Gavin was forced to settle for an early elimination on Day 6.

96th is a deep run folks.  www.highrollerradio.net

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Here is an article I wrote last year about Gavin Smith.  Enjoy.

Tournament Tough!

Canadian Gavin Smith Goes Deep in the Main Event

By: Derrick Oliver

It doesn’t happen often, a long deep run into a labyrinth of lethal skill and unsubstantiated luck against adversaries and friends, who  at some point, become foes, in one of the biggest sporting events in  the world.   Making a deep run  at a circus known as the World Series of Poker requires a combination of talent and skill, the ability to stay focused when everything around you is a distracting showcase of cocktail waitresses, reporters, fans, masseuses and opponents and a spectacle of the bizarre and sublime.  Making a deep run like that?  It’s rare, perhaps once in a lifetime.  It should be enjoyed and savoured.  Gavin Smith has made a few deep runs over the course of his spectacular career.  He is used to the limelight but this one was special indeed.  This deep run happened at the Main Event.

They call him the Clown Prince of Poker.  A future Hall of Famer according to the poker pundits, Gavin Smith boasts a resume that reads like a dream for any aspiring pro; one bracelet at the WSOP, a mixed hold’em event  in 2010, a World Poker Tour title, when he bested a large and skillful field to capture the Mirage Poker Showdown, a WPT “Player of the Year’ award, an honour he personally cherishes more than the gold bracelet, and more than $5 million in tournament earnings.   Those around him knew there was something different this year, as he entered the 2012 main event of the WSOP there was a sense of expectation.

Gavin has nothing to hang his head about.  He outlasted 6,502 others to finish 96th.  What Smith accomplished this year is rare and not an easy thing to do.  Poker is a game of bluffs, folds, good calls, all-ins, pot calculations, odds calculations, reads, tells and gamesmanship.  Your opponents are out to get your chips.  You have to navigate through a poker minefield of tough flops, unfortunate turns and ‘cry me a rivers’.

“I feel like I played incredibly well,” says the Guelph, Ontario native.  “The competition is so tough nowadays that you can’t lose your concentration for a second.  I made some big laydowns, real big, and I was betting for value and was able to get paid off when I had it.   I was able to get good reads on my opponents and I think that helped me play well for 6 long days.”

The World Series of Poker determines that years’ World Champion and as such organizers structure the format with long blind periods so the good players have more time to establish themselves.  The longer structure favours the better player and Smith is better than most.  He is an expert at ‘small ball’ poker, a technique used by top professional to keep their pots smaller against the weaker counterparts to reduce the luck factor and as a result the variance.  The days are long too; 12 hours of poker a day over six days can make for a gruelling and sleep deprived journey.

“Like I say, a lot of things have to go right to stay in a tournament like this,” downplaying his own abilities.  “You have to win the coin flips, have good table draws, good position, good cards and avoid tilt.  I like to keep the table loose and have some fun.  If you’re not having fun there is no sense playing.”

You can keep tabs on Gavin Smith on Twitter @olegsmith.

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Here is another item on Gavin Smith, I was working for the same online poker site that had just signed him to a new deal and I had him on the show:

Gavin Smith is one the best poker players in the world. Derrick Oliver of High Roller Radio was able to catch up with Smith, who’s won more than $5 million lifetime, at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas:

Gavin Smith Q & A

DO) You are known for your outgoing nature at the poker table, you’ve been known to talk quite a bit.  Is that for fun? Or is there more to it? How strategic is your table talk?

GS) I’d say it’s a little bit of both.  Let’s face it, it’s pretty boring to play poker for so long and just sit there, it’s a pretty miserable existence if you’re not having fun.  Thing is, players give away a lot of information when they talk. They can give away the strength of their hand, whether or not they’re comfortable and they can also give away their motivation.  If a guy says, “I qualified on a $100 satellite,” you can assume he likely wants to stick around for a while, maybe make the money, so you can play more aggressive against him. That kind of player is likely to lay down more hands.

DO) Fascinating stuff!  That’s the sort of thing your regular, average player isn’t thinking about.  How important is it for you to think like that, on another level?

GS) I think it’s important to think about everything while you’re at the table.  If the best players in the world are taking everything in and you’re not, then you’re giving something up.  Anytime you can find anything to your advantage you have to use that tool, especially nowadays with the fields getting tougher and tougher.

DO) Speaking of the tougher fields, what do you think the younger online kids are bringing to the game?  How have they changed poker over the past couple of years?

GS) I think the biggest difference you see in poker is there’s a lot more variance.  I mean, these kids are 3-betting, 4-betting, 5-betting, 6-betting you with nothing all the time. They’re forcing you to take a stance, to gamble a lot more than perhaps you’d like to, especially a guy like me who likes to play post-flop poker.  Having said that, given the success they’ve had online you’d think a lot more of them would have had more success live.  It just goes to show you how different each skill set is.  It takes a hell of a player to be great at both.

DO)  The WSOP is winding down.  Can you take us back to 2010 when you landed your first gold bracelet?  Can you describe for us what that was like?  How big was that for you?

GS) I really love and appreciate the fact that I’ve won a gold bracelet.  I’m finally off that stupid list of great players to have never won one.  But here’s the thing, bracelets are hard to win.  I mean, the fields are so large these days I don’t believe your career is defined by winning one.  I play poker to support my family and for me it’s about the money.  Realistically, I put the bracelet about 4th or 5th on my achievement list.  It’s fantastic I own one and I’m thrilled I was able to do it but I still consider my greatest feat to be the ‘Player of the Year’ award in 2006. I’m part of a very exclusive list there, much more exclusive than the gold bracelet list.

Gavin Smith my friends.  www.highrollerradio.net